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Our family owned and operated boutique has been dressing beautiful brides and their bridal party for over 20 years.  We offer an elaborate selection of exclusive designer gowns for every style and budget.  Our knowledgeable staff will be by your side from your first visit until your unforgettable day and will do everything possible to ensure you look your absolute best.  We invite you to Nancy’s Bridal Boutique where the gown of your dreams awaits.


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Bridesmaid Dresses, Flower Girl Dresses, Mother of the Bride Dresses, Wedding Dresses, Alterations


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3917 E 82nd St, Indianapolis, IN (317) 842-2080

Love love love my Dress!

Reviewed on 11/21/2013 Michelle V

I absolutely loved my dress. The boutique was so super cute. The ladies that work there, for the most part, are all great. There is ONE gal that works there, let's just say, it LESS than great... In fact, she is down right aweful. She didn't listen which caused a small... Read More glitch, even after she "wrote it down". I wanted a specific embroidery, and she couldn't even get that right. I would recommend the shop, the other workers were all wonderful! Reasonably priced, felt like a princess there, and beautiful selection.

The best place to find a dress!

Reviewed on 11/14/2013 Erika W

SO happy I went to Nancy's! They have a great selection of dresses in many different sizes. They really took such great care of me and my consultant was fantastic! She listened to what I wanted and ended up finding the perfect dress for me!

Loved Nancy's!

Reviewed on 10/24/2013 Christy P

Everything was great - choosing the dress was a wonderful experience, my consultant was great! They let me come back as many times as I needed to be sure I loved my dress, they held my dress for a loooooong time before my wedding, and everything turned out perfectly! The... Read More alterations seemed a little pricey, but I admit I generally have no idea how much alterations are supposed to cost - the dress price was great!

Reviewed on 3/05/2017 Sarah W

I recommend that you don't waste your time here, and this is why: My family and my fiancés family came in town for my first wedding dress shopping trip. I chose Nancy s and I deeply regret it. My consultant was extremely rude. She had another bride, so her attention was... Read More divided. I am an understanding and patient person so I didn't mind the delay, but I do not appreciate being made to feel like an imposition. Every time she came to the room she would say something like "well we squeezed you in so the other bride takes priority." The only dress my mother picked out that she wanted to see me in, the consultant wouldn't allow me to try it on. She was blatantly rude to my mother. When I picked one out from the rack the consultant said to me "that one isn't in your budget." I hadn't told her my budget, so she made an assumption about my financial situation. As it turns out; that dress was well within what I was planning to spend. I will not be buying my dress at Nancy's, and I will not be recommending them to anyone.

Reviewed on 11/27/2016 Heather B

If you’re looking for a gorgeous bridal store with a wide selection of wedding gowns, a caring and detail-oriented staff, and an experienced alterations department, you should start your search at Nancy’s Bridal! From the moment we walked in, the staff at Nancy’s was warm,... Read More helpful, and patient. I had the pleasure of working with Barb, who took her time helping me in and out of dresses, explaining different options with my bridal look, and making sure I was happy with every facet of my wedding dress. During the dress fitting appointments, Nancy was amazing. She has years of experience, and a great eye for details when it comes to the fit of your dress. She was happy to continue making adjustments until every detail was perfect. I would highly recommend Nancy’s Bridal to all brides looking for a perfect wedding dress shopping experience.

Reviewed on 11/06/2016 Cherise M

I am so glad I ended up picking Nancy's! I felt so special there and Barbara helped me pick out amazing dresses that fit my style and my budget. She was patient and I never felt like I was being rushed to get out! She offered great and honest advice and I can't be bappier!

Reviewed on 10/31/2016 Shannon D

I found my veil, dress, and bridesmaids' dresses here. The staff was very professional and helpful. I felt like a princess every time I showed up. I would definitely recommend bridal gown shopping here.

Reviewed on 10/07/2016 Angelica L

I'm not going to rant on about details because at this point, my wedding has passed and there would be no point to write about the amount of phone calls, stress and disappointment this shop caused. But, I would want to know as a new bride and a first time customer what a... Read More horrible experience I had here so I'll just give you a quick run down of facts.. I ordered the Cora Watters dress. The shop ordered the wrong colored mesh several times and the first time the owner tried to tell me the sample dress (color I wanted) looked "almost the same" as the dress I had. Owner tried to "fix it" by replacing all of the mesh but in the end told me I was costing her money and blamed me for 'ordering the wrong color" in the first place. Because of all of this I got my dress from the shop less than 3 weeks from the wedding without having any fittings yet. All of my fittings took place in the last 3 weeks before the wedding and I ended up just searching for a seamstress myself because I had lost all trust. This was the the most stressful part of my wedding process. I only write this post because I hope that brides don't go through the same hassle. I'm sure there have been a lot of good experiences here but if you have any dress issues arise along the way, don't expect the owner to be of much help.

Reviewed on 9/14/2016 Mia C

Nancy's Bridal Boutique was absolutely incredible to work with and had the best selection of dresses! I couldn't believe that they had exactly what I was looking for since I'm not a traditional bride :) MAJOR props to Nancy and team

Reviewed on 8/17/2016

Nancys Bridal was the 2nd Bridal shop we visited and where my daughter found her dress. We were welcomed when we arrived and were told to feel free to look, and when we found a gown or gowns we liked they would take them to a dressing room for us. It was very relaxed and were... Read More able to browse without any sales pressure or feeling rushed. The shop is very beautiful and lighting is good. Staff was helpful but not pushy at all. We ordered the dress that the bride chose. Since the bride was living out of state at the time, they were helpful in arranging the appointments to her schedule. When the dress arrived, she flew in for a fitting and it needed alterations on the sides so the front would lay flat and not puffy over the stomach area. They measured her and we also told them that the church required some kind of strap for all strapless dresses. They showed us a nice sheer strap about an inch or two wide, which attaches to a clear snap that they would attach inside the dress. We agreed but were shocked to find out that JUST the straps would be 80.00 to put on. I was in disbelief. Each snap would take four stitches to put in the dress. I could have put them in myself but that was not an option. After the alterations were done, she flew in again for a fitting. The dress still had excess material that bunched up in the stomach area. So, once again it needed more alterations. The seamstress they used was very impatient and short, when we told her it wasn’t done right, she insisted she has been doing this for 45 years and knew what she was doing. Overall we had 3 different alterations done on the dress to get it right. Now here is the other shocking part……..when trying on the dress the 2nd time, we discovered that inside the dress were two straps that were made to be used with the dress. This should have been told to us when we mentioned needing straps. I feel we definitely did NOT need to spend the extra 80.00 for the straps they sold us, when there were already straps with the dress. If you buy your dress at Nancys you might want to have alterations done elsewhere. I would rate them a 3.5 out of 5

Reviewed on 7/25/2016 Kayla M

As a bride who LOVES the experience of finding the perfect details for my wedding, I wanted the process of finding my dress to be more than something to cross off of my list. I wanted it to be special and something meaningful. Nancy's Bridal did an amazing job of helping me find... Read More my perfect dress! First of all, the atmosphere makes any bride feel like a princess. The layout of the store is gorgeous and relaxing. I loved that I actually got to pick out my own dress! No one picked it for me. I was able to walk through the store and pull out the dresses that I wanted to try on. After picking 5-ish dresses, my attendant grabbed the dresses off of the rack and brought them to my dressing room. I then tried on the dresses. After trying on the dresses, I walked out to my girls as then gasped at my dress. I was placed in front of a beautiful mirror and given wonderful options for veils, belts, jewelry, and accessories. The prices were actually very reasonable and I ended up buying my perfect dress for just under $1000. After adding alterations and a few accessories, the total came to about $1500, but that was in my budget and I could not have been more pleased with the dress I received. I loved the experience, and I loved the dress!! In addition, Nancy's did my alterations for the dress. They adjusted the neckline of my dress to a sweetheart from a straight neck, added a belt, sewed buttons down the back, hemmed the dress, brought in the sides, and added a bustle! I loved my dress, and it fit like a glove! My dress was strapless, but stayed up perfectly (even while I danced with my hands in the air) because Nancy did such a wonderful job of altering my dress! I cannot thank them enough and I would recommend their services to anyone!

Reviewed on 7/19/2016 Cassie L

Nancy and her staff are wonderful!!! I went for multiple fittings (at least 4) and every time they were so easy to work with and truly wanted my dress, my vail, and bridesmaid dress to be beyond perfect!!! Way better and nicer than David's Bridal or any other bridal store. Very... Read More reasonably priced too!!

Reviewed on 7/06/2016 Marley H

My appointment went flawlessly. The consultant was very professional and kept me feeling very positive. I recently went back in to try on my actual dress for the first time, and the consultant had measured and ordered perfectly. I just have a few minor alterations, and the... Read More entire process has been painless so far!

Reviewed on 2/02/2016

My daughter, I & her maid of honor had an appointment. Upon arriving we found only the owner in the store & she was waiting on another group. She kept apologizing, also complaining & bemoaning how tired she was & because her 2 people scheduled had called in sick. She grabbed... Read More us 2 dresses & that was the last moment we saw her until we chose a dress. We were there 2 hours with zero additional help from her. She was barely waiting on the other group she was mostly up front on the phone complaining to someone. Why we chose a dress there I'll never know. She did absolutely nothing. My daughter and her friend have both worked at bridal stores and luckily they knew what to do. They found veils and grabbed clips so they could pull the dresses tighter etc. We grabbed our own dresses off if the racks. When we let her know we had chosen a dress, we said it was a little out of our price range and she apologized for our inconvenience that day and discounted it and told us she would take a lower deposit to get it ordered. We thanked her & joked that if she was hiring she should hire my daughter & her friend & she laughed. It's now nine months later and the dress has never been ordered. My daughter called the store multiple times and was told it's no big deal, it'll get ordered, these things happen, until Sunday when my daughter called again and was told that, no the dress has not been ordered and no one ever told her it was going to be ordered. It's 3 months until the wedding! We go to the store after I speak to someone on the phone, get hung up, sit on hold for 15 minutes after I call back, speak to another person and I'm told we can get our money back... We get there and I'm called a liar and told that no one ever said that. Nancy was awful to us in person & this experience was unlike anything I've ever seen. Her saying she was keeping our $350 from us is despicable. She says it's on our contract (that we never signed). "No refunds" She also told me at one point she didn't want to help me because I was complaining so much. And I told her, why would I be upset, unless you had actually said this, she said "you're now making stuff up you're a liar. " I'd never say I'd order something and then not do it. I would never recommend this store. Eventually she refunded our money -$85 that she says is how much she is charged every time she ran our card for payment. She's someone who hangs up the phone when someone has a complaint. She must need that $85 more than my single mom, daughter.

Reviewed on 1/30/2016 Kaylee S

terrible. I didnt even get to try on dresses I liked because I'm not a size 2. The woman who was my "consultant" was not helpful,in fact she was pretty rude. I would definitely not recommend this store to any of my friends.

Great selection, pricey alternations

Reviewed on 1/19/2016 Derek M

I actually found my dress at a different store out of town but was excited that Nancy's carried it locally. I went there twice (once before finding the actual dress) and both experiences were fine in terms of service. Its a busy place, so there is some waiting involved with... Read More Nancy helping multiple people at once. I stepped on a pin, which led me to notice that the carpets/walls could use some updating, but overall I would recommend going there to others, mostly for the selection and value. You can find a beautiful affordable dress there. The alterations nickeled and dimed me to death - for example charging me $25 for bra cups after I was already spending $500+ on a redesigned neckline and my dress' need for taking in in the back versus the sides (apparently that costs more). The bustle required 15 hooks and was really complicated because it was a full skirt with lots of tulle, but for the price, I was very disappointed that none of those hooks held up that night very well. Overall though, they were par for the course in terms of bridal store service for a large place. I had much better service at small boutiques (champagne, cupcakes), but those dresses were also $3500+...

Reviewed on 1/17/2016 Becca

I had a great experience at Nancy's! They have beautiful selection in a wide range of sizes. As a plus size bride, I was able to actually try a dress on and have it zip! I would hands down recommend them to everyone!

Reviewed on 10/19/2015 Courtney P

I found my dress at Nancy's and had a wonderful experience! Sarah was the one who helped me and I couldn't have asked for a better consultant. She was able to help me find the perfect dress and even let me turn the appointment into a bridesmaid fashion show. We found my... Read More bridesmaid dresses that day too! Thanks Nancy's!

Love Nancy's

Reviewed on 9/27/2015 Heather W

I am madly in love with my wedding dress from Nancy's (its been over a month since our day). I loved every detail and appointment. Only compliant I have would be that the addition of a bustle seemed pricey and that one or two broke before I got to the reception.

Reviewed on 8/11/2015 Kelly R

Nancy's was the very first store I went to for a bridal gown. Everyone was so friendly! They showed me around and then told me to pick a few dresses from each of the "types" they had. They had ballgowns, mermaids, a-line, everything you could imagine. When I was done picking out... Read More dresses, my consultant helped me into them. I was a little nervous to get undressed in front of a stranger, especially since I'm considered plus-sized in the bridal world. She was extremely nice and made me feel extremely comfortable. There was a mirror in the room and so I was able to see what I had on before I walked out in front to show my group. I would absolutely recommend anyone to Nancy's!

Great for bridal gowns!

Reviewed on 7/08/2015 Megan R

I was recommended Nancy's by MANY of my friends. They had a great selection of dresses. All of the employees were so wonderful to work with. We weren't rushed in our appointment - even when I wanted to retry on my dress several times! :) I love my dress, and had never seen... Read More anyone wear anything like it before. Because I purchased my dress there, my bridesmaids were able to receive a discount on their dresses (from the Dessy group). It was easy for them to call the shop and pay for it on the phone. Overall, I loved Nancy's and would recommend it!

Reviewed on 7/01/2015

Nancy was wonderful to work with and I was able to find my dream dress as well as have all my alterations done in house! Thank you for the great customer service and helping me find the perfect dress for my wedding!

Reviewed on 6/15/2015 Danielle W

HORRIBLE experiences here, would not recommend!! We purchased bridesmaids dresses from Nancy's following their instructions on when to order and the dresses came in 3 weeks late with no message to bride that they were in, so I found out 2 weeks before the wedding! Store was... Read More extremely unorganized with very little help when I went with a bridesmaid for try-on. They messed up one of my bridesmaid's order. I live out of state and tried calling them 7 times over a months period to inquire about our order with NO RETURN CALL! Would not recommend using for any bridal purchase.

Reviewed on 6/15/2015

I was recommended to this store by a friend and it was amazing. There selection of dresses are beautiful. Along with their amazing selections their customer service was amazing. I would recommend anyone to go to this store first!!!!!

Awesome Bridal Store

Reviewed on 5/12/2015 Heather B

By the time I visited Nancy's Bridal Boutique, I had already been to at least 5 or 6 other bridal stores and none of them were as nice as Nancy's. All of the people working there were super sweet, especially Nancy herself. All of our dresses came in when they said they would or... Read More earlier and we had no issues with that. The only hiccup we experienced was they never called me to let me know my dress was in. I thankfully called in January when they said it should be in and they said that someone tried to call me in December, but I never got a phone call, so I am not sure what happened. That was the only "issue" and I would still highly recommend it. They were also nicely priced and give good discounts on all of the other necessities (veil, mother's dresses, bridesmaids, hair pieces, shoes) if you buy your dress from there.