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The best money you'll invest in your wedding!

Want something unique, fun and exciting, something your guests will treasure and always remember at your reception? Then rent a photo booth from The Columbus Photo Booth Company. 95% of our customers said our photo booth service was the BEST money they invested in their wedding reception!



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Reviewed on 3/21/2014 Latoya J

Chad was very professional. Responded to all of my emails in a timely manner! We have used Columbus Photo Booth for many events and every time they are on time!

Fun and profession photobooth!

Reviewed on 10/03/2013 Laura K

We had a great time wth our photobooth at our wedding last October. It was fun for so many poeple at our wedding - so fun that we had a line all night! They gave a us a cd with all of the photos from the event, both strips and invdividual pictures. This was such a great perk because we are able to print just a single photo that fits great in a frame. This was also a great way to get photos of so many of our guests that the photographer missed. After doing reserach on about 4 different photobooth companies we choose the go with The columbus phtoboth co. because of their professionalism, what they offereed, and the look of the booth. Although they were the most expensive in the end, I do not regret my choice! Thanks for helping us make our wedding reception great!

LOVE LOVE the Columbus Photobooth

Reviewed on 9/24/2013 Diane H

The Columbus Photo Booth Company was at a wedding that I recently attended. It was definitely a hit with all the guests. I've been to several weddings that had a photobooth. Normally, they only give one copy of the picture out and put one in the scrapbook. The Columbus Photo Booth Company gives everyone a picture that was in the photobooth. They even upload all the pictures to a website and I was able to view all the pictures taken that night. The staff working the booth was amazing. They were so patient with all the guests that went in the booth a dozen times throughout the night. I took a business card and contacted the owner for my own wedding next year. I can't wait to have them at my wedding.

Terrific Service and Quality

Reviewed on 11/11/2014 Michelle M

I was SO happy I went with The Columbus Photo Booth Company for my wedding. Everything about the experience was great - the booth was set up early and ready to go as soon as the reception started, the staff was super friendly, the quality of the photos was terrific, and the custom design came out perfectly! I would definitely choose this vendor again.

Great Photobooth

Reviewed on 10/13/2014

The photo booth was great. You got a lot for the price in comparison to other vendors. They did a great job, and they got the pictures out to us very quickly.

Good stuff

Reviewed on 10/12/2014 Tessa V

Using Chad and his staff for my wedding was really seamless and great. He was easy to work with, arrived on time and his staff was friendly and sweet. He allowed me to design my own graphic for the photo strip (yay!!) and the photos turned out great. The disk came to our mailbox earlier than we expected. Thanks for everything, Chad, we loved the photobooth!

Excellant value

Reviewed on 10/07/2014

My daughter used The Columbus Photo Booth Company as entertainment during her wedding reception. We had been at several previous weddings with photo booths which were well received. We were very happy with the large booth size which accommodated all of our neighbors for a group photo. There was no limit on the number of times folks could use the booth and we had a lot of repeat users. The photos were clear and usually very funny and everyone in the photo received a copy on the spot. The company sent a DVD a few days after the wedding with all the photos on it. They also provided a scrapbook containing copies of all photos. They also have generously provided online access to all the pictures for purchase of reprints at a reasonable price. The props available to use were appropriate, the attendant very professional and best of all there was a monitor for all of us to watch the pictures on during the reception. It was a big hit with the guests and well worth the money spent.


Reviewed on 9/30/2014

I was married on 09/27/14 in mansfield and had a photo booth at my reception. First off, Chad the owner of the company is great to work with. I contacted him on short notice a little over a week before the wedding and he was nothing but understanding and great to work with. He sent an amazing attendant to work our reception. Christie was nothing short of awesome. I would recommend this company to anyone. It was the hit of the wedding. It keeps all the guests entertained and it's great to see all the pictures at the end of the night. It's a must have at any reception!

Great Company!

Reviewed on 9/15/2014 Megan G

Our guests loved the photo booth at our wedding! Everyone had such a great time and it worked out wonderfully. There was a small mistake made with the spelling of my fiance's name on the print outs for our guestbook but upon talking to the owner afterwards he made it right by sending us all new copies of our photos with his name spelled correctly. Mistakes happen and it was great that they were willing to fix it! Great company, highly recommend!

One of the most fun parts of our wedding!

Reviewed on 8/28/2014 Sara H

Chad is communicative and timely. He always got back to me so quickly about any question that I had! The booth workers were awesome. All the guests seemed to really enjoy it and we got our guest book through them which we love! I would definitely use them for another event.

Worth the money!

Reviewed on 8/23/2014 Jennifer H

The Columbus Photo Booth Company was a hit at our wedding. I can't tell what a treasure it is having the photo album of all the wedding guests pictures. My husband and I just died laughing in the couch a week and a half after our wedding looking st our crazy guests pictures. I have never seen my grandmother and aunt look so happy in pictures! The columbus photo booth company came recommended by all of our other vendors and they would know. I would use them again for another event in a heartbeat.

Lots of Fun!

Reviewed on 8/12/2014 Katie M

My guests had a great time at the photo booth! We enjoyed looking at the album the next day and seeing who all made it there. They are easy to work with and prompt! Good quality of photos! I only wish you could fit more faces in the shot :) It was difficult to squeeze four faces in, but I guess there are limits!

Fun fun fun oh yeah did I say fun!!

Reviewed on 7/18/2014

What a fun idea! I was a guest at a friends wedding and at the reception they had this photo booth. I've never been to a reception where they had this booth before. We really had fun with it too! All the props we had to spice up the pictures were a hoot!! Some wedding receptions are so typical, the same old thing! I was very impressed and like I said we REALLY did have fun with it! It was fun to see the kids go in and make silly pics of themselves too they had a blast! Thanks Columbus Photo Booth for a fun night to remember!!

The BEST photo booth! Very very well priced too!

Reviewed on 7/16/2014

I can't say enough good things about The Columbus Photo Booth Company. From beginning to end the process of arranging the booth was seamless. They come an hour before and set up the booth and work with you or your planner on where the best place to put it might be. The booth attendants are AWESOME and so kind. You can add all the personal touches to your booth to make it your own and the attendants are there to help your guests and encourage them to get in the booth so guests of ALL ages - grandparents, aunts, cousins, friends, anyone. I can honestly say that no matter how big or small your venue may be - you can't go wrong with The Columbus Photo Booth Company.

Wonderful Company!

Reviewed on 7/10/2014 Kelly P

The Columbus Photo Booth Company was absolutely wonderful for my wedding on 06/28/14. Chad was great to work with and extremely nice and professional. All my family and friends had a blast! We were even able to get my grandparents and some great aunts and uncles in the booth! We used the scrapbook service as our guest book and it turned out awesome. It is a great keepsake. I would recommend them to anyone. You won't be disappointed!


Reviewed on 7/01/2014 Kristin S

The Columbus Photo Booth Company was honestly one of my best vendors to work with. They were so accommodating and friendly right off the bat and were always accepting whenever we made changes in our times. Chad was a pleasure to work with. The photo booth was such a bit hit at the wedding. There was a line 'til the end of the night and the attendants did great encouraging people to paste their pictures in our guestbook as well as take one for themselves. All in all a great choice!!

Such Fun!

Reviewed on 6/30/2014 Tisha L

Our guests loved the photo booth. It was HUGE! We were able to get some really great pics of the entire bridal party in the photo booth! We had a small problem of not having all the photo strips I our guest book but that was quickly resolved by Chad. This is an excellent photo booth with hilarious props!

Absolutely amazing and so much fun!

Reviewed on 6/18/2014 Sarah

I've seen photo booths at weddings before, and I've never been impressed with the service, so I was a little hesitant to have a photo booth at my own wedding. I am so glad that we went with Columbus Photo Booth, I was blown away by the customer service and how much fun my guests had doing it! I loved everything about the photo booth from the person working the booth, to the props, to the screen on the outside of the booth, it was all so much fun and so well done! My favorite part was receiving the keepsake booklet with everyone's photos, such a cute idea! I cannot thank Columbus Photo Booth enough for making our day special!

Went Above and Beyond to Make Up for Glitch

Reviewed on 6/10/2014 Jessica E

I was SO excited about having a photo booth. It served as my guest book and also my gift to by guests. It was the one thing I was looking forward to the most. That is why when they showed up and it wasn't working, I was completely devastated. After about an hour, they were able to take photos without printing and it got a little better. Then they somehow got a new printer and it worked perfectly for the last two hours. By the end of the night, all of the photos were printing. The attendants were chasing down my guests trying to make sure everyone got their photos and my book that they made me is gorgeous! All of my guests had a great time. To top it all off, I got a 65% refund and a personal letter from the owner telling me how sorry he was. I can definitely say this is a company with a lot of integrity. Even though some of my guests left without being able to experience it, I was really impressed with how they handled the situation. Apparently this has never happened before so do not hesitate at all to hire this company. You will laugh for weeks at all the crazy photos!

Lots of fun!

Reviewed on 9/19/2013 Jasmine D

We used the photobooth during our wedding and all of our guests loved it! People made multiple trips and loved using all of the props. We also loved the photo album we got of everyone's pictures. My wife and I looked through the whole album the next day and got a huge kick out of seeing everyone's poses and reading their messages to us. The photo strips are nice souvenirs for the guests, also. The booth definitely helped make the reception memorable for everyone. Chad was easy to work with and very responsive. When we designed our banner logo for the bottom of the photo strip, he gave us revised versions quickly and was very responsive to our suggestions. He was also very accommodating when we decided to extend their time about a week before the wedding. Overall we would definitely recommend using The Columbus Photo Booth Company!

HUGE HIT!! Our reception guests LOVED them!

Reviewed on 9/01/2013 Brittany H

The staff working the booth was awesome!!! Everyone at our reception had a blast with the photo booth!!! I am so happy we made the decision to go with Columbus Photo Booth Company over a few of the others that I have seen recently at weddings I have attended. The quality is far superior and the album they made me and had the guests sign is beautiful!!!


Reviewed on 7/01/2013 Amanda A

This was a big hit at our wedding, and they also gave us a scrapbook which is great to look back on and see memories!

Best Idea

Reviewed on 6/01/2013 Katie W

Chad was amazing. It was my mom's idea to have a photo booth, and I have received so many positive comments regarding it. It was interactive and everyone loved the props. I also liked that everyone who wanted one, received a copy of the photos. I also had a scrapbook they gave me at the end and had a video monitor outside the booth so that everyone could see what was going on inside. Several people could fit in the booth at one time. this place was a bit more, but worth it for the extras. Its not that much more when you consider the extras. We were not sorry we chose them, but thankful.

The best photobooth!!

Reviewed on 5/04/2013 Chelsea M

This photo booth went over so well at our wedding, all the guests loved it!! The attendants were great and very professional and its the nicest booth with the best props ive ever seen! I also loved getting our book at the end of night so we could look through it the next day and see how great of a time everyone had!

Great company to work with!

Reviewed on 9/12/2012 Angeline C

Even though I am a bride of over 17 years I can tell you this company is wonderful to work with on a business to business level. They are on the ball with what they know and the services they provide. Professionalism is important to them in every aspect and I found that out through the designing of their site. So, if you are interested in a company that believes in the importance of treating people right...this company is for you! Please note that my rating below is based on my interaction with the owners and NOT from renting the booth.


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