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Bijou Bridal & Special Occasion is a full-service bridal and evening wear salon, offering an exceptional collection of sophisticated designer gowns. Please visit us at our other locations as well: Ardmore, PA, Coral Gables, FL, Honolulu, HI, Orlando, FL, and Paramus, NJ.



Alterations, Bridesmaids, Flower Girls, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Shoes, Wedding Gowns


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358 Route 17 North, Paramus, NJ

Farzan- Best seamstress

Reviewed on 5/15/2014 Allison E

If you have an opportunity to work with Farzan, count your blessings. Her attention to detail, kind heart, and desire to make her work flawless for the day of took my dress experience from good to amazing. She was the best. I am so happy I had the opportunity to work with her.

My Wedding Dress was PERFECT

Reviewed on 4/11/2014 Kristen H

The ladies at Bijou bridal are amazing!!! They were so helpful in helping myself and also my bridesmaids find the perfect dresses. Thank you to Haneen to helping me with my dress and adding the fabulous belt!!! And also to Diana who works wonders with tailoring the dress to perfectly fit your body. Their showroom is incredible, yet not overwhelming. Buying my wedding dress was the most amazing experience and I would recommend this salon to anybody looking for a bridal gown or special occasion dress. Don't bother with the chain stores girls-they just don't compare!!! -Kristen

Bijou 2013

Reviewed on 12/04/2013 GraceAnn F

I absolutely loved everyone at Bijou! Alana was amazing in helping me find the perfect dress (it only took us 4 to find it!)! Dolores was my seamstress and did a wonderful job! Loved the whole experience!

Dream Wedding Dress!

Reviewed on 3/02/2015 Devynne S

I'll admit it, I am a very indecisive bride! One minute I'm in love with something and the next minute I hate it! I always thought I would want a certain type of dress. I tried several of this style on and wasn't getting the feeling that it was my dress. The staff at Bijou were very accommodating and didn't rush or pressure me. They let me try on several different styles and gave me suggestions based on my price range. They had a pretty decent selection and the overall store was beautiful. Once I found a dress I loved, they were very helpful with the payment. They broke the cost down into manageable installments and even gave me a discount. It took about 6 months for my gown to come in.

Just Don't Do It

Reviewed on 2/28/2015 Nicole R

If 0 stars was an option-I would have it. I bought my dress, signed the contract and went home. Woke up the next AM realizing it was NOT the dress for me. TOO BAD- I signed the contract. Despite NO order being placed by the store, my fax and call to another store as mine was closed was met with limited options. I signed-so I couldn't just walk away. Would have been fine if I wasn't passed along to their customer service person who is actually public relations. WHY they pass Customer Service off to Public Relations makes you wonder. She has pretty much made this experience terrible. At this point I just want to walk away because there is no way I can have a positive bridal or bridesmaid experience with these people. But, I can't. What a HORRIBLE mistake I made in choosing to do anything with them. Sometimes Customers should come before contracts, especially when an order has NOT even been placed yet. Maybe you should work on the Customer Service and not just PR since you don't seem to have a grasp on either. Sure I haven't been very polite at this point-but it's hard when they have destroyed my ability to have that dress moment every bride dreams of. DRESS DREAMS TURN NIGHTMARE! Honestly the knots they have put in my stomach have caused me to be physically ill! Guess I will never get that 'I love it' bridal moment. No deposit back means putting it towards either a dress for me when I don't like anything they have or my bridesmaids. After the way corporate has treated me, I hate the idea of them getting to do ANYTHING involved in my wedding!


Reviewed on 12/29/2014 Jaci H

Thank you to the ladies at the store for helping me achieve my princess look! Hazeen and Diana are the people to see when you want the perfect dress and the perfect fit.

Dresses are great, Staff not so great

Reviewed on 12/29/2014 Sara Ellen M

I am from NJ but, live out of state so I went back home for my dress in May. Bijou has a great selection of dresses, and very helpful staff when selecting and trying on dresses. My dress arrived in November when they said it would and I made an appointment for this December to try it on and make arrangements for it to be shipped out. The day of the fitting I called Bijou to let them know I would be running late for my Dress Fitting/Pick up and if we could push it back 30 minutes because I was running behind from a previous appointment I had and the traffic during the holidays would have been an issue. The staff at the front desk were not accommodating at all, they said that there would be no rooms available if I showed up late and the only other time I could go would be later in the day. I stressed the fact that it was only a dress fitting/pick up and they didn't seem to care, mind you they already received the deposit for the dress. I rushed my other appointment, arrived on time to Bijou. My mom paid the remaining balance of the dress, in which the front desk staff said "oh we didn't realize she already bought the dress and was just here to try it on". Not only was I there on time but, I had to wait 10 minutes before actually getting in a room and there was only one other person trying on dresses NO ONE ELSE. I tried on my dress, and made the arrangements for the shipment and was told I would receive an email with the tracking number. I never received an email or call regarding the shipment so I had to call to make sure it was sent and get the tracking information. The lack of communication or organization at the front desk is awful and very disappointing. It should be noted whether or not you are there to first try on a dress or if you are picking one up as well as getting emails out promptly regarding your dress shipping. Selection of dresses and attendants are great but, I don't care for the front desk staff, absent minded and if you want people to be there on time don't make them wait because it's rude.

Disappointing Service

Reviewed on 12/28/2014 Nora C

Bijou is a very stuck up stuffy place. The customer service was not great at all. They constantly ran late for their appointments, their policy on not being able to take pictures is really awful and unaccommodating. The bridal consultants are not like the ones you see on TV. They don't ask you what type of dresses you're looking for and they don't help you select any of them. They tell you to select 8 at a time and that's all you have time for in your appointment. One time I went with my friend who also purchased her wedding dress there for a fitting. We went on a Monday evening and arrived 30 minutes earlier. We asked if we could just look around and even though there was no one in the store they told us we needed a bridal consultant to walk around the store even though we had both purchased our wedding dresses there. Disappointing. I loved my dress but I think they definitely overprice their dresses, alterations,and accessories.

Wonderful Experience from beginning to end

Reviewed on 12/18/2014 Molly M

From the first time I went to Bijou to try on dresses, the experience was just what I was looking for. They allowed me to look through all the dresses and try on as many as I wanted. I also got all of my jewelry and veil from Bijou. When I went to pick out my jewelry, Pat let me put on the sample gown of mine (mine hadn't come in yet), so I could see exactly how it would look. Everyone was so helpful all the way until my final fitting. Kasia was a wonderful seamstress. I went back several times to have her tweak a few things and it was no problem. I would definitely recommend Bijou to a friend!

Say Yes to the Dress HERE!!!!

Reviewed on 9/24/2014 Donna P

I cant say enough good things about this place. Huge selection, prices are by far the lowest I could find, high quality, staff is not commission based so no pressure and they are kind and caring! Fitting came out perfect. Waiting for my dress to come back from being preserved. My mom and godmother also found their dresses here. They are very picky and loved their dresses and experience here. All my bridesmaids got dresses here and since we are in so many weddings this year they commented how low prices were for the designer we had. Dont bother going anyplace else!!

Bridal Gown for August 2nd

Reviewed on 9/12/2014 Caroline P

I had an excellent experience with Bijou Bridal after several visits to Bridal salons that did not provide great service. They have a beautiful selection of gowns in all price ranges. My seamstress was fantastic and their price for alterations is extremely competitive for the area. Only concern was that my dress came in very late but they had late night appointments to accommodate my fittings, that all were within 2-3 weeks. Highly recommended!

C&L - best selections!

Reviewed on 7/17/2014 Chadia B

I went to various places when choosing a dress for the Big Day!! Bijou bridal was it hands down! They were not pushy. Aside from their picks, they let you choose the gowns you want to try on. I tried on so many dresses here. I finally narrowed it down to one. Karen, my bridal attendant, was super helpful and understanding. The staff very professional and the ambience is calm and personal. Farzan was my seamstress I loved her, we had a nice connection. She made my dress fit me like a glove! It was by far the best bridal experience ever!


Reviewed on 7/17/2014 Nathalie A

I went to bijou in July 2013, and met with Karen, she was sweet! I tried on a few dresses.I fell in love with 2 and figured I would come back with a fresh mind after going to other places.I went back a week later and again Karen was a pleasure. I chose the one! I then decided to order my bridesmaids dresses from there and went with my girls in Sept. I was attempting an ombre theme and they were not helpful with the color pallets, it was left to my girls and I staring at multiple fabrics and designers without input from the staff. We picked out dresses regardless. I will also note that we chose Jim Hjelm dresses,in 2 fabrics:5 dresses in chiffon and 1 in taffeta, and there were 3 different styles and shades.My girls told me months later that a few of the samples they tried on were ripped, smelt and were in overall poor shape, in their personal opinion.Not something you'd expect from a store with so much traffic. During my girls appt I attempted to look at the hair pieces and veils and was told I needed to make a separate appt to do so. In my personal opinion, the store also has a horrible odor, almost like a urine smell throughout during the times i had been there. Fast forward to my girls picking up their dresses.One of the girls dresses was a much diff shade, just one and they said this was secondary to the the dye lots, which was in contract, however, the other dresses in that shade were all the same.The bigger issue was that I was promised by one of the bridal consultants that she would send the multiple iphone photos she took to the manufacturer and get back to me early in the week as it was a Saturday.Of course never did.Then comes my first fitting! I brought my GF with me. She sat by the mirrors when Farzan,the seamstress directed her to come into the fitting room with me. I was hoping to come out and show her not have her be in there as I stripped down. Farzan then began ordering her to hold areas and pin this and that.It was quite rude. When I put the dress on I was in tears.In my opinion, the dress looked completely different. You can see the difference by comparing photos of myself in the sample dress and the one that I was fitting. I felt as though It was not the same dress I had ordered in July, as it looked awful and different on me. I was devastated. Here I am less than 2 months from my wedding and I hate my dress. I asked Farzan if she could make changes and she shot down every idea with a poor excuse. I then asked to see their belts, hairpieces and veils. I was brought one veil and one belt. And again told they were closing soon and would need to make another appt to see accessories.I left the dress and I called the following day and asked them to not begin any alterations and I scheduled an appt with Cathy. She apologized for her staff, and stated she was planning on having a meeting to discuss all of these unacceptable issues, which seemed sincere. She showed me ways she could alter the dress, but I hated it. She did assure me that it was the same dress. Long story short I ended up buying a new dress from Park Ave in Verona 7 wks before my wedding and I'm so glad I did.I would save myself the time,headache and frustration and look elsewhere.I never write negative reviews but I couldn't let this one go.The staff minus Karen and Cathy are to concerned with their appearance than their desire to sell and assist customers.They are not knowledgable about their designers nor are they good at styling.Horrifying and horrible.

Ups and Downs

Reviewed on 6/03/2014 Krysta I

While the initial appointment was everything I desired and expected when looking for my dress, the follow-up service during my fittings is why I couldn't score the salon hire. The dress selection is amazing and there were tons of choices based on my desired look and price-point. My seamstress was amazing and so sweet! The salon even ordered me a dress in smaller size after the initial one came in too large. However, the staff at the front desk were uninterested and rude, and my dress was not finished when I arrived for my final fitting. As someone who works a full time job, it was very hard to get an appointment that worked with my schedule. In the end I have mixed feelings, but was very happy with my dress the day of.

Gowns for All Budgets, All Tastes

Reviewed on 5/29/2014 Diana

Bijou Bridal wound up being a total surprise for me, since I expected it to be a lot of poufy, princess-style gowns – which I was not looking for. It turned out that they really have something for everyone here – from the big princess dress to the 40s Hollywood starlet gown. The staff is warm and helpful and not pushy at all. My only real complaint is that I needed to take time off from work to do my fittings – they only do them on weekdays. I understand that lots of women are shopping on Saturday (Paramus has Blue Laws, so retail is closed on Sundays) but that was a real pain for both me and my mother, who needed to take time off to go with me every time. However, the selection makes up for it, and I’m happy I got my dress here. I’m considering on taking them up on their offer to have my gown shortened so I can actually wear it again!

Completely Unprofessional Service

Reviewed on 5/29/2014 Jessica T

My appointment was at 4pm however we were left sitting in the waiting room for about 15 minutes til my consultant came over, of course she was sitting at the desk the entire time talking to the other girls. Which I didn't let bother me at first because after all I was shopping for my wedding dress! Next they take us up the stair case to the bridal dress. The girl tells my entire group "Ok this is all our dresses look through the racks and decided what you want to try on, I'll be back" and leaves. I knew, for my group personally, this was bad news. As soon as she walked away everyone in my party started pulling gowns and putting them on my rack. Then when I told her "I know you have a specific designer, do you have this dress?" she told me "Oh I don't know our dresses by name"...and didn't even go check their computer or anything. After this she takes the rack of all the dress, most of which I didn't even know my group put on, upstairs. Where there are about 4 dressing rooms. Your group then sits on a bench along a balcony and there is one runaway where all the girls trying on dresses come out and stand together as though we are in some awkward runway show. So my family and friends were on the opposite end of the "stage" as me half the time because all the girls were basically squeezed up on this platform. It became a mess of girls and families talking over one another. I happened to try on a dress I thought was ok and asked my consultant if she had anything like it downstairs and she said we'd have to go back down and look through the racks. How could the people working there not know what is in stock??? Finally, while I was there another one of the brides who was trying on dresses the same time as me, who even I can admit was a handful (she didn't want to share the "stage" with anyone). But with this being said I found it ridiculous that all the consultants were making fun of her. I heard them every time my consultant went back out to rack to get me another dress. If I heard them don't think the other girl did? I understand people are frustrating especially picky people looking for a wedding dress, but come on girls save it for when she leaves! Overall I was so disappointed! The staff was immature and unknowledgeable and the space is very unperson-able. It more like a group appointment than a personally one.

Amazing Experience

Reviewed on 5/11/2014 Kimberly D

I found the perfect dress for my wedding through a Maggie Sottero trunk show at Bijou. It was the perfect unique dress for a beach wedding. Walking into the Bijou shop it was just what I wanted from a dress experience. The only reason I didn't give this five stars is because I feel like there was some issues in flexibility for scheduling my fittings and at times I felt that once they had my sale the service wasn't as good as it was in the beginning. Overall it was a very good experience and they have a great selection of dresses in different prices.


Reviewed on 11/22/2013 Christine S

Overall the experience was good. I felt like everyone in there was very rushed and a little stuck up - I went to other places that were more customer friendly but they had the best selection of dresses. I had to go back 5 times for my alterations because they just couldn't get it right - but day of everything was perfect so in the end they came through!

Loved my dress

Reviewed on 11/04/2013 Natalie G

I got my wedding dress and veil, my moms dress, and my grandmothers dress all from Bijou. PROS: -They have a great selection of dresses at fair prices (though I wouldn't call it all inclusive in terms of the "high fashion" name brands). -All the ladies that work at Bijou are nice and friendly. You always feed welcome there. -The store is clean and organized and you know your dress is in safe hands. -When you pick your dress they are excited for you and help you choose your color (shade of white if applicable) and give you great guidance going forward. They suggested I order my dress to length to begin with since there was bead work on the bottom (would have never thought of that myself). They also deducted some of that amount from my alterations cost which was great. -The women who do alterations are so friendly know their trade VERY well. They think of everything you will need on wedding day and ask the right questions. They made the easiest french bustle I've seen and made a way for my train to be easy to carry around. CONS: -They offer Saturday appointments only to buy your dress. They fail to tell you upfront once you plunk your deposit down they will not take any other appointments on Saturdays and their latest weekday appointment is at 7pm and those fill up quickly. I work a finance job in NYC. I have an hour commute and typically leave work at 6:30-7pm on a good day. The fact that I couldn't get accommodated on a Saturday is ridiculous. I had to ask leave work early for every appointment. -Alterations are not cheap. My alterations and dress slip was about half the cost of my dress.

Made Me Feel Like a Princess

Reviewed on 11/04/2013 Jennifer

I originally traveled from Stamford, CT to Paramus, NJ to visit Bijou Bridal because they were 1) close to my mother and 2) carried a designer whose dress I wanted to try on. Not only did I find my dress here, but I fell in love with it over and over again. The consultants helped envision my dress with a different neckline and showed me what a difference some accessories could make. My seamstress was also a doll. She truly took pride in making my dress fit perfectly. In addition to my dress, we also purchased our bridesmaid's dresses at Bijou Bridal and they made the process very easy for my out-of-state bridesmaids.


Reviewed on 10/06/2013 gloria s

I could not have asked for better service when purchasing my dress and when getting my dressed altered!

Gorgeous Dress and Great Service!

Reviewed on 10/04/2013 Christina M

I came to Bijou 4 months before my wedding looking for a dress to correct the mistake I made with my first dress. My consultant was so amazing! She really understood what I wanted in my perfect dress and what would look best on my body type. Together we found the perfect dress and luckily it was available from the designer! After the dress came in my seamstress was incredible! She did such a great job tailoring the dress to fit me perfectly! I would highly recommend using Bijou Bridal!!

Great selection, mediocre staff

Reviewed on 9/26/2013 Lauren H

Bijou has a wonderful dress selection. I found plenty of dresses I liked, some I loved, most of which I found to be reasonably priced. The staff is a little stuck up and sometimes seemed like they were doing me a favor by letting me buy a dress there. They only do fittings during the week which proved complicated for me as I work late in the city. The hem felt a little too long and the day of my wedding, one bustle button was breaking. I honestly do not know if I would have used Bijou if I had not found "the one" at their store.


Reviewed on 8/25/2013 Megan C

I probably received the most compliments from my wedding about my dress and the venue. The employees at Bijou were very professional, accommodating, and ensured my dress fit perfectly for my wedding.


Reviewed on 8/25/2013 Kimberly C

Not only did I find my perfect dream dress, they were extremely helpful. The women who does alterations for the gowns is beyond amazing and helpful! I highly recommend them!


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