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Enjoy the privacy of your own bridal suite while trying on our beautiful gowns. We are proud to offer a large selection of wedding gowns in sizes 6 to 26. We also offer Bridesmaids, Flowergirls and Mothers Gowns, as well as headpieces, bridal jewelry and shoes. Reserve your bridal suite today.



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895 New Loudon Rd Rte 9, Latham, NY

BEST Bridal shop in the area!!!

Reviewed on 8/26/2014 Samantha W

I've gotten several prom dresses at Yvonne's & I always knew in my mind I would find my wedding dress here! From the moment I scheduled my appointment at a bridal show, to walking into the shop for my appointment. Janice was the greatest!! She knew EXACTLY what I wanted! It only took me 7 dresses to find the one. My family and I were so comfortable the entire time which made it that much better. After all was said and done, I walked out of there with the PERFECT dress, an embellished belt, lace cathedral veil, David Tutera pearl necklace & bracelet all for a fabulous price! If you want to find an amazing dress & be treated like family, this is the place to go!!! You will always walk out with a smile on your face!

My experience

Reviewed on 8/19/2014 Brianna V

My consultant was very helpful she showed me exactly what I wanted and kept within my budget. The atmosphere is very private and relaxing. You are shown dresses but not overwhelmed with too many dresses. All dresses are pulled for you so that way you don't fine yourself is a pile of dresses without a clue of what you are looking for. I highly recommend them.

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Reviewed on 11/03/2013 Diana S

The personalized help at this dress salon is beyond compare. I live in NYC area and came here as my parents are still in Albany area and I am so happy I did. The dress I found was so stunning, and more amazing was the tailoring job the seamstress accomplished for me. I loved my dress, could not even find it in all of NYC after I found it in this store, and decided the service at the salon was worth the trip back--this says a lot when you are a bride with limited time to do everything!

Yvonne's is AWESOME

Reviewed on 12/08/2014 Jaime P

Yvonne's was the first place that I was looking for my bridal gown. Once I stepped into the store it was like nothing else I felt. We had our own suite to try on my dress with my mom and my bridesmaids there with me. The woman that assisted me (Janice) understood what type of dress I was looking for and listened to everything we were saying. The 7th dress I tried on, was "the one". I am so happy that I had my experience at Yvonne's, I will always remember that special day. Thank you!!!!

Dress was amazing but service was horrific

Reviewed on 11/23/2014

My David Tutera Anita gown was what I always dreamed of. Before I purchased my dress the service was average. After the dress was paid for the service given to me took a MAJOR downturn. The staff and the seamstress at Bridal by Yvonne's had me in tears during my first fitting. I had a 6pm fitting and I did not leave until at least 9pm. My maid of honor, mother and one of my bridesmaid also came for a fitting and my MOH and bridesmaid had to leave after 2 hours of waiting. As we were waiting I watched as people with appointments an hour to 2 hours after me were leaving with their dresses fitted. My mother had to wait in her dress that was not fitting properly and very uncomfortable as staff was telling us that they will be right with us. Apparently 2-3 hours is fast?! When I became furious that the staff was becoming rude to us because I was pushing them foursome kind of service and not snide remarks. Excuses were flying from the staff until I broke and was pacing throughout the store for two hours. When Yvonne realized that we were there for so long, she had a lot of excuses, but did bring us into a bridal suite, partly because I was in tears. The worst of the excuses was the comparison between a bridal dressing fitting and a restaurant. If I was at a 5 Star restaurant,which is the only kind I should Compare it to, I would have had a free meal of my choice and some major suck up by the staff, none of which I received. After my MOH and Mother spoke with the staff the following day Yvonne finally broke. Initially she tried to give more excuses. When I spoke with Yvonne the next day she continued with the excuses until we broke her into realizing her mistake and she finally apologized. When I came back for my fitting I was quickly placed into a room but I feel that it pitiful that it took that to get that service. When I asked the seamstress to build the bustle with more than one hook and she quickly responded that she always does it one way and that is the way she will do it. I asked that because I had a friend whose dress tore at the bustle due to lack of support by the single hook. I picked up my dress and all my bridesmaids dresses and mothers dress and all was good. On my wedding day before I even started dancing my Italian lace wedding gown nada 6 inch tear in it from the bustle. When two seamstresses who attended my wedding went to fix it, with dental floss, they saw that David Tutera had 3 spot sewn into the dress for the bustle hooks that were not used. The seamstress merely placed a hook on the Italian lace and expected the delicate and expensive lace to hold up the weight of the dress. Luckily the rest of my wedding was perfect but it put a huge dent in my time to take pictures and dance. When I went into the bridal gallery they simply said that tears happen. Yet another excuse. I insisted on speaking to Yvonne in her busy gallery to share my unhappiness about their services and all the excuses I received. I was compensated with a coupon for preservation that I had already received and my veil preservation. All my patient bridesmaids and mother received was a small discount. I would highly recommend David Tutera but Bridal Yvonne provided poor service. I should not have to cry to get the service I deserve. Be aware if you are getting your gown here.

Exceptional Experience

Reviewed on 10/19/2014 Kelly M

I bought my wedding gown, veil, strapless bra, and jewelry at the Bridal Gallery by Yvonne.I also purchased all of the bridesmaids' dresses from here.The facility with very nice and has private rooms for the brides and their families while trying on dresses. This was such a nice experience after going to other bridal shops and having to try in dresses in front of many other people, inviting unwanted comments from strangers. I mostly worked with Janice who was fantastic. She was very friendly and professional. My only complaint is regarding the alterations. She did a fantastic job and the dress fit well, but she was very pricey and I was required to pay all in cash, which is expecting a lot when the alterations were almost $700. As far as the bridesmaids' dresses the process was very easy. My girls were all from out of town and were able to get measurements taken elsewhere and e-mail or fax the measurements along with the dress selection and payment. Once the dresses arrived I mailed them to each girl who was then able to get them altered at their convenience near home. I would definitely recommend this vendor when looking for dresses.


Reviewed on 10/13/2014 Melanie G

Seamstress didn't properly do my dress and it kind of ruined my day.

Happy Surprise

Reviewed on 9/29/2014 Maddy K

I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I went to Yvonne's, but I was pleasantly surprised. I described what sort of gown I was looking for to the lady helping me, and she went in the back and brought out several for me to try. Yvonne's was the last place I looked, but they did the best job helping me find what I was looking for. They had gowns that I had seen in magazines and gowns that I hadn't (the owner selects them herself). I ended up choosing a gown from a line by Allure Bridals that is not advertised in any magazines. It was exactly what I was looking for! I met the owner when I went back to try it on with shoes and jewelry to see what worked and she was the nicest lady- so relaxed and accommodating. Such a wonderful experience!

Outstanding customer service !!!

Reviewed on 9/20/2014

I went to Yvonne's to find my dress and from the time I walked in the door I felt welcomed. I just knew at that moment I would find the dress of my dreams. Janice my consultant was amazing absolutely professional. I couldn't ask for more. She picked me the perfect dresses to try on and I knew the dress I put on it was the one. Instantly I said this is my dress. I would never recommend anywhere else but here for all brides and bridesmaids. Absolutely amazing !!! I give this store an over all 10+!!!


Reviewed on 6/16/2014 Kayla H

I absolutely felt like all the attention was on me. They were super helpful and I loved that there was a private suite. It made my experience that much more personal. My only issue was that they picked the dresses for me to try on. Although they were great choices and I decided on the first one I tried on, it would have been nice to look for myself. After I made the decesion all the employees were congratulating me and the one helping me even gave me a huge hug. I like that they are trying to get to know me and Im not just another customer buying a dress! It actually brought a tear to my eye. I cant wait to continue working with them!

Beautiful dress; trouble with alterations

Reviewed on 4/26/2014 Cybil

My initial experience at Yvonne's was great. I had a very special experience trying on dresses, etc. I had some difficulties in the alterations process, though. I purchased a lace dress and the alterations presented to me at my final fitting were very sloppy. My lace was frayed, there were large holes left un-sewed, all of the re-seaming was visible, and the belt that I purchased (that fit perfectly at my original fitting the week prior) was suddenly 3 inches too small. I requested that everything be fixed as soon as possible as it was 2 days prior to the wedding, and the staff was very accommodating and flexible with my request. All of the issues were fixed the next day, thankfully; however, it was a very stressful experience so close to the wedding day. I will say that Yvonne, the owner, took care of every concern I had and was a pleasure.

Nice dresses, some staff is fantastic

Reviewed on 11/19/2013 Mandy B

I am not really a Girly girl and excited about dress shopping, and my dress consultant didn't seem to know how to deal with that. I eventually found a dress that was perfect for me. It was pretty pricy - but I think it was worth it in the end.

Great Service and Options

Reviewed on 11/14/2013 Jerrica H

I found the perfect dress for me! I feel like all brides should have that experience and I definitely got it from the wide selection at Yvonne's. They were so flexible and calm when it came to one of the more stressful wedding planning tasks. The ladies at Bridal Gallery by Yvonne make sure you love what you're wearing and are comfortable for your wedding day. They were able to customize and add some special touches to my gown that made it mine, and the seamstress on staff did a lovely job. My only regret is that my dress cost more than I had hoped. However, it was beautiful and comfortable, and the fabric was great quality. Dresses that I saw at David's Bridal felt so cheap and itchy. Although it was more than I initially planned, I feel like I got what I paid for.

Good Experience but Steep Alteration Prices

Reviewed on 10/28/2013 Nicole M

The people were very nice. Appointments did not always run on time as scheduled. But when it was time for your appointment it was all about you. The alterations to my gown to fit me perfectly was great. The bustle was not as good of a job as it could have been. It fell and didn't stay put almost as soon as we tied it all up. So i spent more time than i wanted to trying to fix my gown, which was cutting into the time of me spending with my guests and having a good time. The cost of the alterations is think was steep at $350 and you have to pay in CASH. No check or credit cards. The preservation cost i think was a bit high as well which was $195. All in all, it was a good experience just expensive, but I guess what do you expect with a wedding dress purchase and all that goes with it.

October Bride

Reviewed on 10/23/2013 Carol F

Nothing to rave about, they ordered my dress 2 sizes too big, fortunately I had my alterations done else where. Also did not find the people that worked there too friendly.

Loved my dress

Reviewed on 10/08/2013 Stephanie B

I absolutely loved my dress. It was gorgeous. It was me. Yvonne at the Bridal Gallery was fantastic and was not only able to create a one of a kind dress for me but able to accommodate appointment times I needed since I was coming from out of town. Despite this perfection and the fabulous dress itself, I did run into a few problems (although they were so minuscule). First is that I had mentioned (twice) during both my fittings that there was a string sticking out in one of the seams. I was assured that this would be taken care of and the dress with be pressed to perfect. Well, when I went to put it on the day of my wedding the string was still there. Luckily someone had scissors and we very carefully were able to snip it. Lastly, my bustle did not stay up. AT ALL. I don't know if we were told incorrectly how to do it or what but the bustle did not stay and I ended up just holding my train the entire night. The fact is though, that the dress was so beautiful I didn't even care about having to hold it and really it seemed to bother other people more than it did me!

The Best Bridal Store

Reviewed on 9/11/2013 Mackenzie P

For years, I dreamed of buying my wedding dress. I could not have asked for a better bridal store to make my dreams come true. My consultant was so patient with me and allowed me to ask her a million questions. If you are looking for a bridal store that will make you feel at home then look no further. I can't wait to start my dress fittings. :)

BEAUTIFUL and under budget

Reviewed on 8/15/2013 Sarah K

At first I was going to go with a David's Bridal dress. I decided to still go to my Bridals By Yvonne appointment. When we first arrived they told me they were a half an hour behind (no problem) and that their dresses started out at $3,000 and up. This was WAYYYYYYYY out of our budget. So I told her what our budget was and she told me that she would check if she had anything in my size in sample dresses. Low and behold she found 3!!! I tried one on then another and THERE was the dress!!! IT WAS THEEEEEEEE DRESS. It had everything that I wanted and they came in $500 under my budget. I loved them!

What wedding gown shopping should be!

Reviewed on 8/14/2013 Molly B

I had tried some dresses on at other bridal galleries, but Yvonne's was the best experience I have had! From accommodating my need to move the appointment earlier, to helping me find exactly what I wanted, this was a wonderful experience. I worked with Janice and couldn't have asked for a more helpful associate. She was attentive, helpful, and truly made me feel special. I am a picky customer and she managed to find the EXACT gown for me, and helped me make the dress perfect (adding in a sweetheart neck with scallops, as well as a corset back). I was able to bring my son with me, and did not feel uncomfortable in doing so. She made me feel right at home! What a wonderful experience. I was able to purchase my custom dress, embellished veil, belt, and shoes for under $2200. Just an amazing experience.


Reviewed on 8/11/2013 Kaitlyn P

No dress in the store over $2000, very easy to stay in budget. Brought in very specific pictures and knew exactly what I wanted, she brought 5 dresses for me to try and picked the first one! I had not gone to any other shops before, but this was amazing. She made you feel comfortable and let you take the time to look at yourself and did not feel rushed. The seamstress was a little hard to understand, and had to go back 3 times to make it fit how I wanted. You have to be stern with her or else she will fit it how she thinks it looks best, since I wanted it very tight, she was hesitant but did it my way and it came out beautiful!

Very happy with my wedding dress

Reviewed on 8/06/2013 Keely F

I loved my Wedding Dress and was really happy with the quality of both the product and service. I was undecided between two dresses and they were so helpful and really took the time in helping me decide.

Loved my dress

Reviewed on 8/04/2013 Rebecca S

I had a great time picking my dress out here. The staff was so helpful and Yvonne was so nice. The seamstress was a bit intimidating when I went in for my first fitting and I did not feel comfortable leaving after that first appointment because I feel she did not listen to what I was telling her. Because of that, at the second fitting, changes still had to be done. When I did finally pick up the dress it was absolutley perfect but if I had been listened to the first time, it would have been perfect the first time around. Luckily Yvonne was very nice an re-assured me that everything would be the way I wanted when I came to pick it up and it was.

Great Experience!

Reviewed on 7/15/2013 Kelsie

I was impressed with Yvonne's the second I called to schedule an appointment. When I would call other bridal salons in the area, it either went right to voicemail or it would just ring. Yvonne's had an actual person answer and they were professional and accommodating. I am a Vermont bride, who currently lives in New Hampshire so they worked with me on scheduling a visit when I was able to make the trip. I brought my mom and two of my bridesmaids along and they provided us with a private suite to try on the dresses. Janice was assigned to work with me and she was very attentive to my wants and needs. As she worked with me, she would figure out what features I liked the best, and what I didn't like and would pull more dresses accordingly. She wasn't pushy, gave me her full attention, and was patient, even after the 11th dress :) Even though she does this every day for a living, she remained enthusiastic and I could feel her excitement for me. She found me the perfect dress and veil and I could not be happier. I plan to take my bridesmaids back to find their dresses since I had such a great experience.

Above and beyond

Reviewed on 7/02/2013 Carrie R

Working with the staff at Yvonne's was a great experience. I purchased my wedding dress, veil, bridesmaid dresses, and mother of the bride dress there and everyone looked stunning on the wedding day. They were very prompt in returning calls and emails and Yvonne even ordered the bridesmaid dresses especially for me since it wasn't an item they typically carried. I'm actually going to miss them now that everything is over!

Best experience

Reviewed on 5/28/2013 Anneli K

I recently bought my wedding dress at Yvonne's in April and had by far the best experience there compared to other shops. I had been to two other places to find a wedding dress and none of them compared. Yvonne's had amazing costumer service, gorgeous gowns, and a beautiful environment. If you are looking for a place to spoil you and treat you like you actually mean something, this is definitely the place to go! Not only did I have a personal consultant, I also had a private dressing room with couches for my family to sit on. The gowns were obviously not the cheapest but I feel their prices were fair and definitely worth the extra dollar. They had a big range of prices and all of the gowns I saw were awesome!!! Highly recommend going to this place :-)


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