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Will your reception be full of fun, laughter, wonderful memories? Voted "Seattle's Best Wedding DJ" again for the sixth time by Seattle's leading bridal magazine! Count on us for personalized and professional service. For the wedding of your dreams, Sounds Unlimited is the best Seattle wedding DJ!


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Ceremony DJ, Ceremony Music, Coordination Services, Karaoke, Lighting, MC Services, Uplighting

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80s, 90s, Classic Rock, Classical, Disco, Jazz, R&B, Top 40/Pop, Variety

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301 Union Street Unit 21501, Seattle, WA

amazing - stress free

Reviewed on 4/24/2014 Sarah R

my review is for my recent 4/12/2014 wedding. They are the best! Every single staff member at A Sounds Unlimited is so knowledgeable, understanding and helpful. Amanda was an integral part of this process. Not only in the beginning stages of trying to decide what I really needed (and could afford), but also as the date drew closer. Both her and Sarah were very responsive to all my e-mail questions (She always answered within the day!), phone questions (was more than happy to call if that worked better for me that day), and I really felt that they always had my best interest in mind. They explained each different package and what was included and I honestly feel like this is the best deal out there (I chose the DJ&MC option). Make sure you choose this package! My wedding night was organized, less stressful, and flowed in a timely manner because of the DJ & MC. Please please please get that package (the MC + DJ). I promise you, it's one of the best wedding decisions I made. I had a pretty tight budget, but Amanda was so understanding, and helped me to make the perfect decision. Ted (our MC) was so great. I HONESTLY don't know how things would have gone without him. When the pizza was running behind, Ted kept me grounded and reminded me that everything was going just as planned. I had forgotten to pick a song for the "mothers" as they were seated, Ted and our DJ had a great song choice that flowed with the rest of the night, he had everything under control! I had an unheard of song selected for my walk down the isle, and all you have to do is type the song in that you want and they find it, no problem. Even if it is not in their catalog. Our DJ (I wish i could remember his name, he was also excellent) was so cool about letting me choose songs. I am so glad we went with Sounds Unlimited, you will too!

Wonderful job!

Reviewed on 2/26/2014 Kristin S

Sounds Unlimited was a pleasure to work with. They made what was at first an overwhelming process for me seem effortless. We used them for their DJ and MC services, lighting services and photo booth services. They were very on top of it and created the perfect ambience for our winter wedding! The DJ and MC had great energy and a killer song selection. We highly recommend them!

great company!

Reviewed on 12/31/2013 Stefanie D

From the time ive met them at seattle wedding show to the day of my wedding theyve been amazing. So friendly and helpful. They truly had such a big impact on our big day and help make it so much fun for everyone! I got a dj and mc and would recommend that to every bride!


Reviewed on 12/02/2014 Alycia B

We used Sounds Unlimited for the DJ & MC at our wedding this past month and we couldn't be happier! They helped make the night a great success. The DJ (Skyy) had so much enthusiasm and was right on cue for all our songs. His playlist was perfect! Randy (the MC) helped streamline the entire night and was very flexible with changes in timing on all the events. Randy helped to make sure everything was seamless throughout the night and we couldn't have done it without them! I highly recommend using Sounds Unlimited to any event, and especially if you are wanting a perfect wedding experience!

Fun, Entertaining, Professional

Reviewed on 11/26/2014 Brittany S

We used Sounds Unlimited for our November 2014 wedding. We had Eric as our MC and Dan as our DJ. The two gentleman were simply amazing! They had the dance floor packed all night but kept the attention on the bride and groom. They were professional and entertaining as they come! We would highly recommend Sounds Unlimited! Especially Eric and Dan!

Amazing DJ's

Reviewed on 11/18/2014 Brittney B

My M.C. was Eric and he was amazing! He had great suggestions, easy to talk to, and the wedding ran very smoothly! During our reception we played a slideshow and weren't able to get volume from our own source and Eric immediately came to the rescue, and queued up the music for us! The music always plays a big role in the atmosphere of a wedding, and everyone keeps telling us how much fun it was. I highly recommend these guys!

Sounds Unlimited

Reviewed on 10/24/2014 Rebecca M

Our DJ Joe was awesome and played everything that I asked and was professional, respectful and a class-act! I'm so glad we decided to go with Sounds Unlimited. They matched us up with the perfect DJ and everything went perfectly. I have no complaints whatsoever. Love, Becky & Tyler 10/3/2014 @ Lake Union Café! THANK YOU JOE!

Incredible Service

Reviewed on 10/07/2014 Tracy C

Eric was incredible. After the wedding our guests commented on how good he was at his job. He made the wedding run smoothly and he was quite a character - this made me feel i) happy, ii) relaxed, and iii) in the moment - his brilliance was that we could just enjoy each moment. I cannot emphasize enough how great Eric was! Your DJ services are significantly above excellent, and I would absolutely recommend Sounds Unlimited to others!

They moved us and grooved us!

Reviewed on 10/06/2014 Kelsi G

I will be total honest and say this was not our first DJ choice, but I believe everything happens for a reason. The original DJ we were going to go with accidentally forgot he was booked for our wedding date and suggested we use his assistant. When I went to look at his assistant's promo video on their website, it looked like he was missing a tooth and it wasn't just the lighting. So, I began frantically searching for DJ's that were quickly being booked. I decided to go with Sound's Unlimited because they were our venues preferred vendor. We got them for slightly more than what we were going to pay for our original DJ and we also got an emcee with that package! We were able to customize everything! They were so easy to work. I was slightly nervous because we actually didn't talk to our emcee until about 4 days before the wedding when they are selected for our wedding by the company. I was also a little worried when I was giving the DJ our table names and he didn't know exactly who Russell Wilson was....we used Seahawk players as our table numbers. But in the end they totally came through!!!!! Our emcee obviously did his research because while he was calling our table numbers and releasing them to the buffet he gave them trivia about the players from the tables and really got our guests into it. Our music was great and they really stuck to what we asked to be played and understood our music was really important to us. My parents could not stop talk about how good he was. What I thought was the best part was he made sure my husband and I were taken care of. He told us whatever we want let him know whether it was another drink, more food, or whatever we needed, he was there to make sure we were taken care of. Our emcee's wife also came and approached me after when we were getting ready to leave telling me she's in the wedding industry and that it was definitely a wedding she'd remember and complimented me on how much fun I made sure to have because she could tell it was contagious to all our guests. They were perfect and I'm so happy our first DJ bombed out because I don't think our wedding would have been the wedding it was with Sounds!

Seattle Wedding

Reviewed on 9/29/2014 Alice B

I was planning my wedding in Seattle while living in New York, and Sounds Unlimited was SO incredibly helpful. The online planning format made the distance factor a non-issue. I was pretty stressed out the week leading up to the wedding for a variety of reasons, but our DJ (Kentron) called me early the week of, and it was so calming to hear how confident he was and how interested he was in knowing how he could provide us with the service we were looking for. He went above and beyond - the music he chose to supplement our choices during the reception got everyone dancing. We had a lot of out of town guests as my husband is from Mexico, and Kentron played music that all of our guests enjoyed! Thank you Sounds Unlimited and Kentron!

Great service and price point

Reviewed on 9/03/2014 Thom K

We used Sounds Unlimited for our reception and they were both easy to work with and very professional. They use an online form to track what we wanted during the evening, then about a week before the event we received an email, then call, from our DJ Kentron. Kentron was really good at keeping the dancing going throughout the whole night. He was also really great at rearranging the flow of the evening as we had to make a few last minute changes. In all, the experience with Sounds Unlimited was great; they reduced a lot of stress for us and had rates that were very competitive (if not the best).

Perfectly Orchestrated!!

Reviewed on 8/28/2014

Thank you so much to everyone at Sounds Unlimited. Our wedding reception was perfectly orchestrated by your MC and DJ. We had some special requests - a pianist and a projector to play a video slideshow - you guys handled it all fabulously and made it so easy for us. It was better than we could have imagined. Our MC was the best I've ever seen, he was in total control of the event and was very attentive to anything me and my husband needed. he was very well prepared, super fun and easy to work with. He made the night go smoothly and fun for everybody. The DJ was very good too, everyone loved the music! They went above and beyond for sure!! I would definitely recommend Sounds Unlimited to anyone looking for DJ/MC services for their events.

Unknown Wonder

Reviewed on 8/18/2014 Tanya M

When I originally started looking at DJs in Seattle WA, I thought I was looking for just a DJ. I was hoping to find someone who could play some decent music. I've never really attended an event with a truly good DJ. I never expected to find the perfect combination of DJ and MC with Sounds Unlimited. They were extremely collaborative, helpful and there for me every step of the way. They played the songs I wanted, didn't play any of the ones I didn't, and I had THE best MC I could have possibly hoped for, Darmeny. He had a calming, yet commanding presence, and navigated everyone throughout the entire evening so I didn't have to. He let people know what was coming in a timely manner without being pushy, and had an awesome personality. He is SUCH a good people person. I had very specific requests for my ceremony music. I had some things that were timed down to the second, and he completely pulled it off! He gathered people where they needed to be, when they needed to be there, and when it came to the reception, nearly everyone danced the entire time because of him! He was impeccable at gauging the crowd, and when there was a group dance that no one knew, he taught everyone! They played "wobble" at my wedding, and his demeanor infected everyone, and even people that I have NEVER seen dance, danced!! I never understood the importance of having not only a good DJ, but an MC. They really are two separate jobs that require two different people, and Sounds Unlimited understands how to pair them with you and your needs. Hands down, the best possible combination of people I could have hoped to work for regarding DJs/MCs. They tied my wedding together, and I literally have nothing but good things to say about them. Worth every penny, all day, every day!!

One Heck of a Wedding

Reviewed on 8/06/2014 Courtney H

Sounds Unlimited was great. We used them for our recent wedding on 7/26/14. We found them at the Seattle Wedding show and through the show got an extra hour of music for free and we ended up adding on another hour and room lighting as well(for an additional fee). They were super easy to work with and had a website we logged into to submit all of our information (timeline, song choices, playlists etc.) due one month before the wedding. We worked with Darmeny and he was awesome! He called us the week of our wedding to go over the timeline and songs we submitted and walked through everything with us. He definitely reassured us that everything was going to be great and he was going to help us put on one heck of a party to celebrate our marriage! On the day of the wedding Darmeny was waiting with cocktails for us as we signed our marriage license. He took the songs we provided and threw in some of his own as well and everyone was dancing the whole night! He was awesome! He definitely kept the party going and fed off the vibe of the room. If you want a party, Darmeny at Sounds Unlimited is the way to go!


Reviewed on 7/23/2014 Lindsey

The music they played was perfect exactly what I wanted.

Dancing the night away

Reviewed on 7/19/2014 Annie M

Eric was our MC and Tyler was our DJ. I loved the pre-planning process. They had a website where we could enter what songs were must play, should play and Do Not play. Based on that selection is how they assign our team. They really match you with a team that likes your taste. I had a phone meeting with Eric about 6 days before the big day and we went over all the special dance music and all the peoples names for entrances and toasts and he just made me feel so much calmer after the meeting. The actual reception was just amazing. Eric really knew how to read the crowd and keep the crowd amped up. Tyler kept the dance floor crowded for 6 hours. They are the best in the business for a reason and I have gotten so many compliments of how much fun everyone had.

Great MC

Reviewed on 7/18/2014 sarah m

I initially booked with Sounds Unlimited because with my original wedding venue, I received a discount for using them as a vendor. When I met with Amanda, she was very nice. It was a great meeting, she explained how their company worked, I got to see equipment and lighting to help decide which package would work best for us. I had a few questions along the way and the staff worked with me to get my questions answered and even make some changes with no issues. While this company has won numerous awards, there was some stress involved. You do not meet your DJ until the day of. Period. I was told (after booking) that this was the case; however he would call me no less than 10 days before the wedding to go over everything. After a few calls after day 10 and 8 came, 6 days before the wedding the DJ got back to me. While it wasn’t as soon as I would have liked (stress levels were a bit high the week of the wedding!) Eric took the time to go over every detail. I explained what I wanted, what I didn’t want and we outlined every detail in between. He was patient and very friendly. I felt at ease after we chatted. On the day of the wedding, Eric was there and everything was executed as we had discussed. Something worth noting, the DJ showed up with 2 other DJ’s who were apparently in training. I was never notified of this; this was brought to my attention after the fact, when they thought they needed vendor meals that I was to pay for. As I said, this was not discussed beforehand and I was blindsided. Overall, communication could be improved with this company, however I received the style of DJ/MC that I had requested and a great time was had by all.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed on 6/30/2014 Cait P

We absolutely loved our DJ Tyler and our Emcee Shawn. They were unobtrusive, likeable, responsive and they kept the evening running. They knew what I wanted with sort of ecclectic recommendations from us. The groom and I have very different tastes in music and they were able to effortlessly accommodate both and keep the crowd dancing. We had a blast - they even got the doorman dancing!

Amazing Job - Wonderful MC/DJ

Reviewed on 6/06/2014 Samantha B

Everyone at Sounds Unlimited was amazing and made this decision one of the easiest. From the very beginning Amanda did a great job in helping us decide which package to use and I am SO thrilled that we went with the MC/DJ combo package. We originally were not sure if we wanted an MC but after going over the benefits with Amanda, we decided it was the right choice for our wedding. I would absolutely recommend using both! Ted was our MC and he was AMAZING! I can't say enough about how easy and stress free he made our day. From our first conversation, I knew we would be in good hands. He had great suggestions that I would have never thought of myself (he suggested playing the Shoe Game which we did and our guests loved!) and he gave great advice on when to play our requested songs. Ted was very personable and friendly and very organized in keeping everything on schedule. He even helped make sure my elderly grandmother was taken care of! Our DJ, Dan, was also amazing. He was having so much fun playing the music, dancing behind the table, and even came out onto the dance floor when we invited him! I really loved seeing those working also enjoying what they were doing. They work really hard to get you matched up with the right MC/DJ based on your likes and dislikes. I happen to be a huge country music fan and was thrilled to learn our MC Ted was also a country music fan. He knew exactly which country songs were best to play to keep people dancing and had very smooth transitions between the country and non-country songs. They definitely do their best to make you experience as stress-free as possible and they succeeded! I would definitely recommend this company to anyone!

Darmeny is the best!

Reviewed on 5/27/2014

To anyone who is getting married soon and is looking for the best DJ out there: ask for Darmeny at Sounds Unlimited. He was fantastic! The company, Sounds Unlimited, made the process of finding a DJ as easy as possible. They were efficient with getting back to me, providing me all the appropriate information, and were very reliable. They took that stressor away from the wedding day. Darmeny and his crew kept the wedding and music going, kept everyone engaged and having fun, and helped us have the best day in the world! Thank you so much to everyone at Sounds Unlimited!


Reviewed on 5/11/2014 Corinda C

All I asked for them to do was play to the crowd. We aren't into dancing, but my instructions were to play whatever was requested and if people danced then encourage it. I could have never guessed how well they would follow those instructions. They were so good they got the entire crowd dancing, including myself. They took all requests and really played to the crowd while seeming like they were enjoying themselves! I wish I had another event to hire them for. Don't look anywhere else. It was easy, professional, and I don't think anyone could do it better.


Reviewed on 11/01/2013 ruchael b

it was great!

Perfect MC/ DJ Combo

Reviewed on 10/07/2013 Laura B

We decided to book the MC/ DJ combo and were so glad we did. Eric our MC was fantastic - from the initial phone call to the actual day, it went perfectly. Eric and our DJ made the sound for our outdoor ceremony sound perfect. The DJ followed exactly how we wanted our music to be done and kept the dance floor busy at all times. The MC did a great job introducing items throughout the night, including the toasts. I really could not be happier with the services they provided. I'm not going to lie, there are some flashier, young DJ services out there that charge a lot more, but we got all we needed and more from Sounds Unlimited. ONLY suggestion - they need a bit more music in their database. They have a lot, and you can make a ton of personal requests, but it would be nice if their database was updated a bit with some of the bigger hits of recent years.

Great DJ

Reviewed on 9/30/2013 Brie S

The DJ and MC were great, got everyone on the dance floor and made for a great party!


Reviewed on 9/26/2013 Liz M

Shawn and Cameron were amazing! Cameron our dj, kept everyone dancing all night long and shawn our mc helped our night flow perfectly! I was pleasantly surprised with how well it all went!


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