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606 W. Southern Ave, Tempe, AZ (480) 517-9520

Reviewed on 12/03/2017 Michelle N

We went with Honey Moon Sweets as recommended by our wedding planner and we couldn't be happier! I was not feeling well at our first tasting and they were very sweet, offering me water and packaged the samples for me to take home. They rescheduled the tasting with no issues. I... Read More showed them a Pinterest picture and the cake came out even better than the Pinterest picture! Our guests loved the cake; it wasn't too sweet, just right. We also ordered a small 6" cake for my father-in-law as it was also his birthday. I forgot to ask them to write "Happy Birthday Dad" on the cake but they did it anyway! Highly recommend. Thank you Honey Moon Sweets!!

Reviewed on 7/09/2017 Adrianna A

There is no better bakery in the Phoenix-area than Honeymoon Sweets. I have been buying and enjoying their products since 2002 and I can testify that they make delicious cakes and treats, they are a top-notch creative team and they offer outstanding customer service. When... Read More planning my wedding, I did not consider any other bakery because I knew the Honeymoon Sweets team would be able to create my dream wedding cake and groom’s cake… and they did! We worked closely with Alisa for months and had a great cake-tasting experience. She and the entire team were professional and exceeded our expectations. They were able to create a 3-tier wedding cake with 3 flavors in the design we wanted. I was also able to work with the cake-designing team on the groom’s cake. They took my specific vision and turned it into a work of art. I was so pleased with both of our cakes! Both were exactly what I envisioned, not to mention absolutely delicious! Honeymoon Sweets delivers on every aspect of an outstanding bakery. They went above and beyond to make sure we had amazing experience and offered the highest quality of product and service. I highly recommend them for weddings, parties, events, holidays and any sweet-treat needs!

Reviewed on 6/28/2017 Kendall H

I don't think I actually got to taste our wedding cake (sad, I know!) but everyone said that they loved it!! They made the cake look exactly like I wanted and I am so grateful for that. They were sweet and wonderful to work with. Our venue uses them as their cake vendor so it... Read More was one less decision for us to make!

Reviewed on 6/20/2017 Vicki E

We had a very small topper size cake, the price was right and it tasted great. I did encounter several communication issues that required my follow up on several times.

Reviewed on 1/12/2017 Kelly H

We ordered a small wedding cake and fruit pies for our wedding reception. Both the cake and pies were beyond amazing! Our guests still give us compliments over a month later on these desserts!

Reviewed on 12/18/2016 Alicia M

First of all let me preface this review by saying that our venue included the cake in our wedding package and contracted out to Honeymoon Sweets to make it. This is the only reason we used this vendor for our cake. Of all our experiences in planning our wedding our cake tasting... Read More was the worst thing we had to sit through. First of all, your cake sample is this tiny amount of cake that they pre-make, so you don’t actually get to try more than a couple flavors and like barley even a bite at that. However, the worst part of the tasting was that the girl helping us could not answer a single question on her own. She had to keep leaving the room for long periods of time to ask someone else. It was very awkward and time consuming. Why couldn’t we just talk directly to the person with the answers??? Pricing was also terrible. Any little design or thing you want to do is a crazy upcharge. We ended up having our middle layer be a shiny silver and the charge was $1 per guest even though it was only for the middle portion of the cake. Which makes no sense! Then when we went to make our final payment for the cake and our guest count ended up being less than the original estimate, they did not reduce the pricing on this at all. Even though they had written out the calculation on the form and we had discussed this at the time of our tasting. I was so annoyed with them at this point I just paid it to be done with them. Why was I annoyed you ask?? Because on this same day they told me my flavor combination was “not recommended” and tried to convince me to change it. Granted red velvet and lemon mousse is a little different but we had tried it and that’s what we had liked so why do they care? They ended up letting us keep our flavor choice but made be sign an affidavit about the flavors which was asinine!!!! Lastly, on our wedding day when the cake arrived they had totally messed up the color scheme on the top layer of our cake. Luckily only we knew the difference but it just fueled our disappointment in this awful bakery. Don’t trust this place with your wedding cake.

Reviewed on 10/23/2016 Kelcy Y

We highly recommend Honey Moon Sweets! Our wedding cake was so delicious and beautiful! We worked specifically with Shelbie who was very helpful in bringing our design to life. They give you so many options for flavors and designs you can craft a cake that best suits your... Read More tastes. Everything is so amazing - you cant go wrong!

Reviewed on 4/21/2016 Dannah R

This vendor provided the wedding cake and mini desserts for my daughter's wedding. The cake and mini desserts were absolutely delicious and beautiful! Guests made a point of telling us how delicious they were.

Reviewed on 3/20/2016 Teresa H

We had a great experience with Honeymoon! They were one of two options that were contracted with our venue. We did tasting at both, and Honeymoon's tasting experience was 1000 times better than the other bakery. They made us feel valued as a customer and that they really wanted... Read More to help us create a special cake. I was someone that came in with no ideas (which the other bakery did not like... which I can somewhat understand), but here, they helped my husband and I look through all the different design samples they had and come up with something that ended up being perfect with the rainbow theme of our wedding. The final product turned out really great and was delivered on time and with no issues. We ended up with a good amount left over-probably due to the fact that everyone was busy dancing when it was served-and I probably would have been upset by that, but we got it all wrapped up to take home, and since returning from our honeymoon, I've been taking portions out from the freezer little by little either for myself or to share with others, and it is delicious every time! I really love the buttercream frosting on the outside, and we had vanilla with caramel and a cream cheese mousse and its so good! Even now, its super moist and the caramel just sinks in to the mousse Thanks so much!!

Absolute worst experience we had at a bakery.

Reviewed on 4/30/2014 April P

Honeymoon Sweets was the bakery we were told we had to use in order to take advantage of the "included cake" with the package we had with our venue. The tasting they offer is one solitary cake, with chocolate cake on one layer and white cake on the other. That's it. White... Read More & chocolate to taste. Not exactly a "tasting." They also have spoonfuls of various fillings, but it was very difficult to see how they would combine given the limited amount of actual cake to take with each filling. And if you wanted something other than white or chocolate cake, you'd have to pay $15 for each flavor just to try it. This was not told to us ahead of time, so we left the tasting feeling deflated and very dissapointed, knowing we'd have to settle on what we wanted. Additionally, when doing our consultation, they were all about saying "no that isn't possible", "no that isn't included", or "we can do that but it will be $x more per serving." They use a tasteless buttercreme icing as well and are unwilling to do a traditional american buttercreme. Overall, they were a nightmare to work with, and had to be reminded constantly to respond to questions, whether via email or via phone. I wouldn't recommend Honeymoon Sweets to anyone.

Good cake - beautiful

Reviewed on 5/14/2013 Christa S

We enjoyed this cake (although I barely had much at the wedding because there was so much going on!). The cake was beautiful and exactly how we designed it. The cake was part of our package at the hotel so price was not an option. Cake testing was fun - wish there was more... Read More options to try but definitely a great experience with no stress!!

Yummy cake!

Reviewed on 2/08/2013 Elyse M

They did a great job on our wedding cake!

Highly recommended!

Reviewed on 5/29/2012 Nubia G

The Cake was great, just what we wanted. I recommend all brides to-be to schedule a cake tasting to see for your self's!!!

beautiful work of art

Reviewed on 2/25/2012 Kellie V

The cake was beautiful! They worked with me to accomplish the design I had in my head. The tasting was really good as well. The only unsatisfactory thing was that the "buttercream" icing tasted like bland shortening. It was really missing the sweet, or slightly sweet taste... Read More that I remember from the tasting. I didnt notice it at the wedding as I was not paying much attention, but our leftovers of chocolate/raspberry and carrot/cream cheese made it very apparant...

First sign of trouble, GO ELSEWHERE

Reviewed on 12/06/2011 Alane M

Very nice shop, this was part of the venue package, so we did not get to chose our cake place unfortunately. First I was disappointed in the tasting. I have seen and heard about SO many other people's tasting and how FABULOUS it was I was sooooo sad when we got such tiny samples... Read More and not much of a selection. Their signature italian buttercream was frozen solid and hard to taste at the time, but it was good. Then came the issue of bringing my vision to life. I had pictures and was VERY specific on what I wanted. Each layer was to sugar spread and spilling over the sides, so it looked like crystals. They insisted this look was made by those silver balls and it would cost me an extra $250 to do this for my cake. Well um NO the artical I printed the pic of the cake I wanted specifically said it was crystal sugar. It was a mess, going back and forth and them wanting to keep charging me extra money! I could have picked from an array of extravagant designs to put on my cake free of charge, BUT to throw sugar on a plain cake was $$$. Rediculous. I ended up just telling them I wanted it just plain and I went and bought rhinestone banding. YES I ended up paying $100 extra for the banding BUT I knew exactly what I was getting and it wouldn't get screwed up!! Then they insisted I needed a few flowers around it, my florist provided free top flowers, so that was all good. I did not want a lot of flowers on the cake...just SPARKLES! Well they called my florist to tell her what they needed, next thing I know my florist tells me I owe her another $70!!!!!! AND the Honeymoon sweets wants $25 to put the dang flowers on the cake...I know that sounds dumb to be mad over, but I HATED my cake, it was SO not the look I was going for, flowers looked stupid all over the place which I did not want. I think I dealt with a new person there who totally sucks at her job and doesnt listen. I did get the manager involved that is super nice...but it still didnt turn out right. OH and to top things off, the entire cake stand that the deliverd the cake on and was on display was covered in sparkly sugar....YUP the same stuff I wanted on my cake to begin with...and it was free......... *sigh. Like I said if your baker doesnt "get it" go NEXT!!!!!!!

Delicious & Beautiful Cake

Reviewed on 11/10/2011 andrea p

Honey Moon Sweets has the most delicious buttercream I've ever tasted. The cake is moist and it's all delicious. I found out it comes highly recommended from my friend who is a pastry chef. The only problem I had was trying to convey my cake design to the woman who was... Read More helping us. She kept saying that there wasn't much I could do with buttercream. I've worked in pastry kitchens, so I understand it can't do what fondant does, but I wanted a really simple design. They want you to bring in an exact picture of the cake you want, which is hard if you can't find one. Once I talked to the people who actually make the cakes though, it was a piece of cake, pun intended. The cake was perfect and was sooo good. I dream about it.


Reviewed on 11/10/2011 TOBI A

Our cake was simple and elegant. Great job!


Reviewed on 10/25/2011 Rebecca O

We went with Honey Moon Sweets as part of our buffet catering deal with The Farm at South Mountain. The negotiated rate of $3.50 pp is included in your proposal. Very easy to deal with, and they were the only one of the 3 bakeries we went to that actually left you alone to eat... Read More and talk about the cake. Very flexible if you want a simply decorated or an elaborate cake. The cake itself was delicious and we got many compliments from our guests after the reception.

Exactly what we wanted.

Reviewed on 10/19/2011 Amy N

Laverna! Thank you so much for helping Paul and I. I am glad we came in with a plan. I am glad we came in and sampled your cake! Our unconvential chocolate wedding cake was elegant and simply marvelous! Our only draw back was because our wedding ceremony was outside in... Read More September in was warm. It began to melt! I wished the venue would have waited a little longer to bring it out. The groom's cake was a hit! Paul was so surprised with his Chicago Blackhawks cake! He claimed the puck for himself and wouldn't share!

Delicious Cake, but...

Reviewed on 5/07/2011 Jessica H

The cake from Honeymoon Sweets was delicious and beautiful. The cake-tasting was very professional, and the cake we got was exactly what we asked for. However, they charge an outrageous (mandatory) delivery fee and were over an hour late to deliver the cake, without any... Read More explanation, although we were calling and trying to find them.

Pretty and delish

Reviewed on 3/08/2011 Tena M

Our cake turned out EXACTLY as we imagined it. The flavors, the design, everything was perfect. I wish the box they provided for the top of the cake would have been large enough to fit it in without squishing it, but that's only a minor detail.

Over priced and underwhelming

Reviewed on 2/10/2011 Jolie B

Honey Moon Sweets is included with my venue package, and I had heard great things about them, so I was really excited to get to try this place finally. I had my cake tasting last weekend and the vanilla layer of the sample cake was completely frozen. I would hate for this to... Read More be the case on my wedding day. And on top of that they just give you a few fillings to sample no inside cake... Really odd. And on top of the mediocre cake they informed me that they couldn't even do anything like the cake I wanted, but to do something that was the "Closest they could get" would cost me an extra $10 a person on top of what my venue was already paying. Seriously so you want an extra $1000 to not do the exact cake I want. Forget that.

Cake looked like a work of Art, tasted great!

Reviewed on 1/25/2011 Angela W

The black and white three tiered cake looked very art deco and featured two cake flavors and fillings. I will definitly use them for special occasions in the future.


Reviewed on 1/02/2011 Justyne S

For our cake, we used Honeymoon Sweets. Can I say delicious!!! I’ve NEVER in my life have ever tasted a more delicious cake in my life!! We wanted something simple yet elegant and we didn't want to spend a fortune. The lady who helped us, her name was Alisa. She had us sit down... Read More and look at all the different style cakes they have. She was so helpful and understood that we didn’t want to pay a lot. We got to customize our own cake and it came out even more beautiful than I thought!! We were so pleased with our cake that we would definitely recommend Honey Moon Sweets!

beautiful and delicious!

Reviewed on 12/26/2010 Sharri F

Our cake was great! The people at Honey Moon Sweets were very friendly to work with and made the cake look exactly like the picture I gave them! It looked great and tasted delicious too!