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King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant


Torrance, CA

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King's Hawaiian Bakery and Restaurant



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2808 W. Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance, CA


Reviewed on 12/15/2014 Leo J

I had the Paradise Delight sheet cake ordered to distribute among our guests and it tasted delicious. It was a little more than I had intended to spend but it was worth every penny since it was the best wedding cake I had tasted by far.

So delicious and beautiful

Reviewed on 9/03/2014 Alison O

The wedding cake of my dreams!! I've always loved the paradise cake from King's Hawaiian and thankfully they make beautiful wedding cakes!! I had them add fresh strawberries in between the layers, so this cake was even more delicious and moist. They created a two-tier cake and a sheet cake and used their unique white non-dairy frosting to decorate it. They put Swiss dots on one layer and a swirl/paisley design on the other layer for free. It was beautiful. It was also delicious and all of my guests loved it. My husband and I enjoyed the leftover pieces too. The cost of this beautiful, moist, sweet cake was very low considering the quality. They delivered it from Torrance to Newport Beach for a reasonable fee. I would definitely recommend King's Hawaiian for wedding cakes and for any other occasion!!

My cake was the wrong color

Reviewed on 8/05/2014 Diana K

We ordered Apricot and they gave us Ivory and told us it faded 3 shades overnight. The decorator argued with us and told us they cannot guarantee colors and it says so in the contract. We ordered one of their colors so we would get what we wanted. She was so rude and obviously completely lazy. Luckily we ordered the cake the cake for pickup the day before the wedding. After speaking to the manager, he agreed to re-frost it and deliver it to our venue between 1 and 3. It showed up at 4:30 as our guests were arriving and was pink, not apricot. thank god we did not let them decorate it, who knows what we would have gotten.


Reviewed on 9/11/2012 Angie T

We ordered the paradise cake with extra guava and passion fruit glaze. The cake was delicious, and went perfectly with our Hawaiian BBQ themed menu. We picked a design from their book and it came out fine, and the simple design was free of charge (you can get some more complicated ones for extra fees)I'd recommend picking something that isn't such a precise design, as design doesn't seem to be their forte at this place. Simple and uncomplicated is ideal! Pricing was AMAZING. The delivery fee can be a bit steep (It was about 20 percent of the price of the cake), but the price, even with delivery charge, was well worth it. So why the 4 star instead of 5 stars? Organization is a bit off at this place, as there seems to be "too many cooks in the kitchen" when it comes to their wedding cakes. This resulted in a small mix-up in the colors of my wedding cake. It still came out fine and nobody knew except for me and my planner. I was fine with it, but I know some brides may not be so I figured it was worth mentioning. For the record, you aren't assigned a single consultant, whoever happens to answer the phone on any given day is whoever is helping you with your order.

Worth every penny

Reviewed on 8/15/2012 Aki T

We did a three layer cake (with an extra sheet) and by the end of the night it was all gone! (My husband and I only had A BITE.) A lot of people suggested that we get less than the amount of guests coming-- but we actually did 50 servings more than our guest count--- and we were thankful! The cake was very light and delicious! Each tier was a different flavor so I'm guessing some went for second or thirds even. We didn't save the top tier so we'll have to go back for our one year. Also, I really liked the decorations. It was simple and elegant.

YUM x 5

Reviewed on 8/14/2012 j t

I titled this "Yum x 5" because we literally tasted 5 cakes before deciding on ordering two for our reception. King's Hawaiian offers FREE Tastings (up to 4 types. each additional variety is $1 each). They have plenty of designs to choose from or you can provide them with your own cake design. They will let you know right away if there are any concerns (they do not do fondant). This is what we did. I brought in a colored photo of the 3 tiered round cake I wanted. The finished product was perfect. We ordered a chocolate dobash tiered cake, and then an additional Paradise Rainbow sheet cake with the gel filling because they cannot add the gel to tiered cakes. The prices are among the cheapest you will encounter when pricing out wedding cakes. We ordered enough for 230 guests. I think our total was around $500. Delivery charges vary. It cost us ~$80 to have our cakes delivered to Pasadena, but the total amount spent was still way below what the reception venue and several other bakeries we had contacted would have charged.

Budget Friendly & Tasty!!!!!

Reviewed on 6/25/2012 Crystin J

Hi All! My now husband and I chose King's Hawaiian after doing a couple tastings elsewhere. We ended up LOVING them during and after the tasting for the following reasons: * taste. UGH OH SO GOOD* detail oriented consultation. LOVE * cost. Sorry people but we didn't have a thousand bucks for our cake LOL. Thank goodness for King's! * delivery. Even with delivery it was still reasonable. * flavors. All the flavors we tried were DELISH! We had guava cake with fresh strawberries, chocolate chiffon with dobosh, and butter sponge cake with hazelnut. I only had a bite of the guava cake with fresh strawberries at the wedding since it was a crazy day but thankfully I had a ton at the tasting (with their hawaiian coffee of course) and also all my guests RAVED about it!!! Only reason I'm not giving them 5 stars is because the bow they put on the cake (ribbon they used) was orange rather than gold and I felt like it totally threw off the cake. Our colors were blush, ivory, and gold so the orange looked totally out of place. Other than that we loved everything about them. The design came out great. I provided some rows of bling I wanted added to the tiers and a brooch for the center of the bow which they did end up doing for me at no additional charge. I ordered a couple small cakes for the dessert bar too which were wonderful and well priced. :)

Yummy, Unique and Inexpensive

Reviewed on 6/17/2012 Melissa H

Unique guava, passion fruit and pineapple rainbow cake from heaven - moist and delicious. Very reasonably priced. We actually had this cake at our rehearsal dinner and it was perfect. (went with homemade cupcakes for the wedding.)

Delicious Cake

Reviewed on 6/05/2012 Paula C

King's Hawaiian Bakery is my favorite store for our birthday cakes, so I always wanted to have them for my wedding cake. The wedding cake was fabulous and it was so tasty! The service, quality and cost were pretty good to so I was really happy with this vendor. I totally recommend them.

GREAT tasting cakes!!!

Reviewed on 4/29/2012 Jennifer K

I'm rating King's Hawaiian for their cake not their service because the staff is unprofessional since it seems like it's being ran by a whole bunch of teenagers. The service obviously was not the seller, but the cake definitely was!!! I know the overall rating on this place is low, but the cake was absolutely delicious!!! We got the three-tier paradise delight round cake and it was absolutely phenomenal!!! The paradise delight is a paradise chiffon cake (guava, passion fruit and lime) with whipped cream, fresh strawberry and peach filling, topped with guava, lime, passion fruit glaze, with a fruit border of sliced peaches, fresh strawberry and kiwi. The cake looked exactly like the picture that I provided for their cake artist Eli and she did a great job accomplishing that! Overall, the service not so great, but the cake was absolutely amazingly delicious!!! If you are looking for a delicious cake, King's Hawaiian is worth every penny.

Delicious Cake, Great Value

Reviewed on 1/12/2012 Caitlin R

Cake was not only beautiful but absolutely delicious. Highly recommend the paradise hawaiian cake and the chocolate dobash. It was a big hit with our guests, they loved the flavors! Leading up to the wedding, the customer service was great as well. Our cake tasting and meeting with the cake specialist at King's Hawaiian was a lot of fun, and we really enjoyed the whole process. Also, cakes were very reasonably priced and a great value too.


Reviewed on 12/11/2011 katie a

They have excellent cake :)

Tasty Cake

Reviewed on 11/08/2011 Jennifer S

We didn't end up using this bakery for our wedding because a different bakery ended up being included in our package. However, we did a tasting here, and I think they would have been a great choice for a wedding cake too. The cake was so good, and they had some pretty designs.

Cake was so Yummy!

Reviewed on 11/03/2011 lindsay m

We got the paradise cake and chocolate dobash cake. so delicious!

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 8/10/2011 Julia O

Their cakes are delicious! Everyone loved the cake and they are reasonable priced. Good value and quality

Best Cake EVER!

Reviewed on 5/22/2011 Joanne Y

King's Hawaiian Bakery has the BEST cakes!! They are super affordable and they serve a good size portion during the cake tasting (always a bonus). Unlike other cake vendors we met with, the customer service is friendly and professional. Our wedding cake was beautiful and everyone loved our flavors. I have already recommended King's Hawaiian to many of my friends and will continue to do so.


Reviewed on 5/04/2011 Stephanie L

If you have never experienced a King's Hawaiian cake I suggest you check them out! They are amazing and good for any occassion.

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 3/15/2011 Analisa L

We got our 3 tier cake from King's Hawaiian and it was delicious! We ordered the Red Velet cake and got a lot of compliments on it. They delivery was on time and my cake look wonderful!

Beautiful Cake and Yummy!

Reviewed on 1/10/2011 Kristin Y

We had a 3 tier, chocolate dobash cake with the traditional chocolate pudding frosting and chocolate crumbles, decorated with blue sugar orchids. The pudding frosting definitely makes it hard to stack because it's so jiggly but they made it work! We also had a sheet and a half in the kitchen to help supplement the smaller tiered cake. It was vanilla sponge cake with fresh strawberries. Very light and not too sweet. Everyone loved the cakes!

Love the cake!

Reviewed on 10/02/2010 Karen C

We have had King's Hawaiian Paradise, Chocolate Dobash, and Vanilla Chiffon with custard filling -- really good! I had friends who had used this vendor before and they recommend to have the hawaiian paradise cake on a sheet cake (so you get the glaze) so that's we we did. But we also ordered a tiered cake with all the flavors in there as well. It is very reasonably priced and I feel that there is less of a "wedding premium" charge that you may find at other bakeries that specialize in wedding cakes. The had a variety of designs, the cake tasting was really easy and you get huge portions to try the cake. It was very easy to set things up and they are organized in how they handle your order.

Best Wedding Cake Ever

Reviewed on 8/25/2010 Suzie K

This is the best wedding cake. We got their paradise cake and everyone loved it. I don't usually like wedding cake, but this was the best. They make beautiful cakes

Best in the West

Reviewed on 8/09/2010 Carla M

King's Hawaiian really listened. I told them I was on a tight budget but wanted a beautiful cake. They went above & beyond!

Review for King’s Hawaiian Bakery & Restaurant

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Cindy D

The cakes were very good; not too sweet. Most importantly the price was very reasonable and they were able to deliver (our reception site was about 40 miles away).


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