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Fort Worth’s most well-known bridal destination!

Formerly Ocones Bridal, come see our beautifully remodeled salon! Visit the same dedicated staff of 26 years, along with new ownership! See why a treasured tradition in Fort Worth, for generations of beautiful brides, only gets better in the years to come!



Alterations, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Lingerie, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Shoes, Wedding Gowns


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6500 Camp Bowie Blvd, Ft Worth, TX

My Dream Dress

10/11/2014 Bailey B

I cannot say enough great things about Ava's. My experience was amazing. I went with my mother and grandmother for this first time to look at dresses, not expecting to find the one but just to look around at shapes and boy was I surprised! It was about the 4th dress I tried on and when I walked out all three of us started crying at the same time!! They quickly ran and got us mimosas to make the moment even more special. The most amazing part was, after I fell in love with it, my mom told me thats where she also found her wedding dress many years ago! I probably tried on 100 more wedding dresses across DFW, but Ava's dress stole my heart and I went back to get the dress I found there. The ladies that work there are so kind and sweet too! They really make you feel so special and beautiful. I also ordered my bridesmaids dresses from Ava's. They were such great help and I loved every moment with them.

Best bridal shop in dfw!

10/25/2014 kandace f

Ava's bridal is by far the best bridal shop in dfw. The whole staff treats you like their own family. The prices are very reasonable and the whole experience was great. You will not go wrong going to Ava's for your dress. I recommend them to all my friends and family. I just love sue (the owner). She's so amazing!!! She really wants to make every brides experience as flawless and memerable as possible. I can't say enough great things about this place! The best by far

I could not have been more pleased

3/28/2015 Sydney S

I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Ava's. My mother and two younger sisters went with me to shop for a dress, we had about 5 appointments that day and Ava's was our first stop. When we walked in we were automatically greeted and warmly welcomed. Ms. Essie is who helped me with picking out my dress. I am extremely picky and I told her exactly what I wanted and did NOT want, she quickly gathered me some dresses to try on and the very first one I tried I absolutely fell in LOVE with, as did my mom and sisters. Ms. Essie did a AMAZING job picking the perfect dress for my body type. ** Ms. Sue did my alterations and she was amazing as well, it went so smooth, and she is such a sweetheart! I had three fittings and I completely trusted her judgment when she suggested what needed to be done and the end results are more perfect than I could of ever dreamed of. I highly suggest going to Ava's if you are wanting a place that will treat you good and are very accommodating. ***THANK YOU AVA'S BRIDAL FOR EVERYTHING! ***

Amazing Experience


A million thank you's to Ava's Bridal Couture for their exemplary service for me and my daughter, Cristina. From the first day we walked in, we were impressed with their knowledge and expertise. They made my daughter feel like a princess and very patient with her many fittings until the perfect dress was found. Sue made sure the dress was perfectly altered. We took the dress home and several weeks later, I noticed the Tiara was not in the bag. Of course, my daughter panicked and was hysterical. I called Kim and Sue and explained the situation, I feared they would not replace it. However, they did not question my explanation and immediately ordered an exact replacement at no charge and had it rushed order. Needless to say, words cannot express my gratitude to Ava's. My daughter is extremely happy and awaiting her big day, May 2. Thank you again Sue and staff for making my daughter look so beautiful. It was truly a memorable experience. We will certainly be recommending future brides to your business. Martha:)

Bride of the "Unforgettable Experience"


I am the bride of the previous "Unforgettable Experience" review. I am disgusted any owner would blame a customer for their own mistakes especially a customer who spent over $2,000.00. I feel it imperative people know what kind of an owner they're giving their business to. My wedding was in Sept 2014 in Iowa and I purchased my dress in Jan 2014 at Ava's Bridal. I was told my dress would be in within 6 months. We let the staff know my aunt would be doing the alterations (for free). My mom paid for the dress in full, $1,500. As June came, my mom began to worry and urged me to contact the salon. I was too timid so my mom contacted the salon. During two months she probably called 4-5 times and was never given an answer regarding when the dress was ordered or when it would come in and finally asked to speak to the owner as the situation wasn't getting any better. The owner never called her so she contacted the shop's other location Classy Concepts. She left a message with them to have the owner contact her. Nothing. I was contacted via text message by the salon and set up my first fitting on 08/24, 8 months after I purchased it! I went to the appt, put on a good face knowing that I now would be paying hundreds for alterations. Sue helped me and referred to herself as the "alterations manager" even though I knew she was the owner. I purchased $200 of jewelry, knowing I wouldn't be getting my dress back in time to look for jewelry. I was told the alterations would be $380 and I told Sue that she needed to contact my mom as she was going to pay for the alterations AND she wanted to speak to somebody in charge regarding her dissatisfaction. The clerk calls my mom and tells her the cost is now $430. My mom demands to speak to the owner. Sue FINALLY calls my mom and they agree to $300 and we would have to sign a non disclosure form stating that neither my mom nor I could ever speak negatively about Ava's Bridal (we've never threatened at this point to speak negatively). Next appt Sue attempts to apologize but just blames my mom for "making things complicated". I pay the $300 and sign the form which states nobody involved in my wedding can speak negatively about the salon. Sue tells me that my mom doesn't need to sign it. SIX days before I leave for the wedding Sue texts me stating that she will not give me the dress until my mother signs the form. I tell her that I will pay the original price and that the non disclosure form is invalid as I'm worried I will not get my dress. I go in to pick up the dress and the price is now $530. I am livid. I assume I owe $130 more but the clerk tells me that I'm wrong and it's Sue's "day off". I get the dress, walk out, place it in my car and contact the police myself. Sue finally shows up. The police tell her that there's nothing they can do as she is unable to show proof of what I owe her and it's a civil issue. I continue to agree to pay $130 that I believe I still owe even though the police say that I don't have to. She agrees as she realizes there's nothing else she can do. My mother posts an honest review in regards to this experience and the owner's response makes me sick. This is your business. It is YOUR responsibility to return phone calls and ensure customer satisfaction. People that spend $2000.00 at your business deserve to be treated with dignity, respect and honesty. You lack these qualities and it makes me absolutely sick that I chose your business. Holly Huprich

Must have! Don't go elsewhere!


Wish I would have gone here first! My other experiences at large chain bridal vendors was NOT was I was expecting, and I'll never refer there, even for my bridal party. Ava's is AMAZING and locally owned. I can't even explain how helpful, friendly and enthusiastic the entire team was! I felt at home the second I stepped in the door! Essie was so patient with me (I tried on the same dress 3 different times just for comparison). She was so helpful and really took time to understand what exactly I was looking for (even though I think I changed my mind once in the boutique) - she even ended up finding my dream dress for me! I'll definitely send all future brides here!

Unforgettable Experience!


Dealing with Ava’s Bridal Couture in Fort Worth, Texas, (aka Classy Concepts Bridal) was an unforgettable experience…it was a nightmare! We purchased my daughter’s dress in January for a September wedding (their contract stated a 4-6 month lead time) and after repeatedly contacting the salon from July through the end of August to find out when the dress was coming in (and leaving a message for the owner – who didn’t call back), it arrived barely three weeks before the wedding and too late for us to have the alterations done by a relative in another state (for free). Hmmm…they were never able to tell us when they actually ordered the dress. We informed the salon at time of purchase that they would not be doing the alterations but because the dress didn’t come in on time, we were forced to have Ava’s Bridal do the alterations anyway and that’s when the real problems started. Their alteration cost kept changing and I won’t go into all the sorry details but when I refused to pay anything until the owner called me then things really went downhill. They literally held the dress hostage. Upon the advice of the owner of my local salon (I live in a different state) and the dress manufacturer’s representative (whom I contacted to express my dissatisfaction), my daughter entered the salon for her final fitting two weeks before the wedding and ran out with the dress, locked it in her car, and called the police. The police came, my daughter showed them her payment receipt, and she kept the dress…enough said. While our original sales person was great to deal with, I can’t say the same for the owner of this salon who was nothing less than combative. Before you shop for a bridal dress at any salon, you should be armed with questions. Ask how soon the dress will be ordered once you sign their contract and pay a deposit. Consider telling them the wedding date is 3 weeks sooner than it really is if you need extra time. Ask for all of the dress information (manufacturer, model, style, etc.) and ask for a copy of the order confirmation from the manufacturer once the order is placed. Call or visit the salon regularly to check on the dress – keep track of the dates and who you spoke with. Ask to see a pricing sheet for alterations and find out if the cost goes up for a “rush” job. If a discount is offered for payment in full, think about whether you really want to do that. Using a credit card may protect you for 60-90 days if you need to dispute a charge but after that it gets a little dicey. Don’t be afraid to call the Secretary of State’s office to find out who the owner is or the Attorney General for your state to lodge a complaint against the salon if there is a problem. I never expected that purchasing a wedding dress would turn into such an ordeal and I hope your experience is better than ours!

Amazing selection of Diva Size dresses

6/20/2015 Katherine C

Being a plus size bride it has been a struggle to find salons that have a decent supply of plus size dresses. I was recommended to this salon by Bliss Bridal salon. I had a great experience with them but they did not have a huge selection. So they told me to go here. We arrived about 30 minutes before closing and the employees allowed us to look at the dresses to see if there was enough there to make an appt. No other salon has done that. We looked and they had an entire wall of what they refer to "Diva Size." They had from 14-28. There were more than enough to try on. I pulled about 8. They were all within my price range and beautiful. I was actually able to fit into all of them. My favorite one was one I would have been able to buy straight off the rack saving me hundreds and time. Essie was super helpful and the other girls were wonderful too. It is a cute little shop, very friendly staff. Although I did not get my dress there, I would recommend them 100%.

Great Wedding Dress Shopping Experience

10/11/2014 Jasmine T

I had an absolutely amazing wedding dress experience. Vicky was the lady who helped my find the dress of my dreams. I cannot say the same for the bridesmaid's dresses.I ordered by the deadline my bridesmaid dresses and it ended up being almost to late. My dresses came in with 3 weeks to spare. I was super upset because if they gave me a deadline I should have had more time then that to get them in, picked up, and altered.


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