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This husband & wife team has been creating wedding memories for over 9 years together! They share a simple philosophy: Capture moments planned and unplanned well and with style! Offices are located in Orange County & NYC. They look forward to meeting with you soon! Happy wedding planning!


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Photos of a Lifetime

Reviewed on 11/01/2014 Kathryn K

My husband and I found Chris Carter Photography on the knot. When we sat down to meet with Chrissy, we were blown away by her personality, friendliness, and ability to make us laugh. We knew that if she could make us this comfortable in her office, we would feel great taking pictures with her! We did an engagement session in November (because we were having a July wedding, and wanted pictures in another season). It was a great way to get to know Chris and Chrissy and get comfortable with them. We had so much fun! The pictures came out beautiful and there were so many that we loved, we had a hard time choosing for our save the dates. We got our pictures back quickly, and it made us so excited for the wedding photos. In addition to being great behind the lens, Chris and Chrissy responded the quickest by email and phone of all of our vendors! It was so nice to have quick responses to little questions about details. On the big day, everyone photographed by Chris and Chrissy raved about them. Our bridal party loved the energy and excitement they brought, and our photos came out STUNNING! There are so many amazing shots! Overall, we highly suggest Chris Carter Photography for your big day. You will feel comfortable, relaxed, and excited to have them take your photos. We can't wait to eventually take family photos with them some day : )

Top Notch!

Reviewed on 12/10/2014 Mary

Being a wedding photographer myself, choosing someone to photograph our wedding was one of the biggest decisions we needed to to make. The first thing everyone asked me about our wedding was "who is going to be your photographer?" and said "that must be so hard to choose." Some may think choosing a wedding photographer is easy just by picking someone who's work is good. But finding someone who has beautiful work and a great personality can be difficult. Not only are Chris Carter Photography's photos beautiful and creative, Chris and Chrissy are two of the most kind, caring and reliable people I have ever met. Upon meeting Chrissy for the first time, within minutes we connected. I knew right then that they were the perfect choice for our wedding. You are with your wedding photographers all day long and I knew that Chrissy and Chris would be an absolute joy to be around that day, and they definitely were. The day of the wedding Chrissy and Chris blended right in and seamlessly became part of the day. They were always around, but never seen. They were wonderful with our families and large bridal party. Everyone felt comfortable and at ease, and that shows in our photos. They made taking photos fun and enjoyable for everyone. They had so many great ideas and were open to mine as well. We just received all of our photos and one after the next gets better and better. Choosing photos for our album will be difficult, as there are so many amazing and creative shots. I cannot wait to share all of our photos with our family and friends for years to come! I would recommend Chris and Chrissy to anyone!

Great Value, Perfect Pics

Reviewed on 4/18/2014 Kerry S

Photos are so expensive, and in the Hudson Valley area, it's difficult to find even a basic package by someone reputable for less than $5000. Enter Chris and Chrissy! From the beginning, they were extremely approachable. My husband and I were living about an hour and a half from the area, and Chrissy was very accommodating about doing business primarily through phone and email--and responded to emails in no time flat! I was very concerned about how photos would come out because I was having a winter wedding where the default outside photos would not be possible. Also, my church is very strict about pictures and I was warned by other brides that the rules can be cumbersome for some photogs. Luckily, Chris and Chrissy had a great knowledge of both our church and our venue and had amazing suggestions for how to supplement for the outdoor pics that most people have at their weddings. They really listened to what we wanted and were completely unintrusive on our day. They worked really well (and were very patient with) our friends and family who can be like herding cats and got the posed shots out of the way in a very efficient amount of time--we even got to go to our cocktail hour. The candid shots were the most important to me, as we have a pretty rowdy group of friends and family who know how to have fun, and the dance floor pictures really captured the spirit of our wedding, without there feeling like flashes were going off in our faces the whole time we were dancing. The quality of our pictures, also, was incredible. I cannot begin to say how many people have come to me and said, just from the preview ones posted on Facebook, how beautiful our pictures were. My best friend is getting married in August and immediately scooped up Chris and Chrissy for her wedding the day after ours! I cannot wait to start putting our album together--the only con is that it will be so hard to choose which pics to add. We are incredibly lucky that such a kind, efficient, talented couple is working OCNY weddings! Thank you so much Chris and Chrissy!

Perfectly Captured

Reviewed on 12/16/2014 Gretchen T

HOLY WOW! Chris and Chrissy of Chris Carter Photography are amazing at what they do! We loved them and they kept us smiling through the clouds, thunder, rain and eventually sunshine. Working with Chrissy the weeks before the wedding was enjoyable as she was so supportive of all of my ideas for pictures and locations (an apple orchard). She contacted the orchard, visited and scouted out the grounds for the best location. Its too bad that it rained on our parade so we werent able to go there (although they were completely willing to go- I didnt want to go with all of the water and mud before the ceremony) They worked well and were very funny with our 2 year old ring bearer (and the rest of the wedding party as well). This husband and wife team were so very accommodating as I wanted a couple special shots of family members etc- as well as some shots after the ceremony. We received our pictures a couple of days ago and I am blown away at every special moment they were able to capture. I was excited to see them - expecting a ton of pictures from prep, posing and ceremony. What I didnt expect was all of the wonderful moments they captured during our reception- because with everything going on - I dont remember seeing them there! They truly blended into the party. We cant thank you enough for the beautiful memories you captured.

Highly Recommended!

Reviewed on 11/22/2014 H M

I found Chris and Chrissy on The Knot. My husband and I met with a couple photographers in person before making a decision. After meeting with Chrissy, we knew immediately that we wanted her to photograph our wedding. She was fun, upbeat, and made us feel comfortable in the office. We knew that she would make us feel the same way on our big day. We booked them a year and a half before our actual wedding day. Throughout the long engagement, she responded quickly to our emails and questions. The main reasons we booked them: fair price, (we got 2 photographers for the price of 1!), beautiful photos, and their personalities meshed well with ours. On our big day, Chris went with my husband and was able to photograph the guys at a separate location while Chrissy was with me. I have to say... they were put to the test. We have some tough personalities and they were able to handle them beautifully. We didn't have a huge bridal party to deal with but we did have a lot of different poses for the family pictures and they did all the poses we wanted. They were excellent with my 2 1/2 year old niece during pictures in getting her to laugh/smile for the pictures that she was in. They also were great in finding the spots around the Golf Course that would be excellent for pictures. We have seen some of their favorites, a sneak peak, and they are beautiful. We are waiting to see the rest, but I am sure that they are just as beautiful as the ones we have seen. The value, quality and service were all excellent! 2 photographers, 8 hours, beautiful pictures... we definitely would recommend them to everyone!!

exceptional photographers

Reviewed on 10/30/2014

Chris & Chrissy are such amazing photographers! They captured all the moments I asked for and more! I cherish their artistic eyes and to top it off they are wonderful people. I loved their work so much I hired Chrissy for a bourdoir shoot and again exceeded my expectations! Hire Chris Carter Photography to catch all the perfect and fun moments of your special day! Love, Mrs. Midulla

Grateful Newlyweds

Reviewed on 10/29/2014 Karyn O

My husband and I can not say enough good things about the team of Chrissy & Chris at Chris Carter Photography. We hired them pretty much on the spot after watching them work their magic at our friends' wedding before we even had the chance to see the developed shots. They are truly that impressive! Chris & Chrissy are the perfect combination of personable and professional. They have this innate ability to assimilate into your event and capture these magical moments that you often do not get to see as the bride and groom. We elected to not have a videographer at our wedding due to budgetary constraints and after our wedding was over we worried that we would live to regret our decision. However, after seeing all of the amazing shots that Chris & Chrissy captured, we no longer feel that we missed out anything at all. Thank you so much Chris Carter Photography and we look forward to using to again for future family photos.

CCP is the best!

Reviewed on 10/19/2014 Gina S

I cannot say enough good things about Chris Carter Photography! We were beginning to get very discouraged in our search for a photographer due to people being unavailable or CRAZY expensive! That is until a friend recommended CCP... We knew from the second with met with Chrissy that they were going to be the ones. My husband is a bit shy and definitely not a picture person, but Chrissy made him feel comfortable from the start. Their home office was professional and the pictures hanging around were one more beautiful than the rest. Chrissy answered every question that we had and got back to all of my email correspondence very quickly! I sent her an email with a ton of Pinterest pictures I loved and a list of "must have group shots" (crazy bride...I know!), but they got them ALL!!! And we barely realized they were even there. I cannot stop looking at the hundreds of pictures they took. Making our albums is going to be tough! And like I said....the cherry on top is they were very affordable!! I would recommend CCP to anyone and can't wait to work with them again for baby/family portraits in the future (but not rushing into that! lol) THANKS CCP!!!!

Awesome Photographers!

Reviewed on 9/17/2014 Mary M

I could not have asked for better photographers for my wedding day! Chris and Chrissy are amazing and do such great work for such a reasonable price. They are so fun to work with! From the day we met them we know they were going to be amazing they are so happy and full of energy and it shows in their work. I would highly recommend them to any Bride and Groom!

The Best Experience We Could Ask For

Reviewed on 8/28/2014 Thomas D

When my (now) husband and I started looking for photographers for our wedding day, we had some very specific items on our list. We needed excellent photographers with real skill, social, fun, and friendly photographers who would fit in and work with our crowd, experience-particularly photographing other same-sex weddings, and a fair price. In very little time, it was abundantly clear Chris Carter Photography was the obvious choice. On our wedding day (and the weeks leading up to it), they completely delivered. They really listened to our hopes and needs and worked with us to get a list of "must have" photos. They checked in as the day approached and put us as ease as the nerves kicked in. And on the special day: just wow! We felt special, cared for, and like we were made to look our best. They even got my niece (who was only a year old) completely on board with the important family photos. At the end of the night, Chris even ran back into the room to get a special picture after I had given him the go ahead to pack up. Thats what you want, when you expect the best. Maybe I should mention: our photos came out great! We got a great traditional feel with lots of fun, too! All in all, I can't say enough good things about Chris and Chrissy. As we've told everyone we know, we couldn't be happier.

Love, Love, LOVE Chris Carter Photography!!!

Reviewed on 8/26/2014 Lindsey

Chris Carter Photography is amazing! I first saw them in action at a friend's wedding, just a few months before we booked them ourselves, and though I already knew I wanted to, that just solidified the decision for my husband and I. We met with Chrissy a few weeks later and booked our date! :) Every part of working with Chris Carter is a pleasure... as I'm sure many brides have found, most wedding vendors do not reply as quickly as you'd like them to... it is the total opposite with Chris Carter Photography. I don't know how they manage to respond as quickly as they do! The day of the wedding they were amazing as well! We did a first look, bridal party and immediate family pictures prior to the ceremony and were supposed to have several golf carts waiting for us to go off into the shade for pictures. Unfortunately, at the last minute the venue was unable to provide them. Chris and Chrissy handled this in such a professional way that I immediately shook off the feeling of panic that came along with the news. Their creative eyes saw options and photo opportunities that came out incredible!! The pictures are so perfect, in fact, that we can't imagine them having been anywhere else! There are so many good ones that we don't even know where to start with picking what will go in our album! I also had the pleasure of being part of my sister's bridal party before our wedding, which Chris Carter also shot, and it just got my husband and I that much more excited to have them shoot our wedding. The bottom line is, I HIGHLY recommend using Chris Carter Photography for your wedding! It will be one area you will not have to stress about and the product will be phenomenal!

Happy Bride and Groom!

Reviewed on 6/14/2014 Elana K

Chris and Chrissy were amazing from start to finish! They were so easy to talk to and plan with. On the day of they were everywhere but at the same time, completely in the background (unlike other photographers I've seen to are "in the way") They were so flexible when I was an hour late! They still got in our must have photos! Totally recommended - great people, great price, great product! We've only had a peek at a few photos so far but can't wait to see the rest!

Amazing Job!!

Reviewed on 6/09/2014 Victoria L

Chris and Chrissy are truly amazing at what they do. They made my husband and i feel at ease and they also gave us a few laughs along the way. I can Not wait to see all of the pictures, 8 weeks seems like a long time but i know it will be truly worth it. Thank you guys for everything!

More than i imagined, The Best in the HV

Reviewed on 6/01/2014 Randi Helen M

5/10/2014 Wedding The most difficult decision for my wedding day was finding a great photographer at a reasonable price. Chris and Chrissy were amazing! From the time we began discussing the services they provide, to the day of the wedding i felt like I've known them for years. They are very personable. Chrissy seemed to know more about my family and whos who than i ever imagined she would remember. From the moment she walked in my bridal suite she began to snap pictures; My groom says the same about Chris; And they didn't stop until the party was over. They stayed in the shadows and hidden, snapping away. They understood what "must have shots" we wanted. They worked really well with our friends and family (and we have a pretty rowdy group who know how to party) I do remember Chrissy and Chris getting down on the dance floor a few times. lol My wedding was 3 weeks ago and so far i have seen 12 BEAUTIFUL sneak peeks of photos from my wedding day on their FB page. I cannot begin to say how many people have come to me and said how beautiful our pictures are. A few future brides have come to me asking what photographer i used, and i Highly recommend ChrisCarterPhotography . I am eager to see more and trust the others will be even more alluring the the first few. THANK YOU Chris and Chrissy... you really captured our BEST DAY EVER!! Mr and Mrs Gass

Chris and Chrissy rock!

Reviewed on 5/21/2014 Rachel C

Chris and Chrissy photographed our wedding on 5/4/2014 and our engagement session last summer. They did a great job and are professional, fun and personable. I can't wait to see the rest of our pictures and then order an album. Their prices are super reasonable and can fit any budget. We highly recommend CCP to anyone. In fact, our friends booked them for their wedding for next summer! We can't wait to see them again and see how our friends pictures turn out, too. They're the best!!! Two thumbs up!


Reviewed on 2/14/2014 Shannon S

Chrissy and Chris were not only amazingly fun to work with but all the pictures came out perfectly! I looked long and hard for a photographer. This couple are real photographers...they don't photoshop the pictures like other photographers...they use real techniques which adds so much to the pictures! They showed up on time and followed my very detail instructions perfectly! They placed themselves well at the church and the reception, they weren't annoying or noticeable but were able to capture the day perfectly! Looking through the pictures was better than any video could ever be. Also, the price was VERY reasonable esp considering there were two of them (which was nice for pictures before the church since one could go with the boys and one with the girls). Finally, I never expected the actual photo shoot to be so much fun! Chrissy totally got me! My only regret is that we didn't do an engagement shoot with them. I could go on and on...

An awesome duo

Reviewed on 11/26/2013 Courtney E

My husband and I booked with Chris and Chrissy for our wedding in October. After our first meeting with Chris, we knew that we had to have the best and that was them. As a husband and wife team, Chris and Chrissy compliment one another. They are both so talented and work together to capture the most breathtaking and memorable photos. The uniqueness of their photos and the way in which they find a way to incorporate your personalities as a couple is just amazing. They have so much patience and are willing to listen to you. Chris and Chrissy will do anything possible to make your day beautiful and they captured the most amazing moments as well as some very funny ones. We are SO happy that we found them and feel so fortunate. If you want quality and unique photos, with outstanding and caring people at a reasonable price, your search is over. Book Chris Carter will not regret it!!

Loved Chris and Chrissy!

Reviewed on 11/19/2013 Keara C

We used Chris and Chrissy for our wedding and could not have been happier with that decision. We received our pictures last week and they did a beautiful job! The day of our wedding, we kept hearing from our family and wedding party that they had such a great time with Chris and Chrissy. Their down-to-earth, easy going nature put everyone at ease, even those who do not love having their picture taken. I was really happy with the extra effort they made to get pictures of family members and the bridal party during the reception. It was apparent from reviewing our pictures that they focused on getting family members, but they were also able to get a picture of pretty much everyone at our wedding. It was wonderful working with Chris and Chrissy! As soon as we booked them we knew that our wedding photography was one less thing we needed to worry about and they definitely came through :)

Amy Samman

Reviewed on 11/19/2013 Amy M

Chris and Chrissy were amazing! They captured our wedding day better than we ever could have imagined. They were professional, personable, and a pleasure to work with. Chrissy did an incredible job making all the kids smile. The photos were beautiful and their professionalism was top notch.

Hire them!

Reviewed on 10/17/2013 Arielle S

This review is long overdue as I got married on July 20, but you should know that in hiring Chris & Chrissy, you are truly getting "the dream team". I knew I wanted to hire them as soon as I saw their website. They had the perfect mix of formal shots and journalistic, fun, everyone dancing and enjoying themselves shots. When we met Chrissy, I knew I had to hire them! I'm so glad we did. A few days before the wedding, Chrissy called to tell me she had hurt her foot and was wearing a boot, and the doctor told her to stay off of her feet as much as possible... but Chrissy said she was STILL coming! Although she could only stay until after the ceremony because of her foot, they brought along an assistant (whose name I forget.. I'm so so sorry!!!) who they had been training (and who came to set up with Chris & Chrissy and stayed til the end of the night) at no extra charge. They really made sure that everything would be ok, and I LOVE that! On the wedding day, they were on time and immediately made us feel at ease. My husband & I aren't big "center of attention" people, but they made us comfortable and listened to our wishes. They took just enough formal shots so we have photos to frame (and they are INCREDIBLE), and they took plenty of fun photos that I wanted, too!! We even have a picture of a dinosaur "chasing" us- it is just too great! Although it took just slightly over 8 weeks to get our photos back, it was so worth the wait! Chris and Chrissy are simply amazing, and the photos the assistant took are great, too!! I can't believe we got 3 incredible photographers for our wedding day. Every time I look at my pictures, I can't help but smile and laugh as I enjoy the day all over again! THANK YOU!

SO Beautiful and SO much fun!!

Reviewed on 10/07/2013 Kaleigh Y

My husband and I got married in May 2013. It's taken way too long to get this written up but better late than never! When we got engaged we were preparing to move to GA (he's in the USCG) and I was starting to plan our wedding in NY. I already had a handful on my plate trying to plan a wedding long distance and was having some stress over it! The photographer was the 'big ticket item' for me, I knew that our 'Big day' would go by fast and that all we would have to remember it all by would be our photos. So I was very particular as to who we chose; but we were also on a budget. The first time I talked to Chrissy I was instantly put at ease, she was friendly, energetic and went over all of my options ( most than once) until I knew exactly what would work for us. Over the 11 months before the wedding both Chris and Chrissy were diligent about getting back to my frantic emails about any and everything I had questions about. The first time we met was on our wedding day and I cold not have been more excited!! I'm a bit shy when it comes to being the center of attention but Chris and Chrissy made me feel so comfortable and at ease; really it was all SO MUCH FUN!! They even worked with me and got me a few photos right after the wedding so I could use them as thank you cards! I could not have asked for more beautiful photos from our wedding. There were so many we had a hard time picking which ones to put up in our home. What a great problem to have right?! :) I would HIGHLY recommend this team to anyone looking for a photographer, not only for weddings but any occasion. I wish we lived closer so we could use them again!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and happy work!! Kaleigh & Justin


Reviewed on 10/06/2013 samantha m

How do I even begin? Chris Carter Photography is AMAZING!!! By far the BEST photographers not only in the Hudson Valley but in my opinion the best I have seen from anywhere! I am embarrassed to say that it has taken me 6 months to write this review but there isn't a day that goes by that I do not look at my wedding pictures and fall in love all over again! I first met Chris & Chrissy a little over a year before my wedding, I believe February 2012. At this point I was so distraught with what I had been seeing out in the market place(inflated prices for mediocre work). And then I came across Chris Carter Photography on The Knot and not only was I captivated by their pictures but I was also RELIEVED that they delivered BREATHTAKING pictures at such an AFFORDABLE price! I thought this might be too good to be true but I decided I had to meet with them. They were the ONLY photographers I met with and I booked them right on the spot without any hesitation(and without my husband!). I just knew that they fit our personality, family and big day. Chris and Chrissy were outstanding right from the beginning. Always responding to emails in a timely fashion, updating ME on how far away my wedding was, getting me amped up for it and traveling out of their normal comfort zone for my engagement pictures and wedding. The best part about Chris and Chrissy is that they are not only professional but they are HILARIOUS! Chris had my husband and I cracking up during our engagement session and you can really see the fun we had shining through in our pictures. The day of our wedding they showed up on time and were completely unobtrusive. I honestly forgot sometimes that Chrissy was in the room with me! They did an amazing job of not getting in the way but still being able to capture the little moments that made the day so special. I could go on and on about how amazing this husband and wife duo are but I feel like you need to meet them to understand. Their personalities and professionalism really set them apart from the rest and their price is UNBEATABLE! For the quality and talent I honestly feel like I got a steal. My wedding pictures are BY FAR the best I have ever seen from any of my friends or family's weddings and I receive compliments for them every day. Thanks again Chris & Chrissy for being such an amazingly talented team and providing us with beautiful memories that we can share with our family and friends for a lifetime!

Still Seeing Stars!!!!

Reviewed on 9/21/2013 Angelica O

Timeless is the word that comes to mind when thinking of Chris Carter Photography. The husband and wife duo were the absolute definition of professional. From our initial meeting in march 2013 to the day of our ceremony in August, their transparency, punctuality and expertise helped make our special day a great success. They were extremely accommodating and always had suggestions on the fly on ways to catch the perfect shots that we hadn't thought of. They allowed us access to an estate they had at a nearby farm in order to allow for us to have separate photo shoots for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. Our ceremony started later than we anticipated and it pushed our proposed schedule back nearly 45 minutes. As the sun set, we were able to get some amazing shots on the beautiful greenery on the Town of Walkill golf course.I cant speak highly enough about the professionalism and quality of service that we received from CC Photography! At this price point you would be hard pressed to find a better team of photographers in the Hudson Valley area.

Easy Decision! 100% Recommend!!

Reviewed on 9/16/2013 Ronnie A

I can’t tell you how happy and lucky we are to have had Chris and Chrissy photograph our wedding! From our first meeting with Chris, he was professional, down to earth, and friendly. Also, Chrissy always responded quickly to our emails and was very helpful throughout the process. We met with other photographers, but after seeing the quality of their photos and the fact that they allow more of an “a la carte” pricing that accommodated our budget, we knew we found our wedding photographers. Not only do you get two photographers with Chris Carter Photography, but we loved the fact that they are husband and wife- they make an exceptional team! Leading up to the wedding, we had a lot of difficulty with planning the timing of the day. Luckily, Chrissy helped us plan out our schedule and even researched a place to take pictures near the reception venue. On the day of our wedding, we knew it was going to rain, but we weren’t sure when. Immediately after our ceremony, Chrissy suggested we take pictures right outside our synagogue since the weather had cleared up for the moment and they wanted to seize the opportunity. On the fly, Chris and Chrissy organized our families and large bridal party (16 people). It was perfect and the outdoor scenery looks beautiful in the pictures! We were worried that we wouldn’t know how to pose for pictures, but Chris and Chrissy walked us through the whole thing – we felt one hundred percent comfortable the entire time and it really felt special. Once the party started, we didn’t even notice that Chris and Chrissy were there, and I mean that in the most positive way. But anytime we had a group picture with friends or family, there was Chris or Chrissy, ready at a moment’s notice to take the picture. Even after the wedding, several family members commented about how great Chris and Chrissy were. We were on our honeymoon when we received the sample photos that they sent us. They are stunning! We both looked at each other and agreed that it was the best we’ve ever looked in our entire lives, which is exactly what you want and hope for in your wedding pictures! We can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures so that we can order our prints and photo albums, but most importantly, relive the best day of our lives. Don’t give any more thought to it – you should book Chris and Chrissy! We were so lucky to have them with us. They were fantastic and we would without a doubt recommend them to everyone! Love, Ben and Ronnie

Absolutely amazing!!!!!

Reviewed on 9/15/2013 Casey H

Chris and chrissy were great from the start. We met Chrissy first an she blew us away wit her great personality. We decided to book them that night. We did an engagement photo shoot with them first to feel them out an it was fantastic. They had us doing great poses and made us feel comfortable the whole time. The day if the weddin Chris met me an my grooms man where we were getting ready and Chrissy net my bride at the venue. The moment Chris showed up he started takin pictures. He was able to capture us in natural moments and nothing seemed forced. My wife told me that Chrissy was amazing. Everything from takin pictures to helping wit the dress. We had some ideas for photos which they were able to do with out any problem. Overall they were amazing an our pictures were amazing. I would definitely recommend these two for any event especially a wedding because they made me and my wife's special day even more amazing an relaxed. Thank you guys so much !!


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