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We specialize in creating wedding cakes and other special event cakes. We are a small business, personally caring about each wedding cake, are flexible to work with, and reasonably priced. We will work with you and provide an elegant wedding cake. A free 1st anniversary cake is provided.


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5714 Blue Grass Lane, Saline, MI


Reviewed on 10/29/2013 Erica M

We chose Gwen to do our wedding cake, and we were so happy with the final results! Throughout the process, Gwen was great to work with and easy to contact. She helped me transport the custom cake stand when I was in a last minute pinch and had no one to deliver the stand to the reception hall on the day of the wedding. Most importantly, the quality of her cake and frosting is excellent - not too sweet, light, and moist. When I asked for a second trial, she explained that she typically does not offer that but was willing to do another complimentary tasting for me to help choose the flavors. She also was willing to bring us a box to the wedding reception to take the leftover cake home. The final design of the cake looked great! Lastly, her prices are reasonable as compared to other vendors. I highly recommend her!


Reviewed on 7/02/2013 Maria S

We had cupcakes at our wedding and they turned out perfect, she does such a wonderful job, we will being going back to Gwen for other occasions

So Yummy!

Reviewed on 6/27/2013 Lindsay O

Gwen's cakes are beautiful and she does not use fondant. Our cake was delicious and beautiful. I highly recommend the cherry cake with the cream cheese filling. It is to die for!

Highly Recommended

Reviewed on 1/20/2015 Adrienne Y

Gwen made a birthday cake for our rehearsal dinner (it was one of my bridesmaids birthdays) and our wedding cake. People loved them both. There was maybe one piece of wedding cake left and the funfetti cake at the rehearsal dinner was such a hit. Gwen's tastings included multiple samples and she worked so well to fit our tastes.


Reviewed on 1/13/2015 Amanda J

I used Gwen's Cake Decorating and Etc. for my wedding and it was perfect! We did a small cake for my husband and I to cut but the majority of our dessert was cupcakes and they were adorable! Our theme was kind of mismatched so none of the cupcakes looked exactly the same. Some had bows, some had pearls, some just frosting. It was everything I told her I wanted. The staff at my venue kept saying that it was the prettiest display they had seen there. Oh and the cake was delicious. So really, it was a win/win.


Reviewed on 10/20/2014 Emily L

We chose Gwen because she was a local vendor, with stellar reviews. She was amazing to work with! So easy to contact, and was great to work with throughout the entire process. We really enjoyed our tasting and consulation- she was very thorough and really understood our vision for our cake. She was also incredibly reasonable- we had so much cake, and it was beautiful! She was so professional and wonderful to work with. Our only regret is that we were WAY to busy to eat any cake! SO bummed- the flavors she made for us sounded SO tasty- at least our guests got to enjoy it!

Delicious Wedding Cake!

Reviewed on 9/24/2014 Amy F

YUM! Gwen makes amazing wedding cakes and is super easy to work with. We had three different flavors, and they were all so good that nobody could choose a favorite! We were pretty laid back about the design of the cake, so we just gave her some ideas of colors and patterns over the phone, and she took what we said and made a gorgeous cake! We would definitely recommend Gwen for any wedding or event.

Delicious Cake

Reviewed on 9/17/2014 Elizabeth R

Gwen was fantastic to work with. The cake tasting and consultation was fantastic and she was flexible with me taking the left overs home for my father to try. The cake on the wedding day was just what I wanted and tasted fantastic. We served the top layer the next day at brunch and it was still fabulous. It will be nice to have a fresh cake for our 1 year anniversary as well. Overall it was a great experience working with Gwen.

Gwens Cakes are not only beautiful but delicious !!!

Reviewed on 9/01/2014 Brooke

Gwen was so sweet and on top of everything up until the wedding day. I felt that I never had to worry about a thing! Also something she does that I've never heard of before, she makes you an anniversary cake for you 1st anniversary !! It is the nicest thing! I didn't have to eat a 1 year old frozen cake, I got a delicious fresh cake, and so yummy!

Delicious Cake But Decorating Less Than Thrilling

Reviewed on 8/05/2014 Julie B

My husband and I found Gwen fairly easy to work with. She was flexible and available to meet with us and did multiple tastings to help us figure out our tastes. Her cakes are really delicious, and the cupcakes are huge! Her prices are also very fair, especially for how much you get. We were quite disappointed with the decoration of our cake though. When we had our second meeting with her, we brought pictures and described in detail how we wanted it to be decorated. It was just a very simple monogram with round pearl border around it and really nothing else. When we saw the cake on our wedding day, the monogram was awkward-looking, messy, and almost juvenile, and the border didn't consist of the pearls we gave her pictures of - they were more elongated mounds than small, round pearls. The cupcake decorations were fine, but it was sad that our top tier of cake was sub-par. Our photographer didn't even take a picture of it from the front and we were surprisingly grateful for that :/ I realize that the decorations may have been a miscommunication between us and Gwen, but we tried to be very clear and make sure she understood what we wanted. I wish that if she were unclear or confused, that she would have reached out to double check.

Delicious Cake!

Reviewed on 7/16/2014 Boni

My parents & in-laws are hard to please with "western cakes" because they claim that they are always too sweet compared to asian-styled ones. However they loved the taste & texture of our wedding cake. One thing that was disappointing was that Gwen was a little hard to get in touch with. Maybe this was due to the busy-ness of wedding season and our wedding falling soon after a holiday weekend. It definitely required some phone & email tag. However the end result was lovely and delicious. I also loved the fact that the pricing was very fair. I don't remember the final cost but the pricing was ~$3/slice + any set-up/travel fees. You do not need to pay $6-8/slice for wedding cake in order to get great tasting cake. Seriously contemplating ordering some normal cakes, maybe I can come up with a birthday/other occasion to celebrate =)

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 6/28/2014 Tara K

Our wedding cake was delicious and everyone loved it. Gwen is easy to work with and can create just about anything from a picture.

Beautiful, delicious cake

Reviewed on 6/09/2014 Jen C

Gwen did a wonderful job on our wedding cake! It was beautiful and our guests keep talking about how delicious it was. Gwen was very easy to work with and would recommend her to anyone.

Great Taste, Great Price

Reviewed on 10/15/2013 Erin M

Gwen was easy to work with and produced beautiful cupcakes with amazing flavor. Moist, consistent, awesomely yummy. We asked her to do a decorated cake round on the top, and I will say that piping / drawing is NOT her strong point. I'm sure she's great with floral frosting designs, but I do NOT recommend her for script / drawing. If you're looking for a to-die-for delicious cake without a lot of fussy decorating, Gwen is AWESOME and I'm sure her price is hard to beat. Give her a try!


Reviewed on 8/04/2013 Hilary L

Gwen was nice but she didn't make the cake the way she said she would. I was disappointing but it was a beautiful wedding day regardless!


Reviewed on 6/10/2013 Amanda M

WOW! I was so, so impressed. Not only are Gwen's cakes amazing and delicious her professionalism and quality are something you rarely find. Pricing was unbeatable for what you get. She stays away from the typical tasting cakes and gives you 5-star quality. So many cake flavors and she was willing to work with me in all ways. The cake was beautiful and even better than I could've imagined. So happy!

sooooooooooo yummy!

Reviewed on 5/30/2013 Andi B

I've had Gwen's cakes at several events, and our wedding cake lived up to the high standard. The taste was amazing and it looked great. She also did an awesome job arranging our cake topper and the flowers our florist provided.

Great job

Reviewed on 3/18/2013 Carrie L

Thanks Gwen, everyone loved you cakes!

Gwen made my dream cake come true!

Reviewed on 10/10/2012 Melannie T

Gwen is a true artist in her skill! I met with Gwen for a cake tasting and initial consultation and her cake was out of this world! The frosting was unlike any other that I had tried and just knocked it out of the park for me. Gwen was very pleasant, professional and helpful. From what I found doing research around my area she was the most reasonable as well. Gwen was able to take my numerous pictures of different cakes that I liked and came up with my PERFECT wedding cake. It was absolutely beautiful and I couldn't have asked for anything better. And, OH MY GOSH, was it ever delicious! I think the first thing out of everyone’s mouth who was at the wedding who saw me after was, " That cake was so beautiful and delicious!" I think I've heard more about the cake than anything else that was at the wedding! Thank you Gwen for making my dream cake come true!

Great Value

Reviewed on 9/15/2012 Karleigh K

We were overall satisfied with our cake from Gwen's. She was very easy to work with and the cake was absolutely gorgeous. We loved her cake when we had samples at our tasting, but were a little disappointed on the wedding day. It was still very good, but the half of the cake that was supposed to be bavarian cream and strawberries seemed to have very few strawberries and just wasn't quite as moist as when we tasted it. She is very well priced, though. This is definitely the way to get the most value for your money.


Reviewed on 8/30/2012 Megan B

Great cake!

Best wedding cake ever!

Reviewed on 8/07/2012 Kristina P

Gwen is the nicest person. She works from her home and is very professional. I was able to taste the cakes beforehand. She is also the most reasonable baker I found at $2.5 a piece. I got so many compliments on the cake after the wedding!

Best Cake

Reviewed on 7/10/2012 Janitta T

I had a 5 tier cake with a different flavor in each tier. The cake was mouth watering good. Great Baker!


Reviewed on 5/21/2012 Kendra L

Gwen was so fun and easy to work with. We waited way to long before finding a baker, but when we met Gwen (two months before the wedding) She was more than willing to help. We had a delicious tasting. Her prices were very reasonable. The day of the wedding she came and set everything up with ease. And most importantly, the cake was delicious! Our guests are still talking about how amazing it was. We can't wait to eat our anniversary cake!

Beautiful Work!

Reviewed on 1/31/2012 Katelyn M

She did absolutely beautiful work and it tasted even better! The cake was EXACTLY what I was dreaming of and it turned out beautiful! Great pricing as well for a 5 tired cake!


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