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We think finding THE DRESS should be an inviting experience. We want you to kick off your heels (or your snow shoes) and stay awhile. We've done our job if you have made some new friends and found your perfect dress. Congrats on finding the man of your dreams, now let us help you find the dress!!!


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500 16th Street, Denver, CO

Amazing, stress-free experience!

Reviewed on 5/12/2014 Jenny E

After trying on dresses in multiple states without any luck, I decided to make an appointment at Blue Bridal Boutique while in Denver for a business trip. I didn't have an entourage, and was expecting to feel intimidated and overwhelmed when entering the store.. I was the only bride in the store and my consultant Julia greeted me with a huge smile. She immediately made me feel comfortable and sat me down to learn more about what I was looking for. The first dress she pulled for me gave me that fuzzy feeling even while still on the rack!! I was allowed to walk around and mark the dresses I was interested in trying on with clothes pins (incredibly cute idea) and then went into the dressing room. I was carrying a bit of holiday weight at the time and had felt so uncomfortable with strangers in the dressing room with me in all the other bridal stores I had gone to, but Julia let me put the dress on myself and then just came in to help me with the zipper. That first moment I put the first dress on, I knew.. I half heartedly tried on a few more gowns, but I already knew.. I had found my dress!!! Since I live in New York, but am originally in Sweden and am getting married in Michigan where my fiance's family lives(!!!), I needed to send pictures to loved ones to make sure it was the right one. Julia was so patient with me and took as many pictures of me as I wanted. I left the store knowing that I'd found the dress and went to pick up a mini bottle of champagne on my way back to the hotel to celebrate! A few days later I called to place the order over the phone when I was back in New York. I had called a few NYC stores to see if they could get me the dress, but my gut feeling told me to order from Blue Bridal. They answered all my crazy questions and gave me written confirmations of my order.. I checked in a couple of times and they always got back to me within 24 hours or less! Well, today my dress arrived and I couldn't be happier! I need to have some alterations, but that could have something to do with the fact that I've lost 14 pounds so far... There was a small stain on the sash that came with the dress, but I don't think I'm using it and if I were I'm sure I could get it out. Everything else was flawless! The funniest part about all of this is that I had a dream that I found my dress in Denver right after I got engaged.. Which made no sense to me since I didn't have any connections to Denver.. Well, it was all written in the stars! I warmly recommend this store! I'm telling all my engaged NYC friends to fly to Denver to have the same experience! Thank you SO much to Julia and the rest of the staff in the store, I'm so grateful for everything you've done for me!! Can't wait to share my wedding pictures after my big day.


Reviewed on 2/08/2014 Meghan H

My hunt for a wedding dress began as a comedy of errors (which I, of course, did not find very funny). After heading through no less than 10 bridal shops, many of which were AWFUL, I was ready to give up. On our way home from Denver, my mom suggested that we stop at Blue Bridal in Castle Rock on our way back home. Even though we didn't have an appointment, Sarah let me go in an look at the dresses. Then, when her appointment called to say they would be late, Sarah pulled several dresses for me to try on. She was so helpful and friendly. The shop is beautiful and so calming (which was much more important than I would have realized). I ended up purchasing a beautiful Pronovias gown that I just fell in love with. Then I learned that, because the Castle Rock Blue Bridal was new, they were doing a bonus. Because I purchased my dress there, I got a beautiful Sarah Gabriel veil absolutely free! It was like my own personal fairy godmother haha. I also bought a beautiful flower hairpiece to wear during the reception The process was wonderful, the shop is beautiful, and the dresses are AMAZING! I highly recommend this store!!

Awesome Boutique! Must go!!

Reviewed on 8/26/2013 Rachael D

I loved my experience here! They were so kind and very knowledgeable! I was able to say, "yes to the dress" at their boutique! Great and fun location too! Very reasonably priced!

Absolutely Wonderful!

Reviewed on 2/07/2015 Taylor Jane C

I seriously cannot say enough wonderful things about Blue. I am from Omaha, but my fiance is from Denver. I wanted to go dress shopping and be able to include my future mother-in-law. I had set up a couple of appointments at shops throughout Denver, and Blue was my very first one! It is the cutest boutique ever and filled with the nicest people. Julia Scott is the store manager and was my Bridalista for the day. She was so helpful and so supportive, and I know this day would not have been as special without her help. She was just a blast to work with. I was expecting Blue to have boutique prices, but all of the dresses are quite affordable! I was pleasantly surprised by this fact. Beyond the already low prices, Blue had a sample sale going on when I was there, and I was able to purchase my dress for less than half of the original price. They also offered to have my dress cleaned for me, and they are storing the dress for me for free since I will be in Omaha. I had a truly tremendous experience at Blue, and I will recommend it to everyone. Needless to say, I cancelled the rest of my appointments for the weekend after finding my dress! At Blue, I purchased my dress and bolero. I will also be purchasing a cleaning, alterations, and possibly a veil through Blue in the future.

Wonderful boutique!

Reviewed on 12/31/2014 Heidi g

This was the second shop I visited- they made me feel welcome and gave me full attention during my appointment. The attendant was friendly and helpful, and made me fee beautiful when I found "the dress". They were open to price discussions, and had great correspondence throughout the process. I absolutely loved their selection and service!

Best Experience!!

Reviewed on 12/30/2014 Esther L

I went to many stores at home in Lincoln, NE and never had a very good experience with the selection or the consultants. Then I went to Blue! They have the most friendly, easy to talk to, staff! I had such an amazing time trying on dresses with just my group and not a bunch of other ladies fighting for attention. And my process of dealing with them after the order has been amazing. They are simply the BEST!!!

Great if they could follow through

Reviewed on 10/09/2014 Lydia E

On my first visit, I wasn't allowed to even look at anything and was told to make an appointment. At my appointment, the sales associate was great - made me feel comfortable and was very helpful. There wasn't too much selection, but I did fall in love with one gown. I was told that the dress I fell in love with would be on one of their sales two weeks later. I stood outside in the cold for an hour and a half the day of the sale so that I could get my dress. When I was finally let in, it wasn't on the sale at all! They wouldn't even retrieve the dress from the stock room so I could try it on again. Of all the bridal salons I went to I was least pleased with Blue Bridal Boutique.


Reviewed on 10/07/2014 Autumn n

My experience at Blue Bridal in Denver was amazing!! Roxy was so accommodating even though my party was late! She was warm and kind and made me feel right at home. I found my dress and got to take it home the same day because they had my size in back stock! I would highly recommend this boutique especially if you are looking for great service and a private experience for you and your party. Thank you Roxy and the blue bridal team!

Last Minute Bride

Reviewed on 10/01/2014 Chelsey B

Julia was absolutely amazing! She is sweet, personable, and extremely helpful. I called to make an appointment and to inquire if they had any sample dresses or off the rack dresses, as I needed a dress in 5 weeks time. She called telling me they had several options for me and looked forward to my appointment! Not only did I find my dress, but beautiful earrings as well! I later decided to order a veil and sash which she ordered the week before my event and she made she it was in on time and steamed and ready for the big day! Julia makes you feel so welcome and really was a big part of my overall wedding experience! I'm grateful for all her help and a wonderful experience. I highly recommend checking out Blue Bridal for your wedding gown!

Great Experience!

Reviewed on 9/16/2014 Katie F

I went to Blue Bridal as my first stop wedding dress hunting. We had an appointment in advance and I had a small entourage with me (Mom, MIL, 3 bridesmaids and an adorable baby). They got an idea of what I was looking for and allowed my friends and family to pull dresses as well. It was a really fun experience and I found my dress! While they don't do alterations in house, they recommended Donna Beth, who was awesome, and delivered the dress over to her shop for me so I didn't have to make multiple stops!

Wonderful Experience/Highly Recommend

Reviewed on 9/08/2014 Jennifer K

I visited Blue Bridal Boutique for the first time with my Mom, sisters and a bridesmaid. It was such a wonderful experience compared to other wedding shops I had visited. Even before you walk in the door, they make you feel special. They had my name written on a chalkboard outside the door welcoming me and my guests. We took lots of pictures here :). Blue also has a great selection of unique wedding dress for a wide-range of price points. I decided to buy my dress during my second visit. The staff could not have been sweeter or easier to work with throughout the entire process. Especially Julie, she was fantastic. I loved my dress from the moment I put it on, but we already had other appointments set up that day so I didn't pick it right away. Julie was understanding, did not pressure me, and even offered to extend the discount they were offering during the trunk show. I highly recommend buying your dress from Blue, they have made me feel special and important throughout the whole process. I am so glad I decided to buy my wedding dress here! You will be glad you did too! -Jennifer

Great Experience

Reviewed on 9/05/2014 Lindsay

I went to Blue Bridal not knowing what I wanted in my wedding dress. Julia was my consultant and she did AMAZING. She helped suggest dresses she thought I might like based off of what I had tried on. In the end she asked me to try on one final dress that I hadn't picked. With an open mind I tried it on and absolutely loved it, it ended up being the dress that I picked. She listened to what I was saying and helped finding something that I looked great in. She was so caring and helpful. Blue Bridal is definitely a wedding dress boutique that I would suggest to any bride that is trying to find a dress. They are very personable and care about their customers. I am so happy that I tried this place first and it ended up being the place I found my wedding dress. So happy with the experience, Julia and the store itself. Has great option of dresses for all price ranges! Go to Blue Bridal!! :)

Bridal Dress

Reviewed on 8/31/2014 Jade H

Before my mom and I walked into the store, there was a chalkboard welcoming every bride who had an appointment. It was a very nice and thoughtful touch! Roxy was my bridal consultant and she took me around the store and educated me on all the wedding dresses. When I first walked in, there didn't seem to be a lot of dresses, but as we walked around,there was a really good selection. I really liked how they let you get dressed in privacy, then came in to help you pin it all up. I really enjoyed finding THE dress at Blue Bridal! Everyone was super nice and helped me find the perfect dress. I highly recommend going here to try on dresses!!

Great Dress for Good Price

Reviewed on 7/30/2014 Erin H

I loved the dress I got on sample sale but I felt very rushed to buy by the salesperson - she made it seem like there was one day only to get a dress.

Love Blue Bridal!

Reviewed on 7/26/2014 Laura B

Great to work with! Their seamstress is amazing and picks everything up to take to her shop. They made the process so easy!

Great Boutique!

Reviewed on 6/16/2014 Carissa K

I went to Blue Bridal for my first time ever looking at gowns and had a great time! They had a sample sale going on (there wasn't much to pick from when I got there around 3 in the afternoon), but had very personal service, as I was the only one there and a walk-in! I didn't feel pressured at all to buy a gown! It was a little too pricey for my budget but they had some very pretty dresses!

Love My Dress

Reviewed on 10/01/2013 Erin L

I absolutely LOVED my dress it was perfect. I am so lucky that I found a good seamstress however, because Blue Bridal made me order a dress that was WAY WAY to big...because "my hips are so wide"? I had some problems with my shash not being what I ordered and the incorrect color. At the end of it I didn't even end up using it because it didn't match so I wasted $200.

Great Prices and Service

Reviewed on 9/12/2013 Brit C

I went to a ton of places that had many more dresses than Blue did. But Blue had the best for what I was looking for. Plus fewer dresses made it much less overwhelming. They were extremely prompt with calling me when my dress got it and providing accurate estimates on timing. Plus very nice staff! A few negatives: They don't provide bottled water or anything to guests and there isn't much sitting room if people are joining you. So keep the group to 1-2 and be warned that it's always hot in their shop! They also don't alter but they work with Donna Savoy who is AMAZING.

Great Shop

Reviewed on 9/09/2013 Maureen M

I really enjoyed my experience with Blue Bridal. They had a great selection and trying on dresses there was much less stressful than some of the other shops I visited. The salesperson was very helpful and we were able to order exactly what I wanted and stay in my budget.

Loved my dress & the experience

Reviewed on 8/05/2013 Caroline M

I loved my experience with Blue Bridal. They were so accomidating and helpful. It took me a really long time to find my dress and I came into Blue several times and at both locations. I finally found my dress and was so relieved. I was moving out of state right after I found it, so the owner, Sarah was extremely accomidating with helping me show the dress to my parents during a trip home for Christmas. She brought the dress up from the Castle Rock location to Denver so I could try it on with them the 1 day I would be in town. She also brought up several veils that I liked so my dad could carry his tradition of picking out his daughters veils for their wedding. It was a really kind gesture that she did not have to do, but it was so very much appreciated by me & my family that she helped us have that moment. Every visit I made to Blue was met with kind & helpful sales women and gorgeous dresses. I honestly could have worn any of the dresses I tried on there, but I am so happy with the one that turned out to be mine.

Found my dress here

Reviewed on 7/28/2013 Ellen J

While the experience wasn't very great--I did find my dress here, and it was beautiful. I was booked for an appointment, and the girl who was working seemed very disinterested in helping me find my dress. I visited other salons, which made shopping for my wedding dress feel more "special" and the sales people were much more helpful. However, I did end up finding my beautiful dress here, and that is why I gave it four stars.

Beautiful wedding dress sample

Reviewed on 7/27/2013 Amelia F

Had a great experience shopping! And got a great dress at their sample sale

The BEST Colorado Bridal Shop

Reviewed on 7/22/2013 Laura Y

I visited multiple bridal stores in the Denver area and Blue Bridal blew them all away! I went to their locations in both Castle Rock and Denver (I ultimately found my gown at their Den shop) and I can't say enough wonderful things about them. Unlike other experiences I had, both consultants we worked with were so friendly! They made the wedding dress searching process FUN! I never felt rushed or pressured, and they let me try as many dresses as it took until we found the one. I wish more of my engaged friends lived in Colorado so that they could have the same wonderful experience I did at Blue Bridal. They also carry a great line of accessories from Sara Gabriel that are SO cute! I changed out my long veil for the perfect flower hairpiece to dance at the reception. Blue Bridal is hands down the BEST Colorado bridal shop!!!

My Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 7/19/2013 Kandice N

Blue Bridal was the first place we went to look for a wedding dress. They were having a sample sale. We found my dress right away and it was a great deal for what it was originaly worth. It was exactly what I was looking for and such a great deal. We didn't get a whole lot of help that day, but it was a sample sale so that is to be expected. It is a very cute little boutique and so glad I found my dress there.


Reviewed on 7/11/2013 Breann B

Blue Bridal Boutique was the second dress shop I had been to in search of a dress and I was very impressed with their selection and customer service. Courtney and Elise were a few of the associates who helped me and they were friendly, professional and really made the experience special for me. Blue's dress selection was really helpful for me because it was not too large but also had variety. I also purchased my veil and accessories there. The only thing I would mention is to shop around before using their recommended contact for alterations, Donna Savoy. Donna did an amazing job altering my dress, but is VERY expensive. My alterations cost 50% of what actual dress cost... Also, keep an eye out for their trunk shows! Overall, I would HIGHLY recommend Blue Bridal.


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