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Wedding Engagement Party: When Does the Engagement Party Take Place?

We are being pressured by the mother of the groom to have an engagement party for our newly engaged daughter and future son-in-law. The wedding is a ways away, after college graduation and jobs are secured. I say throwing a wedding engagement party now is precipitous, and I would like to wait. Also, which side of the family is responsible for such a party, or can either side initiate it?

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Wedding Engagement Party: Who Hosts Engagement Party?

Is it appropriate for a couple to initiate their own engagement party, or is someone from either of the families supposed to do that?

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Who gets invited to the engagement party?

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Follow this step-by-step countdown to planning a fabulous engagement party.

Wedding Engagement Party: Do We Register for Engagement Party?

Is it appropriate to register in time for our engagement party? I have been told that it's a social no-no to register this early.

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