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200 E Lyndale Ave N, Minneapolis, MN (612) 573-0148

Reviewed on 6/02/2017 Anna J

Doing my flowers through Market Flowers was one of the best decisions I made for my wedding. You will save hundreds of dollars compared to a florist. We went a couple of weeks before my wedding and reserved a table and made a wish list for flowers. We assembled on a Friday and... Read More Saturday for a Sunday wedding. When we got there on Friday morning all of our chosen flowers were set aside for us. I wanted really wanted roses, hydrangeas and peonies and Market Flowers had them all. We made 11 boutonnieres, 1 bridal bouquet, 10 bridesmaids bouquets, 8 corsages and 20 centerpieces. Watch diy videos before going and have a vision for what you want. It will make the process go much faster.

Reviewed on 5/08/2017 Julia T

We had Market Flowers create bouquets for our wedding as a part of one of their menu options. Tom was easy to work with, even in the winter months, and the bouquets were ready for pick up on time. They were beautiful! Thank you!

Reviewed on 10/10/2016 Courtney K

Market flowers is amazing! We didn't use their space to assemble, we just got our flowers through them. We got our flowers the Thursday before our wedding (saturday). The flowers were beautiful, and stayed fresh until saturday! You can really save a lot of money if you can... Read More handle assembling your flowers yourself and buying them here, instead of getting the flowers done through an actual florist!

Reviewed on 9/10/2016 Anthony F

Great DIY service for flowers and if your willing to DIY, you'll save yourself a lot of money! I'd recommend looking up some tutorials online and follow their DIY list as those things really helped me and my flowers turned out great!

pick, and create your creations! money saver

Reviewed on 10/15/2015 Leslie S

I decided to create my own flower centerpieces, bouquets, boutinneires and corsaiges. My sister used this place for her wedding 2 years before, so she knew it was a great price for flowers. You reserve a table to work, you pick the flowers you want, that they have, or... Read More pre-order (all are in bundles) and then create your own arrangements. It was fun to do that with my sisters helping me. Plus when others came by and took a picture of our flower decides and said “I really like that!” you felt very accomplished. I had 12 tables of centerpieces, bridal bouquet, 3 bridesmaid bouquets, and 9 boutinneires, and we still had left overs, so we added more to the centerpieces! Once we were done and cleaned up, they stored the flowers for us and we picked them up the next morning, so they looked great for the wedding day!

Great idea!

Reviewed on 7/24/2015 Hayli S

I did 9 bouquets, 9 beuteneers and lots of flowers for center pieces all for less than 300 dollars! My wedding was in June and so they had many gorgeous local peonies for a fraction of the cost of a florist shop or even farmers market! The space was awesome and I had a friend... Read More who knew flowers so everything turned out just how I wanted! Beautiful, quick and affordable!


Reviewed on 6/16/2015 Emma M

We went in Thursday to see what they had, picked out what we wanted to use, and went back Friday to build bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres. They were very helpful to give us a table that we could use for working with the flowers, and stored everything, including what we were... Read More using for centerpieces and vases the next day.

Bargain steal!

Reviewed on 11/03/2014 Amy S

If you have any ability at all in creating bouquets, this is a great place! We were able to buy our flowers in bulk here, and they let us use their facilities to make the bouquets and such, and store them in their coolers overnight. We provided our own supplies (just bought them... Read More at Michael's), and they were really good at working with us on if we needed extra bunches and whatnot. You are a little at the mercy of the market, because there are some flowers that they don't get in year-round, so it requires some planning, but if you are flexible (we were), it was a great deal, and a wonderful way to cut costs. Spending the time making the bouquets and such was a great bonding experience too!

Flowers with a personal touch

Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Eva L

Great way to have DIY flowers! Helps to take a friend who has an eye for flower arrangements. We were unable to get a table booked ahead of time to arrange flowers on site, so we transported them to a friend's house and did them in her basement. They said they only receive new... Read More shipments on Thursday, so you have to plan around their schedule to get the greatest selection. Being a little creative and flexible, you can throw together some beautiful arrangements especially if you're working on a budget. We ended up making 6 bridal bouquets, 15 medium sized centerpieces, 8 smaller cocktail table arrangements and 17 boutonnières for groomsmen and guests of honor. All for under $500. Also, bring a sweater if you're going to shop around in their cooler, gets chilly after a while. They have fleece jackets you can slip on in case you forget your long sleeves. Recommend to other brides interested in giving their flowers a personal touch!

Easy to pick out - lasted forever

Reviewed on 10/21/2014 Ruth C

I am very happy with using Market Flowers. I was planning my wedding from out of town, so I was not able to do a text run of flowers or pre-order. I would recommend doing this. It was a bit rushed to prepare the flowers in the space. We eventually brought them back to my... Read More mother-in-law's house and arranged them in the garage. It also didn't help that I had my bachelorette the night before. It was a bit foggy making decisions the morning after. They had excellent selection. Tom was very nice to us and was great to talk to. Diane was a bit short with us. The flowers were not cheap, but they were very high quality. I arranged them on thursday, wedding saturday and they looked good until the next monday. Amazing!


Reviewed on 9/24/2014 Alanna S

I went in about 3 months before my wedding to see the selection. All of the flowers were ordered 2 weeks in advance. Everything was waiting for me at my reserved table. This was a great way for me and my bridesmaids to spend some quality time together!!

Market Flowers

Reviewed on 8/08/2014 Molly M

Assembling our flowers at Market Flowers was by far one of my favorite things in the week preparing for the wedding. It was a blast to bring a few girl friends and see what we could make! I also found it to be more cost effective than other options.

Gorgeous flowers for a fraction of the cost from a florist!

Reviewed on 7/24/2014 Ashley R

Tom & Diane were both delightful to work with! They were very helpful when it came to ordering. Do not be intimidated by creating your own bouquets, bouts or centerpieces. I looked up a few youtube videos and blogs. It was really easy. The flowers were great and lasted... Read More throughout the whole wedding day. They looked beautiful and spent a fraction of the cost of going to a florist. I brought a few of my bridesmaids and they had a ton of fun! I definitely recommend Market Flowers for those on a budget, want to save money or for any one that loves to DIY!

Farmers Market Flowers Steal

Reviewed on 12/29/2013 Shannon I

One of my friends used this vendor and I am so happy I followed suit. After scouring Pinterest for ideas, my friend and I went to Market Flowers and picked out all the flowers ahead of time. She then picked them up and arranged them. I honestly think we had some of the best... Read More flowers and we got it for a fraction of the cost (total flowers for centerpieces, bouquets, boutonnieres, etc. cost $400!!!!). They have excellent customer service and were very helpful on the phone and in person.

Great alternative flower option!

Reviewed on 10/28/2013 Amber B

We got all of our flowers here for our wedding, and put the bouquets/bouts together ourselves. They do offer floral design for a fee, but this place is AWESOME if you have a little creative inspiration and are willing to put in some extra work to save some cash on your wedding... Read More flowers! We got all of our flowers (five 5-gallon pails full!) for what it probably would've cost to get just the bridesmaid's bouquets made by a florist. The only beef I would have with them is that the parking can stink, and the hours aren't the greatest - if you want to get the best selection you need to be there Thursday morning at 9 a.m. and probably need to miss work. That being said, though, it was totally worth it and our flowers were gorgeous and lasted forever! My bouquet looked great almost 10 days after the wedding! :)

A good D.I.Y option

Reviewed on 8/29/2013 Anna B

The good: Price was phenomenally low. I went here with my mother and a friend who was skilled with floral design, and we managed to make 2 altar arrangements, 3 bouquets, 7 boutonnières, 2 corsages, and 12 small table arrangements for only $128. (Bear in mind, I only used what... Read More was currently in-season, and I didn't use roses or specialty flowers). Everything looked great. The less good: Coming as I did the day before the wedding, most of the good stuff in the cooler had been picked over. In general, the plants were in fine condition, but there were some that my florist friend thought to be in unsellable condition. I would definitely recommend Market Flowers, with a few caveats -- as a D.I.Y. operation, it is important that you stock up on all material you need beforehand, as they will not sell wire or tape. You can store your finished pieces in their cooler, so I'd suggest doing so a few days in advance of your event instead of the day before (competition for workspace was stiff!) I would also add that I had no strong preferences in regard to flowers and had planned to use whatever was in season -- if you have a specific type of bloom in mind, you might have to request it in advance. Overall, a positive experience -- bring friends who know what they're doing and it'll be over in no time!

Perfect for my DIY outdoor wedding!!

Reviewed on 7/30/2013 Hollie N

My first florist fell through and literally the day before the wedding we called Market Flowers to see if they could accommodate a DIY outdoor wedding last minute. Not only did we find everything I wanted and more, it was a fraction of the price! The flowers were the one thing... Read More everyone in the wedding commented on. Absolutely gorgeous!!

DIY flowers

Reviewed on 6/02/2013 Breanna O

It was easy if you remember to bring everything you need and have good friends to help. There was a large variety of flowers to choose from and they turned out beautiful.

Great Prices, Beautiful Blooms

Reviewed on 11/15/2012 Brianna O

Picking out flowers was an excellent experience. The flowers were beautiful and the price couldn't be beat.

Great Deal!

Reviewed on 10/03/2012 Sarah S

Beautiful Flowers!! These flowers great for the money, make sure to set up an appointment several weeks beforehand to ensure there will be space to work on your flowers. Many of the roses lasted for over 2 weeks after our wedding. Great place for cost conscious brides that are... Read More willing for a do it yourself project.

Easy and inexpensive

Reviewed on 8/29/2012 Emily C

I used Market Flowers for the men in the wedding party and for some extra matching flowers to supplement bouquets that I bought from the farmers market right next door. Very reasonably priced.

Gorgeous and a Great Deal!

Reviewed on 8/21/2012 Andrea W

I decided to go with Market Flowers at the Minneapolis Farmers' Market for my wedding after talking with a friend who had done the same. I loved the experience of arranging my own flowers with my family and friends, and would do it again in a heartbeat! The staff at Market... Read More Flowers was great to work with -- they offered helpful tips on which flowers hold up better than others, and even showed us how to make a wrist corsage. The prices are very reasonable, and I ended up spending a fraction of what I could have if I had gone with a florist. The quality of the flowers was wonderful -- they looked fresh and healthy all throughout our (very warm) outdoor wedding and reception, and many of the table arrangements lasted for 3 weeks after the wedding. We were very happy with our experience at Market Flowers and recommend them to any DIY bride!

WOW! What a deal! Beautiful flowers!

Reviewed on 6/20/2012 Kayla P

This place is soooo awesome! I'm so glad my friend told me about this! Now, this isn't your average florist...they can make arrangements and bouquets, but what most people do here is DIY. They have a huge fridge of tons of flowers and greenery, and you can go pick what ever... Read More flowers you would like, and then you can use their warehouse for free to create your own arrangements a couple days before your event. The best part is, after you make them, they will store them there in their cooler up until the day of your event! I spent around $300 total for all of my bouquets and decorative flowers. Most other florists want around $200 just for the bridal bouquet. The only thing is, you might want to do a little bit of homework on how to make bouquets. All I did was browse a couple of books, and look online at a few websites and watched a couple youtube videos. It's actually surprisingly easy, and I had so much fun doing it with my girls! It was honestly probably my favorite part of the wedding preparations. The only thing to note is that they are not open all year since it is a part of the farmers market, so make sure to check their website!

Market Flowers

Reviewed on 6/07/2012 Kelsey M

Exactly 2 weeks before my wedding I went to the Minneapolis Farmer's Market Annex's Market Flowers warehouse where I was met by one of the specialists, Diane. My fiance (at the time) and I were in and out in 15 minutes. She was so helpful and made the process simple and easy.... Read More I got exactly what I wanted. A family member picked up the flowers from the warehouse the day before the wedding and they were kept in the fridge over night. They looked just as fresh the next morning and lasted through the long wedding day. Diane hand-made my bouquet and the rest of the items we ordered (bouttenieres, corsages, i.e...) which was very important to me since I was the one who talked with her face-to-face and she knew exactly what I wanted. Very pleased with prices! One of the main reasons I chose Market Flowers was because of the price, not to mention the DIY aspect.

Perfect for DIY flowers on a small budget!

Reviewed on 10/23/2011 Alex C

We had a very small budget for wedding flowers (~$400-500) for all of the reception decorations and bouquets. With the help of Market Flowers, we came in at $350 for all of our centerpieces, bouquets, and extra arrangements for decoration throughout our venue. I went in about... Read More 2 weeks before my wedding and ordered the amount of flowers I wanted, and then came in the day before to arrange them into the vases and get the bouquets put together. They allow you to arrange your flowers at their store, and then also store them in the giant fridge room for free to keep the flowers looking fresh overnight until picked up for the wedding. They also offer some pre-made bouquets for $10, which I ended up using for myself and my bridesmaids because the arrangements were so perfect for what I was looking for. This is a fantastic option if you are having a DIY-wedding on a budget.