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Maybe you want a fully choreographed dance. Maybe you just want to take your sway to the next level. Or maybe you have no clue what you want! Regardless, we’re excited to help you prepare for your wedding and make sure you have fun in the process. Get started by messaging us to begin a conversation about your first dance and schedule your first lesson.


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Classical, Country, Dance, Disco, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, Pop, R&B, Rock, World Music

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4039 B N Ravenswood Ave, Chicago, IL (312) 504-5866

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Kinsley E

You know you've got a great dance instructor when she crashes your wedding in a cat costume ... that did not actually happen, but it was a long-running joke at our lessons with instructor Rachael Fromkin. And you really do know you've got a great dance instructor when you... Read More invite her to your wedding! (That did actually happen.) We had so much fun with Rachael her at our lessons that we invited her and her beau, Colin, to our wedding, and they were lovely guests. We genuinely loved dancing with Rachael. She is, of course, an excellent dancer herself, but also a great teacher - thorough and extremely patient with our clod-hopping tendencies. And she's just plain fun to hang out with - gracious, warm, and hilarious (see "cat costume" reference above). We were new to ballroom dancing and my husband had some qualms about "this whole dance thing" (he already had one signature dance move which he felt should have been entertainment enough for our guests), but Rachael won him over in a single lesson. We learned a ton and had a blast doing it. Rachael also has amazing choreography skills - she helped us pick a first-dance song and then customized choreography for us - we wound up doing a combination of Fox Trot and Swing, with a lot of fun spins and even a few lifts. She built the dance to suit the song, our personalities, and our skill level - and she refined and tweaked it for us as we progressed. For the record, our skill level is somewhere near zero, but she made us feel like 10's! At the wedding, our photographer made a point of telling me that she thought it was one of the best wedding dances she had seen. While that was extremely gratifying for us to hear, I think it really speaks to Rachael's creative choreography skills, which gave us a fun and elegant first dance and tailored to us in a way that didn't make fools out of us in the process. We highly recommend BDC for your wedding dance lessons! They make the process of learning fun - it's low-key and low-pressure while still being very effective. They offer a convenient variety of packages and pricing options. They have multiple locations - we worked with Rachael at the Ravenswood location. It's a lovely studio - a big open space with hardwood floors and funky art. There were never more than two other couples present during our lesson (each working with a different instructor), so we never felt crowded. The staff are all very welcoming and friendly - they spend time chatting with students and seem genuinely interested in getting to know a little something about you beyond the steps you want to learn. They are also very liberal with the complimentary wine, beer, water, and - most importantly - the jelly beans. Another perk is that they host occasional parties for their students that include free group lessons and the chance to try out your new-found moves in front of other people before the wedding (we weren't able to take advantage of this ourselves, but I think it's a brilliant idea - especially if you're at all nervous about dancing in front of others). You know you've got a great dance instructor when you immediately sign up for more lessons right after your wedding. We're now dancing with Rachael again - learning the Salsa and Samba for some upcoming trips we'll be taking. We're having just as much fun as before! Although we haven't seen that cat costume yet ...

Reviewed on 5/30/2016 Stephanie E

There is a reason Ballroom Dance Chicago has such high reviews from so many couples. As many previous reviews mentioned, the space is very inviting and the instructors are awesome. We were fortunate enough to work with Cathy to learn steps for our 1st dance at our wedding.... Read More We hardly knew anything about dancing but Cathy made each session so much fun for us and her patience is incredible. We would leave each session with huge smiles on our faces and with new moves to practice. We looked forward to each and every lesson (about 10 total). Our 1st dance was amazing and such a crowd-pleaser, thanks to Cathy. It was such a great experience at Ballroom Dance Chicago and we are already discussing when we should take our next lesson!

Reviewed on 4/21/2016 Emily H

My husband and I had THE. BEST. TIME. taking dance lessons at Ballroom Dance Chicago. Our main goal was to learn a first dance for our wedding, but we ended up scheduling several more sessions - we always found our time in the studio to be special and different from our normal... Read More routine of life. The staff is fantastic! We worked with Lydia, but every other instructor made a point to get to know us and make us feel special. Lydia was a total blast; our lessons felt easy and light- we laughed a ton with her! The night of our wedding, we were so nervous for the dance, but we nailed it. Both my husband and I agreed that having friends and family cheering us on around the dance floor while we danced something that we had been practicing for so long was a true highlight of the night and a moment we'll always treasure.

Reviewed on 4/22/2018 Allison W

My fiance and I are getting married this summer and we felt that we needed some professional instruction to woo everyone at our wedding. I was skeptical at first as I've never been much of a dancer, but after our initial consultation and the fact that they are BYOB, I was much... Read More more comfortable with the idea. We purchased a 10-lesson package with AnnaMarie, who has been fantastic in teaching us basic moves for our first dance. I didn't think I needed instructions on how to dip my fiance - after all, it's just like kicking a bike stand right? Thankfully, AnnaMarie set me straight so I didn't injure my beloved. Thus far we've learned basic side-to-side and box steps as well as transitions and spins. AnnaMarie also helped us choreograph the beginning and end of the song after showing us a few options for what we could do. At the end of every session, she recorded us dancing to our song on one of our phones so we could review later and see how we've been progressing. Not only do we feel better prepared, but it's a ton of fun and we're considering additional dance lessons even after the wedding. I'd highly recommend BDC to anyone looking for lessons!

Reviewed on 3/25/2018 Gabriella P

Ballroom Dance Chicago was incredible! My now husband and I took dance lessons with Jon for our first wedding dance and he was amazing! He was very creative, making a very romantic and sweet dance for us. He was also very patient and paid attention to detail to make sure our... Read More dance looked effortless and smooth. I highly recommend Jon to anyone who is looking for a beautiful wedding first dance!

Reviewed on 1/27/2018 Elissa F

My husband and I worked with Cathy and Ballroom Dance Chicago to get ready for our first dance at our wedding this past fall. We can't say enough good things about Cathy and the overall team! Cathy was so approachable, patient, flexible and fun, which was the perfect match for... Read More us. I was also dealing with an injury to my right shoulder, which made things like spinning or lifts more challenging, but Cathy worked with us on how to adjust and did a better job of making sure I wasn't hurting it than I did on a regular basis :) Both the studio in Ravenswood and Fulton Market are great atmospheres with comfy couches, good snacks and beer, wine and cocktails always on hand. We liked them so much that when my parents decided to dust off their dancing skills before the wedding we sent them there as well. During the last few weeks before our wedding, when all the last minute details were getting stressful, we started going more often under the guise of perfecting the dance, but I think it was really that it was such a comfortable environment, it was a perfect way to decompress in the chaos. If you're looking for dance lessons of any kind, no one else compares!

Reviewed on 11/25/2017 Mary Beth W

We took a few lessons before our wedding to make our first dance special. We were not disappointed. Lydia was great! She made us feel comfortable and added moves slowy. We had such a great time we are considering taking more classes!

Reviewed on 11/04/2017 Alex H

My fiancee (now husband!) and I took lessons here prior to our wedding with Lydia. We were initially a little nervous to dance in front of everyone at our wedding but after a few lessons with Lydia we felt AWESOME and absolutely CRUSHED our first dance! Lydia was patient, funny,... Read More talented, and overall an excellent teacher. I highly recommend Ballroom Dance Chicago for lessons for an event or if you're just looking for a fun date night out!

Reviewed on 10/24/2017 Ada R

We took private lessons and a few group classes to prepare for our first dance. Although it was expensive, we made the most of our time and after 2 months had a solid first dance, and we had a lot of fun! Thank you Lydia for your creativity and patience.

Reviewed on 10/23/2017 Lorraine S

I can't tell you just how much fun we had working with Lydia on our first dance. As a former swing dancer, I knew that preparation was the only thing that would conquer our nerves on the big day. My husband was new to ballroom and starting from scratch. BDC lured him in with... Read More promises of craft beer and turned him into a dancer! Lydia's choreography perfected reflected our sense of style and played to our strengths as dancing partners. Plus, we had a blast working with her (and the rest of the team) every week. Fake ballgown skirts put my fears of tripping to rest and we even practiced with a cheering "crowd" of other students our final week. The preparation paid off: our foxtrot was the best we had ever danced it! Plus, it wowed our guests (who had no idea we were taking lessons)! Highly, highly, highly recommend. I'm hoping we continue with more lessons in the future.

Reviewed on 10/23/2017 Patrick C

My wife and I took lessons at the West Loop location with Cathy throughout the spring and summer of 2017. My wife had learned a few moves, but we were definitely beginners. Cathy was such a great teacher and with every lesson we learned new aspects and movements for the "first... Read More dance" of our wedding. Cathy and the team made us feel like we were best friends and they genuinely cared about your success. She also wanted you to have a good time and enjoy dancing in general. Thanks so much, Cathy and Ballroom Dance Chicago!

Reviewed on 10/23/2017 Maggie S

We worked with John to plan a first dance and learn some dance moves before our wedding. John, Lydia, Matthew, and the entire team at BDC were friendly and accommodating- everyone greeted us with a hello, a smile, and the offer of a drink. John, especially, made us feel... Read More comfortable learning a dance routine (we're both athletes but terrible dancers) and gave us pointers so that we'd have a successful first, second, sixth, twelvth, twentieth, dances. Honestly, we were probably fine with our dance routine after 5 or so lessons- John was that good of a teacher. We went to about 10-12 lessons over the summer before our wedding, because we liked spending an hour or so, every Friday night, looking straight into each others eyes and learning a new ting together. Our time at BDC was as much a date as it was a dance lesson, and it helped us to grow closer before our wedding. And- our first dance was amazing. We used the entire dance floor, our moves made us look like good dancers (we're not) and the high-energy enthusiasm kicked off a great night of dancing with our friends and family!

Reviewed on 10/23/2017 Mary Z

My husband and I received lessons as an engagement gift. A big thank you to Lydia as she helped make our first dance so special. We had such a great time at our lessons and practicing. The studio is so inviting, even for someone without any dance experience... like me! Lydia was... Read More so patient and really listened to what we wanted to accomplish. I would recommend BDC to anyone who wants to be sure to create a memorable dance.

Reviewed on 10/23/2017 Emily W

Oh my goodness, we love Shanna! We are so happy we chose Ballroom Dance Chicago to take lessons leading up to our wedding day. We didn’t want anything flashy for our dance and didn’t want it to seem rehearsed. The final product was exactly what we were looking for after 5... Read More lessons. Shanna was able to demonstrate and explain things so well. She was so fun and encouraging and overall a great teacher and wonderful person. We really enjoyed the lessons and enjoyed practicing what we had learned, much to our surprise. Thank you Shanna!

Reviewed on 10/18/2017 Kimm T

Ballroom Dance Chicago was exactly what we needed to be prepared for our first dance! I went into the whole experience with some anxiety, and my husband went in with dance experience, but also expecting perfection of himself. After a few lessons with Lydia, we felt much more... Read More at ease. While our dance itself wasn't "perfect" as far as technical elements go, it was perfect for us. It was a moment we enjoyed, and will remember forever, I know without our lessons it would have been a stressful moment. We just got our pictures back and our expressions reflect that. Nothing but smiles and laughter (and I'm looking into my husband's eyes instead of at my feet). As a point of comparison, I took a lesson with my dad to prepare for our dance as well (in another city, completely separately) and it wasn't nearly as comfortable or fun as dancing with Lydia.

Reviewed on 10/15/2017 Stephanie G

Thank you Lydia for helping us create a memorable wedding first dance! My husband actually had the idea of taking a few dance lessons so that we would both feel more comfortable and would have "moves" to show at our wedding. We actually enjoyed taking the lessons and it ended up... Read More being a nice date night and time for us to spend together during the craziness of wedding planning. Lydia was very kind and easy to work with and she put together a great dance for us! We enjoyed working with her and are so glad for the experience!

Reviewed on 10/11/2017 Alexis F

We would like to thank everyone at Ballroom Dance Chicago for the amazing experience that we had learning to dance for our up coming wedding. Special thanks to Matthew for running an incredible business and creating an environment where we felt welcomed every time we walked... Read More through the door. Most sincere thanks to the most awesome instructor, John. John was a pleasure to work with and his teaching style was perfect for us. His skills as an instructor are exemplary but he also created an atmosphere that was so much fun! We looked forward to our dance lesson every week. Because of John, we are very confident about our first dance as a married couple. We would strongly recommend Ballroom Dance Chicago to anyone looking to learn or enhance their skills in dancing. We couldn’t have wished for a better place to prepare us to dance on our wedding day.

Reviewed on 9/19/2017 Stephanie S

Although my groom-to-be was a pretty good dancer already, I hate dancing and was so nervous for our wedding. We started taking dance lessons a few months before our wedding, and every week for 10 weeks, Matthew greeted us with patience and a smile. Plus, he even gave us drinks... Read More to calm our nerves before class! He pushed us just the right amount, and we were able to do just enough to get our first dance down with the right timing to our first dance song. It ended up being such a fun thing for us to do as part of the planning process. Everyone was really impressed, and we felt so accomplished! Meeting times were really flexible so we could go consistently and at either location.

Reviewed on 9/17/2017 Karen A

My husband and I really enjoyed Ballroom Dance Chicago. They taught us at our skill level and made sure we were ready for the big day. The icing on the cake was the extra group class that comes with a private lesson and the wine and beer. But more than that, we were actually... Read More considering not doing a first dance before we signed up for the lesson. Being in the spotlight was a lot of pressure. BDC gave us the confidence and skills we needed to do the first dance successfully and to make it a meaningful, intimate part of an otherwise hectic day. We're even considering taking a few group classes because BDC is so much fun.

Reviewed on 7/24/2017 Valerie D

We worked with Lydia on our first dance for our wedding and could not be more impressed!! Lydia (and everyone at BDC) made dancing each week so much fun and the final product was absolutely perfect! I cannot recommend BDC enough!!

Reviewed on 1/16/2017 Eric P

Cathy is the absolute best. I am not what I would call naturally graceful, and she made our first dance at our wedding incredible! She helped us work through song choices, she completely choreographed our dance and had us looking like pros on the dance floor. Cathy got to know... Read More us individually and built us a routine that just worked. I'm significantly taller than my wife and I really feel like Cathy turned that fact into an asset with our dancing, taking advantage of the height differential rather then letting it be a limiting factor. The local beer and wine during practices was pretty cool too :p Thanks for everything Cathy and team!

Reviewed on 1/15/2017 Kristi A

A first dance was not even something that was being entertained as a possibility for the first 9 months of our engagement - I am FAR from being a natural on the dance floor, and had actually made it my personal mission to avoid the dance floor at every wedding/bar/club/gala/you... Read More name it I'd ever attended. That said, the thought of changing that, much less doing so with 100+ sets of eyes looking at us, actually made me sick to think about. My now wife had finally accepted that a first dance wasn't going to happen but I knew how much it meant to her so started looking around and ended up surprising her with a package of private lessons from Ball Room Dance Chicago. In retrospect, doing so was one of the best decisions I've ever made. We started out with a package of 5 lessons, but enjoyed them so much and found them to be so helpful that we ended up buying 5 more lessons after that. With all of the other expenses involved in a Chicago wedding, I was initially reluctant about cost - but it absolutely ended up being worth it in the end. We worked directly with Lydia who was truly AWESOME. I'm still not sure how she did it, but she (along with the entire BDC team) managed to make us feel totally comfortable from day 1. She was extremely patient, took the time to understand our personalities, and listened to what we wanted (and didn't want), even when we weren't exactly sure what that was. She's very knowledgeable, and had an exceptional ability to articulate things in a way that made sense to both my wife and me, despite the fact that we learn very differently. She also has a great sense of humor, which we really enjoyed and appreciated, especially in the heat of the wedding planning process. I could keep going, but will just sum it up by saying that Lydia and the BDC team are amazing..I'd even go as far as calling them miracle workers. We ended up with a beautiful first-dance, choreographed to Missy Higgin's 'The Way You Are Tonight", with multiple spins, and a dip at the end to boot! In the end, Lydia and the entire Ballroom Dance Chicago team took something that I literally dreaded going in, and turned it into our favorite part of the wedding prep process. They made the seemingly impossible, possible, and gave us memories that we will cherish forever. We are so grateful to have worked with and highly recommend Ballroom Dance Chicago! -Kristi & Jaclyn

Reviewed on 11/17/2016 Sarah C

My husband and I had 5 lessons with Lydia to prepare our first dance to "What is Life." Combined we have a grand total of...zero dance experience. Lydia worked with us when we forgot the moves every time, she was patient and encouraging and creative. On the big day our friends... Read More and family were so impressed and we had a blast showing off our moves. Thanks Lydia!

Reviewed on 10/30/2016 Margaret F

We're indebted to Lydia and the group at Ballroom Dance Chicago for both proficiency and good times at our wedding. Taking lessons was a great break from the more humdrum tasks leading up to the event, and Lydia made learning really fun! We were able to choreograph our first... Read More dance, learn some extra fun things for generally showing off at the wedding (and elsewhere), and get tips on how to make everything look more fluid and natural. It was a highly personalized experience, and well worth the cost -- we got a lot of comments about how "professional" we looked doing our first dance. (A favorite comment: "You actually knew what you were doing!" Most people don't know how to dance "real" steps nowadays, and it's fun to be "a cut above." ) We went to a wedding showcase and some group classes during the course of our wedding training -- both were fun and worthwhile. We'll be back for some group classes in future! Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 10/25/2016 Danielle D

Ballroom Dance Chicago was the best investment we made for our wedding. Not only were we able to stun our guests with our timeless foxtrot, but we found a fun, stress-relieving activity that we could enjoy together even in the midst of hectic wedding planning. My husband and I... Read More are lucky enough to work with Lydia (who is absolutely awesome), but have found the same kind and welcoming personality in all of the instructors. You cannot walk into BDC without one of the instructors rushing up to welcome you, ask how you day has been and offer you a snack or beverage. Our wedding was over 6 months ago, but we have continued dancing with Lydia each week as we work to master the Waltz and Salsa. I would recommend BDC to anyone getting married, but also anyone who is looking for a fun new activity to share with their partner or friends.


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When he was a kid, Matthew's mother told him that dance has a power to communicate, beyond that of spoken and written languages, and he believed her. With pots boiling on the stove and music streaming from the under-the-counter radio, she’d sweep him onto the kitchen floor and teach him about the playfulness of partner dancing and the joy of moving with another person. Since those formative years, Matthew has never stopped dancing and has formally studied ballroom, Latin and modern dance. Matthew is the founder of BDC and a Master Dance Instructor.