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Wedding: 7/13/2013
Member Since: 7/16/2012
Amazing, professional, flexible, fun, and just a great choice all around    posted 8/28/2013

I don't think that people realize how important a DJ is to the wedding. They might think "Oh, whatever. They'll play some decent music and we'll be great. If there's booze, who cares!?"

You should and if you can, you should hire Brendan. Here's how it happened with us:

- We had no clue what to do when it comes to choosing a DJ. We had googled some basic questions to make sure we don't get screwed and I was typically kind of paranoid when it comes to wedding costs and services anyway. So needless to say we were a bit worried about this part.
- We found B-Sharp and Brendan kind of by accident and after one phone call it was clear this was the person we want right next to us on the day of.
- The first phone call was basically him going over how he does business, pointing out that he doesn't use knock off songs when it comes to his playlist. It isn't a Rolling Stones knock off, its the real deal.

I want to stress this point as an aside. Ever been to a wedding and you're dancing and then realize "Hey, something seems... off about this song?" It's because the DJ didn't invest in the full song database list and doesn't want to pay the fees associated with playing that true version of the song. B-Sharp invests in giving you a FULL suite of songs. And if you want the knock off? Then go ahead and play Susan Boyle's "Wild Horses."

- That first meeting went over what we love as a couple for music. Subsequent planning was done via email or quick phone calls and through his very easy to use website for song selection.
- The website is very cool and well organized! And it helps break out songs you might not even realize should be considered.
- We live out of state in Illinois so all the planning was pretty much remote except for the final meeting. His office is clean, very comfortable, and overall made myself, my bride to be, and mother in law not only excited but ready to rock.

- He was on time and fully set up when we needed him there. He worked with our weird requests for coordination, such as the fact that we had Wally The Green Monster (Boston Red Sox mascot) show up and would need an intro. We were complicated and he rolled with it while also providing a beautiful lighting setup that shifted throughout the night. It was simple but elegant.

The songs that we didn't choose but up to Brendan were great and kept the crowd bumpin' all night. And NO CHICKEN DANCE! I cannot stress how important this was to me to not have any hackey songs played that would be at most weddings. If my drunk aunt came up and ask for it to be played and we had put that on the DO NOT PLAY LIST it wasn't going to get played.

Choosing a great DJ for your special day (energy and flow are vital to having a good time and music plays a huge factor into that)is really important to ensuring folks have a great time. But also make things easier on yourselves by choosing B-Sharp Entertainment. It'll be the best investment you make - besides the long term one of being married to your partner, of course. :)


Wedding: 10/6/2013
Member Since: 7/16/2012
Awesome awesome awesome!!    posted 11/3/2013

Brendan and B-Sharp entertainment did such an amazing job at our reception. Brendan is great to work with, giving us awesome suggestions for songs to play during the cake cutting, parent dances, etc. He played all the perfect songs during the reception and keep the dance floor packed all night long with awesome song choices that everyone loved. He made sure that the reception flowed perfectly and kept everything running on time. We had such an amazing time and the dancing was non stop all night thanks to Brendan. Definitely recommend him for any Bride looking for an awesome DJ! He is able to feel out a room and know what songs and genres people are dancing to the most and keep it going to keep the party rocking all night long!


Wedding: 8/17/2013
Member Since: 10/2/2013
Amazing DJ!!!!    posted 10/2/2013

Brendan Lafferty was highly recommended to my husband and I, and let me tell you he did not disappoint in one bit. Great energy and friendly, which to me it's a plus. Kept everyone on the dance floor all night. I would definitely hire him again. He also provided us with the lighting and photobooth, which it was amazing! To all future brides or anyone who's looking for a great DJ, Brendan Lafferty is your DJ to go to.

Thank you so much again Brendan for your fantastic services on our special day!


Wedding: 8/9/2013
Member Since: 9/9/2013
B-Sharp    posted 9/9/2013

We could not be happier with Brendan! Brendan removes all stress and anxiety by making himself available at all times and responding to any questions or requests in a quick manner. Brendan's website/client account make putting together a playlist so easy. Brendan is a true professional and is gauranteed to make your special night smooth and seamless. I would recommend Brendan to anyone and feel extremely confident in my recommendation. Bottom line...Brendan is the man and YOU WILL BE satisfied!


Wedding: 6/8/2013
Member Since: 9/16/2011
New England's Best DJ Services!    posted 6/17/2013

B-Sharp Entertainment was absolutely incredible! Brendan played great music all night long and kept the dance floor busy! My wife and I were planning our wedding from out of town, but Brendan was wonderful at meeting with us when we were in town and B-Sharp's website was extremely user-friendly and made it really easy to suggest music and plan out the entire reception!

I would definitely recommend B-Sharp Entertainment to anyone planning a wedding in the New England area! So many guests came up to me after the reception saying how much fun they had and how great the DJ was. Thanks to B-Sharp Entertainment, our wedding was the party that we hoped for!


Wedding: 5/18/2013
Member Since: 1/28/2011
great entertainment    posted 5/28/2013 (modified 5/28/2013)

We rented the photo booth from B-sharp entertainment for our wedding after I saw it at a bridal show. It is up to date with touch screen and nice and compact. The attendant at the booth was very helpful when we had glitches with the screen freezing. Not his fault but it was still happening so he did do us the favor of staying open a little bit later than scheduled. My only thought is I wish I brought more props for variety! Overall, I got a zillion compliments about how fun and entertaining it was and that it was a definite must. "This is the most fun wedding I've been to in a long time!" is something I heard multiple times and it was always after leaving the photo booth :) We thoroughly enjoyed getting the book of all the strips from the night.. so glad we will get to laugh and reminisce about the really fun time everyone had over and over again... Go B-Sharp!! Thank you for a great time..!


Wedding: 3/17/2013
Member Since: 1/5/2004
Amazing!    posted 3/21/2013

Brendan was an absolute professional. He put us at ease and helped us make decisions that made our wedding a blast. He met with us twice, and had numerous email contacts to make sure everything was going as planned. Going into the wedding we had nothing to worry about. I cannot say enough good things about the wedding! Brendan was an excellent DJ who kept the crowd on the dance floor the whole time, except when the guests were enjoying the photo booth! Everyone loved going into the booth and getting the pictures as a souvenir.


Wedding: 12/15/2012
Member Since: 2/4/2012
"Can he dj my life?"    posted 1/17/2013

Brendan is my hero. I told him this at my wedding. Our dance floor was packed during the entire reception, and his uplighting looked absolutely fantastic and provided an extra special element to the room. His music selections were spot-on with the mood we were trying to set throughout the evening from the start of cocktail hour to the very last song. He does an excellent job of getting to know his clients and the event they're hosting, so you hardly feel the need to give him much guidance or provide a long list of song requests. He is an incredibly professional, hard-working person who truly loves what he does which makes him a real joy to work with.

I would highly recommend Brendan for your next event.


Wedding: 10/6/2012
Member Since: 1/15/2011
Perfect !    posted 10/25/2012

Brendan was wonderful! He knew exactly what to play to keep everyone dancing and he didn't miss a must play song or a request ! He was on the ball with everything. Perfect !


Wedding: 10/7/2012
Member Since: 10/31/2011
We we wish we could give him more stars    posted 10/24/2012

If it was possible to give B-Sharp Entertainment more stars we would! We originally met Brendan a few years ago when he provided the DJ services for my sister's wedding. After that night I knew instantly that he was definitely the person that I would want to eventually be a part of my wedding as well. His extensive background in the music/entertainment business alone makes him more than qualified to be the best master of ceremonies that anyone could hope for at their wedding reception. After only just a single meeting to get to know us better and discuss our preferences he was able to build a list of songs that both perfectly matched our musical tastes and created the exact tone/vibe that made the reception an unforgettable night of dancing and fun. He also provided the music for the ceremony and was able to transition smoothly between the ceremony and reception despite some last minute location changes due to weather.
We have attended numerous other weddings in recent years and are both firm believers that a DJ can make or break the reception. The DJ is responsible for maintaining the flow of the reception and ensuring that everyone is having fun. The best DJs do this without trying to draw attention to themselves or steal the show at all. Brendan is indeed the best! He made every transition seamless and enjoyable for everyone without any attempt to be the center of attention. People are still telling us on a daily basis that they wish they were back at our wedding because the night was so much fun.
After witnessing his work at two great weddings, we would HIGHLY recommend B-Sharp Entertainment to anyone looking to make their wedding an event to remember. Thanks again Brendan!


Wedding: 9/1/2012
Member Since: 11/20/2010
Excellent, professional and fun!    posted 10/19/2012

Brendan was such an excellent DJ at our wedding. My husband and I highly recommend his amazing services! He is classy, respectful and gets the crowd going! He made sure to execute every one of our wishes and was a pleasure to work with throughout our entire wedding process. Everything was flawless and our guests are still telling us how much fun they were having the entire time at our reception. We loved having Brendan as our DJ and truly working with him. Hiring him is definitely worthwhile!!


Wedding: 9/8/2012
Member Since: 6/5/2011
Amazing    posted 10/19/2012

We somehow knew that Brendan was our guy after our first meeting and it became clear that we made a great decision when that music started pumping for our entrance. In the months leading up to the wedding, we worked closely with Brendan to figure out what music we wanted at the wedding. We left it open ended with the simple instructions that we wanted the evening to flow smoothly and that we wanted the dance floor packed all night long. He came through big time on both counts. As an MC, Brendan did an amazing job. He handled impromptu speeches and songs (which we OK'd beforehand) like a champ and didn't let it kill the momentum of the evening.

Besides his services as a DJ, we ended up using his lighting package and were not disappointed at all. We ended up going minimalistic on the decorations and the lighting elevated the space far more than flowers or elaborate centerpieces ever could.

Brendan is a true professional in every sense of the word. If we had it to do all over again, we would use Brendan without hesitation. Thanks for helping make our day one to remember!


Wedding: 9/15/2012
Member Since: 3/8/2011
BEST DJ EVER    posted 10/12/2012

Brendan was the best DJ I could have asked for. He met with me a few times before the wedding to go over all of the details. He's very personable, detailed and very friendly. Along with DJing the reception, he also played the piano during cocktail hour and put uplighting around the ballroom, and I was very color specific! I made a specific playlist with no requests and everything went off perfectly! I couldn't have asked for a more professional, fun and entertaining DJ!!


Wedding: 9/8/2012
Member Since: 6/25/2008
AMAZING DJ    posted 9/14/2012

Brendan of B-Sharp Entertainment is not only professional but amazingly accomodating!! He provided my uplighting and monogram for the dance floor, as well as DJ services. He made the entire day/night so magical and my family and friends are STILL talking about it. They say they felt like they were at a hollywood event. Thank you B-Sharp for making a special day amazing and an event to always be remembered!!!


Wedding: 9/2/2012
Member Since: 9/13/2012
Great Choice    posted 9/13/2012

We chose B-Sharp Entertainment through a referral of another DJ vendor that was already booked. Brendan ended up being a great decision! My husband and I both feel that the DJ is a huge selection for a wedding reception because his decisions can make or break the feel of the night.
Brendan made every music change a smooth one and kept people of all ages on the dance floor. His transitions between cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing were perfect. His introduction style was just right for us: not over the top or 'sales-like'. Brendan also did our uplighting. I'm not sure what else to say about it except it was everything I had hoped for. He really transformed the room!
He made another great impression when he consistently checked with us throughout the evening on our satisfaction of his services and what else we might like. B-Sharp Entertainment was a great and professional choice.


Wedding: 7/14/2012
Member Since: 2/5/2011
Brendan was GREAT    posted 8/10/2012

Brendan did such an awesome job at our wedding! We got married on an island off Massachusetts, so he had to travel with his stuff, and still managed to set up and do an amazing job during the ceremony and reception! He has a website where you can make playlists of songs you love and hate, and he did a great job at reading the crowd. He even checked in with us multiple times during the reception to make sure we were happy with how things were going. Reasonably priced considering all the travel and time, and totally worth it!


Wedding: 6/23/2012
Member Since: 1/23/2011
A true professional    posted 7/21/2012

The short review: Brendan was great and kept the dance floor packed all night! Call him! The longer review: Brendan was a true professional through the whole process. He was very thorough in answering all of our questions at our meetings. He made it easy for us and we felt very comfortable very quickly that we were in good hands. He was just as interested as we were in having a perfect night for ourselves and our family and friends. We wanted to make sure that we selected a DJ who would keep the dancing going all night. We gave him a few suggestions to get him started, but told him to just go with whatever was working-and he did! He worked very well with our other vendors and helped to keep the night to flow smoothly. We recommend Brendan without hesitation or reservation!


Wedding: 4/27/2012
Member Since: 1/16/2011
Can't recommend enough    posted 5/2/2012

Brendan was a phenomenal DJ. I can't say enough praise. He is very knowledgeable about the art of putting on a wedding. Like most couples, we'd never put on an event before. Brendan knew all the tips and tricks about putting on a wedding, and a lot of ideas we would have missed if he hadn't mentioned them.

On the day, he came to the wedding venue very early to set up and test the sound both indoor and outside. The wind blew very hard on the wedding day but he was able to calibrate the microphones perfectly so there was no wind sounds. At the reception he played great songs. We told him a few songs that we liked for each time period (cocktail hour, dinner, and dancing) and he built a great playlist out of that. Every guest was dancing, even the older people, and everyone was happy.

Thanks B-Sharp Entertainment for a great time!


Wedding: 10/15/2011
Member Since: 4/10/2011
Book B-Sharp. Do it. Do it now.    posted 10/26/2011

Our DJ was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was both highly professional and very accommodating - even driving well out of his way to meet my fiancee and I a few weeks before our wedding.

At our reception he did a great job of seamlessly moving from song to song (accounting for our requests beyond the likes of first dance, cake cutting, etc), as well as mc'ing and essentially running the show. He did an excellent job of keeping things fun and fluid, and successfully evaluated what was working for our guests and what wasn't. He also was quite considerate and monitored the volume levels, knowing when to crank things up and when to dial it back.

B Sharp was towards the top end of our budget, but it was money I consider to have been very well spent. I've been to weddings where the couple had spent considerably more on a DJ who was too concerned about putting on a show than considering the guests and the couple (one instance of a DJ constantly changing costumes and dancing to weird songs springs to mind), and others where they had clearly skimped.

With B Sharp the bang is well worth your buck. I highly recommend enlisting their services!


Wedding: 7/9/2011
Member Since: 3/11/2006
Can't recommend enough!    posted 10/6/2011 (modified 10/6/2011)

I was referred to Brendan from a friend from college that has gotten married almost a year before me. I'm so happy that she gave me his name. He was the 2nd DJ that I had talked with, and the last. The first company I met with had good reviews, but was expensive and had a "factory" feel... a list of DJs that you picked from, ranging from price and experience.

I knew within 10 minutes after meeting with Brendan that he'd be the DJ at our wedding. I met with him myself and it was a great, easy, non-pressured, normal conversation. When my fiance and I met with him the 2nd time, it was more of the same. He was always available if I had random questions, and helped me figure out the best way to run our wedding, using our personal style and preferences in combination with his professional experience. He genuinely got excited about the music we talked about and ended up picking for the processional, recessional, entrance to the reception, and music throughout the night.

He kept the dance floor full the entire time! I think I sat down for about 10 minutes (during toasts) and that was it, because I was always dancing. He even played a polka for my parents, by my request :) Brendan was an asset to the fun level of our wedding. From the beginning, my #1 priority was for everyone to just have fun. Brendan got that, and made it reality. People still tell us what a great time we had whenever the wedding comes up. And during the reception it was evident that people were having a blast. A neighbor of ours said he hadn't had that much fun dancing barefoot at a wedding since his own 20 years prior (we had an outdoor reception under a tent).

A huge part for me was I didn't want the typical "cheesy wedding DJ" on the microphone all night. Brendan listened to what I wanted, and executed the wedding perfectly. Nothing cheesy or obnoxious or negative at all.

He made me feel at ease whenever I was anxious about the music throughout the planning process, which is HUGE.

I can't thank him enough for a perfect wedding day, and I can't say enough PICK B-SHARP ENTERTAINMENT YOU WON'T BE DISAPPOINTED!!!

Results 1 - 20 of 22

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