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Bridal and Formal understands that choosing a bridal gown is an important and exciting decision, and they are firmly committed to making all brides look and feel beautiful on their wedding day. Visiting Bridal and Formal will be an experience unparalleled by any other bridal store.


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300 W Benson St, Cincinnati, OH (513) 821-6622

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 6/12/2013 Kirsten C

Great Service, beautiful salon! My dress came quicker than promised! I bought a Christina Wu for $800. Everyone thought my gown was gorgeous! I'm extremely pleased with Bridal & Formal, Inc.!

THE one!

Reviewed on 11/02/2011 Jessica G

After 3 cities, 6 wedding gown shops and finally lucky dress number 35 was the one I knew I would wear on my wedding day. Shopping for plus sizes had been very difficult up to this point. When I saw their selection of selection of plus size bridal gown at this store I was... Read More ectatic! My personal consultant was so sweet and personable with me and made it such a memorable experience. Tears flowed as I sadi yes to the dress, and my Mom hugged me.

My Dream Dress

Reviewed on 10/17/2011 Melanie M

As far as a wedding dress shop goes, bridal and formal has it all. Everything from my dream dress, beautiful earrings for my special day, and even my shoes...I was thrilled with everything! Make sure though, when you think you found the dress, put on a veil, and walk out in the... Read More better lighting and larger mirrors...it makes the moment!

Reviewed on 6/22/2017 Erin W

I went into dress buying thinking I would just be looking around and getting an idea of what style I liked, but the attention to detail and care my stylist took to finding me dresses helped me fall completely in love with my wedding dress! Megan Autry was my consultant and she... Read More totally listened to my vision, giving me options that varied along with what I wanted. She also did a great job of keeping everything within my price range. I went on a weekday so had the whole store practically to myself and she took her time to really help find me the dress of my dreams. She directed the appointment well and made me feel absolutely beautiful. I would recommend this place to anyone! Thanks bridal and formal!

Reviewed on 6/15/2017 Susan H

Bridal and Formal had a great selection of bridesmaids dresses, with great designers like Mori Lee. The experience in the store with three of my bridesmaids was great! Good customer service. However, the customer service took a turn for the worse after that. My bridesmaids each... Read More were to call in with their measurements and then B&F would recommend a dress size for them based on those measurements. The dresses ran very small, so if you were normally a size 2, you'd order a size 10 and have it altered down. Some of my friends were normally a size 8 or 10 and they were told to order like size 25's, no joke. When they opted for a smaller size, the woman on the phone had an attitude and said they were going against their recommendations. The amount of time it took for the dresses to come in was ridiculous. I had my last bridesmaid place her order mid-November, and they said in about 4 months they would be ready. That would be mid-March. I called mid-March, and they said another 2-3 weeks. That rolled by, I called again. Once again, another 2-3 weeks. We were getting into April and alterations needed to happen asap during busy season in order to have these ready for my wedding. My maid of honor even called about the status and the girl rudely told her that only the bride could call. When I, the bride, went to pick up my bridesmaids dresses to do a quality check on them, the girl at the desk clearly just didn't want to be there. I was all excited to see the dresses, yet I felt like I was in trouble? Odd. I even made a point of typing out all the bridesmaids' names and addresses to ship the dresses to save her some work and she didn't seem thankful for that. Overall not impressed. Bridesmaids dresses took about as long, if not longer to come in than my actual Bridal gown. Customer service could be improved.

Reviewed on 6/15/2017 Emily W

I would like to start off with saying my consultant Iris was PERFECT! She let my mom and I pull 5 dresses and once I went through those she went and pulled dresses based on what I liked and disliked about each dress. It was my first time looking at dresses and she helped me find... Read More one on my first try! Later that day she also helped my friend who's getting married a month before me find her dress! She was so helpful with my friend who had absolutely no idea what she wanted. Iris was so patient and so helpful. I could not recommend her enough! She was so helpful and everyone there is so nice!

Reviewed on 6/02/2017 Kate J

Terrible!! Unfortunately I have to give one star when they deserve none. They will not help you if something goes wrong. If I could give 0 stars I WOULD! Honestly I went a few months ago while this trunk show was going on, I finally found the bridesmaid dress that I loved and... Read More just had to try it on (it was on the mannequin) it was a size 4 and that was the only day it would be there. It fit almost perfect but was a bit snug in the bust, I was completely fine with it (holds everything where it needs to since I wouldn't be wearing a bra). We left and a few weeks later came back to get measurements and order the dresses. The girl measured me and because of how big my chest is originally bumped me up to an 8.. yes an 8, I told her absolutely not I love the 4 and then decided to bump me down to a six and said I will only have make SLIGHT alterations (LIE)!!! Months later (end of may 2017) I finally got my dress, I tried it on and my lord... it is huge! A complete dress size to big and at LEAST 2 sizes to big in the chest! So today June 1st 2017 I take my dress into the store and said we have a big problem, low an behold they did NOTHING FOR ME! They would not order me a new dress and would not pay for the 100+ dollars I need for alterations because they couldn't do their job right oh and I'm talking to the manager by the way. She told me the 4 I tried on at the trunk show was probably altered to fit one of the "models".. I said okay and.. like I said the sample FIT me so why the hell would they think a six would work for me. If it would have been the 4 I could have only altered a small amount now I have to alter a whole dress size down. Anyways all around TERRIBLE experience at this point. My mother who was with me left a very not so nice message to the owners voicemail. Absolutely do not EVER recommend this place.

Reviewed on 5/14/2017 Turner S

Norma was fantastic! I haven't bought a dress yet, but she stayed under my budget, listened to what I wanted and picked out some amazing dresses for me. She made sure it was all about me and what I wanted, and it was a fun experience. I was super indecisive, and it is so far... Read More from my wedding still, but I would definitely go back, and definitely work with her again!

Reviewed on 5/12/2017 Clare D

My consultant- KIMBERLY- was absolutely terrible and ruined the entire experience. This was the first place I went to try on dresses and it was a nightmare because of her. She asked me for pictures of the dresses I had in mind, which was great, but as soon as I showed her the... Read More first one she goes- oh no thats not in your budget! and threw it aside. I was just showing her so she could see the style I had in mind. Then she said NO ONE was allowed in the dressing room with me, even my mother. My mom insisted and she rolled her eyes at her and made a face at another sales consultant. When I told her my wedding was in October, she made a face behind my back and counted the months obnoxiously on her fingers. My friends and mom saw her. She contradicted herself over and over, had no idea what she was doing, didn't have me try on any of the dresses we picked out and was incredibly RUDE. She would make comments like, thats extra money to not get the beading.. and would then say the opposite a few moments later. It felt like we were working for her and it was her day. She seemed inconvenienced, was disrespectful and not in her element at all. I am spending several thousand dollars, I would at LEAST like some respect. At the end she said, well now you have the styles you like so you can go somewhere else. The first question she asked is how many places we had scheduled for the day. This lady was completely insane and needs to be fired.

Reviewed on 5/01/2017 Casey E

I wouldn't even give this place one star if I could! I had an appointment for 3+ months and when I came in it was mass chaos! No one was willing to help me find the gowns I had saved and brought pictures in of.. I was put in a back room in the smallest dressing room available... Read More (try getting on a Cinderella gown in a room thats 3.5 ft wide and long. Also, the area we were sat at, was TERRIBLE. My own mother couldnt even see the dresses I was in unless she got up and completely walked in front of me- horrible set up on their part. Although some of their gowns were more budget friendly- you get what you pay for. I have no doubt that if I would have purchased my gown here it would have been a living nightmare to get in correctly as they were careless in my consultation. Before my appointment began, we witnessed the consultants dragging the dresses across the floor (yes, they are in bags but my goodness really?). The set up of dresses are terrible as well. Everything is in a bag making it next to impossible to even see what the gown really looks like when pulling ones to try on. My consultant did not help me in & out of gowns, luckily my Matron of Honor was willing to do all of the work. When the consultant did clip my dress (to my size) it was a half-ass job and wasn't even a good "fit". Never once did they bother to ask what I did or did not like about a gown. The gowns I did pull to try on, I got to try 2 of the 5 I pulled because they are so disorganized they didn't even bring back all of the ones I had picked. The one gown I did get to try on that I had asked for was a Badly Mischka gown. When I was in front the mirror I asked for a belt to match the gown to see if it added the "ah" factor I was looking for.. When the consultant came over with the belt she said the is an "Enzoani belt so its the same designer as the gown". At this point I was so fed up I just didn't even say a word but couldn't believe this consultant didn't have a single solitary clue what she was talking about or trying to "sell". This place is the most impersonal bridal salon I have ever stepped foot into. I am 99% sure my consultant didn't even know my name. When I was in the dressing room to get my street clothes back on before leaving another consultant had grabbed my items out of my derssing room and tossed them in the hallway; like what, excuse me? After being in the salon 30 minutes I was so fed up, we left. One of my friends was supposed to go shopping here this coming weekend and after hearing my experience she changed her appointment to another Bridal Salon. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!

Reviewed on 4/11/2017 Lauren J

I don't even know where to begin with my fabulous experience with Norma when searching for my bridal gown. She went over and above to make the entire experience perfect. I made an appointment to begin looking for dresses and ended up finding a dress that was complete opposite of... Read More what I thought I originally wanted. Norma made the experience flawless and a magical experience! Please ask for her when finding your wedding dress. I picked out a beautiful Christina Wu gown. The only downfall was the girl doing the measurements. She was uncomfortable doing my measurement without me wearing a bra although I was not going to wear one with the dress. I was then suggested to get the size I tried when it was pinned and about a dress size too large. I went against her suggestion although she was not happy with that. I am so glad I did since I lost 20 pounds and ended up needing even more alterations (Alterations by Toni). The dress turned out perfect for my wedding Day thanks to using my best judgement. I can't thank Norma enough for making the experience wonderful. I highly DO NOT recommend the bridesmaid department as that was the most miserable experience of my wedding planning.

Reviewed on 2/27/2017 Elizabeth V

terrible experience with my sisters wedding. to start off at best, her dress was beautiful, it was fine no problems. however the attendent was not helpful and didnt really do anything. we looked for ourselves, she didnt pull anything. i don't know what she did honestly. to the... Read More bad part now: i had a terrible time with my bridesmaid dress. the girl who fitted me was completely wrong. it was huge! it was a quick wedding process, so when i got the dress, i immediately called them to fix it. they said they couldnt do anything. they couldnt put a rush on a new dress, even if they could i would have to pay for another dress. they wouldnt even discount the dress or pay for my alterations since the dress had to be RECONSTRUCTED COMPLETELY!!! which they fitted me for. my sisters experience was sub-par and mine was TERRIBLE. the girls who work here don't seem to care. if your looking for a nice experience, people could say mine was a fluke or w/e, but it was subpar at best. Ive had many other friends with terrible issues as well!

Reviewed on 2/11/2017 Kristen B

The dresses were beautiful; however, my consultant was rude, demeaning, and flippant. I understand the value in trying on dresses a consultant suggests; however, it took a good forty minutes for the dresses my family and I selected to arrive in the fitting area. Several dresses... Read More I openly stated my distaste for were forced upon me, and when I expressed my opinion my consultant acted as if I had committed a crime. When I finally got to the first dress I picked, she immediately stated it was "plain" and "boring". I loved it; however, when one of my aunts noticed the skirt didn't look as good in photos, the consultant proceeded to create a huge fiasco out of the situation. She literally yelled at my aunt "not with a PROFESSIONAL photographer, and a 5,000 dollar camera. Of course it's going to look like that in Dr.'s office lighting and through the lense of an iPhone." She continued to retort my bridal party with very biting, snide remarks. Even after we switched consultants she returned to display to us all a "professional" photo of the previous dress, which made the experience all the more uncomfortable. Moreover, the fact that my consultant was wholeheartedly defending a dress that she originally labeled "plain" and "boring" completely diminished any genuine, ethical salesmanship. She was clearly pushing for the sale, and any sale whatsoever. A bride should be treated with respect while searching for the most important dress of her life, rather than having to endure agressive, elementary, upselling tactics.

Reviewed on 1/16/2017 Brooke P

Loved my experience! I told them my price range and showed photos of what I was looking for, and they knew exactly which gowns to direct me to. They were even able to lower the price a bit of the gown that I fell in love with to better fit my budget. The only negative part was... Read More when I went to try on and pick up my gown. The girls working at the front desk seemed annoyed that they had to be there, like they were arguing over who had to help me. Other than that, everything was perfect!

Reviewed on 1/11/2017 Amanda Z

I got both my wedding gown and wedding party dresses from Bridal and Formal, so I will give a review of each side. My Bridal consultant was Karen and she was absolutely amazing. I had called in about a specific dress I wanted to try and she had it all ready for me. I went... Read More pretty much on a whim with my mom on a weeknight evening and I think that made all the difference. It gets pretty crazy on weekends, so I would recommend trying to go during the week when it is slower. My dress was the first dress I tried! She still took the time to look at pictures that I brought with me and to ask about the vision for my wedding. She brought other options for me to try as well to make sure my gown was the one. I only had my mom with me and we had wonderfully personalized service. I expressed that I was upset that some of my loved ones didn't share the shopping experience with me, so Karen suggested that we have a gown reveal party! A week after we bought my gown I came in with my "entourage" and they had my dress hidden in the room. the people in my group got to see me try on a couple of other dresses before I came out in the one I chose. The party really made it a special day. My gown came in earlier than expected and it was absolutely beautiful! The entire bridesmaid's department is absolutely amazing, but especially Kristen. She worked with me for a long time until we found the perfect dresses and everyone was so incredibly accommodating. I really can't say enough how happy I am with the Bridesmaid's department ladies! We also picked out our Flower Girl and Mother of the Groom dresses at Bridal and Formal.

Reviewed on 1/08/2017 Kari S

I went to many places and had a very specific style in mind and barely any company had my style. Since Bridal and Formal has a huge selection I found my dress and Jarvis did a great job finding me my dress! She was awesome, warm, and friendly and so was all the staff I worked... Read More with.

Reviewed on 12/22/2016 Brandy A

I shopped at bridal and formal and the customer service was amazing. I worked with Courtney the day i found my dress. She listened to my style and what I wanted and picked the perfect dress for my special day. I would highly recommend Bridal and Formal for wedding dresses and... Read More defenitly ask for Courtney. She was awesome!!!!

Reviewed on 12/11/2016 Gabbie C

Bridal and Formal was my third stop in the Reading Bridal District and I am very happy it was. I went to two other boutiques first and they were different in the fact that they catered to you- meaning you got the full bridal shopping experience. You had your own fitting room and... Read More your consultant picking your dresses and bringing back different ones to see what you love. At Bridal and Formal it's more of a "go look through the dresses and pick what you like then we will try them on." They have SO MANY dresses to look through and choose from- so much more than the other places. We tried several but just not really finding what I love. My consultant, Sam, went out and brought me back three final dresses to try on. One happened to be the exact dress I was looking for!!! She took me into a separate room with the most perfect lighting, put a veil on me, and made me feel like the most beautiful bride-to-be! I loved working with her!!! Fabulous! The only downfall is the dressing room area is sub-par. The lighting in the main dressing room area was horrible!! I didn't realize how much I loved my dress until she took me into the separate room. I'm glad I got the experience at the other two places first but I loved working with Sam and she found me the dress of my dreams!!!! I can't wait till my fiancé (and guests) gets to see me in it!

Reviewed on 11/30/2016 Nickol M

If there was anything I would change about my wedding planning, it would have been getting my dress from Bridal & Formal. Even though I made an appointment, I was stuffed in a corner behind a semi-partition in an open room packed with other brides. It felt rushed and careless.... Read More My consultant changed half way through, and I didn't get much personal guidance on what styles complimented me or initiative for other suggested styles that would suit me better. I found a dress that I liked and ordered it on my first visit. However, the consultant (the first one who magically returned at the end) sized me a half size up although I was right within the next size down. When I picked up my dress (about 3 weeks later than they initially stated) the bust and length were huge, and waist bigger than I needed (note, I am 5'2 and wear a size 4 and didn't drastically lose weight in between). My saving grace was Sue's Creations, who essentially made me a brand new dress in her alterations that was beautiful.

Reviewed on 11/13/2016 Angelita W

USED SALESMAN OF BENSON STREET! 1. They need to be kicked out of Benson Street! All the Bridal Salons on Benson Street were wonderful! This one was cheap, rude, shady sales tactics and dressing room situation was totally embarrassing for brides and crowded spectators. 2. Group... Read More dressing room? 10 brides in their underwear and bridal party-mothers-grandmothers-kids and loud screeching sales people all crowded in one large room? HOW EMBARRASSING FOR EVERYONE!! 3. They need to be kicked out of Benson Street and out of www.theknot.com 4. Lack of respect for your privacy! They make thousands of dollars in sales and can't even offer private dressing rooms? EVEN WALMART RESPECTS YOUR PRIVACY WITH PRIVATE DRESSING ROOMS! 5. Totally demeaning experience. Salespeople double teaming us with hyper comments and talking over you and being pushy. 6. Salespeople taking expensive dresses and dragging them across the floor-eventhough they were in bags. Very poor taste. 7. Store is there solely for profits and nothing else. Please move out of the wedding district1

Reviewed on 11/02/2016 Christine N

This is the place!! I worked with Karen and what a spitfire she is.......couldn't have been matched up with anyone better. I didn't have enough time to order the dress I chose and they worked with me on getting the sample which was in almost perfect condition. Everyone I... Read More encounted at the salon was helpful, honest and pleasant. Glad I made the trip from Columbus.

Reviewed on 10/19/2016 Kelsey S

I purchased my gown as well as bridesmaids gowns from Bridal and Formal. They were the only place I went to look. Their options are endless. Their styles are amazing and their staff is super helpful and fun to work with. I tried on a handful of dresses until I found the perfect... Read More one and my bridesmaids had a blast choosing theirs. I recommend this place to all Cincy brides. It is a must see.

Reviewed on 10/17/2016 Natalie S

Excellent selection of dresses and excellent service. The staff were able to pull exactly what I was looking for and negotiated the price of my dress. When we shopped for bridesmaid dresses, they gave us an entire fitting room which other places did not do.

Reviewed on 10/09/2016 Blair K

Megan A at Bridal and Formal was so helpful and creative during my visit. She had great ideas, really listened to my preferences, and was easy to talk to. We were lucky to get her input for a wedding gown and came back for bridesmaid dresses the next day!

Reviewed on 10/09/2016 Lindsay R

I went to Bridal and Formal for a dress in August of 2015. It was the first and only store I went to to find my dress. I made an appointment ahead of time and brought along my bridesmaids, mom, grandma and mother in law. They had enough room so that we didn't feel crowded. I... Read More really enjoyed this shop and the variety of dresses that they had. I tried on the dress that I *thought* I wanted but ended up not liking it. I actually ended up leaving with exactly what I said I wouldn't and I loved it. I found such a unique dress and the best part was that it had pockets :P They also did a great job accessorizing and working with us on price. My wedding wasnt until Sept. 2016 but my dress was ready by Oct 2015! I live in Columbus and my veil wasnt in yet so they mailed it to me at no charge. We did try to look for bridesmaid dresses here but they were all too fancy for what we wanted.