Jeff Guenther - The Knot Contributor

Jeff Guenther, LPC

Clinical Counselor & The Knot Wellness Contributor
  • Jeff Guenther is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) and the founder of TherapyDen.
  • He is well-known on social media as "TherapyJeff" for creating content around mental and relationship wellness.
  • His career in therapy started out of a crisis line in Portland.

Jeff Guenther is a licensed professional counselor (LPC) specializing in relationship therapy. He is a relationship and mental health advocate who's made the biggest splash on TikTok, where he shares snackable tips for followers across a range of topics. Jeff is also the creator of a socially-conscious, national therapist directory called TherapyDen. Jeff has lived in Portland since 2005 and is a big fan of the '90s — particularly, the call-in program Loveline.


Jeff’s therapeutic career started out at a crisis line in Portland, where he worked with people who were suffering from suicidal thoughts and severe anxiety. His therapy work continued through the public school system, where he provided individual, group and family therapy to high-risk students. He also taught parenting classes on a regular basis.


Jeff received a master's degree in marriage and family therapy from the University of Southern California, and his bachelor's degree in child and family development from San Diego State University.