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At Abracadabra Limousines, we pride ourselves on providing quality, reliable transportation service for our customers. Our main goal is to make your experience with us a magical one. We strive for excellence and we will go that extra step to accommodate your needs.


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$ – Inexpensive

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Valet Parking, Limousine + Sedan, Transportation


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Albany, WI Serving Southern WI (608) 938-1300

So affordable and really does a great job

Reviewed on 9/29/2015 Aubrey T

This limo service was so affordable and the ride was comfortable and smooth. Some features of our limo didn't work right away, but we got them figured out before the end of the night.


Reviewed on 7/16/2012 aleece H

Abracadabra was great! We rented a 20 person suv limo and it was perfect. It made driving from the ceremony, to take pictures around Madison, and to the reception unforgettable. The driver was so understanding and accommodating. It was very affordable.


Reviewed on 9/09/2011 Chelsea K

They were right on time and took us wherever we wanted to go and was very friendly and courteous.

Reviewed on 1/09/2018 Emily V

Jamie was great to work with, and made sure that we had everything we needed from start to finish. He even upgraded our party bus for free! The driver was prompt, friendly, and very accommodating. I would absolutely recommend these services!

Reviewed on 7/18/2017 Courtney H

We chose Abracadabra Limo to provide a shuttle to our wedding venue as well as back to the hotel at the end of the night. We are so happy with how professional the drivers were and how awesome the shuttles were! We 100% recommend for all of your wedding or event needs!

Reviewed on 7/11/2017 Ashley L

I recently had hired Abracadabra to provide transportation to and from the wedding and reception venue to our family's farm to take pictures. 2 weeks before the wedding, I spoke with the owner and had sent an itinerary listing the details for the addresses. Our venue and the... Read More place that we were taking pictures at both started with "B's", so in the email I specifically spelled out where the wedding and reception were located and then the other location was for the pictures and even told him I was adding that info in for more clarity. We tried calling the only number we had 15 min before they were supposed to arrive. No answer. Called and text 5 min before arrival...no answer. 15 minutes later, we get a call that says "I'm at the farm, but there is no wedding here". We discover at that point that he went to the wrong location. He ended up then getting lost between the wrong location and where the wedding party was at. By the time he showed up, it was at least 45min late. I want to say closer to an hour. But I am 100% at least 45 min. (making this review as honest as possible). In the meantime, we had to push back the dinner time, I was in tears during that 30 min when we couldn't get any answer (15 minutes before they were due and 15 min after) because we didn't even know if we would have the limo. The limo was also hired for providing a shuttle for guests that rented out a room at our wedding block. Our photographer and videographer were gone by the time we did the bouquet and garter toss (the time we had paid for them was up before we had a chance to get to that part of the reception). I have worked in customer service for a long time and understand that mistakes happen. I even wrote an email explaining that I understood mistakes happen, but I wanted to understand how it transpired in the first place. I received no communication after sending 2 emails and 1 voicemail. I just got a hold of the owner tonight (after no response for at least 2 weeks). When he answered, I was told he had an email response but it must not have sent and been in his draft file. He stated that he didn't believe that the driver was that late as the 2 locations were only 10 min apart. He stated that the driver said everything went fine and he doesn't see what the problem was. It's extremely frustrating that he (the owner) took absolutely no ownership for the mistake and had the audacity to state "you didn't even leave much of a tip, so I had to pay him additional". (Please note - the receipt confirmation stated that the cost was "$1250 plus a gratuity of your choice." I assume "of your choice" means just that. Your choice. I chose to tip him based on the service he provided. Being almost an hour late and causing a ripple affect for the reception is not excellent service. If the owner would have at least been sympathetic and understanding toward the situation after I had to address it several times and not basically accused me of lying about the situation and stating that the tip wasn't enough, I probably wouldn't be writing this review. Mistakes happen...it's understandable, but a lack of ownership and refusal to address concerns of a customer after the fact is not. I would not recommend this limo company to anyone.

Reviewed on 10/26/2016 Jenny R

We had Abracadabra Limo for transportation at our wedding 3 weeks ago and it started off on the wrong foot right away. The morning of the wedding, as I was getting ready, the driver had called me twice about where exactly he had to meet the bridal party. I was not riding in the... Read More limo at the time, but my bridal party told me that it was an awe full ride from the meet up point to the church. The driver had a very difficult time making his turns and needed to back up in traffic and do Y turns on busy streets. After the ceremony I was unable to find our limo and needed to call him to get him to pick us up and bring us around to take pictures. We were only going to a couple places between the ceremony and reception and the driver had no clue where he was going. This was especially frustrating because we had a phone meeting the week of the wedding and had provided him with an itinerary and addresses. One of my bridesmaids had to give him turn by turn directions the whole time. This was beyond stressful and frustrating for both me and my groom. I would never suggest this company to any bride or groom.

Great service at an ubeatable price!

Reviewed on 10/08/2014 Michelle H

We used the 24-26 passenger coach limo bus for our wedding. We comfortably fit 24 passengers (in wedding gear) Our driver was amazing and did a GREAT job!! He was very polite and helpful. We were able to bring our own drinks (coolers) on the bus and an ipod to play music.... Read More Everyone had a lot of fun. The limo bus was comfortable and in good working order (AC was was appreciated with 80+ degree weather). I would recommend them to anyone!

Extremely Rude Driver

Reviewed on 9/17/2014 Jacquelyn P

First, I want to say that working with Jamie via email was great! He was very responsive to all my questions prior to the wedding and they even upgraded us to their new limo (which they told my wedding planner, not me). We rented the International Limo Coach because it has a... Read More bathroom on board and my maid of honor is pregnant and constantly needs the bathroom! The new limo that we got did not have a bathroom which was a huge bummer-but not too big of a deal. The limo itself was beautiful, but it was FULL of fruit flies. They were absolutely everywhere in the back of the bus and it smelled as if something had died back there. Our driver was also incredibly rude! We were running a bit behind taking photos in the venue after the ceremony and he came in and made it a point to let my husband know that we were running into his time. He told my husband that if he was the groom it meant he was in charge and that we had to get going so he wouldn't have to sit in the limo and wait for us. Once on the bus he was unhappy with every place we wanted to take pictures because he didn't like parking there (Memorial Union and by Abe on Bascom Hill). When we stopped to get pictures at Bascom he told me that I had to sign a form stating that he was there at the scheduled time, etc. When I asked for a pen to sign it, he told me that I couldn't sign until I gave him gratuity. I could not believe said that and because of that we only gave him 1/5th of the tip that we were originally planning. In the end we were pretty unhappy with our driver and the condition of the limo, but the service we received prior to the wedding was great!


Reviewed on 7/29/2014 Cara A

The Abracadabra Limo was a large enough vehicle for 22 people. It was extremely fun, but I wish we had spent more time in the vehicle. All of our venues were close, so not a lot of time.

Very Professional

Reviewed on 7/29/2014 Christina R

The owner of the company was great to work with! He made sure that everything was ready for me the day of the wedding. The driver that we had was amazing and fun. This was an awesome company to do business with.

Great Service, great price

Reviewed on 5/28/2014 Carina S

Working with Jamie makes planning so easy! All I had to do was tell him what I was hoping for, we talked about budget, and he worked with me every step of the way. Very flexible on pick-up times and our driver was great!

Great Service

Reviewed on 10/23/2013 Denise B

The driver was excellent, and the Topkick limo was awesome. We definitely enjoyed our time riding around in style!

Bang for buck

Reviewed on 6/22/2013 Jenni K

We just needed shuttle for guests from reception to hotel. Very accommodating and friendly.

Great Company, one complaint

Reviewed on 10/18/2012 Leah C

We were overall very pleased with Abracadabra, they were very easy to work with, and the Limo was clean and very cool on the inside. They were on time, true to the contract, and the price was AMAZING. (We paid $600 for three hours, everything included except gratuity).... Read More However, we were told we could plug in an ipod to play music, but the player on the Limo did not work. The driver was absolutely no help at all, so my friend ended up getting a cord out of his car and fixing it (thank God) or we would have had to listen to the radio! I was disappointed in that, but otherwise they did a nice job.

Okay Limo

Reviewed on 9/16/2012 Katie S

We searched around for an affordable limo service. We ended up choosing Abracadabra based on their price and reviews. We got a hummer stretch limo for all 15 people in our wedding party, including us. The limo was supposed to sit 14-16 people, but it was an extremely tight fit.... Read More The driver was nice, but not great. She waited until right before she arrived to fill-up on gas, so the limo was hot because the air conditioner was shut off for awhile. It was over 90 degrees outside, and the limo was maybe 80 degrees with all of us it it. If we would have had a larger limo with more room and the air was colder, it would have been better.

What I would hope for

Reviewed on 8/10/2012 Emily P

I was pleased with our experience. They got us where we needed to be and had a good sound system. They didn't include beverages which could have been a nice thing, and the bus showed up with broken air conditioning that they had to fix.

Reasonably Priced but no Air!

Reviewed on 7/27/2012 Kristina M

Before we hired Abracadabra they were very good about getting back to us after we contacted them (e-mail is the best way!). The week of the wedding I missed their call so I called back and left a voicemail. I did not receive any call back after to confirm any details. It was 94... Read More degrees out and the air conditioning didn't work and the plug for the iPod was broken. They were on time to pick us up but did get slightly lost on the way to the reception. The bonus is they were very cheap/reasonably priced but I feel they could have let us know the air did not work.


Reviewed on 7/23/2012 Kyla M

Made our ride extra special and fun.


Reviewed on 6/04/2012 Stacey B

Super accommodating and offered a discounted rate to bring another back to us later in the evening for post-party transport.

Overall great service

Reviewed on 2/14/2012 Scott P

Had a little hiccup w/ directions getting to us, but once the limo was there, it was great. Driver was outstanding, kind, and all about letting us have a great time. I'd recommend Abracadabra to anyone!

Sweet ride

Reviewed on 12/07/2011 Amy W

We got a great deal on the Cadillac Escalade limo for our wedding! It was pretty cool. We had our whole wedding party and ushers enjoy it with us. The only thing I wish would have been different was for the driver to let us know how to change the music and temperature in there.... Read More It got pretty stuffy with 16 people in it and we spent a good chuck of the ride trying to figure out how to change the music to something we wanted to hear. Other than that they were actually a little early at the church to pick up and took us where we wanted to go and then to the reception hall. The driver was very nice and helped all of the girls in their big dresses out when we arrived.

White hummer

Reviewed on 9/28/2011 eric c

The limo wasn't exactly what i expected. It looked nice from the outside, but inside it was a little run down, and the jacks for our ipod didn't work either.


Reviewed on 8/21/2011 Sarah L

our driver was very nice, let us have a good time( we had a limo bus) the price was reasonable only because we had a coupon ( our half off was the same price as another company w/o a coupon!)

Great Service

Reviewed on 8/02/2011 Meghan T

Our driver Ben was awesome! He was such a gentleman when it came to helping us ladies out of the limo and was very accommodating to our needs. The limo was gorgeous and definitely worth the money!