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Amazing planning experience!

Reviewed on 3/25/2015 Laura B

Jove was incredible in every step of the process- from planning, to budgeting, to recommending and connecting us with vendors. He was also amazing on the day of the wedding- ensuring we worried about nothing and that all went smoothly! We recommend him highly!!!

Green Building Wedding in February 2015

Reviewed on 3/23/2015

SPECTACULAR is the word for the February, 2015 wedding of our daughter and (now) son in law at the Green Building in Brooklyn. Jove was the mastermind. We were concerned about planning a wedding from Minnesota with guests traveling in from all over the US and foreign countries, but Jove and his staff were the perfect team. They understood our budget, recommended great vendors---caterer, hotel, DJ, photographer, florist, lighting, etc.---managed the year long planning process skillfully and dealt with all of our stress points as they arose during the year. And, Jove nailed the day of the wedding. It was perfect and our daughter and son in law were so happy. And that made us happier. We had a lot of fun with Jove and our kids on this journey. So, we have a year of good memories capped by the whirlwind event itself. We are still fielding "Kudos" from family and friends who enjoyed the wedding. We highly recommend Jove and his team and we look forward to planning (at least) one more wedding with him.

Took on a challenge and conquered

Reviewed on 3/23/2015 Jennifer R

I got married on Pi day. I gave Jove quite a bit of a challenge when I asked him to help me with the day of the wedding planning. My wedding was a star wars/Chinese/Italian/Jewish themed wedding with the reception being at a Chinese banquet hall where many of the employees did not speak English. Jove took on the challenge with a smile on his face and made everything meld together seamlessly on that day. I really don't know what I would have done without him. He knew his way around almost every tradition and item we needed to have at the wedding and the ones he didn't know he sought the help of his nerdy colleagues to assist him. He made pulling off a 200 person multi-cultural wedding with a very difficult language barrier seem like a breeze. I cannot recommend Jove and his team enough. Even though I only hired him for day of services, he made sure that I knew that I could rely on him for the duration of my planning and especially the month before. Jove, thank you so much for a job really well done.

Best decision we made!

Reviewed on 12/29/2014

Our wedding photographer Isabelle Selby recommended that we use Jove Meyer because they had worked at a few weddings together, and we are SO glad that she did. Naturally, a few months before the wedding we realized that there were too many small details in the planning of the wedding that we didn't have the time or the knowledge to really handle. We could line up the venue, vendors, payments, etc, but the actual timeline of the wedding day and how everything would run seamlessly from one thing to the next seemed like a big mountain to climb. Enter Jove. After an initial phone call, Jove met with my fiancé and I for two hours and went over the wedding planning with us. We decided to use his day of/month of wedding coordination service as we had already lined up several vendors. Jove is a great guy, and obviously very detail-oriented and organized. A week before the wedding, we did a walk through at the venue with Jove and at that point we felt really at ease that everything would go perfectly. Basically, with Jove's assistance, everything DID go perfectly. I could list all the little things that Jove took care of on the day of our wedding, but I guess that's the point. There were so many little practical things that by themselves were simple but there were A LOT of them. Things you don't even think about until they happen. Jove was on point and took care of all of them, leaving us free to have the best night of our lives. Do yourself a massive favor and hire Jove!!!

Hip Planner + Expert Day-of Coordinator

Reviewed on 11/22/2014 Laura L

We hired Jove Meyer for full service planning and coordination for our wedding in Williamsburg. We were initially drawn to Jove's style - he wasn't like the million other wedding planners you can hire in NYC and we didn't want our wedding to be like a million other NYC weddings. We knew we wanted our wedding to have a Brooklyn flavor and Jove fit with that perfectly. His rates were great too. Jove just got us. He knew the look & feel we were going for for our event right off the bat. One of his greatest strengths was hooking us up with other vendors who were just right for us. After meeting us and getting a vibe for our personalities, he knew exactly which venue, photographer, videographer, caterer, DJ, and make-up artist would put us at ease and mesh with our aesthetic. He knew who would work together well as a team. He made the contract process easy with everyone (and got us some good deals too). He met & emailed with us countless times in the year leading up to our wedding, but knew when we just wanted space to do our thing too. Jove absolutely wowed us as a day-of coordinator. I had zero stress or worries about everything happening as it was supposed to. There was not a single snafu or detail that I had to deal with and I know from after the fact that it wasn't like there weren't glitches - it was just that Jove handled them behind the scenes like a pro and kept them from distracting us from what was really important that day. He did everything I asked him to do; anything I didn't ask for, he made the right decision for me. He and his assistant made sure we had everything we needed all night, including food, water, and drinks in our hands - they even went to our apartment to grab sneakers for my husband after he got a blister from his wedding shoes! After the event they took care of everything - we ran off to the after-party and came home to a clean apartment with all our decor packed up and an adorable photobooth pic of the two of us stuck to the fridge. Basically all you need to know is that Jove is a total pro, he works with pros, and he's worth every penny (and it will be fewer pennies than other planners in the area).

Jove is the Best

Reviewed on 11/04/2014 Alyson P

I reached out to Jove on the Knot right after getting engaged in January of 2013. I got married October 2014 and Jove was with me every step of the way. I contracted Jove for full service planning and it was the best decision I made. Jove found exactly the venue, caterer, photo/video, florals, dress designer, everything I wanted. He made the process so easy and seamless and even helped me brainstorm last details, All while respecting my point of view, keeping totally calm, and making it fun. The day of, omg, everything worked out so smoothly. We took the subway to the venue, with our whole wedding party, and photo/video in tow. Jove planned out the whole morning schedule, had his assistant (amazing) help set up photos while we were getting ready, carry our things on the subway (and with a smile and in heels - seriously the best) and when we got to the venue, everything was GORGEOUS. Like better than expected. Throughout the night if there were any issues, i didn't know about them, which just shows you how amazing Jove is. he also (extremely considerately) kept the bridal room at the venue stocked with snacks, put out my lipstick and perfume for touch ups, and had drinks in there for my husband and i to enjoy if we wanted to slip away from the crowd for a minute. Solidly the best. My mom loved him, my grandmother thanked him personally for how amazing the wedding was. It was everything I could've dreamed of and more. Thanks Jove for everything!!!!!

Thanks Jove!

Reviewed on 10/29/2014 Jordan R

Hiring Jove was the best decision we made in wedding planning. He got us the perfect venue when it was still totally unknown, introduced us to great vendors and got us good deals, and has excellent taste. Cannot recommend him strongly enough.


Reviewed on 10/27/2014 Dana K

Jove was like a little planning angel sent to us from heaven. Our wonderful planner went on maternity leave and hooked us up with Jove for month of coordination. He was professional, detail oriented, soooo funny and just an all-around pleasure. He was always prompt and very responsive through email. Day of he kept everyone in line and me sane which was most important; his assistant was lovely as well. The wedding went off without a hitch. If you’re looking for someone to take charge he’s your man. Cannot say enough good things about him; literally felt like working with a good friend.

Jove Makes Weddings Better

Reviewed on 9/28/2014 Tim M

We used Jove as our month/day of coordinator. As many brides will relate, I was a hot mess the month leading up to our first meeting with Jove. There were too many details to organize and coordinate on my own, while managing work and life. Once we met with Jove, he took on every little detail, asked all the questions we didn't know to ask, and I had all the faith in the world that he would take care of us. And he did, right down to the minute. Not only is Jove professional and punctual, he is fun. He has good energy, and he's a positive person. He makes people happy, and that's a major bonus. Our guests felt completely taken care of because Jove managed our wedding like clockwork, he was friendly, and I knew I didn't have to worry about anything, because he was already on it.

Marilys saved our wedding day!

Reviewed on 9/24/2014 Araminta A

Marilys and Jove came in during our last month of wedding planning. We were needing some extra help with our venue and needed reinforcements! However, we quickly realized that we needed Marilys for so much more! She provided us with such peace of mind on the final lead up and on the day of our wedding. On the day of our wedding, 30 minutes before our ceremony was due to start, the heavens opened and the most powerful thunderstorm erupted! Family members were starting to get alarmed and panic, but Marilys expertly navigated the switch to our indoor plan in the reception space. There were so many challenges on the day-of, and she shielded us from them so all we had to do was focus on enjoying the moment. A particular talent she has, besides being very cool in the face of stress, is her incredible ability to deal with some very difficult people and smooth over any challenge that comes up. She was invaluable and probably the best investment we made in the whole budget! If you are not sure you need a day-of planner, I would say you DO! Get one. It will save you and your fiancé so much stress and you will feel so much more confident and relaxed going into your special day. I would highly recommend Marilys and Jove Meyer events - and if I ever do any other events in the future, they will be the first call I make!

Jove is THE go to event planner!

Reviewed on 8/07/2014 Whitney B

Jove was one of the main reasons that our wedding went off without a single hitch. He was there every single step of the way on the day of the wedding and he was instrumental in keeping everyone organized in the month leading up to the big day. His team is professional and is there to make sure everything falls into place and troubleshoot accordingly. Jove is very creative and has a particular eye for detail. His suggestions and guidance really made our wedding come alive in a way that wouldn't have been possible without his expertise. He was a true joy to work with and I can't recommend him highly enough for any type of event. I know that I'll definitely be tapping him again for future events.

Wedding Day of Coordinator

Reviewed on 7/13/2014 Jarrod S

Jove acted as our Day of Coordinator for our wedding at the Wythe Hotel and was absolutely fantastic. My wife and I are very organized and were somewhat hesitant to hire a Day of Coordinator and thought we were prepared for the wedding. We know that having Jove's help was a big part of what made our wedding day run so smoothly. We were allowed to enjoy the day and not be bothered with any day of logistics. From our very first meeting, Jove impressed us with his thoughtfulness and organization. His execution on the day of our wedding was flawless. Jove was always very professional, unruffled by any unexpected happenings, and was constantly working behind the scenes. In fact, he did so many special, over-the-top things that were decisions he made indepently that we will never forget. A couple examples: -He located and coordinated an unused loft hotel room that allowed us to take spectacular sunset photos with the NYC skyline. The timing was absolutely perfect and pictures are incredible. -To our surprise, he set up our hotel room beautifully for when the night was over (flower petals, flower arrangements from the party and candles). We would highly recommend Jove!

Flawless Execution for our Shabby Chic Wedding

Reviewed on 7/08/2014 Fazillah P

Thank goodness for JOVE!! We couldn't have asked for a smoother wedding day thanks to him. Both my husband and I are very hands on people, but from our first meeting with Jove we could tell he was a pro at his trade and it gave us a lot of comfort to trust him to help execute such an important milestone. We initially hired Jove as our Day of Coordinator, however as we only had 4.5 months to plan and both of us have very demanding work schedules, we quickly realized we couldn't do everything ourselves and decided to hire Jove to help source a few important vendors for us as well. He nailed it!! Especially the florist and photo booth. We didn't even know what our flowers looked like until we got to the ceremony (now that's trust), but he took our vision and executed right on point to make it all come together with sheer perfection! The most important part of working with Jove is we got to enjoy our day with our loved ones without worrying about a single detail. From the ceremony, to the luncheon reception, to the after rooftop party...everything was flawlessly executed...and exactly what we had envisioned! Would "totes" ;) recommend Jove if you are looking for a Day of Coordinator and need help sourcing vendors for your wedding or other important milestone event. Mr & Mrs Durante

Wonderful Experience - highly recommended!

Reviewed on 7/01/2014

Hiring Jove as a month/day-of planner was one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning process. Jove was extremely professional, organized and, on top of that, fun. He listened and made helpful suggestions, kept us on track with timing, and made the entire wedding planning experience much less stressful and easier to navigate. Jove was not only a key part of organizing our wedding, but it was also a true pleasure having him there. We had a fabulous experience with Jove and would highly recommend him.

Amazing Day of Coordinator

Reviewed on 6/29/2014 Rona K

I hired Jove after a very short meeting with him almost a year ago. He was recommended to me by the venue that we chose for our wedding. From the minute we met, I knew that he was exactly what I was looking for. He was organized, sweet, responsive, funny and overall on top of his game! Throughout the wedding process, I used his expertise for everything from opinions on my ever-changing seating chart, recommendations for late night food delivery for the event, to helping facilitate any issues I had with other vendors that I had. He is extremely detail oriented and locked into your event, even though he has endless other weddings to coordinate the minute your event is over. I am so grateful that I took my venue's recommendation to hire him to be a part of our wedding day because the day itself took up seamlessly. Not only did I enjoy every encounter with him, but he proved to be a patient, professional, and hard-working planner and I wish I had another event to plan so that I could hire him all over again. Thanks for everything Jove- you are SO good at what you do.

Jove is amazing!!

Reviewed on 6/06/2014

We hired Jove as our day of/month of planner for our wedding and it was one of the best decisions we could have made. Jove is wonderfully friendly, funny, talented, creative and passionate about what he does. He worked seamlessly with all our other vendors and took such great care of us on our wedding day. If something didn't go according to plan, Jove handled it calmly and protected us from having to stress or worry about hiccups or details on our big day. He took care of us throughout our wedding -- always ensuring we knew what to expect, handing us glasses of champagne, and making sure that we had time to sit and eat (which is hard to do!) If we had to do it all over, we would hire Jove again in a heartbeat -- having him as part of our wedding was absolutely one of the best decisions that we made in the whole process. We are so happy to have put our wedding day in his extremely capable hands.

Tutera has nothing on this adorable Brooklyn-based events planner!

Reviewed on 4/01/2014 Katrina

Jove Meyer is, quite simply, a bride's best friend. From start to finish, Jove was able to put me at ease as my wedding coordinator and manage all of the many moving parts, personal touches, and DIY details we incorporated into our wedding. He has a thoughtful, streamlined process to wedding planning and coordinating that works very well for a Type A, chronic worrier like me. He listened to all of my concerns and was always there when I had a question or something I was losing sleep over. Every email I received from Jove leading up to the wedding made me feel 200% less stressed, even if it consisted of only one word or an emoticon. His unwavering upbeat attitude is immediately calming. When I arrived at my wedding reception, I was absolutely blown away by Jove's work. He had not only executed my vision exactly as I communicated it to him - he added millions of other wonderful details that I never would have thought of myself. It was so beautiful, I could hardly believe it was my wedding. Jove did a fantastic job of managing our reception timeline and events, and checking to make sure me and my husband had everything we needed. It made it easy for both of us to relax and enjoy being with our guests. If you are looking for an events planner or coordinator, you should hire Jove while you can still afford him. It would not surprise me at all if he has his own show on TLC in less than a year. I would work with him again in a heartbeat!

Thank You Jove!

Reviewed on 3/18/2014 Leah B

One of the best decisions we made during our planning process was hiring Jove Meyer to be our day-of coordinator for our wedding at The Bell House. Jove was recommended to us by our caterer after we decided we would need an extra hand the day of the wedding. Jove ended up contributing in a million different ways and in our view, our wedding day could not have gone more perfectly, or exceeded our expectations more (we say this knowing that Jove was probably handling every and any glitch flawlessly in the background with ease and charm without us ever worrying about a thing). We both work in production and thought we had our DIY wedding on lock, but as the month approached, we quickly realized there were so many things about weddings we did not understand and things about the day that seemed huge and overwhelming. During the planning process Jove was invaluable with his feedback, encouraging us along the way. The day of the wedding, Jove ran every single element with complete perfection and ease. He also had unbelievable last minute creative input (we had spent hours making decor that would only be displayed during the reception and he had the brilliant idea to showcase the decor during the ceremony, adding tremendously to the overall feel of the ceremony). The day was seamless, thanks to Jove. On top of that, we just really liked him from the start, which made us that much more excited to have him be a part of our wedding day. We also trusted him implicitly, both personally and artistically, which let us relax and focus on the people at the wedding instead of the nuts and bolts that go into it. Jove provides a service which is invaluable and necessary, but he brings himself to the job in an amazingly honest, fun and comfortable way. Thank you, Jove, for making it possible for us to enjoy what was truly the best day of our lives!

The Perfect Ally

Reviewed on 1/01/2014 Beka B

It is the day after my beautiful New Year's Eve wedding, and I can't recommend Jove Meyer strongly enough. When I first met Jove, the caterer we had intended to use had just backed out with only 6 weeks to go. Instead of worrying and fretting, he made me feel relaxed and didn't blame me for the predicament that I was in. And that is ultimately what I knew I needed for my big day. Someone who knows how to roll with the punches, operate under pressure…and someone who would support me and not bring any negative energy to the table. When I ultimately found a new caterer, the captain had worked with Jove before and spoke very highly of him. She had seen him operate under pressure and complimented me on choosing him to be my day-of planner. He looked adorable for the wedding in a very cute polka dot bow tie and managed the evening without it ever feeling stressful. The night went off without a hitch and I had so many compliments from my guests. I have a lot of respect for the job that he has to do--from managing an array of personalities to creating precise floor plans to organizing the vendors. Jove will help you and respond to your every question and concern--he is the perfect ally to have by your side so you can enjoy your special day.


Reviewed on 12/30/2013 Allison C

My husband and I used Jove as a month of wedding coordinator. He was excellent and made sure the day of the wedding was worry free and PERFECT!

Brooklyn Wedding - November 2, 2013

Reviewed on 12/01/2013

We retained Jove to coordinate our wedding just two weeks before the event, and it was the best decision we could have made (aside from deciding to get married in the first place). Jove was fantastic--thanks to him, the event was amazing and went off without a hitch. I would recommend him for any kind of special event.

The Best

Reviewed on 11/29/2013 Peter H

Jove was fantastic -- He listened to all of our needs, had many great ideas on the layout & flow of the venue and was he invaluable in helping us pull together all the different pieces for our ceremony and reception. He was great at keeping things moving along (without rushing things) and he made part of the planning fun along the way. He really loves what he does and it shows. The only thing that we didn't plan on was when one our elderly guests took ill and had to leave in a somewhat dramatic fashion, but Jove stepped up to the mic to reassure our remaining guests and restart the party. I'm very happy that we had him at the helm of our big day.

Jove Meyer dropped the ball

Reviewed on 10/28/2013 Darcy B

I continue to be amazed by the overly positive reviews that Jove receives on a number of these wedding websites. We hired Jove two months before our wedding for his month-of/day-of planning services in hopes of settling my mind at ease and reducing anxiety leading up to and on the day or my wedding. Instead he showed up late to meetings, made us feel like we were one of a million of his different, more important weddings, and had little attention span or ability to fully grasp our needs, or give professional expertise. After each meeting or email I would look back to these reviews, and hope that it was just the busy season, and that he would come through on the day of. Sadly this was not the case. Jove failed to come through on many of the items he outlines on his website. He felt it was unnecessary to be a part of the bridal party preparations, leading to a chaotic and stressful start of the day without his direction. He failed to set up the ceremony site correctly, after two meetings with discussions and floor plans. He also underestimated how much support we needed to set up, so our family had to help and miss vital group photos. There was no organization on his part for the group photos, as promised. During the reception, he failed to keep to our timeline leading to vendors staying late. All the while, he was seen eating & taking photos for his own Instagram. And after complaining that the breakdown would take too long on his own, he was seen frantically boxing everything up in front of guests before the evening was finished and ended up misplacing key pieces that we told him needed to be returned, costing us money. The reason he gets such outstanding reviews? Maybe they are fake, or maybe he gets all negative reviews taken down. I know my brother-in-law's was. All know is that I want people to hear how Jove really performs. When it comes to being a professional, giving and providing expert advice and help, he simply falls short.

Everything you could ask for and more.

Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Nicole R

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Jove for our Day of Coordination services for our wedding day. We met with him a few times before the big day, and every time we left those meetings, my mind felt calmed (And for a bride a couple of months before her wedding, that is worth every penny!). Jove was able to give us experienced feedback, suggestions, support, confidence, the perfect amount of guidance, he was really there for us in so many ways I couldn't imagine doing it any other way. And that was just a month or two before our wedding! On our wedding day, he is the guy you want to have your back, to keep you on schedule (without feeling rushed). He set up all of our personalized DIY/details to perfection. I can't emphasize it enough, if you're thinking about finding someone to help either plan your full wedding or if you're a do it yourself couple (which believe me, we did EVERYTHING ourselves), and looking for someone to help make it all happen day of- take it from me, working with Jove is one of reasons I could 100% enjoy every minute of our wedding. Knowing he was there provided us with such assurance, we could take it all in and be completely present with the love of our families and friends as the day sped by. Jove has such a wonderful personality, and is organized beyond perfection. You can tell from the minute you meet him, he loves making weddings and events come to life, and it shows in all that he does, he is simply wonderful.

Couldn't have done it without Jove!

Reviewed on 9/23/2013 Vicki R

We hired Jove to help with the month-of and day-of coordination for a wedding, and he was an incredible help. The last few weeks leading up to a wedding can be busy and stressful, but Jove helped us finalize a rental vendor, and confirmed details with all the other vendors we had contracted. Whenever we had question or were uncertain, Jove was able to provide answers and helpful guidance based on his experience and the best fit for our wedding. My husband and I put a lot of thinking and planning into the personal touches of our wedding (from venue, to handmade centerpieces and beer brewed by a friend) and Jove did an incredible job ensuring that all came to life on the day of the event. Not only did Jove do a great job making sure our reception looked beautiful and staid true to our version, but he was thoughtful and attentive throughout the event. We never had to think about a thing or what to do next, Jove was there to make us comfortable and help transition guests starting from our first dance through dinner, toasts, and cake cutting. It definitely would not have been as smooth without him!


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