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Reviewed on 12/02/2016 Nicole D

Chad and Brisa were wonderful to work with. Our first dance looked amazing and we got so many compliments on it.

Reviewed on 11/29/2016 Samantha W

I cannot recommend Chad and Brisa highly enough. They are consummate professionals who manage to make a stressful time of life fun, easy, and manageable! I am a notoriously terrible dancer, and my husband and I managed to pull off a fun first dance after only a few weeks of... Read More lessons with Chad and Brisa-- I can't tell you how many people complimented us afterwards! They will work with any experience level, and will set your mind at rest. If you're nervous about dancing in public, you should absolutely give them a call.

Reviewed on 11/09/2015

Chad and Brisa helped me not only learn to dance well for my wedding, they made dance lessons something my wife and I looked forward to. I struggled to learn to dance in the past, but they were very good at seeing my challenges, and creating solutions to get past them. They are... Read More amazing teachers.

Reviewed on 11/09/2015 Jessica W

Chad and Brisa are truly wonderful dancers and fun and enjoyable to work with! We hired them to create and perfect our first dance and the father daughter dance as well. We simply could not be more pleased with the results. Chad has wonderful teaching skills and makes things... Read More that are quite challenging absolutely doable for people from all backgrounds, including those that have no dancing skills! Brisa is also terrific to work with and spent a great deal of time helping us to perfect our dance moves. We came to enjoy our lessons so much and really looked forward to the next one. When our wedding day actually came, my husband and I both felt that one of our favorite parts of our beautiful wedding was definitely our first dance! Feeling confident and knowing we could show off our skills made it so much fun and so very special! I would recommend Chad and Brisa for anybody interested in bettering their dancing skills. They are absolutely wonderful! We will be forever grateful! Jessica Watkins

Reviewed on 11/07/2015 Trisha Simone T

We contacted Chad and Brisa a few weeks before our wedding. We were only able to meet with them twice before the big day! They were great teachers and we had a lot of fun working with them. We are even considering signing up for dance classes just for fun. Highly recommended.... Read More Five stars!

Reviewed on 11/01/2015

My wife Laura and I got married 14 years ago and we took Lessons with Chad. Our wedding was two thousand miles away and the event was largely shaped by our families that were close to the venue where it was held. Our first dance was a waltz that turned out to be the pinnacle... Read More of our evening. It was the one thing that Laura and I could work on together remotely while the others prepared for our wedding back home. It was nice for us to work on something together and no one back home even knew we were taking lessons. When we swept out onto the floor and swooped around with “under arm turns” and even a “lunge”, people were gob-smacked! One little niece even asked her grandma, “is that Cinderella”. Since our wedding, my wife and I have kept up a love of Ballroom dance and have taken classes all over the world. We’ve appreciated the ability and skill that Chad has, which is second to none, and we appreciate his ability to teach at the finest levels and our level, which was just some beginners who wanted to have a special day, be a little more special thanks to a little preparation with a one of a kind teacher. Thanks Chad! Don Purcell

Reviewed on 11/01/2015 Gayle L

Dance with Chad is the best! We needed a first dance song for our wedding. My fiancé and I have never danced before, but from our first lesson Chad made us feel extremely comfortable and at ease, not to mention EXCITED to learn! He is great at communication; quick and thoughtful... Read More responses every time. I called around to other places but Chad by FAR offered the best price around - and I don't think we would have gotten anywhere near the personalized attention, flexibility, and just downright niceness from any of the other dance companies. Thank you for everything, Chad!


Reviewed on 10/29/2015

He did a wonderful job with my husband and daughter. The Father Daughter Dance was beautiful.

Reviewed on 10/28/2015 Ashlee P

My husband and I were referred to Chad through out DJ SKM. We wanted to do a waltz as out first dance. Chad was AMAZING! It was almost like couples therapy where he really goes beyond just teaching you dance moves. He really is passionate about dance and will teach you in the... Read More way that best suits your learning style. He is very flexible and professional. Everyone loved out first dance and mentioned how we looked like pro dancers. I hope we can take some fun couples dance classes now that the wedding is over.

Reviewed on 10/28/2015

I ran across Chad and Brisa at the 2014 Bridal Show when I saw Chad and Roni dancing to my favorite song by Hunter Hayes called Wanted. What caught my eye about the two during the performance was the elegance of the routine. Later that week I emailed Chad and got a response that... Read More was very quick, and left me with a very warm feeling. He had not only answered all of my questions but made me feel welcome to join. This was important because taking dance lessons was something my husband and I had never done before. It didn’t help that we were planning a wedding at the same time, so I was thinking would it even be possible to learn a new dance for our first dance at my wedding reception. When I got to the class the first time I got my answer. We met another couple who was on their fourth or fifth week and their routine was almost done and it was inspirational. My husband and I were both wowed by the experience. Each and every week for 8 weeks we showed up and step by step worked with Chad, Brisa and Roni on our customized choreographed routine. On our wedding day we were able to showcase the dance which was one of the most memorable parts of our wedding. What I love most about the Dance with Chad experience is the price! Taking dance lessons in my mind seemed like it would be very expensive but their pricing was more than reasonable. He was always flexible with us when it was time to make payments which came in handy especially since I was paying off a wedding at the same time. Ultimately, I have to say that Dance with Chad was fun, memorable and was a part of the memories we built through our wedding process. We love them so much and feel this was the best vendor to deal with!

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Julia M

Chad and Brisa are an exceptional dance instruction team. I was a seasoned ball roomer and my fiancé u to dancing and eager to learn. Chad instantly made us feel comfortable together and new just how to approach our different levels. He is warm, funny, personable and makes... Read More every lesson fun. We know that we will have a beautiful wedding dance but more importantly, are learning to dance together for the rest of our lives which is what it's really all about. You couldn't do better than learning to "Dance with Chad"

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 neema e

Our wedding coordinator suggested that we try Dance with Chad to choreograph a first dance for our wedding. We came in on the 2nd week of an 8 week (1x per week) lesson and mid way through the lessons, knew enough basic moves to put them together to a song of our choice. We... Read More walked away with the perfect dance to our perfect song. Chad, Brisa and Roni were great instructors. The only reason I gave 4/5 stars was that it the location was very far for us and the classes were a bit late for the distance we had to drive. Also, since it's a group class, you have to kind of wait for everyone in the group to catch up to speed and that can slow the couples that actually practice at home down a bit. Overall, I would HIGHLY suggest Dance With Chad!

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Stefanie N

We first were introduced to Dance with Chad at the Arizona Bridal Event held at the Phoenix Convention Center. We were very nervous, needed alot of work, and were on a very strict budget. Chad and Brisa won us over right away. They were professional, patient, and flexible... Read More meeting us at odd times and different venues in order to meet our crazy schedules. The gave us basic dance skills boosting our confidence immediately and then built on those skills allowing us to have a beautiful first dance we will always remember. Did I tell you Chad is hilarious! Our classes became a much needed date night were we could laugh, look adoringly into each others eyes, and forget the stress that seems to come with planning a wedding. This duo is so invested not only in their craft but in the individuals themselves. I am in tears as I write this as Chad unexpectedly arrived at my reception and danced with in place of my father was unable to attend. Thank you Chad and Brisa!

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Kaydee H

Chad and Brisa were nothing short of a dream to work with. They were flexible and helped us to have the dance we wanted without forcing their ideas on us. The instruction itself was superb! Insightful, entertaining, supportive, are just a few words that come to mind! We've... Read More learned so much and we can't wait to go back and keep learning more! Also, to call them LGBT friendly would be a huge understatement. They were extremely good to us and made us feel welcome every step of the way. I'm extremely proud to call them friends! If you want to have a beautiful first dance at your wedding, or just learn to dance in general, go with Dance With Chad... you'll be so happy you did!

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Amanda G

When it came to planning for our big day we knew where we wanted to get married, our wedding theme, our colors, who was to be in our wedding, how many guests we were going to invite, etc... The details of our wedding came together easily but there was only one thing both my... Read More husband and I were stressing about and that was our dance. Neither one of us liked to be the center of attention, neither one of us really thought we could dance and with some physical challenges on my part (wheelchair bound) we were both dreading this task and even considered foregoing any 1st dance but before doing so we made an appt with Chad. I had picked up his info at a bridal fair and thought it couldn't hurt to try. Not only did Chad and his team not run away from the challenges we presented before them but they took on that challenge and made us feel very comfortable with the whole process while making it fun for us every week. They were extremely flexible with our schedule, worked within our budget and the final product of all our hard work was beautiful. There was not a dry eye in the whole room, including the venue staff. We are very appreciative of all the time and effort Chad and his team put into working with us and we really couldn't have put a more beautiful choreography together without them... and to think that we almost chose not to do a dance at all! It was the best money we spent and it has almost been a year since we wed and people are still talking about it! Thank you Chad and Brisa! Forever family! -The Zimmermans

Reviewed on 10/27/2015

Chad and Brisa totally saved my husband and i! We worked with them for several months leading up to our wedding, and they really are the best in the business. They tailor everything to you, are super flexible and really want to get to know you! They did a lot more than help us... Read More learn our first dance. They were supportive along the crazy wedding planning process, they listened to us, and they helped us improve our overall relationship. Best experience ever!

Reviewed on 10/27/2015 Allison W

My Fiance and I are having a GREAT time learning our first dance moves with Chad and Brisa! They make it easy and comfortable to learn. They have been guiding us and our four left feet every step of the way. After our first lessen we left with steps and plans to work on from... Read More home which has been such a blast for us! I just happened to be a wedding professional myself, and I have heard from several of my own Brides and Grooms that they have had the exact same experience with Chad as we have. I would highly recommend Dance with Chad to anyone!!

Reviewed on 10/26/2015

When it comes to weddings, the details are very important. However, usually most of the details are not noticed or remembered by the guests unless they are bad. But with regard to the Wedding Dances, the opposite is true. The guests only remember the dances if you amaze them.... Read More For my wedding, I was dancing with the last two people anyone expected to actually be able to dance, my wife and my mother. Let’s just say the bar was set low, and I knew this, so I decided lessons were necessary for both dances. I chose Dance With Chad for their skill, but more importantly for their unmistakable passion. The preparation was a lot of fun and since there was only one of me, we even brought my Dad out to the lessons and made a bigger family event out of it. When the wedding rolled around we were ready, and we definitely amazed the guests. This would definitely not have been possible without working with Chad, Roni and the rest of the team. I still hear comments about our dances, they definitely remember.

Reviewed on 10/23/2015 barbara g

We've known Chad for many years as we (hubby and I) took classes from him at the Parks & Rec several years ago. Then, since we are also in the events industry we'd see him and his crew at various things around town. It is always a pleasure to see him! When our daughter got... Read More married in August 2012 there was no other choice to help hubby with the Father/Daughter dance AND Son in Law with their Bride&Groom dance! (Our daughter is already an accomplished dancer.) Chad and his team helped both men dance with her really well and have fun at the same time! If you want a team that will do their best to help you dance your best - then Dance with Chad is the first and only place to look!

Reviewed on 10/23/2015 Jenet B

What I think what I appreciated most was Chad was able to figure out a plan for us when all we had was an idea of "we don't want to look like a high school dance". He was able to figure out our vibe. We picked our song and we were off. In 4 months, he worked with us creating an... Read More epic 'foxy trot' that wowed our families that they still remember til this day -- 10 years later!! It was my favorite part of my wedding and we received a standing ovation. I cannot recommend Chad and his crew enough. They are professional, flexible and creative. They can make it work and make you shine.

Reviewed on 10/23/2015

Approachable, professional, kind, patient, polite -- what more could you ask for in a dance instructor? I have witnessed Chad and his team turn two left feet into feet of rhythm with definite style. By far, the best you will find. Margherita Scardaci Custom Card Designer

Frist Dance

Reviewed on 6/12/2014

My fiancé and I didn't want to do the "prom sway" at our wedding so we decided to try dance lessons. We're SO HAPPY that we did! Not only did all of our guests tell us how much they loved our first dance, it was what we enjoyed the most during the wedding planning. Everything... Read More was stressful and our dance lesson was the one time a week that we could have fun with each other with no stress. Neither of us had ever had any dance lessons and Chad was very patient and made the dance moves simple for us. The pictures of the dance were elegant and we had so much fun doing it. We decided to continue the lessons since it's something that we have grown to love doing together. If anyone were to ask me if they should take dance lessons, I would say yes.... you and your guests will love it! Jeannia & EJ Greco

Love the team!

Reviewed on 9/30/2013 barbara g

Chad and his entire team worked with my daughter, her fiance (now husband), and my husband for both the bride & groom's first dance and the father daughter dance. My daughter was already a dancer so the goal was to help her groom and her daddy feel more comfortable on the... Read More dance floor. The goal was accomplished and surpassed! Chad, Yvonne, Brisa, Kat and Ronnie are all extremely patient and did a fantastic job getting the guys ready for the moments in the spotlight! Thank you all!!!

Awesome Experience and Impressive Dance

Reviewed on 1/14/2012 Candice P

We first caught a glimpse of at the huge bridal show at the Phoenix Convention Center. We loved watching the dancers but thought to ourselves "There is no way we could ever look that good for our first dance." I have always dreamed of learning how to dance;... Read More however, the trick was talking my fiancé into taking classes. One night, through a Mock Wedding by SKM Entertainment, we were able to talk to Chad and Yvonne with Their prices were awesome! An eight week wedding survival class for only $35 a person! If that wasn't good enough, we ended up winning the eight week class for free at the mock wedding. My husband had no excuse not to go now! We took the "Wedding Survival Course" where other newly-weds were hoping to make their first dance unforgettable. Most of the couples, including us, had no experience dancing nor did they even have a song in mind. Chad and his assistants were awesome though in teaching us a variety of dance moves regardless of the situations. My husband and I absolutely LOVED the classes so much that we started taking more in-depth classes such as Ballroom and a hot Tango/Salsa class. We learned how to dance Ballroom, Tango, Merengue, Foxtrot, Waltz, Jive, Jitterbug and East/ West Coast Swing! With such a variety of moves, we finally figured out a "first dance" that would allow our personalities to shine through. We chose "I Do" by Paul Brandt (a romantic Country song that speaks from the heart) and "Teenage Dream" by Katy Perry (a fun and spunky song that is completely us in a nutshell). I, a little on the wilder side, wanted to incorporate some really hot and sexy moves whereas Albert wanted a clean and romantic dance. Chad and his assistant Yvonne helped us put a dance together to do just that... and more! The dance turned out absolutely incredible! We incorporated all of the moves we learned from the classes and made them into a dance that WE wanted and that was unique to US! Our family and friends were absolutely astonished and even after several months later, we still get compliments from our guests. Even though my dress broke during our dance, we kept on smiling and dancing, and it turned out better than we ever could have expected. Not only did we have an absolutely amazing first dance and first experience as husband and wife, we learned how to dance together... that skill will forever be carried with us! Now we can dance at other weddings, parties, social and work events. We recommend this to any couples who are planning a wedding or even just looking to share a great hobby together!

Affordable option with professional instruction

Reviewed on 3/31/2011 Christine A

My husband took weekly dance lessons from Chad through Tempe Parks and Recreation. Chad was available at other times to work with couples. He also provided the class a mock reception where brides and grooms got to practice their "grand entrance" and "first dance". Most of the... Read More mock reception consisted of various music selections with a live DJ! It was during this experience, that we found "our song"!