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Elite Entertainment provides Bay Area couples with the best in professional wedding DJ services. Going beyond just playing music on your big day, Elite DJs act as your Master of Ceremonies (MC) and coordinate with your vendors to help manage the flow of your wedding.


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Big Band/Swing, Classical, Country/Folk, Disco, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Latin, R&B, Top 40/Pop, Variety


Ceremony Music, Disc Jockey


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683 E Brokaw Rd, San Jose, CA

The BEST DJ ever

Reviewed on 5/06/2014 Linda N

I had Andrew for my DJ and he was really awesome. He kept the party going and kept me on track. I couldn't have done it without him. He was great to work with.

Awesome MC and DJ!

Reviewed on 3/25/2014 Lauren C

DJ Tony did a great job with out wedding. He spent a lot of time with us beforehand figuring out our taste in music and specific events we wanted to happen during the reception. He reads the crowd really well so was always able to keep the dancing going strong. He has a great personality and did a great job MCing!

You must have a photo booth at your wedding

Reviewed on 12/04/2013 Kelsey

Having a photo booth at my wedding was one of our favorite things. Our guests absolutely loved it and we are still laughing at and enjoying the pictures. Elite Entertainment did a perfect set up of the photo booth. The attendant who worked it was great (thanks Tony!!) The props were fun and it helped create even more great memories. They had a add on purchase to get a book where guests can glue the pictures on and then sign next to it. Very worth it because that is one less thing to figure out and one more take away from your wedding :) We also got a digital copy of all the pictures on a thumb drive which is great! I definitely would recommend elite entertainment for your photo booth needs!


Reviewed on 12/23/2014 Tami B

We loved our DJ Tony! He was amazing and fun and really knew what he was doing. We got together prior to the meeting to go over any questions I had and to review our music selections. He arrived early and was well prepared to play the music we had requested. He was awesome and I would highly recommend requesting him.

Loved the music

Reviewed on 11/04/2014 Vanessa W

We had DJ Andrew from Elite Entertainment for our wedding and he was fantastic - our guests loved the music he played and we received a lot of compliments. Andrew kept our music preferences in mind (top 40, some EDM, 90s) while adapting to the crowd and how they responded to the music selection. He also executed on all our special songs, with the exception of being a tad late to start the recessional song. Elite Entertainment as a whole also did a great job communicating during the planning stages - they proactively called and emailed. They had someone who was our primary contact before they handed things off to DJ Andrew the week of. Overall, great service.


Reviewed on 9/17/2014

I have to give a shout out for Kevin Combs the DJ for Elite Entertainment!! I got married last weekend and he was great!!! He knew we had a younger crowd mainly and played hit music that got them all to dance!! He also threw in some oldies to get my family to dance. Not only was he good at being our DJ playing the music and getting the crowd pumped!! He was great at following all my timelines for the wedding!! He knew to me it was important that the wedding wasn't running too late and he did a EXCELLENT job making sure we stayed in our timelines. He basically ran the whole wedding like a wedding planner. He would come to me and inform me if there were any issues or questions. He was more than I could even ask for as a DJ. Elite entertainment provides the audio equipment, speakers, and any upgrades you want. I think Kevin made our wedding as successful as it was without him I don't think it would have gone as smoothly as it did. AMAZING DJ


Reviewed on 9/02/2014 Felicia D

Kevin DJ'd our wedding reception last weekend (and handled the audio at our ceremony), and we couldn't have asked for more. All of our guests had such a good time dancing -- he even got people onto the dance floor who hadn't danced in years! Kevin was really easy to work with and the coordination leading up to the wedding was smooth. We had a great experience and wouldn't hesitate to recommend him!

DJ Turner Hayes - excellent choice for our DJ'ing needs!

Reviewed on 7/09/2014 Kristie F

I got married this past weekend and had Turner Hayes DJ our wedding for us. From the very beginning, he was the consummate professional - he kept our budget in mind and provided suggestions on what was do'able and what probably wasn't a good idea. We ended up having Turner provide mics/ battery pack and speakers for the ceremony out at Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park and then he DJ'ed the reception with a slideshow that was on loop throughout the night. Turner made getting married a cinch - he was very organized, very responsive (no longer than a day or two turnaround on any emails), and had great music taste - we liked 90's hiphop and r&b and he was able to hit that on every note throughout the night. He also made the night run very smoothly (in terms of announcements, timelines, etc.) when we were behind on certain things, but kept us at ease when we needed to hustle things along. I'd highly recommend Turner for your DJ'ing needs at your wedding - he's very friendly, genuinely interested in helping make your day/night completely special, and looks out for the 2 of you as a couple. I'm extremely happy that we went with Elite and that Turner was a part of our day :)

Good Entertainment

Reviewed on 12/11/2013 Miranda

My experience with this company was overall good. I received communication in response in a timely manner, and everyone I spoke to was very friendly. My DJ for the day of did a very good job. He played songs that we had asked for, and did a great job with the do not play list. The only small complaint that we had was that the DJ may have been trying a little to hard to be funny.

A little confusing in the planning but great day o

Reviewed on 8/14/2013 Grace L

We used Elite Entertainment because they were contracted through our reception venue so didn't technically have much of a choice...but they were pretty great so we are happy with the results. They sent us a packet a few months before the wedding to help us narrow down song selections and plan out the evening which was helpful. But it got a little confusing later on because they called a couple of times a week or so before the wedding asking us a lot of clarifying questions about the paperwork....and then told us that the individual speaking to us was not going to be the actual DJ, and that the actual DJ would call us in two days. And he never did until we emailed 4 days later asking what happened. When he did call, he was really nice but asked us the SAME questions we had already answered, as well as some questions that we answered on the paperwork. It was a little bit redundant. But the day of they were great - I think our DJ was named Andrew. He didn't really end up playing a lot of the songs we had selected but I think he did a good job going off of the vibe of the guests rather than just off the list which is really helpful as I'm sure he knew what could keep energy levels high better than we would. So overall, pleased with the end results although a little confused in the days leading up to the big day! Cost-wise, again, they were contracted through our venue (The Freedom Hall and Gardens) which is incredibly affordable so really a great value altogether.

Great DJ!

Reviewed on 4/17/2013 Leni D

Elite Entertainment's DJ was part of our wedding package with Freedom Hall & Gardens. Kevin was our assigned DJ, and he made sure everything went well -- I had been asked by my family to play specific songs for our wedding procession, and luckily, Kevin had the exact music, and everyone was happy. Kevin also made sure that our guests listened to a variety of music both before the ceremony and during the cocktail hour. What I liked most about Kevin and Elite Entertainment is the form they ask each couple to complete -- that form is very specific and thorough, and it allowed my new husband and I to figure out what music we wanted Kevin to play at the reception because their offering is so comprehensive. Thanks to Kevin and Elite Entertainment!

DJ, Photo Booth

Reviewed on 3/05/2013 Janice G

I must say that if I ever have any event where I need a DJ, it will be Elite Entertainment. Turner was our DJ and he was awesome. He went way beyond of being a DJ. He did amazing with the music. He also would check on us throughout the night to see if we needed anything. the photo booth we rented was awesome and the person working it made all of our guest feel fun and happy. I must say that of all the things from the reception, the music and dancing are in most of my favorite memories.

You must use this DJ for your wedding!

Reviewed on 1/22/2013 Alyx F

Elite Entertainment goes above and beyond to make you feel valued. In our initial consultation, we were given an outlined plan not just for music, but also for event coordination. If you want a DJ who goes above and beyond just playing music, this is absolutely the company to look at. My DJ for the wedding was Turner and he was incredible. He made my wedding go by smoothly and made sure that I didn't feel stressed at all on my big day. He kept my husband and I informed about our time schedule and he made sure that we kept to the schedule without even having to think about it. Some of the spectacular things that he did throughout the event were: saving my wedding ceremony by controlling the microphone when my officiant had a coughing fit, coordinating all of the guests from one location to another in the venue to make sure everything happened on time and how it was supposed to and lastly he made us a CD of our wedding songs to take home with us at the end of the night which was SO sweet and such a nice gesture. I cannot recommend Elite entertainment more.

Epic Dance Party!

Reviewed on 12/27/2012 Brian S

Our wedding photographer probably said it best when she said that our reception was an "epic dance part," which of course would not have happened without Ross. A great DJ from a great company. Guests are still talking about how fun the wedding was, all thanks to Ross.


Reviewed on 12/21/2012 Catherine D

Tony was awesome! I really liked that he took time out to give us a call and make sure that everything on our music list was fine-tuned. We got the songs we wanted, he didn't play anything on our "do-not-play" list and got the crowd dancing! He also did a great job of controlling the flow of the night with dances, speeches, etc. Fun times!

Wedding DJ

Reviewed on 10/27/2012 Lorena C

We could have not found a better DJ than Robey! After a terrible experience with another DJ, it was so refreshing to find someone as professional and talented as Robey! Robey was a delight to work with. He was extremely professional throughout the night-- all while playing all of our favorite music. Our music selection consisted of a wide array of genres (Spanish rock, Jazz, R&B, easy listening, salsa, bachata, pop, and hip hop). We met with Robey before the wedding day, and he patiently listened to all of our wedding music requests and gave us suggestions along the way. We discussed different playlists for cocktail hour music, reception music, first dance music and dance party music. We loved every single minute of our reception and we have Robey to thank for that!

Turner is Fantastic

Reviewed on 10/18/2012 Nicole B

Our DJ was wonderful. He helped us before the wedding get ideas and set our wedding timeline. He answered every question promptly. On our wedding day he played a great mix of music that kept all generations dancing and had a great voice that captured peoples attention. Also Elite Entertainment provided us with uplights and a GOBO both of which were executed perfectly

Very Entertaining

Reviewed on 9/23/2012 Colleen Q

I had my wedding at Freedom Hall, so a DJ from Elite Entertainment was provided as part of our package deal. Our DJ was Ross and he did exactly as we hoped- he entertained. About a month before the wedding Elite Entertainment sent us a massive list of songs that we could choose to have played at our wedding and during certain events of the night (like the cake cutting). My husband and I made several 'special requests' for songs that were not on the list, and were very happy that Ross was able to get all of those songs for us. My husband and I also have different music tastes, so we picked a lot of songs that don't really go well together, and I was surprised that Ross found a way to play all of our songs in a way that they actually flowed well together. Ross was nice, professional, entertaining, and we were very happy with the service that he provided.

DJ Services

Reviewed on 9/04/2012 Linda R

I was referred to Elite Entertainment by a friend as it was somewhat hard to find a good bilingual dj in the bay area. I was a bit disappointed as DJ Tony didn't have as much energy you would expect from a DJ/Mcee. In addition, I spent a good amount of time filing out their song selection worksheet so I would have expected that he would play most of the songs that I had hand written, instead he only played a small handful which was disappointing. Finally, i was told that he would contact us about a week or 2 before the wedding to go over the timeline and music selection; however he contacted me 3 days before the wedding and we played phone tag until finally we were able to speak the afternoon before my wedding. He did however show up on time to set up and accommodated my guests music requests, although with some hesitation.

Tony is amazing!

Reviewed on 8/22/2012 Elisabeth H

Tony was our DJ and he was fantastic at our wedding. He is such a friendly and positive person, and it comes through in the way that he deals with his customers and his positive attitude during the reception. He had great suggestions in terms of what to play during the cocktail hour, and gave great advise for things that I was unsure about. My new husband and I were also going back and forth over some of the designated songs, and he was so flexible and patient about that. In fact, there was this one song my husband wanted to hear, and during our pre-event meeting I told Tony about it, but the problem was there was no clean version of it available. I am pretty sure that he made a clean version himself, or looked really hard online to find one (because we sure couldn't) and it was a pleasant surprise to hear it at the wedding. Bottom line, this company is easy to work with, reliable, and clearly has a great DJ. I highly recommend Tony, he is a great guy and great at his job!

Great DJs!

Reviewed on 8/18/2012 Caitlin S

The DJ was so professional. He played awesome songs and kept our guests dancing the whole time. He was very flexible--we could change things up to 20 seconds before he announced them, which was great.

Not good

Reviewed on 8/09/2012 Kelley C

The company was horrible to work with. We booked a little less than a year in advance. We ended up placing an order with them for their photo booth as well. Another sales rep booked our photo booth with someone else the same day we booked it. We booked first, but since they paid before us they got the photo booth. We were 2 months away from our wedding and I had to scramble to find another photo booth. Horrible service, I think. Every time my husband called them to ask questions, the rep we were working with was always busy and never called my husband back. My husband had to call multiple days to talk to the rep. The DJ in general was cool, but I was disappointed that he didn't play more songs that I highlighted on the song list. I will never recommend this vendor to anyone.

DJ Paul

Reviewed on 7/31/2012 Rebecca G

This was the feedback we gave our wonderful DJ for our wedding: Dear DJ Paul, I will post my feedback publicly, but we wish to personally thank you for the above-and-beyond services that you provided on our wedding day!! If it weren't for your taking initiative to rectify the many setbacks in our timeline and to do so in such a classy, calm, friendly manner, I'm afraid the whole thing would have gone mayhem! I knew we'd need the additional help that Elite Entertainment offers, being that we had no wedding coordinator and our caterer had little experience with weddings and none at Hakone, but you definitely exceeded our expectations! I remember seeing the caterer freak out about the timeline and feeling at a loss about what to do, but you totally stepped in with a calmness and leadership that made me feel confident again that everything would be fine. I can't tell you how much we appreciated this!! Also, you came to the rescue ensuring that our toast-givers had their champagne glasses at hand and that we had what we needed to cut our cake. Alex and I blanked out at first with the cake-cutting and not really knowing what we were doing - and you took care of it so graciously. We had many compliments about you and our guests seemed to be having a such a great time out on the dance floor, thanks to you! I heard that my niece was quite entertained with your DJ'ing as well, and I'm so grateful for that, as she is so special to me!! I am sure that there is so much more that went unnoticed by us that you did in the hurried craziness of a day that it was for us, and for all of that we are super grateful as well. I am so SO (so so) glad that we chose YOU to DJ our special day!! I will definitely and happily share my enthusiasm for your services with the web and with anyone I know who's looking for the perfect DJ. Thanks again,

Classy MC and Excellent DJ

Reviewed on 5/30/2012 Neil A

We just had our wedding last weekend. Paul Bragg was an excellent MC and DJ. He provided exactly what we asked for - a classy MC with no cheesiness or over-the-top shenanigans. Also, we only wanted him to play songs we selected, most of which were not on the list provided to us by Elite Entertainment. So he allowed us to burn all the songs we wanted onto CDs and he selected tracks from the list we put together. Overall, we found Paul and Elite Entertainment to be very professional, courteous, and prepared.

Great DJ

Reviewed on 5/15/2012 Kelly T

We received so many compliments about the DJ- great job! Got all the songs we wanted and DJ Paul was professional and fun! Only complaint would be- we paid extra for the Gobo and I didnt really notice/see it


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