Soraya & Daniel

October 30, 2020Chicago, IL

Our Story

Dani & Soraya met at Centered Studios in the Rogers Park neighborhood of Chicago in May 2017 where they both attended yoga classes. There was an instant connection between the two and at the end of class Dani asked Soraya for her number. On their first date, they attended an early Saturday morning yoga class, then went to the farmer's market together. Dani offered to make Soraya Shakshuka, a traditional Israeli breakfast dish, at his place, and sensing that Dani was a good guy, she agreed.

2017 was a carefree summer of romance for the two, picnicking often on the shores of Lake Michigan, renting a cabin at Starved Rock and spending the weekend hiking, cooking together, and of course attending more yoga classes. They enjoyed the simple things in life together and found fulfillment in one another's company.

In August, Dani went on tour and Soraya attended her first Marbin show in Indianapolis. She was already in love with him and terrified she wouldn't like his music, but thankfully she thought the band sounded great.

The couple travelled often, either because of Dani's music tours, or because of Soraya's love for international travel. Together they went to Vancouver, Montreal, Iceland, Japan, Israel, Spain, Italy, and the UK, as well as all over the United States.

The relationship hasn't been without its trials though, but instead of breaking the couple apart, the challenges they faced brought them closer and made them surer of their love. In January 2019 the couple adopted Milton, the couple's beloved miniature dachshund, joined the family bringing them endless joy and laughter.

In July 2019, over morning coffee at a nearby cafe from their airbnb in Venice, the couple decided to get married, almost as casually as deciding to have coffee. In November of 2019, Dani officially proposed on a side trip to Jerusalem the couple took during a longer trip to Israel to visit Dani's family.

An Israel American musician and Iranian Jewish American human rights lawyer, the couple might be considered somewhat of an odd match, but their Yin Yang relationship keeps the couple balanced.

The Wedding

Friday, October 30, 2020
4:30 PM - 6:00 PM
Attire: Chic & Smart
Firehouse Chicago
1545 West Rosemont Avenue, Chicago, IL, 60660
Please note that we have personally reached out to a limited number of guests we hope can attend in person for the ceremony and cake/champagne reception. Otherwise, we hope that you can join us virtually.