Chicago Illuminating Company

Chicago, IL

Capacity: 251-300 | WEBSITE | PHONE

Amenities + Details

  • Bridal Suite

  • Handicap Accessible

  • Liability Insurance

  • Indoor

  • Outdoor - Covered

  • Reception Area

  • Wireless Internet

For more details about amenities, please message the Venue.

Price Range

$$$ – Moderate

Venue Capacity



Garden, Loft, Tented

Wedding Categories



Contact Info

2110 S WABASH AVENUE , Chicago, IL (312) 326-9500

Reviewed on 12/20/2017 Alice C

We're so happy that we chose Chicago Illuminating Company for our wedding venue. It was absolutely perfect for our multicultural wedding! Here are a few aspects of the space that warrant a 5-star rating in my book: - GORGEOUS outdoor courtyard: It initially attracted us to the... Read More space! The ivy walls give it a natural beauty by day, and the canopy looks absolutely gorgeous when it is lit up at night. - It also rained during the reception (I know, cue the Alanis Morissette), but the canopy totally saved the party! Everyone (and the decorations) seemed minimally affected by the rain, thanks to that cover! - Beautiful iron gate with big split door; allows for grand opening into the courtyard. - Large and spacious bar to give guests more room to spread out - the only bottlenecks should be from the guests' drinks and not the guests themselves! - Indoor and outdoor space with seamless transition to accommodate various needs. - In an area of the city with less traffic so there is less congestion. - Large, roomy changing/prep/staging room. - Venue contract requires security (they have their own company so you don't need to hunt around for someone), but this stipulation is a plus in my book, as it helped us feel safer. - In some regions of India, a baraat (parade) is customary for weddings, so the alleyway behind the venue and the street around CIC worked perfectly! There was a lot of space for a 200-person parade, complete with horse, and since the venue is a bit out of the way from more of the high traffic areas of Chicago, we did not have to worry as much about pedestrian safety and/or causing a traffic jam. The venue owner, Marta, was really FLEXIBLE - for which we are super grateful! To elaborate on the flexibility, we had a *very* tough time finding a venue in Chicago proper that would allow us to have an open flame, which is an integral part of a traditional Hindu ceremony. Marta totally understood, and we were able to light the flame in the open courtyard. While this stipulation may not seem like a huge deal, I can't describe how much performing this part of the ceremony "properly" meant to my husband's family, especially his parents and sister; it was a make or break point, and luckily, it made the ceremony! Except for having to use a particular lighting company if we wanted extra lights (we didn't end up needing them anyway), Marta gave us great leeway with our vendors, which proved to be key for hiring our ideal caterer (who she also suggested), when a majority of the other venues we considered had big catering restrictions and very limited food options. Finally, Marta allowed us to start setting up and bringing some supplies to the venue the night before (unless it was booked, and even then, she would have given plenty of notice), so that was really helpful in allowing us extra time to get organized. Overall, the natural beauty of this unique, seamless indoor/outdoor space and Marta's awesome flexibility helped make our dream wedding a reality. We could not have picked a better venue for our special day!

Reviewed on 7/28/2017 Zach M

We couldn't of chosen a better venue to host our wedding! There is truly no other place in Chicago that offers the amazing Indoor / Outdoor space that CIC does! Our guests were truly in awe of how beautiful everything was and we couldn't be happier with how our wedding came to... Read More life! The venue owner Marta allowed us to really transform the entire space into the perfect wedding we wanted. From bringing a 13 piece band under the tent to adding additional lighting inside and out. Never once were we told "no you can't do that" which was told to us a lot by other venues we visited. We cannot say enough with how well everything was taken care of and how easy Marta and her team were to work with not only before and during but also after the wedding with their flexibility of allowing us to come back into the venue a couple days later to pick up any left over items, instead of demanding that everything was to be removed the same night or charging extra "late exit fees" that some other venues put in place.

Reviewed on 7/31/2016 Bryan V

My husband and I recently had our July 2016 wedding at the Chicago Illuminating Company and I can’t tell you how amazing it was. Marta, the venue owner, is the type of owner that you want in this process. She was great at helping us make decisions on vendors and how to develop a... Read More timeline and general flow for our wedding day. Marta has done so many weddings, especially at this venue that she knows what works and what doesn’t. We had run some ideas by Marta for the sequence of our wedding and she quickly informed us what would be the best option for the space and why. She was more than open to suggestions and was very flexible at accommodating our wants and needs. Marta’s professionalism is unmatched. She literally called me multiple times in the weeks leading up to the wedding to update me on the progress with our décor and caterer since that was an issue. Now for the venue— Literally. To. Die. For. It is beyond perfect and for sure a diamond in the rough in the city. There is nothing quite like it. Its beautiful, big, modern and basically a blank pallet you can do a lot with. All of the fixtures are gorgeous. The bar inside is stunning. Trust me once you go see it, your jaw will drop. When my husband and I were looking at various venues in the city, we wanted one that really spoke to us and that was special, different and not super popular. The second we got to the Chicago Illuminating Company we knew it was the venue we wanted to have our wedding at. We had our ceremony outside. The trains didn’t affect us at all the whole night. We had our cocktail reception in the back of the courtyard, which worked well with the flow to carry on from ceremony. We had the dinner inside which was also a good transition from the courtyard to the dinner as a change of pace. After our cake cutting and dinner our guests joined us in the courtyard for more drinks and dancing for the rest of the evening. All in all it was a lovely, picturesque night. The venue is so fabulous on its on that it doesn’t require much extra décor. I would strongly, strongly encourage you to get in contact with Marta and meet her in person and go see the venue. You will be so glad you did. We got countless compliments from guests about how amazing our wedding venue was and how they never have been to something quite like it. If you are looking for a venue that will impress your guests this is the one. All in all our wedding was amazing. Literally something out of a magazine. All of which would not have been possible without the exquisite venue and professional assistance of Marta.

Reviewed on 7/24/2017 D B

Beware of this venue manager - MARTA! She is not to be trusted in addition to being VERY difficult to work with - or even get ahold of since her office and cell phone voicemail boxes are full and "cannot accept any messages". How a person can run a business this way I have NO... Read More idea! When my card was charged for the deposit on my daughters wedding, Marta charged more than the agreed upon amount stated in the signed contract. When my daughter approached her for a refund of the additional amount, she was belligerent and insulting to her by making comments that if a small up charge on the deposit was a concern - she stated "you may not have the budget for a wedding and that many additional charges would come her way while planning her wedding so this should not be a big deal". Marta continued to insult my daughter's work profession and character. During her contacts with Marta over 30 days from signing the contract, Marta still NEVER refunded the additional amount charged for the deposit. At this point, we chose to cancel the wedding at the venue based solely on our experiences with Marta mentioned above. After cancelling, she promised numerous times to refund our full deposit even if she DIDN'T rebook the date. She continued to pronounce how confident she was in being able to rebook the date given we cancelled 10 months prior to the scheduled wedding date in addition to her having the deposit + extra she decided to charge - for only 30 days of signing the contract. After numerous calls over a five month period she continued to give us promises of refunding the full deposit and to date has not - her word means nothing and her attitude has been highly unprofessional! She is not true to her word, highly unprofessional and very untrustworthy. Beware!!!