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Serving Brides since 1934

With over 75 years as an industry leader, Becker's has come to know exactly what you are looking for. Nationally renowned for our service and selection, Becker's is here to make your dreams a reality.

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155 S Main St, Fowler, MI

Every Bride is a "THE bride"

Reviewed on 11/01/2011 Christie L

I was married in a STUNNING Maggie Sottero gown. The lovely people working at Becker's really helped a lot. I felt that I was important even though there were at least 20 brides the first time I came in. I told the woman (I wish I could remember her name) my dream dress and she pulled many beautiful dresses for me to try on. I finally found the one and she was there to point out the beautiful aspects of the dress. I felt like I had a friend there with me. I went back for my fitting and had the same experience! I have already sent 3 or 4 of my friends to them after my experience. What was great was I went to a Bridal Show and they were there, even though I had already bought the dress they gave me the "deal of the day" and I was able to get headpiece for free!!! AMAZING PEOPLE! LOVE THEM! If you are looking for THE dress, becker has the people and the dresses to satisfy your every need


Reviewed on 10/09/2011 Lindsey G

I went to several other shops before Becker's. I had a very particular dress in mind and would arrive at each shop armed with the photo and ask if they had the dress or anything similar. No one did, but they would all keep me for ages, trying to get me to try on a variety of dresses that were nothing like what I'd asked for. Finally, a friend of mine recommended Becker's and I called them. Miraculously, they had the dress I wanted in stock! I drove 90 minutes to get there, put it on, and fell completely in love. Though I didn't need much other help from the staff, Sara was very professional and warm and I enjoyed working with her. Because it was a lace dress, she did custom length measurements for it, and when it came, it was perfect. We also used Becker's for my mom's dress and my bridesmaids', and all came in well ahead of when we needed them with no mix-ups or delays. Everyone we worked with in the shop or spoke to on the phone was polite, cheerful, and helpful, and we got a great value on all of the dresses (each dress -- mine, mom's, and the girls' was less at Becker's than anywhere else we'd found it).

Great Experience!

Reviewed on 8/30/2011 Ashley G

The staff here is wonderful, they have a great stock of dresses to try and they take a lot of time with you. I felt that it was really important to them that I found my dress the day I was there. I found my perfect dress here on my first shopping day and first store- for me that's amazing.


Reviewed on 3/23/2015 Kelsy R

Becker's is AMAZING!!! I had a not so great experience at Fantastic Finds and went to Becker's. I loved it! it is much more up beat and fun! they also allow you to try on more dresses and are super helpful in finding other ones that you may not have seen or pulled yourself. It is very clean and nice on the inside which is a plus! I ended up finding my dream dress here! and under budget!!! I highly recommend Becker's to everyone! it is really the best!


Reviewed on 2/25/2015 Jason N

I was having a hard time finding a dress in Grand Rapids. Beckers was the 4th bridal store I went to and they were awesome! It is such a cute boutique and they were very helpful. I would definitely recommend them.

Poor Service

Reviewed on 2/22/2015 Rachel D

Made an appointment here to try dresses on. When I got there they were not ready and I had to wait for 15-20 min. Then when I finally got someone to help me she spent about 10 min with me and then was off helping another bride. I know they were super busy but they were trying to help too many brides at once and made me feel really unimportant. I feel like when you go to try one dresses it should be special and fun, they made it very stressful and agitating. I will say they had a HUGE assortment of dresses for every size. Great selection if you can find someone to help you!

Great Staff

Reviewed on 2/13/2015

Krysta was my consultant, and she did a fabulous job of helping me find my dress. I originally went in there with a thought of what I wanted to wear, but I was blown away with the dress Krysta chose because it was so different but gorgeous. I am so happy with my experience at Becker's Bridal.

Becker's is the absolute best

Reviewed on 1/20/2015 Amy S

I loved my experience with Becker's Bridal. After stumbling across it on the Knott, I knew I had to drive up for a try. I went to a DB and another local Lansing shop first, but was not impressed. Becker's was wonderful though. They had excellent staff, have a huge selection of dresses, but were not pushy on sales and didn't take themselves too seriously. They let us roam the racks and pick as many dresses to try as I wanted, and I found my dress on the very first visit. Trying it on in the magic room was magically indeed! They also gave great discounts to my mom for her MOB dress, and helped me find sleeves to add for my dress since they were required by my venue. I have told all of my engaged friends that they need to go to Becker's to find their dress, even if it is a little drive from where ever they may be traveling.

Amazing selection

Reviewed on 1/20/2015

I had such a friendly consultant. She worked with me to figure out exactly what I was looking for. They have such a wide selection of dresses so it was a lot of fun trying on everything. My consultant ended up picking my wedding dress. I would definitely recommend Becker's Bridal to any bride.

Fantastic Bridal Salon!

Reviewed on 1/18/2015 Meagan H

I purchased my wedding gown at Becker's Bridal and it was a fantastic experience. Our consultant Carly was extremely helpful and patient. She did not show me dresses that were over my budget and made some great suggestions for dresses I should try on. The Magic Room was simply amazing! I would highly recommend Becker's Bridal!

Horrible service!!

Reviewed on 1/02/2015 Rachel S

I went to beckers as my first dress shopping experience. I was assigned the consultant Kay who treated me like a child, not someone who was going to make a purchase. She didn't ask me one thing about my wedding. She reminded me over and over how weird I would look in all the dresses because I was so short (which I am well aware of) but I was not feeling beautiful and definitely not having fun with my family. She was not keen on helping me in the dresses or clipping me in. I asked if I could try on a ball gown to see what I looked like and she told me "you look like the wicked witch of the west" now I'm sure she meant Glinda with her big dress but still. This did nothing for my confidence. When I said we don't have to go out there because it was too heavy she said "no lets go show them- they'll all get a good laugh at you". We went across the street to look at bridesmaid dresses where we were treated much better by a Becker herself. I wished she would have been my consultant. NOT the experience I was looking for!!!! We left and went to David's bridal and I was treated amazingly and have had wonderful help and service finding the perfect dress.

For Generations to Come

Reviewed on 12/29/2014 Emily G

Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I was going to get my dress at Becker's Bridal. My mother bought her second and third wedding dresses there and my sister got hers there as well. When I got there I was blown away by the staff and the selection. The gentlemen that I worked with was very accommodating, he brought me dresses that fit my description and also ones that I thought I wouldn't like. All of the staff is very knowledgeable and the prices are as reasonable as you are going to get at a store with great service like this one.


Reviewed on 12/03/2014 Rachell W

I had a great experience when I visited to purchase my dress on 6/28/14. I worked with Faith, who was beyond amazing! She listened to what it was I was looking for, made suggestions, respected my budget, assisted me in & out of every dress & engaged in some fun conversation. With her help I picked my dress & paid half of it that day. At this appointment, I asked her about accessories. She assured me that it would be best to wait until I came to pick up the dress so as not to overwhelm myself. My dress arrived on time but I was not able to go in to pick it up right away so I hesitantly paid infull over the phone & made an appointment for 4pm on 11/29/14. My MoH came with me to pick up my dress & we were so excited. We arrived on time, checked in & then the "fun" began. Lyndsey was the consultant for the appointment and was positively awful. She hung the dress in the fitting room and left me to un-bag/get into it on my own. When I asked for help she just stared at me and left my MoH to do it. Once out in my dress, she took no interest in me, my dress or my wedding, instead acting like we were done. I insisted on looking at jewelry. Lyndsay had no opinion on any it & offered no assistance to my MoH who was struggling to assist me in picking out jewelery because she was left with her hands full. Meanwhile, the lights were being shut off. I decided on a necklace, was left to get out of my dress with no help (thank god for my MoH) & bag my dress. At the register, they announced the necklace was broken, that I would have to order a new one to pick up or be shipped to me for another $10 & wouldn't discount the broken piece. When I asked her to write down the necklace info to buy it somewhere else, the male consultant at the desk rolled his eyes making a snarky comment about how we wouldn't find that necklace online (I did find it for less $$). We both left pissed off & had better customer service at Davids Bridal earlier that day! I'm so disappointed won't EVER recommend!


Reviewed on 12/01/2014 Susan D

A friend had found a dress here so we thought we'd try out the bridesmaid section for our wedding party. We were kind of on our own to pick dresses that were possibilities, but while left to choose, of course, we had no idea whether they came in the color we wanted until we tracked down a consultant who had to grab multiple charts. Very little help from the consultant, very little available in the way of enough dresses that weren't a size 8 to try on, and crappy dressing rooms that made my sister-in-law feel like she was out in the store changing. Really unfortunate we drove an hour for this.

Becker's Bridal

Reviewed on 11/19/2014 Jordin B

Such an amazing selection of dresses. Loved that they had the option of the "clearance room" as well as the bridal floor(s). Recent remodel. They even have a special Bridal room to go in after you have found "the dress" which was a great photo opportunity. This store is located in the middle of nowhere, but it was definitely worth the drive!

Fantastic place

Reviewed on 10/12/2014 Samantha B

Becker's is great. All sorts of dresses, all price ranges. I got a beautiful dress at a steal of a price since it was a sample. They really are willing to help you too, which is great. I'm so happy I went with Becker's!


Reviewed on 10/09/2014 Taylor H

I never imagined myself getting married and laughed at everyone when they said you will know when you find your perfect dress. Well Beckers made finding the perfect dress the most memorable thing ever. I had the best lady assisting me. She wasn't pushy at all and helped me narrow things down and was super patient with me. The staff is very friendly and helps your experience be memorable.

Great dresses and great prices.

Reviewed on 10/03/2014 Stephanie

Becker's Bridal is a great place to buy a wedding dress. They have tons of options at amazing prices! The staff is helpful and attentive (although, understandably, Saturdays are a bit hectic) and the magic room is a great touch. This is truly a landmark for a good reason!

Becker's Bridal-Great experience

Reviewed on 9/30/2014 Heather K

I purchased my dress well in advance from Beckers. Their customer service was impeccable! I worked with Mona and she made me feel like a princess! We tried on many dresses and she was honest and very helpful. I also got a GREAT deal with my dress. I purchased a dress off the floor and once I had it altered, it literally looked like it was made for my body! The only downfall to going here was they didn't have their own seamstress. I was very stressed about finding a seamstress to help me. I had a lot of problems with the seamstress I used, and I would have loved to give Beckers my service.

Absolutely Incredible

Reviewed on 9/27/2014 Kayla B

Becker's Bridal is incredible. They really took the time to help me out and get me a great deal on my wedding dress. They have wonderful promotional deals and a lot of great prices! Everyone was so friendly and encouraging. This was the first time I had ever been in any kind of dress shop and everyone was so understanding and willing to do whatever they could to help me get the perfect dress!! I recommend that you make Becker's your first and last stop for finding all your wedding dress needs!

LOVE!! Must go to!

Reviewed on 9/26/2014 Jennifer M

Becker's bridal is unique because it brings history to the present. It is such a cool space and the people are incredible. My mom and I had a blast shopping for dresses and Mona was amazing. I'm so thankful I went to Becker's!!! I found a dress and they even were able to allow me to take it home that day!

Dream Dress

Reviewed on 9/23/2014 Meaghan M

I didn't know what I wanted to begin with - they helped me pick out my dream dress!

Customized Dress

Reviewed on 9/11/2014 Abbey G

They were very helpful in finding the perfect dress! After trying on tons of dresses we finally got to the last one and I loved it, except the neckline just wasn't what I was looking for. I wanted a true sweetheart, not a modified sweetheart. They said, "no problem"! We sent in a customized order for the dress to change the neckline. It was exactly what I wanted! Everything worked out perfectly!

Love this place!

Reviewed on 9/04/2014 Amy A

Becker's was amazing. From the moment you walk in, you're greeted with kindness and the readiness to find exactly what you're dreaming of. The staff was friendly, understanding and honest, all while listening to what I wanted and what I needed. I would recommend Becker's to anyone looking for a bridal gown. I LOVE my dress!

Incredible Customer Service!

Reviewed on 9/03/2014 Alison A

Looking for a wedding dress was such a breeze at Becker's. I ended up choosing a dress that the sales woman picked out and I was so happy with it! They have an incredible selection and my dress came in so fast. I felt so beautiful and confident on my wedding day and I owe that to Becker's Bridal.


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