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Sometimes life is better than the dream!

Luly Yang Couture is a fashion house in Seattle specializing in bridal and evening wear. For over 13 years the studio boutique has offered exceptional customer service and a diverse selection of designs. We currently represent Luly Yang Diamond, Enzoani, and Nicole Miller bridal collections.


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Alterations, Bridesmaids, Custom Gowns, Flower Girls, Mothers Fashions, Other Attire & Accessories, Shoes, Wedding Gowns

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1218 4th Avenue, Seattle, WA

I loved working with Lisa Marie!!

Reviewed on 10/30/2013 Katie R

Lisa Marie is an absolute doll. She got my measurements to a "T" and helped me find THE perfect dress. She is the epitome of a fairy godmother. LOVE her. <3

Dream of a salon!

Reviewed on 1/18/2013 Amy K

I went to Luly Yang with zero expectations of finding my dress. I was floored by the wonderful service and was thrilled to find my perfect dress! Could not be happier with the experience!

Review for Luly Yang Couture

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Erin T

My dress was perfect. Like it was made for me. They helped with everything. Wonderful people

Gorgeous Quality Dresses

Reviewed on 1/26/2014 Anika V

Luly Yang was incredible. I worked with Meg and she helped me find my perfect wedding dress. They have wonderful service, high-quality items and are willing to spend as long with you as necessary while trying on gowns and confirming alterations. They help you create an entire look with accessories (veil, wrap, gloves, jewelry, etc.) and months after my wedding I still receive compliments on my wedding dress.

I love my Luly Yang Couture wedding dress!

Reviewed on 12/27/2012 Jackie R

Luly Yang Couture created the dress of my dreams! They also created a great custom suit for my husband. Everyone there is so helpful and have such an eye for details. I had a custom mermaid gown, so the smallest of fit details were very important. Luly measured everything from the best placement of the bust points (this is key to make sure your cleavage looks perfectly, appropriately, placed) to how much the skirt would flare out. The fit was perfect and I love my dress so much! When I look at it now, nicely preserved, it reminds me of all the love I felt that day and how beautiful I felt in that dress. Tip for all you brides: Luly Yang Couture does amazing one of a kind, couture gowns better than anyone else in this area of the country, but the boutique also offers gorgeous special order dresses at very reasonable prices. Thank you everyone at Luly Yang Couture!

Beautiful dress - Not as beautiful customer service

Reviewed on 7/29/2012 Amy M

I want to start out by first saying that I love, love, love my wedding dress. I actually wasn’t planning on purchasing a dress and Luly because I feared it would be out of my price range. However, I found my dress here, and it was reasonably priced. I fell in love with the dress when I first put it on, and I even shed a few tears because it was so beautiful. My consultant was enthusiastic and friendly, and so helpful. After I bought my dress, my consultant was not quite as helpful. I had requested a dress swatch from my consultant via email so I could look for shoes, and she told me to imagine a color wheel and white was in the middle and grey was on the left and yellow was on the right. I was to look for shoes that were more toward the grey side. This was not enough for me to find shoes. She said she would get back to me about the swatch. She never did. When I requested a swatch a few weeks later via a second email, my consultant told me to just stop by with my shoes as my dress had come in. I live about 3 hours from Seattle so this was not practical for me. I called my consultant, and she said that Enzoani was not sending a swatch. She said she would keep trying and get back to me. She never got back to me. I called Enzoani myself (twice), and I was told that they have swatches available for all dresses. They unfortunately only send swatches to stores and not to individual customers. I called Luly three times (and spoke with different staff people each time) over the course of a couple of weeks, and I was assured I would receive a call back. I never did. Upon my 4th call back, I spoke with the staff member I had spoken to upon my first call. He said he would cut a piece of fabric that was an exact match to the color of my dress and put it in the mail. Why hadn’t they thought of this in the first place??? It took me 2 about 2 months to get that swatch. I had two alterations appointments done at Luly, and I met with the same consultant during these times. She was still very friendly and answered any questions I had. Alterations were very expensive (about ¼ of what I paid for the dress). When I went to try the dress on a final time, I noticed that bra cups were not put in the dress. I paid $25 to have them put in. When I mentioned it to my consultant, she quickly peeked inside the dress while I was wearing it, and said, “Oh! They must be sewn inside.” She did not take a second look once I took off the dress. I took her word for it (which I shouldn’t have), but when I got the dress home, I took a closer look, and it was clear nothing had been sewn on the inside of the dress. I called Luly, and fortunately, my consultant said I could either bring the dress back or receive a refund. I requested a refund, and my consultant followed up to tell me that I should see that refund on my credit card. I appreciated that, and was glad that someone finally followed up with me! Although I was annoyed at the customer service at Luly, I loved my dress. I received and continue to receive many compliments on my dress. I loved the way it looked on me as the alterations were great, and was so pleased with the outcome.

Above &amp;amp; Beyond

Reviewed on 11/15/2011 Amy H

This was hands down one of the most wonderful experiences ever! I had a couture gown made for me. Lisa Marie was such a great help and Mae the head seamstress is amazing! From start to finish making a dress from scratch is incredible! Luly is the best around!

Not flexible

Reviewed on 11/06/2011 Emily T

I made an appointment with them, but running late... I called them in advance to let them know but turn out they can't fulfill with my appointment with a 10 mins late from my original appointment. The employee there has a bad service tone when they answered my call. I have a really bad experience with them. Also, when I tried to rearrange my appointment, lots of days they are closed.

Friendly until we paid

Reviewed on 9/23/2010 Meredith H

Since the moment I was engaged, I wanted to get my dress from this unique, fabulous store! The selection of dresses lives up to the shop's amazing window displays. The staff was very helpful and friendly when I was choosing my dress. I tried several dresses and fell in love with a sample, which happened to be the perfect length. I loved my dress! But after we paid, they seemed to lose interest. Once they had our money, the service went from 5 stars to less than 1. We had to call twice to check on the alterations when they said they would contact us. When I went in for my final fitting, the alterations were not done properly. Then they made it sound like they were doing us a favor by not charging us more money to fix the issue. There were other issues, but the bottom line is: I will never return to this shop and I will never recommend it to anyone.

Rating for Luly Yang Couture

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Jodi E

Rating for Luly Yang Couture

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Eva E

Review for Luly Yang Couture

Reviewed on 5/10/2010 Laine R

Beautiful atmosphere, with staff that is knowledgable and treats you like a princess. Unique dresses and accessories that are custom made to your specifications. Loved the dress, and received tons of compliments on it.


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