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Getting married? We’ll guide you through every detail, month by month, for free.
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Our free wedding planning checklist has you covered
We'll help you plan and get that "check, check, check" satisfaction.

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Make wedding planning easy (and 100% you)
Looking for a mixologist or a pet sitter? Personalize your checklist to celebrate your way.
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Stay organized from the concept to the real thing
From venue visits to thank you cards, we'll sort all your to-dos based on your wedding date.

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Need ceremony musicians? Photo booth rentals? Browse curated tasks and tips from our experts.

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As the wedding planning app with the most 5-star reviews, The Knot is the most trusted wedding brand.
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“The wedding planning checklist SAVED. US. For real. My fiancé and I were like uhhh where do we even start? The Knot made wedding planning so much easier.”
Janae Smith
St. Louis, MO

Get all the free wedding planning tips you need

What should you tackle first? How do you break down your wedding budget? We have answers.

Keep everything wedding in one spot

From favorite local vendors to staying on budget, our free tools work together to make planning easier for you.
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Meet your vendor team

Easily track your vendor booking progress and save contacts, conversations, and notes for venues, DJs, and more.
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Easily track your spending

Keep wedding expenses on track and off your mind with our free easy-to-use wedding budget calculator.

Frequently asked questions

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Wedding planning is different for every couple, which is why our free wedding planning checklist offers comprehensive detailed suggestions for each month leading up to your big day while also being fully customizable and flexible to your own timeline and preferences. We’re here for you through
every step of planning your wedding

Learn what to do and when

Stay on top of every little thing for your wedding—our free customizable checklist has you covered.