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Blue Bridal Boutique Located on South Congress Ave

Blue Bridal Boutique of Austin is located on South Congress Ave in Austin, TX. Dresses range from $800 to $4000. We believe that everyone deserves the boutique experience!

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1007 S Congress Ave, Austin, TX

Hands Down the Best Experience!

Reviewed on 5/20/2014 Ablaza L

There are so many great things about this Bridal Boutique. Everyone has this vision in their head of how the experience will be when trying on wedding gowns. If you watch Say Yes to the Dress, you see that you walk into a room, tell someone your dream dress, they pull the dress and then you walk out and make an entrance to your loved ones. Well i went to a couple of other shops and it was a hot mess! But at Blue Bridal, it was such a great experience. The shop itself is so beautiful and organized. The dress selection is amazing. You get your own little room to try on, with an assistant, and you get to come out and stand in front of a beautiful mirror on a pedestal. They were all so sweet and when i found the one, they put a veil on and gave us champagne! It was the best experience and we were all in tears! Everyone deserves to have that experience!

Amazing shop and service - thanks, Jaime!

Reviewed on 4/24/2014 Grace L

My time at Blue Bridal was phenomenal and I cannot say enough good things about my experience with Jaime. I had a lot of anxiety about trying on dresses and being fussed over, and had put it off for a while. The stress and intimidation of finding “the most important dress of your life OMG!” had left me very apprehensive about the whole process. But Jaime alleviated all that trepidation with her patience, positive attitude, and great suggestions. They have a great selection at the boutique, and Jaime was very attuned to exactly what I wanted, pulling gowns that fitted my taste perfectly, and occasionally slipping a belt or a veil on to complete the look (it’s amazing what those little touches can do!). She helped me find the perfect dress and was a pleasure to work with. I wish she could be with me for every shopping trip - bridal or not :)

Best Bridal Store Ever

Reviewed on 4/12/2014 Stephanie B

I've been to a handful of bridal stores, big box and small, and Blue Bridal Boutique has by far been the best. We received such personal, caring and authentic service. The big box stores overwhelm you and don't care about your actual look, and some other boutiques aren't conscious of your budget. Blue Bridal took care of me and my mother, got to know me, respected my budget, and found me THE perfect dress. Our associate Jaime Weak was so sweet and relaxing throughout the entire process. I recommend all brides to start looking for their dress here. My only regret is I can't use them for more than my dress! They are so so great. ***EDIT*** I'm editing my review after visiting Blue Bridal again to get a veil, to sing their praises again! I had an AWFUL experience with a tailor in NYC who almost ruined my dress, and Jaime was so sweet in helping me stay calm and figure out next steps. I also bought the wrong veil, being pressured by the same people who sent me to the bad tailor. Jaime found me the perfect veil for half the price and double the quality. She made sure I walked out with it since my wedding is quickly approaching. Jaime and the Blue Bridal team have done more for me in 20 minutes than any of my vendors in NYC have done in three months. They have been my favorite part of wedding planning and I highly recommend you visit them!


Reviewed on 3/21/2015 Lacey S

Blue Bridal was the first and last place I went while shopping for my wedding gown. The dresses are absolutely gorgeous, and the service at Blue Bridal is amazing! The owner, Ruthie, is a sweet soul. She is such a special person, and she makes you feel beautiful! I am absolutely in LOVE with my dress and with Blue Bridal! I would recommend it to everyone! You'll save yourself a lot of time! :)

LOVEEE blue bridal!!

Reviewed on 3/10/2015 Lexanne K

I could not have asked for a better gown shopping experience at blue bridal. The staff was so accomodating and the atmosphere is almost unbeatable. I would HIGHLY recommend going there if you are looking for a true bridal experience when it comes to shopping for your wedding gown.

Love this Boutique!

Reviewed on 3/06/2015 Tiffany C

Blue Bridal Boutique was the first place I went to and it is where I found THE dress! I couldn't believe I found it so early on in my search (totally not like me) but, when you know you know! Ruthie was so incredibly sweet and helpful. I really didn't know what I wanted, but she made it so easy and she was right on point! It is the perfect dress for me! I think it was the 4th or 5th dress I tried on. For a bride who can be very picky and indecisive, it couldn't have been easier. I would recommend them to any bride I know.

Blue Bridal!

Reviewed on 3/06/2015 Madeline P

Blue Bridal did a phenomenal job of helping me find my dream dress! I could not be more happy with their services and helping me make my final decision. I would recommend Blue Bridal to anyone because they have a variety of dresses that are all high quality and the employees are great at finding dresses within your budget. They made the process easy and fun!

Great Experience!

Reviewed on 3/06/2015 Heather Z

Ruthie and Joanna at Blue Bridal were so great to work with! I had been on a few appointments for dress shopping in both Austin and Dallas and not only did I love the dresses that Blue carried but their customer service was exceptional! I can't wait to wear the dress that I found at Blue at my wedding this Fall!

Great shop!

Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Lindsey F

When I came into Blue Bridal I was looking for a wedding dress for my wedding in three months (short engagement!) They were friendly and helpful. At first I didn't think much of the selection but they were very good to pull dresses for me based on my comments. The dresses they pulled were very similar to what I described and they made sure they were in my price range before letting me try them on (unlike other places I went). I found a dress I loved and they were able to get in time!! (only in ivory but I didn't have time to be that picky). They were always super helpful, got my dress in early and helped me pick out a sash and veil as well! Great little shop on South Congress!

Fantastic Wedding Dress Shop

Reviewed on 10/16/2014 Sara W

I found the team at Blue Bridal Boutique one of the best wedding dress shops in Austin. They went above and beyond at each of my visits (it took a couple to find "the dress"), I never felt rushed or that they were annoyed to have to keep showing dress after dress. They answered all my questions with expert knowledge and professionalism. Plus the store is just too cute and you really feel the personal touch. I would highly recommend Blue Bridal Boutique for anyone looking for a wedding dress in Austin.

made me feel like family until I needed to pick up my dress

Reviewed on 8/21/2014

Jamie and her staff were very sweet and made me feel like I was a family member. I loved that we had the studio to ourselves and I could walk through the store with a dress on to get a feel for it. After trying on several dresses I didn't think I would find my dress there. The staff ended up picking out my dress and I immediately fell in love. The dress was over budget so I didn't commit at first. I tried on numerous other dresses at several other salons and didn't find anything that matched up to this dress. I ended up scheduling another appointment and purchased my dress. They were still very helpful during my second appointment and just as sweet. They are a smaller boutique so they have a few dresses from each designer they carry. With all these good things to say I was extremely disappointed when it came time to pick up my dress. They wouldn't work with my schedule (I live out of town and had to make a special trip to pick it up). Additionally, they wouldn't allow me to make a payment unless it was over $200 which was never discussed when purchasing my dress. Joanna lack of customer service was shocking after the great service I previously experienced with them. They have left a sour taste in my mouth.

Great experience

Reviewed on 7/30/2014 Amanda

I did not end up getting my dress from Blue Bridal but I did end up getting my veil and a hair piece. They were very easy to work with and nice! It was perfect and they shipped it to me since I do not live in Austin. It arrived on time in perfect condition.


Reviewed on 7/09/2014

I HIGHLY recommend Blue Bridal to anyone looking for a boutique/more intimate experience when shopping for a dress. I didn't want to search the racks as I had no clue what would look good on my body and Jamie at Blue brought dresses out right away that were perfect! It was such a relaxing and enjoyable experience compared the one other place I went shopping at that was much bigger and not nearly as helpful.

Beautiful, stylish Bridal dresses

Reviewed on 7/09/2014 Katrina M

I loved Blue Bridal Boutique. They have some really beautiful, stylish, elegant wedding dresses to choose from. The ladies who work here are super nice, understanding of your budget and help you find something that you love. They are great! I would recommend visiting this store. On a side note: I do not recommend using the seamstress, Karol, that they recommend (she doesn't work for Blue Bridal, but is on their recommendation list). She was dismissive of my concerns, pushy and I did not feel like she cared about what I really wanted. She is also WAY overpriced. She made my hem too short, the bustle literally kept coming undone all night and my bridesmaids had to keep fixing it, and the dress was too tight. She charges around $525 for alterations, and my dress wasn't even complicated. She didn't care that I wasn't totally happy with her work.

Blue Bridal Boutique of Austin

Reviewed on 7/07/2014 Adriana Gabriela R

Lovely boutique. Great service. Beautiful selection.

Successful Girls Weekend

Reviewed on 7/05/2014

I happened to get engaged after an already planned girls trip with my mom. Since we don't live in the same area we decided to dress shop while we were in Austin. Jaime was extremely helpful and very accomodating due to the circumstances of us living out of town. Jaime made the arrangement to have the dress shipped to them to verify the order prior to it being shipped to me. We picked my dress the first day but wanted a night to sleep on. Jaime fit me in the next day so I could have the dress of my dreams!!! Wonderful boutique.

Everything I had hoped for!

Reviewed on 7/02/2014 Lauren W

After a few lackluster gown-hunting excursions in my hometown area of Boston, I booked a flight to Austin to check out Blue Bridal, who carried a dress designer (Anna Campbell) whom I had found online (thanks, Pinterest) and had become obsessed with. (At the time, Blue Bridal was one of two bridal boutiques in the US who carried this Australian designer.) Walking into Blue Bridal, my doubts and fears were put to rest instantly - the boutique is beautiful, and Jaime was an absolute sweetheart! I was there by myself, and she made me feel like I was shopping with one of my close girlfriends. The owner, Ruthie, was also present when I found and decided on THE dress, offering to open some champagne for the occasion! All in all, I had a FANTASTIC experience at Blue Bridal Boutique, and highly recommend them. Totally worth flying halfway across the country for!

So thankful for Blue Bridal!

Reviewed on 7/02/2014 Michele G

I hit four salons in one day because I needed find my dress while I was home for a weekend. Blue Bridal was such a personal, fun, and enjoyable appointment. I felt like the consultants listened to me and helped me find the perfect dress for me. My dress was AMAZING! I absolutely loved it and am so glad that Blue Bridal was were I said yes to the dress.

Found my perfect dress

Reviewed on 7/02/2014

Blue Bridal helped me find the perfect dress! I was very specific on what I liked, they had patience and kept on brining dresses based on my criteria. They found the perfect dress at the perfect price. Staff was very nice and helpful. I recommend this place the dresses here are all beautiful and you can feel and see the quality of the designers they represent.

Pleasantly Surprised

Reviewed on 7/02/2014 Rachel E

I researched Blue Bridal online through I wasn't sure what to expect because they don't post a ton of pictures of the dresses they keep in the store, but rather give you links to the designer's websites. This was fine for me since I was trying not to get my head wrapped around a particular style until I tried them on. I loved my experience with Blue Bridal. I called and scheduled my appointment for a Saturday without any problems. I went to the store with my mother and sister-in-law and the associate who helped was super nice and just as excited as I was to be helping me out with the dresses. We told the associate what the budget was and she was able to bring a good handful of dresses for me to try on that were in my price range. I actually fell in love with the first dress that I tried on! All the ladies in the store were very helpful and nice when I would call with questions about my dress or payments for my dress. I have told everyone I know where I got my dress because I was so pleased with my shopping experience!

Lots of Compliments

Reviewed on 4/07/2014 Rashida C

The service here is very personal and helpful. My dress was gorgeous and I received lots of compliments on the day of and after.

Great selection

Reviewed on 2/05/2014 Sarah F

I went to four different stores before going to Blue Bridal. It's where I found THE dress, so I may be a bit biased, but I found the staff to be very helpful and attentive. The prices were very reasonable, and they had a nice selection of dresses at varying price points. I was able to get my dress, veil, and a beautiful belt for my dress at just over $2000, after taxes. As a plus, the dress even arrived earlier than they estimated.

Best Bridal Store in Austin

Reviewed on 11/26/2013 Yesenia H

Blue Bridal has a lot to choose from. They also have many different price points for every budget. I had been to about 4 other bridal stores and had been very disappointed. I still had not found 'the dress' but more importantly, I had not found a place that had good customer service. If I was going to spend upwards of $2000, I wanted to get a great experience. When I visited Blue Bridal Boutique, I was instantly amazed at the manager's friendliness and professionalism. I tried three dresses that I picked out myself and when I tried them on, I did not feel that I loved any of them. The manager used her skills and came into the dressing room with a suggestion to try a dress that I had overlooked. She assured me that things look a lot different on the hanger than they do on. Once I tried that dress on, I knew it was the one. I would not have found it if it wasn't for the staff and management at Blue Bridal. I think that anyone who is looking for their dream wedding dress should visit this store!!!


Reviewed on 11/17/2013 Bertha


Overall good experience (one small complaint one big complaint)

Reviewed on 11/03/2013 Kelley F

The is a really cute boutique!! It's on south Congress, but I never had any trouble parking. I bought my wedding dress here, and generally had a very good experience. They staff was friendly. They had a good selection of dresses in different price ranges. I felt like I got the experience of being in high end boutique without spending that much. My biggest complaint is that they don't let you take pictures of the dresses. Seeing as everywhere else does not have that policy, I don't see what the big deal is. Plus everyone knows when you go dress shopping you need that picture to see how it looks on camera and just to look back on why you liked it. The only other very minor complaint I had was that I was told I would be called when my accessories came in, but I never received the call. No actual problems here! It was great. My dress is beautiful, and I'd recommend any bride to go visit this place!


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