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We loved Bob

Reviewed on 11/02/2013 Jessica S

Bob took care of most aspects of our reception and did so very well.

Bob is the best.

Reviewed on 2/19/2013 Alison B

Best food ever. Everything tasted homemade. Everyone loved it. Lots of bang for the buck, we had several selections of meats, mains, veggies, salads, and even a roasted pig! Bob was great. We had some extra people show up, and Bob made it work. My cousin also used Bob for her wedding several years ago. I would use Bob over and over again. Great value. Oh, and he also did our cakes, amazing.

Amazing results

Reviewed on 11/17/2012 Suzannah B

Bob Christensen was phenomenal. He listened to our ideas, was able to help us pin down the details and focus our vision. The food was fantastic, the tables looked amazing and my bridal bouquet was a show stopper. Our first meeting was a bit awkward. I was not that excited about flowers and colors, but thankfully Bob is a professional and he was able to take my muddled ideas and turn them into something that should be in magazines! We had a brunch wedding and the food was out of this world. We had so many sweets, pastries, eggs, french toast casserole, pork loin, four salads that were a HUGE hit and a wonderful wedding cake. So many of our wedding guests told us it was the best food they have had at a wedding! Every server we had at the actual wedding was gracious and the whole reception went off without a hitch. Every email we sent was answered within two business days. He was very accommodating and helped us with the whole planning process. We had a limited budget and his spreadsheets were very helpful. I highly recommend Carriage Caterers!

Great food and decor

Reviewed on 8/18/2012 Ellen D

We used Carriage Caterers to do our food for the receptions, cakes, linens as well as the decor for the ceremony. This company is great for the bride who has a general idea of what she wants, but is not nit picky about details. Bob did above and beyond what I expected at the church and the food and cakes at the reception were phenomenal! He tends to take what you ask for and put his own little flair on it, which if you are ok with that, then he is great! The one big downfall was that we were told he would keep us on schedule at the reception and let us know when it was time to do what. I fortunately am a very organized person and had a schedule printed out for my maid of honor and bridesmaids. When they realized Bob was not directing the reception according to the schedule they stepped in and saved the day. Unfortunately we had triple checked that he would do this and were assured it would happen, but he fell through in that area. As long as you are prepared for that to possibly happen, we would recommend him in every other area.


Reviewed on 8/02/2011 Jennifer C

My dream wedding was a wedding full of color, great food and drink and dancing all night long. Bob with Carriage Caterers did an amazing job of not only providing the "color" but all of the above. He is a one stop shop! The food was amazing, the service was outstanding and everything was as I wished it would be!


Reviewed on 11/16/2010 Celina T

Bob with Carriage Caterers did such an amazing job with my budget. He did my flowers, our reception food, hired bartenders and servers, did the linens, and both the bride's and groom's cake. Everything was wonderful. I was not a picky bride... but I did want the food to taste good and the cake to be delisious... he did that and everyone loved it!!! Also- he surprised me with beautiful centerpieces on a few of the tables. Bob was such a delight to work with and I would highly recommend him as a one stop shop for all of your reception needs :)

Understood Everything I wanted

Reviewed on 10/14/2010 Crystal C

In all honesty I had a hard time making up my mind. I contacted this caterer a year in a half before the wedding with basic ideas of what I wanted. Over that year and a half I continued to call him changing my mind on how I wanted the cake to look, the sash/no sash on the chair, even the color scheme. The only thing that didnt change was that I wanted an elegant wedding in my budget. Total for the wedding I had $15,000 (this included my dress, photographer, flowers...etc). Even with all my changes he knew exactly what I wanted on my day. It was perfect to every detail. Tall vases with hanging flowers surrounded by candles for centerpieces. Real china for added to a more formal/elegant dinner. The china plates had a silver border; many places give you plane white plates. The food was delicious: Chicken, Prime Rib (carving station), Pork (carving station), salad, vegetable medley, potatoes, squash casserole! My cake was three tiers with bavarian cream. It was one of the most delicious, moist, creamy cakes I have ever had. Everyone raved about it to me :) He was also so helpful in getting me in touch with other vendors in my price range. Being in the business so long he knows many other vendors. I got in contact with my DJ and florist because of him. Carriage Caterers used a florist named "Connie". She is great at what she does! The catering company works directly with her so it was one less hassle for me. I would tell the caterer what I wanted and he found pictures in season and budget that matched. For instance I wanted peonies, but they are spring flowers instead of telling me ok and then giving me the bill for flying them in from Holland he explained the price difference so we could find a more affordable option.

Rating for Carriage Caterers

Reviewed on 9/05/2008 Meghan S


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