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Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel

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  • Indoor Ceremony Area

  • Kosher Available

  • Liability Insurance

  • Liquor License

  • On the Water

  • Onsite Catering

  • Onsite Overnight Accommodations

  • Onsite Parking

  • Onsite Wedding Consultant

  • Outdoor Ceremony Area

  • Outdoor Reception Area

  • Outside Caterers Allowed

  • Site Fee

  • Tented Area

  • Valet Parking

  • Wheelchair Accessible

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Botanic Garden/Park


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607 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV

Great Officiant and Photographer

Reviewed on 1/24/2015 Aileen W

Wanted the classic Las Vegas wedding, since we live here but didn't want it to be too cheesy. Mon Bel Ami prvides a very lovely venue, great officiant and terrific photographer. Talk about one stop shopping. The hostess orchestrated and directed everyone perfectly so everything went beautifully. The only disappointment is that the limo driver really didn't care. Never offered to open the door for us and didn't talk with us even when we tried to start a conversation. We literally we traveling three minutes so it's not like he had a lot of work to do.


Reviewed on 10/29/2014 Nicole S

Excellent staff and you can't beat the price. Plus it was nice that they take care if everything for you.

Couldn't have asked for better...

Reviewed on 10/24/2014 Jennifer M

I want to thank Barbara so much for all her help with my July 2014 wedding. Being a bit of a control freak and planning my wedding from out of state, she kept me up to date on everything that was going on, always answered all my questions and the end result was more then I could have asked for. The flowers were beautiful, the cake was gorgeous and all my guests had nothing but wonderful things to say. Thank you so much Barbara and Mon Bel Ami for making my wedding day so special!

Wonderful Wedding Venue

Reviewed on 5/15/2014 Maribel P

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel was Simply Outstanding with both our wedding ceremony as well as the reception at Chateau Bel Ami. Our wedding coordinator Barbara was Patient, Professional and Prompt, never missed a beat! Ceremony Officiator Tony performed a Most Romantic, Soulful and Spiritual vows which quite frankly even exceeded my expectations. We hired Joey Franklin to perform as Elvis and it was like watching The King himself! Reception at the Chateau was icing on the cake, quite literally. I recommend Mon Bel Ami to all those brides who want a Romantic wedding without the stress. The staff at this chapel are quite simply Pros! This Chapel Rocks!!!

Simple, Beautiful, Easy

Reviewed on 12/02/2013 Audrey

We were so pleased with our wedding at Mon Bel Ami. The photography was great, our officiant was kind and friendly, and they made our day so easy. I highly recommend for a classy but simple Vegas wedding.

Great for the price!

Reviewed on 11/30/2013 ashley c

We had a lovely wedding at this chapel. Quick and painless wedding ceremony, it was perfect!! Officiant was wonderful, he made us feel special and welcome. For the price and convenience, I would definitely recommend this chapel.

Photos Please.

Reviewed on 10/01/2013 MILITA C

Everything was great except the photo experience. It's one thing for guests to be forbidden to take pictures at the ceremony,but then force us to pay for pictures that have bad lighting, too red, etc is ridiculous. If we decided to not get some pictures, we would have lost those memories forever. When I complained, I was told that I had the choice and should have told management before we left the chapel (because that's what I was really concerned about after just getting married!) But, in the end, the management gave us all the photos and corrected the bad ones. The staff did a good job at accommodating our needs and we appreciate it.


Reviewed on 9/11/2013 Esmeralda G

It was everything that I wanted in my wedding. It was quick and to the point! The staff was very helpful and the limo driver was right on time!!!!

gorgeous grounds, top notch services

Reviewed on 8/29/2013 Darlene L

I sat down to write this review and my husband asks if there is any way we can give them 6 stars -- that is how wonderful we were treated at Mon Bel Ami. The grounds are downtown Las Vegas - towards the north end of the strip but not quite to Freemont - so not in the touristy/glitzy part of Las Vegas. And there is a ton of construction going on around the premises, but once you are there you don't even notice. All of the nice things people have already said about the ceremony spaces are true - the grounds are adorable. Something people have not written a lot about is the reception space/experience - let me tell you it was just as beautiful as the rest. It is basically an old house (built in the 30s) that has be re-done on the inside to be a reception space. It is adorable and CLEAN - VERY important when you're serving food/cake/beverages! We did the unlimited bar package and had 2 appetizers. I'll admit I was concerned about the quality -- were we just going to get grocery store style platters? I shouldn't have wasted my time worrying - the appetizers were high quality and the presentation was gorgeous. And our cake---our cake was DELICIOUS and fresh and everything I could have wanted. Our photographer was Dave and he was AMAZING I never like pictures of myself and he got SO MANY good ones! The flowers, including my bouquet, were breathtaking. One thing I would have done differently is arranged for transportation for all of our wedding party after the reception - we had the limo but for everyone else their best option was to walk down to the Pawn Stars because they have a taxi line there - we did not feel awesome about having our guests do that but honestly after two hours of open bar nobody really minded =) I will share pics with anyone who wants to see.

Picture Perfect

Reviewed on 8/29/2013 Candice F

Everything was perfect. They were able to match my wedding color (tiffany blue) spot on. My photographer took beautiful pictures, and I got to leave with the disc of pictures and a print release that day!

My wedding

Reviewed on 8/05/2013 Stephanie F

Great service and quality

Worst Customer Service Award

Reviewed on 5/08/2013 Terri C

Let me start with the customer service and attention I received from my wedding planner, Carrie, was absolutely outstanding. She was attentive, helpful, courteous and a joy to work with. However, the time we spent at the chapel was memorable in the most horrific way because of how we were treated by the contract photographer and the employee "in charge" during our hour there. Our wedding was booked 10 months in advance, we were the only couple on the books and was told we had our choice of times only to arrive and have to wait 15 minutes for the previous wedding to wrap up. We were supposed to get married at the end of the day with daylight and it was completely dark by the time our ceremony started. We had told everyone ahead of time that there were to be no photos taken on the property and that folks could take snapshots before and after we left the chapel. My husband and I wanted the professional photo package we purchased from the chapel professional. On the day of our wedding, my friend and I were completely caught up in the excitement of the day and were taking photos of my hair and makeup session. When we arrived at the chapel, we completely forgot about the "no photos" contract clause and she took about 8-10 photos of me while I was dressing and in the chapel. As soon as we heard the announcement over the PA system of the "no photos" reminder, she asked me what we should do and didn't take anymore pictures. A few minutes later the photographer comes in and tells us that we are in breach of contract and owe $500. We told him we forgot and my friend said that she would delete the photos she took right there, right then, so he could see they were deleted. The photographer said it didn't matter and we were in breach of contract and he talked to the groom and he agreed to pay an additional $189 for photos. I didn't agree to that because we had already paid for the photos as part of a package and again we said that it was unintentional and we would immediately delete the photos. The photographer literally threw a drama filled hissy-fit and said that he saw me do "posed" photos in the chapel, (which meant they were watching us on their closed circuit video) and accused us of planning to take photos all along. At this point my friend and I are getting frustrated and upset and don't know what else to do. Again I insisted we wanted their photos, that was what we paid for and we would delete our photos immediately. We offered several times to "fix" the situation and the photographer stomped off and said "I'm not doing this wedding!" We were stunned and didn't know what to do. A few minutes later an employee came up to me and started in on me, my matron of honor and my other friend about the photos and that we were in breach of contract - again. This woman started raising her voice and reiterating the same thing over and over and over again. I told her we understood, offered to make it "right" and she kept interrupting me. I actually had to raise my voice and tell her she was done lecturing me and that I just wanted to get married. Her response was exactly "you're darn right we're done!" and stomped off to the front office. We were stunned. The next thing we were told is that the manager would be ther in 10 minutes to tell us why we couldn't get married there. The pastor intervened, told our side of the story and we were able to get married. He was wonderful and saved our event.

Lovely and affordable!

Reviewed on 4/18/2013 Ricki R

If you're looking for a no-fuss wedding venue in Vegas, Mon Bel Ami is for you. We had the outside ceremony and it was perfect. The ambiance is wonderful, the ceremony itself was modern and interesting, and the staff was great. I withheld one star because of an issue with our photos. The photographs themselves were great, but there was a spot on every single photo! The staff was very gracious and offered us a discount since they would have to be retouched... but I got home and started working on the retouching, it was worse than our initial assessment. The lens was apparently covered in dust, resulting in white specs all over the images. At the end of the day, our photos still exceeded expectations for an all-in-one venue, but it's just a shame that they all had to be retouched. Aside from that detail, I would definitely recommend that you consider this chapel.


Reviewed on 3/18/2013 TRISHA I

It is worth the money spend.

Don't take a gamble here for your wedding!

Reviewed on 11/01/2012 Nicole A

We booked our gazebo wedding just shy of a year in advance, planned and excitedly waited for our 10-11-12 wedding under the stars. We hit some hardships ( like most of the country this year ) with jobs, and I called a couple months in advance to cancel a some of the extras and let them know why. I chose mon bel ami because the candlelit gazebo looked classically romantic in photos, and their officiant Rev McFarland, was warm, genuine and you could tell made couples feel special. They also had only great 2011... I don't know what's happened since... The short story is rained and the gazebo wedding we dreamed of went down the sewer pipes so we had to move it indoors. I was a good sport about that. Not their fault, what can you do? That's not the reason for the 2 stars. Officiant Tony was in no way "comparable" to MacFarland as I was reassured beforehand. The ceremony was very long and awkward and we felt like he was trying to repeat a poorly written script. The icing, however on the proverbial soggy wedding cake was Carrie. It stopped raining long enough for us to get a few (5) pics outside in the gazebo where our ceremony was supposed to be. When it came down to choosing our photos, we only wanted 3 of those gazebo photos total. Not any for the 14 that came with the package. Not any from the indoor ceremony we never wanted. Not the whole CD. Just those 3. It wouldn't have taken a second thought form any decent person in the business to give us 3 photos from the ceremony we paid to have. Instead we were met with Carrie who was curt, dispassionate,and couldn't grasp quality customer service if you wrapped it up in a bouquet for her to hold. She tried to price gouge us for the whole CD we could no way afford or even wanted. Me: Can't we just have those 3? That's all we want. Carrie: (snottily) Oh No! I can't do that. The contract clearly states only the ones from the ceremony. Me: But that was SUPPOSED to be our ceremony... Then I cried. Carrie made me cry on my wedding night over $60. I was quoted $60 to add the DVD to my gazebo package and it came included with the equivalent of the indoor ceremony we ended up having. Do you think we got a DVD either? As we left am I'm bawling in the rain into his suit coat, and my poor husband promised to get the all the photos the next day. After I calmed down though, I decided I didn't want to give them another penny on principal. 1 star for the nice ladies in the office. 1 star for young Sammy the photographer.

Spectacular Wedding Chapel

Reviewed on 10/31/2012 Darla H

From start to finish this Chapel was there to meet my needs, answer my questions and provide top notch service! The ceremony was beautiful and I love the attention to detail given for everything. Loved it!

Awesome vendor!!

Reviewed on 10/24/2012 Rebecca H

I loved this chapel!! Everything went off without a hitch and the photographer was awesome!!

So glad I went here!!

Reviewed on 10/13/2012 Tannis H

Carrie at Mon Bel Ami was fantastic - she put up with my multiple emails with grace, and was always willing to help out to make sure things were the way I wanted them. The chapel is lovely - quite a small space, but beautiful. We were married outside in their gazebo, which is just off the back alley, but the gates/fences are high and you can't tell what anything looks like outside of chapel grounds. The front garden was used for our pictures from their in-house photographer, and is lush and green and beautiful. The pictures turned out wonderfully, the ceremony went off without a hitch, the minister was fantastic, and everyone at Mon Bel Ami was incredibly helpful to us. The only issue we had was when I was walking down the rose-covered aisle: the runner that had been put out was probably most often used for one person alone, but in my puffy dress with my mum walking me down the aisle, my skirts kept catching on the candles (which were thankfully not lit!) But we just laughed it off and continued, and everything went beautifully.

Wonderful Place to Get Married

Reviewed on 7/25/2012 Cheryl R

We got married here on 7/21/12. I did extensive research for a chapel to get married, and it came down to here and Chapel of the Flowers (of course). I chose here vs. COF because it felt like we'd get a more personal experience... and we did. Carrie was very informative and accommodating throughout the planning process. When we arrived for the ceremony, they were very organized at leading us to where to go and what to do (I didn't see my now-husband until I walked down the aisle). It was a beautiful ceremony, yet to the point. Our pictures turned out amazing as well, and we're glad we pre-purchased all of them beforehand (take a look on their website for the summer photo special - well worth it). Thank you to everyone at Mon Bel Ami for a wonderful experience!

A great place with Attention to Detail!

Reviewed on 7/10/2012 Melissa M

I can honestly say, I am so glad to have chosen this venue as my place to be married, after searching for months online. I came across this place, what got me was the photography and videos that I could actually see what they were about. From the very first email to Carrie, to the I Do's everything was handled beautifully. I couldn't have asked for a better team. The Rev. helped keep my guests at ease while they waited. Dave's photography was fantastic, and Carrie, handled every question I threw at her like a pro. They put my mind to rest, and let me breathe. All of my friends ask where I got married and I tell them, and they are now planning their weddings and vow renewals there. I can guarantee that when I do my vow renewal I will definitley book here!

Going to the chapel...

Reviewed on 5/03/2012 Danna M

Great officiant, Rev. William Marcus McFarland, outstanding photographer, and amazing staff - The gazebo in the evening was even prettier than I thought it was going to be. The flow of the ceremony was great and Rev. McFarland really exceeded my expectations. He made our ceremony very special and romantic. I had no clue what kind of a ceremony I really wanted, but Mon Bel Ami figured it out for me! No regrets!

Mon Bel Ami Review - Unorganized and Misleading

Reviewed on 5/01/2012 Christine B

I chose the outdoor Gazebo for my wedding. Apparently a bad choice. When I booked with them, I feel they should have pointed out the differences between the indoor Chapel and the outdoor Gazebo services offered. The indoor chapel has 3 video camers built in the walls so your video can show different angles of the ceremony and enhanced editing techniques. The video I received doing the wedding outdoors was a guy with a handheld video camera that fits into the palm of his hand resulting in shaky video coverage, crooked coverage and many, many incidents of focus going in and out throughout the ceremony. It was an evening ceremony and apparently there is no lighting in the gazebo area so the video is dark until he's 3 feet away from your face. There is not even a full length shot of the processional, my bridal party and I, the bride, are cut off at the knees during the processional. You don't see my full gown that I spent a ton of money on even once! Besides the fact that it was crooked, shaky and dark anyway! The angle used shows the grooms face mostly, geez. The owner is obviously an "absentee"" owner, you will never talk to her. And the girls in the office "just work there". Speaking to the resident video editor, the same guy who taped the ceremony, about what could be done to lighten it or straighten it or remove some of the out of focus stuff, he started whispering to us that the owner refuses to buy a better camera or put in any lighting and nothing can be done. He proceeded to say if the wedding was done indoors with the three "better" cameras, they could do all sorts of editing. After asking what recourse I had for this horribly shoddy work, they finally offered a refund for the video portion of the package - $40.00! What a slap in the face. Since I viewed the video in their office off of the hard drive, I was again slapped in the face to find that the DVD that I inserted into my own computer a few days later was not even of my wedding!!! OMG, it was of a black couple! Eventhough I notified them immediately, went there that evening because luckily I was still in Vegas, they made us wait 1 full hour in their waiting room while they reran a new video. They couldn't have started this procedure before we got there??? Unbelievable. I think it's very sad that they are depriving brides and grooms of this precious video memory after all the time and money spent planning ANY wedding. Photographer was good but this video fiasco and the way they handled the problem has left a horrible impression and I would not reccommend having your wedding in the outdoor gazebo.

wedding venue

Reviewed on 3/21/2012 Lynette L

I think it was a nice small chapel. It looked completely different when we arrived than online. We did have a problem. The photgrapher had are phone go off during the ceremony and it was a huge alarm sound. How rude! The picture were not great at all. Disappointed there. Otherwise the girl that helped us book it was very sweet and accomidating.


Reviewed on 2/09/2012 Mary M

I came to vegas for a small wedding and they exceeded my expectations. Carrie was awesome! My only complain was the photographer was a little rude.

Fabulous Wedding

Reviewed on 11/09/2011 Ayanna H

I can not say enough about Carrie and the rest of the staff at Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel they were awesome! I could not have asked for a more beautiful wedding, everything I wanted was available to me. Thru a year of phone calls, emails, and me sending a friend over there to check the place out (I live in Texas), the staff was patient and very understanding. The limo drivers were on time, everything was ready and waiting for me upon my arrival, my photos were absolutely gorgeous, and the minister even took the time to find out my wedding colors and wore the colors so he would be coordinated with the wedding party. One of their services which was definitely important is our wedding video is posted online for 30 days, so anyone that was unable to attend could still see the ceremony. There are several packages that could accommodate any desire or budget. The chapel was cute and very clean, the staff was awesome to us and our guest, everything they promised they delivered, and the prices were reasonable. If I had it to do again I would choose Mon Bel Ami again.


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