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49th Wedding anniversary

Reviewed on 3/08/2014 Arlene r

I wanted to surprise my mother with a renewing of my parent vows. My mother has cancer and this might be their last Anniversary. I have been following this company on Instagram and saw amazing cakes. I went to their bakery 2-27-14 I told the girl behind the counter that money was NOT a issue and that this cake has to been amazing and just gorgeous . What I got was a cake that was not even I want a lace look with red ribbons made from Fondant and red roses on the top. The piping was smudge and uneven the cake was square but on Corner was smushed in and finger prints were on the bottom tier. The smaller cake was supposed to have the same design but with 2 gold rings on top but the same thing with the uneven and smudge design and the rings looked my my 6 year old drew them and they had sliver on them and it was just place on the top not the whole ring and the white bleed through. These cakes were just awful . The delivery guy spoke no English and did not understand me when I did not want to except the cakes. I called the bakery immediately and was told that they did not have a recorded of my order so I offered to email them photos and in return I got a email back asking if this was a cake order or I replied with the order number and my information to get to response . It's sad that this had to come to this I had to call my credit to fight the charge.

Delicious and Beautiful!

Reviewed on 2/11/2014 Dominique H

The cake was part of the package with my venue, so I don't know the base costs, but it was beautiful and delicious! We had lemon cake with raspberry filling. The cake was moist and just perfect. We did not want to pay for additional flowers so we just put them on ourselves and it worked out great.

Delicious cake

Reviewed on 8/28/2013 jacqueline p

Loved it

Dream cake

Reviewed on 6/25/2013 Jennifer A

My cake was amazing and delicious! Everything I ask for was delivered! Will be using them again and highly recommend them.

Loved my cake

Reviewed on 12/27/2012 Iris C

They made the process absolutely easy and had no issues of delivery on the day of the wedding. We had vanilla rum cake which was delicious! Our frosting was butter cream. They were happy to add on any ornaments you brought in.

My Delicious Swirl Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 12/26/2012 Marisol F

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Divine Delicacies and their staff. From the moment my now husand and I walked in for our first tasting, the staff was nothing but professional and very helpful when we were trying to decide what style and flavors to pick for our wedding cake. We ended up have a vanilla rum cake with dulce de leche filing which was pure heaven! I highly recommend using Divine Delicacies as a wedding cake (or any party) vendor.

Awesome Taste

Reviewed on 12/08/2012 Ada B

My cake was beautiful, it was more than what I envisioned. Thank you......

My Cake

Reviewed on 11/28/2012 Ana D

Cake was delicious and beautiful.

Deliciouse cake..but they need a bigger location

Reviewed on 10/01/2012 Raquel P

My cake was beatiful and tasted great..but when you go their be prepared to sit and wait...they have 1 girl doing the sit down with you and the place is tiny.

taste was as expected..customization not so much

Reviewed on 9/24/2012 Nahir R

Was excited to use this vendor for my husband's Miami Heat themed cake and was unexpectadly dissapointed, especially since the vendor refers to itself as the "official" custom cakery for the Miami Heat. When I first arrived to pick up the cake, noticed that the white fondant details were smeared against the black fondant and some colors were not blended properly, giving the cake an overall messy look. After pointing out these details to the associate, the cake was taken to the back to be fixed. After waiting an hour for the cake to be fixed in the store, the cake was returned with some of the details fixed, but still had a messy, unsymmetrical look. When I informed them that I could no longer wait for the cake to be further "fixed" in person (because at this point I was running late), they refused to absorb the delivery cost. I requested to speak to the store manager multiple times during my time there, and she refused to come out of the kitchen, and instead sent the sales associate to relay her messages. The sales associate was extremely empathetic and understanding to the situation and truly tried to address the issue to the best of her ability, yet the manager was extremely unprofessional in her unwillingness to address the customer's concern and handle the issue herself. All in all, the taste of the cake was as expected after the fact, yet the customization was sub-par. I left the bakery having paid full price for a cake that I was dissatisfied with the customization!

wedding cake

Reviewed on 8/12/2012 Cristina M

I LOVED my wedding cake. The staff is great but the only thing I was a bit dissappointed about was that I had called in advance to find out how much crystal banding I needed for 2 rows to use in my 4 tiered cake and they gave me the wrong amount. Therefore, I was only able to have 2 tiers wrapped with the crystal banding. They managed to make it work because at the end I had an AMAZING cake that tasted delicious.

Love my cake

Reviewed on 8/10/2012 Andrea D

They made exactly what I asked for, and it tasted delicious.

Wonderful Baker and very talented

Reviewed on 8/01/2012 Ricardo C

Our bride's and goom's cakes were both absolutely breath-taking... both to the eyes and mouth! They turned out better than we ever would've expected. During our consultation/cake-tasting, our consultant really worked with us so that we could get what we wanted within our budget. They made it very clear that they were there to make sure that we were more than happy with what we were getting. Our wedding cake was seriously the best wedding cake I had ever had. They were so moist and fresh. Their designs also turned out so much better than we could have ever imagined! Neither my Wife or I are artists by any means; we're both in accounting if you get my drift. We went into the consultation really not knowing what we wanted, but the consultant really worked with us to come up with the cakes' designs. The designs turned out so AWESOME. We got so many compliments on the taste and designs of our cakes. I'm definitely going to use them for special cakes in the future!

May Wedding 2012

Reviewed on 7/01/2012 Garnet R

The cake we chose for our wedding looked beautiful when we saw it at our cake tasting appointment and we has been told they were the best. We were disappointed when we saw the cake the day of the wedding because it was missing the flowers on the top of the cake that we had paid for by the way. Although we had that disappointment the cake tasted great but it did not make up for the look of the cake. I would recommend but for future references have someone with the picture of your cake present at the venue when they deliver it to make sure it is what you ordered.


Reviewed on 6/25/2012 Sylvia S

My cake was beautiful. It was simple and yet very elegant. I had the cookies and cream cake and everyone loved it.

Excellent!!! The best cake!!

Reviewed on 5/15/2012 Yarilis V

My wedding cake was better that what I pictured in my mind!!! They helped me design it and gave me tips because I was not sure of how I wanted it and I am very happy with the result!! Thank You Divine!!!


Reviewed on 5/14/2012 Diane L

I was so happy when I saw they are on the Holiday Inn's vendor list. Beautiful presentation, great taste, easy to work with. Delivered what was promised.

Not a good experience

Reviewed on 4/29/2012 Christina R

Their customer service was not good. They nickel & dime. Seem to not value smaller requests because they are used to larger projects. Make you feel insignificant.

My cake

Reviewed on 4/24/2012 Erika P

I ordered a 2 tiered cake and the picture on the website was completely different than in person. My cake should have been ivory & it looked almost yellow/d. beige. It tasted okay, but when i 1st looked at it, i remember being disappointed.

Horrible !

Reviewed on 4/19/2012 yaritza m

when i paid for my wedding i was told the total amount of $100.00 and the day of my wedding they called the catering company that was catering at my wedding and told them that if i didnt pay $115.00 more they would not deliver it. when i finally arrived to the reception the cake looked like a disaster. thanks to the florist who were able to cover up the cracks that were around the fondant ribbon with orchids. i was so disappointed !!! this place is definitely not the place to go too . and the young girl working in the front doesnt know what the hell shes doing !!


Reviewed on 2/28/2012 Lily P

DD did a great job! I loved my cake and they followed my ideas very well. It even tasted as good as it looked.

Gorgeous & Delicious Cakes

Reviewed on 1/12/2012 Ana O

Devine Delicacies did my wedding cake and it was so beautiful and delicious. I went for the buttercream instead of fondant and I was a bit nervous as I had once ordered a buttercream cake from another big name cake shop in Miami and I was extremely disappointed at how the cake looked. My worries were for not as the cake looked so amazing, it was exactly as we had discussed when I ordered the cake and it was delicious. We ordered one tier guava, another coconut and the third carrot. Everyone commented on how delicious the cake was which was very important to us. Thank you Devine Delicacies!!


Reviewed on 1/07/2012 Vanessa S

The cake was exactly what I ordered. It was moist and delicious. So glad I went with this cake maker.

Great cake for a good price

Reviewed on 12/21/2011 Kathy W

I had a package plan with Miami Springs country club and it included the cake. The shop is cute and were very helpful in helping choose the our favorite flavors for our wedding cake.

Best Cake We Ever Ate!!

Reviewed on 12/15/2011 Jessica M

The Cake in my opinion was one of the best parts of our wedding it came out exactly as I wanted it absolutely gorgeous and tasted as good as it looked!!


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