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Pearl's Place is a 48 yr old family owned and operated Bridal Salon and Special Occasions Boutique that prides itself on quality customer service. Pearl's Place has THE absolute largest selection of Bridal, Bridesmaids, Mothers and Flower Girls. Our seasoned professionals have been trained to provide you with one-on-one service guaranteed to find you the dress that is THE perfect fit. Pearl's Place is on top of every trend, and we are always searching for the best representations of classic styles by frequenting bridal markets and cultivating strong relationships with the most coveted bridal designers. Schedule your appointment today!

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3114 Severn Ave, Metairie, LA (504) 885-9213

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Reviewed on 5/13/2014 Rachel A

Pearl's Place is fairly easy to find, just off a major highway and open seven days a week. There selection is ginormous and their attendants are friendly and know their stuff. They have decent prices, are willing to negotiate and alterations are included in the price. However,... Read More they are always busy! Be prepared to spend the better part of your day there!

2015-08-19T12:18:11 Response from the vendor

Thank you very much for your comments, we try to work very hard for all of our customers, bridal or any others. Just as we have for nearly 46 years. Thanks for those comments.

My experience with Pearls Place

Reviewed on 12/09/2014 Catherine L

I had a wonderful experience at Pearls Place each time I went. The staff welcomes you at the door with a smile! The sales person, Ruth, listened to what I wanted and pulled many beautiful gowns to try on. I ended up getting the first dress I tried! I was so excited--all the... Read More sales reps were cheering for me when I found my dress! They were so sweet, happy, and professional! My dress came in two monthes after I ordered! I met the owner this time and she was so sweet and told me how beautiful I looked in my dress! She made me feel special the way you want to feel when you get your dress! A new sales rep. helped me find my veil! She pulled all the veils I wanted to try and was very sweet! I ended up buying my veil from there as well! Pearl Place is busy (which is good) that means they are doing something right! Their prices are AWESOME, service is great, and building is clean! I saw many negative complaints on the knot about pearls place before I went--that I almost backed out of going--MY ADVICE TO YOU IS GO! Do not let anything negative that someone writes discourage you. I am SO happy I did not change my mind. The price of my gown at pearls was over 700 less than another store! Pearls is wonderful! GO, GO, GO! My hometown is 2 hours away from Pearls! Well worth it!

Finally Found It..

Reviewed on 2/23/2014 Courtney H

Michelle at Pearl's Place was such a wonderful help! She helped me find my perfect dress that I have been searching high and low for. The store was getting ready to close and she did not care, she helped me anyways. We did not feel rushed by her and I was finally able to say YES... Read More to MY dress! She accessorized it perfectly and I loved everything she suggested! Thank you so much Michelle!!

Reviewed on 4/15/2018 Stacey A

I went here because THREE other ladies from my workplace got their wedding dresses at Pearl's and all worked with Lisa - I figured I owed it to myself to at least check it out. Lisa is fantastic. I told her I wanted something comfortable, with straps, under $1000, and she... Read More pulled a TON of dresses to help me narrow it down. She starts with a baseline dress and pulls others based on your feedback. Once we figured out what I liked and didn't like, she was able to pull THE DRESS for me. And when I moved to Chicago - they shipped it to my new address without issue.

Reviewed on 3/15/2018 Megan L

AMAZING!! I ordered my dress through them and had a fantastic experience! Jordan in the office was so helpful, quick to respond and made my wedding dress dream come true! I am so happy I found them!

2018-03-15T16:42:17 Response from the vendor

Thanks so much for the wonderful review. Our best to you and your Groom for all of your future. Please drop by when you can and show us your photos. Thanks from all of us at Pearl's Place.

Reviewed on 1/15/2018 Brittany R

Very disappointing experience for such a happy moment. Started with going in for the first time to find my dress. Our consultant was not friendly during our entire visit. Very dry and not welcoming. I came into the shop specifically stating my budget so she stayed around that... Read More amount. I finally found THE dress and our consultant has the nerve to say, "I know this is over your budget but would you like the try this one on?" It was $1,500.00 over my budget AND I just said yes to my dress, no I do not want to try it on. However, my dress did come in within 2 months and fit perfectly. A few months later my bridesmaids and I decided to give them another chance to get bridesmaid dresses and it was WORSE! We showed up at 5:30 and they closed at 6:00. Our sales consultant to be exact was a woman named Valerie. Awfully rude!!!!! We were looking through dresses to try on and she walks up to us, grabs the dresses, and says, "we close in 20 minutes so come try on." 3 of my 10 girls we're able to try on dresses until Valerie rudely turned off all of the lights, had the door locked, and standing at the front counter with her arms crossed looking impatient and bothered by our presence. I work in retail.. Even if you are there past closing time, your customers come first. She was NO HELP AT ALL! We'd ask her questions and get no response, she was no where to be found for more than half of our visit, and when she was around she had her arms crossed behind the counter with a sour look on her face. Our experience felt very rushed so we decided to leave and try somewhere else because I refuse to give more business to a company that has given me a horrible taste in my mouth on days that I should remember and cherish forever. As we're leaving, there was go goodbye or any words from her. She unlocked the door, let us out, and went on her way. I will never give my business to this company or send people their way. Very disappointing.

Reviewed on 8/31/2017 Michelle D

Excellent customer service. Ms. Valarie helped me pick out a gorgeous dress. She was very attentive and honest with her opinion. When dress shopping, I valued her honesty . I didn't want someone to tell me I looked good in everything thing I tried on. I also purchased my... Read More bridesmaids dresses from here also. With the closing of Alfred Angelo, they went above and beyond to make sure my bridesmaids had an alternate dress choice. Exceptional and would recommend to all.

2017-09-01T07:46:13 Response from the vendor

Thanks so much for your comments and thoughts. I will pass this on to Valerie and all at our store. Our best wishes for all of your future wedding plans.

Reviewed on 8/01/2017 Gina M

Not the bridal experience I was hoping for. The sales attendants were showing me dresses $1,000 over my budget. When I asked the price, the sales lady didn't know. My wedding was 10 months away but I felt pressured to buy the dress since it takes "8 months" to arrive. I asked... Read More for no strapless yet they kept showing me strapless dresses. It looked like they had a large inventory of dresses yet I was only shown a few extremely expensive gowns. Very disappointing.

Reviewed on 7/02/2017 Amy H

Terrible experience with this place. My appointment to select my dress was perfect. We picked exactly what I was looking for but alterations department was a nightmare. I left with my dress in hand in tears. I brought it to another seamstress to look at and they found holes... Read More in my dress, bustle was incorrect and crooked, and the handle under the train was tacked incorrectly to the point it puckered terribly. They altered the complete shape of my dress. very displeased with customer service. 3 appointments later and still unhappy. Never recommend anyone to this place.

Reviewed on 4/22/2017 Lauren H

Just purchased my dress yesterday! I had Tena and she was absolutely amazing! She knew exactly what would look good on me and met that with what I pictured in my head perfectly! She was not like most salons I've been to where you can tell they are just about making a sale!... Read More Prices were amazing! If you need a dress, go Tena at Pearl's Place!

2017-04-22T15:04:50 Response from the vendor

Thank you so much for that wonderful review and comment. I will pass this on to all and especially to Tena. We try very hard for all of our brides and appreciate it. Our best wishes to you and your future for all of your... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 4/12/2017 Sabrina T

Pearl's Place has a wonderful selection! Courtney was fabulous at listening to my ideas and pulling the perfect dress for me. After visiting two other salons in the area and trying on about 12 other dresses that weren't right for me, I tried to tell Courtney the same thing I... Read More told the other consultants, and she nailed it with the second dress she pulled for me! It fit me like a glove, almost like it was made just for me. Very little alterations needed! She suggested I order a petite size due to my height, and it worked out perfectly. I did not need to even hem the bottom of the dress, just some minor alterations near the bust, and otherwise, a perfect fit. Courtney was so accommodating every step of the way and you can tell she is a pro at her job! Also, my bridesmaids dresses were beautiful! I enjoyed working with her and the staff at Pearl's Place. I am a happy customer!

2017-04-22T15:06:08 Response from the vendor

Thanks to you for that fabulous comment and review. Courtney and all of us thank you very much for this. Best of luck for all of your wedding plans. Thanks, Fred at Pearl's Place

Reviewed on 11/15/2016 Amy A

I got my bridesmaids dresses from Pearl's Place. They have a huge selection in the shop, which made it easy to choose my dresses ...(they look different in person than they do in the bridal magazines!). All of the ladies at Pearl's Place were very sweet & helpful! Not snobby... Read More at all, like some bridal salons can be. Most of my bridesmaids took their dresses elsewhere for alterations (and received a percentage off the dress).

Reviewed on 10/18/2016 Sandy A

After looking all over Baton Rouge for a dress my sister suggest we head to pearls. Although we did have to wait two hours to be helped because they only take walk ins the staff was very friendly and helpful. Prices are wonderful!!

Reviewed on 9/24/2016 Jeni A

My experience started off well. It was a Saturday and they were indeed a mad house but I didn't mind waiting my turn. The saleswoman listened to my likes and dislikes and price range. I saw a dress on the door of another dressing room and asked if I could try it on. She told me... Read More it was about $1500 out of my price range but she had something similar. I FELL IN LOVE with this dress. It was brand new to the shop and they all commented on how well it fit and how beautiful it was. My order was taken down on an index card (don't we live in 2016?) but I was too excited to care. I purchased the dress that day walking out ecstatic. That was the last time I walked out of this shop happy. I intended to bring my dress in for alterations the weekend that mother nature happened and my home parish flooded. When I called the shop they were very unsympathetic in the fact that we could not get there due to flooding and told me my dress HAD to be there the following weekend and even then they could not garentee the alterations would be done in time for my wedding. They also refused to make an appointment for me the following weekend to ensure I was seen. I was distraught! Being a pageant girl, I've been around my fair share of dresses and alterations. I knew exactly what I wanted done to the dress but the saleswoman, Courtney, was adamit that they could not and would not be done then instead rudely insisted I needed to order a bigger size. It took 3 months for my dress to come in initially but she promised it would be there the following week and that the alterations would be done in time for my bridals (glad to know since the week before when we were flooded that wasn't the case). I left in tears not knowing if my dress would be ready in time, due to conflicting statements from workers, and that they basically implied I had gained weight. The dress came in, I went for alterations and was given the date to come back. The day before the date given, I called to ensure my dress was ready and was told yes. I left work early on a Friday to pick up my dress. When I got there to try it on only half of the alterations were complete and there were still pins in the dress (pins that wouldn't have been necessary had I kept my original dress and not ordered a bigger size). I was also told the dress was steamed. Let's just say a 2 yr old could have done a better job. They were okay with telling me I had to come back AGAIN so she could finish. NOT happening since we drive over an hour to get there each time. I insisted it either be finished that day or I was taking it regardless and would have it finished elsewhere. The seamstress had all kinds of excuses but told me she would have it finished that day. As soon as I walked away she began helping someone else! We waited 30 minutes before my mom had to go find out how long before we could have the dress. No one seemed to know what she was talking about. Finally, we were told we could leave and come back before the store closed to pickup the dress. Glad we didn't have other plans! At 4pm I walked back in to get the dress and was asked to try it on again. NO WAY IN HELL! If the alterations still aren't right I'll be bringing it to my seamstress and PAYING for more alterations. I'm so glad to be done with these rude, unorganized and inconsiderate people. Stay clear if you're looking for the "magical" dress experience!

Reviewed on 6/17/2016 Holly R

I really wanted to like Pearl's Place, both of my older sisters bought their dresses from Pearls, but that was over ten years ago, and things seem to have changed. They have a ton of dresses and do free alterations, which is amazing, but the service there was so bad that I have... Read More to give it one star. I went three separate times. The first was horrible! It was on a Saturday, which I recognize is the busiest day, but their website said they didn't take appointments (turns out they maybe, sort of do?) so I didn't really have another choice. We waited for almost an hour, which I didn't mind, and spent the time coming though the racks of hundreds of dresses, all of which are in plastic, so its not easy to see them. When the consultant finally called my name, she didn't ask me anything about the wedding or what I wanted, she just said "what do you want to try on first?" Since there were several hundred dresses, I thought this was kind of a crazy question, but my friends were able to pull a few from the racks that they remembered us liking. The woman was so rude. She mentioned several times how close she was to being off and how everyone needed to hurry up. She did not help with the dresses at all, my friends got them form the rack, carried them to me, then helped me put them on. I wasn't expecting anything fancy, honestly,but in a store with that many dresses, it seemed reasonable to expect some guidance. Overall, it was terrible and I couldn't wait to be done with it. It really took the fun out of it. The second time I went was a totally different story. I was with my family and wanted to show them just one dress that I had liked from the first time. Again, it was a Saturday and super busy, but I found a lady and asked if I could just try on the one dress - I had located it myself. She was very sweet and let me slip in a room. After she saw me int he dress, without asking, she started pulling other similar dresses for me to try. Although I didn't decide on any of those dresses, this visit may have changed my mind if not for the fact that... I went back a third time, on a weekday, when it was very slow and was unlucky enough to get the same lady from the first appointment. I should have just asked for someone new, but I'm polite and didn't. Again, it was a terrible experience and I refused to go back again. There are no less than three bridal stores within a mile that will treat you so much better, and for a similar price. Do yourself a favor and go to one of those.

2016-06-21T10:18:18 Response from the vendor

We are very sorry for any problems that you may have had. I want to assure you that we do take appointments any time. Also Saturday's are very busy as we are the only store in our area that allows alteration fittings on Saturday's. This... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 5/30/2016 Kelsey H

The staff at Pearl's Place knew exactly what I would love based on my description and vision in my head. I got the opportunity to work with Lisa and wound up purchasing the very first dress she pulled for me. I couldn't have had a more perfect and relaxing experience.

Reviewed on 5/17/2016 Lisa K

My dress from there was stunning and affordable. I popped in there without an appointment to try on dresses and had 3 girls drop what they were doing to help me. They were friendly and made my experience special. From there I found them to be somewhat difficult to deal with. I... Read More had a hard time getting someone to call me back and my dress came in late (which they gave me attitude about) and wasn't ready the day it was supposed to. They did solve the problems efficiently I just didn't like how I felt like it was my fault things weren't done on time. But sometimes people just have a bad day, so I would still recommend them because their dresses are beautiful and priced well. Just make sure you have plenty of time before your wedding!

Reviewed on 5/16/2016 Maria Elena M

I looked all around the state of Louisiana to find THE dress and found it here. I absolutely love my dress. The reason I am only giving 4 stars is because of how tricky it was to work with them. Here goes: 1) They guarantee free alterations but in reality it's singular...not... Read More plural. You only get one alteration, that's why it's free. 2) They ask you to setup an appointment for your alteration and fittings. There are no appointments. You have to show up the day you commit to at least 1.5hrs before they open. Someone happened to tell me about it so I didn't have any issues thanks to that, but a lot of other women did. I live 3.5hrs away from Metairie so my mom and I decided to stay the night before and show up nice and early. Thank goodness it worked out each time because I was always the 2nd one there...can't imagine how long the girl before me had been there. After the 4th person things start to fall apart pretty quickly in the shop so show up early. It's worth it! 3) You have to call a week before your wedding and ask them to steam your dress. Not sure if this is how it works everywhere but as a business professional I would think they would take the initiative on this front and be proactive about it. Because isn't that what customer service is all about? Overall, a lot of waiting but expect to find an amazing collection of dresses. It's so worth it.

2016-05-17T08:16:32 Response from the vendor

Thank you for your comments. I want to comment on alterations. As the only store in our area that even does alterations on Saturday's we are very, very busy. We are trying to add more alteration fitters to our staff to lessen the wait on... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 5/16/2016

We made an appointment here against the advice of numerous people. My sister is LDS and needed a modest dress. She found several dresses in the Allure Modest line and according to Allure's website, Pearl's was the only place close to us that carried that line. We made our... Read More appointment for 11:30 on a Saturday. We arrived at 11:20 and signed in. We were told to have a seat and wait. (We ended up standing since the only place to sit was where brides were trying on dresses and the seats were occupied by family members of said brides.) My sister overheard the staff mumbling that they didn't know why someone scheduled appointments between 11 -12 because they "can never get to them." We finally got a stylist at 12:15...45 minutes after our appointment was supposed to start. My sister showed her pictures of the dresses she liked and the stylist promptly told us they didn't carry that line. When we told her that Allure's Website and their own website said they carry it, she told us "We carry the Allure line, but not all of the Allure line." We should have left then, but she said she could put my sister in a couple of dresses that the modest line dresses were based on so we stayed. BIG mistake. The two dresses she pulled were no where near what she wanted. (I had the Allure website up on my phone and what the website said the modest dress was based on was NOT what this girl was showing us.) The stylist could clearly see my sister's frustration and told her "look, there just isn't a demand for modest dresses so we don't carry them." I told my sister to get dressed and we left. I felt like this stylist gave up on making a sale when she saw what my sister wanted and didn't even try to show her anything that could possibly be altered. We went to The Bridal Boutique by Maeme's and worked with Hillary. She knew exactly what my sister needed and was able to pull dresses that were VERY close to what she needed & wanted. The customer service we received from them was heads and tails above what we received at Pearl's. They even took her to their computer and pulled up the Venus Temple line and showed her dresses they could order for her. We also visited Bustle's and Bows. While they really didn't have anything close to what she wanted, the stylist still tried and was very sweet and helpful.

2016-05-16T14:40:18 Response from the vendor

I have noted your comments and am sorry that we were so busy on that day. We had two consultants that just did not show up and we were short handed. We do not carry in our store the modest gowns but are very aware... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 4/24/2016 Kelly T

Pearls place has the widest selection of wedding gowns for you to try on. They are a tad bit expensive but these are designer gowns here people! What was rediculous is my dress was 4 sizes too big and had to be altered several times. Before I took my pre-bridal pictures they... Read More gown was still to big but I had no choice I had to take the gown. I asked if I could bring the gown back to be altered after I took pictures and I was assured that I could. Well I did just that and was told my dress could no longer be altered because they don't alter dresses because of weight loss?!?!?! I had a total breakdown. That wasn't it though, my mothers dress, that came in a month after they told her it would was also too big. We picked it up on Feb 2nd, my wedding was on March 18th mind you, and took it home because we had no time to get it altered. We were told that we could bring it back on the allotted days of the week to get fitted. Well we did that and one of the rude ladies said that the paper on the front of the dress said that we should have brought it back on Feb 2nd!!! That was the date we picked it up! I loved my gown it was beautiful and so was my moms. If you want a beautiful dress with a handful of attitude then this is your place. They ladies that actually finds your dress for you are great. It's just the one that is behind the desk for pick up or drop off that was horrible.

Reviewed on 4/15/2016 Lindsey Z

While I didn't find my wedding dress here I did shop here for my dress. Even though it was busy they treated me with respect and took their time fitting me in gowns. I would highly recommend coming during a week day rather than on a Saturday to avoid the crowds. I did come... Read More back and purchase my hair piece, a bracelet, earrings, and my first dance dress. The accessories they have were high quality and they gave me very good prices. I ended up ordering one of their evening wear gowns and getting it altered into a tango dress for our first dance. It worked perfectly and the dress arrived several weeks before the quoted delivery date.

Reviewed on 4/01/2016 Noelle L

Pearl's Place has a great selection of dresses, and I found my dress here, mostly because I had already tried it on at another salon and was ready to purchase it that day. Pearl's Place can seem very chaotic, but their employees are can be very helpful and friendly (I loved the... Read More woman I worked with). However, I had much nicer bridal experiences at the other salons I went to, and I felt like I had little to no privacy while trying on the dresses in their very small dressing rooms. I am also a little disappointed with their alterations team. I was under a tighter alterations schedule, yet would have to continually ask for things to get done that we had discussed at earlier appointments (such as getting cups sewn in- and they were more like pinned on then sewn into my gown). If you want a good selection and are ready to purchase a dress, this is a great salon, but if you want a more personalized bridal experience, go to another salon.

Reviewed on 3/31/2016 Lisa S

I was at Pearl's Place searching for my bridal gown a few times, and had good experiences each time. I did not end up getting my dress there, but that had nothing to do with my experience as it was great. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, including the scheduling process when... Read More I spoke with Jordan. The first time I went was on a Saturday, actually just to look around as I knew it would be busy. Courtney greeted me and was so kind, and I decided to wait and had a great experience with Jessica. I went back weeks later and Pearl's place was so accommodating to squeeze me in when my mom was in town, and also let me come back the next day to show the dress I loved to my friend. They were very patient with me being indecisive, and never pressured me to make a decision, only letting me know about timing to be realistic. On those other occasions I had Kim and Lisa, both very patient and made me feel comfortable. The staff at Pearl's Place take the time to help you, and understand this is a big decision. I will definitely recommend that people go to Pearl's Place, and plan to return for some accessory shopping.

Reviewed on 3/11/2016 Sharanie S

Unfortunately my experience at Pearls place was not as pleasant as my other vendors. I decided to purchase my bridesmaids gown from them. The gowns came in on time however lot of delays with the seamstress cause myself and bridesmaids to be stressed. The staff never took... Read More ownership for their mistakes. For ex. My out of town bridesmaid came to get alterations and dress got lost and was never altered. Of course they never apologized. For her 2nd alteration, we asked questions to the staff and instead of them addressing the concerns we had, they called a male worker to stand and stare at us while we waited for them to find the gown again. The seamstress is by far the rudest I have ever come across. She is very abrupt and rushed 3 of my bridesmaids to take gown that were not altered properly. One bridesmaids got so frustrated with her attitude she took her dress home and got it fixed by another seamstress. They definitely don't go the extra mile. I will never recommend them to a single soul! This was by far my worst and most stressful vendor. Sharanie

Reviewed on 2/29/2016 Kristen L

I went to Pearl's Place because it was recommended by a woman who worked at David's Bridal, I couldn't find what I wanted there so she suggested Pearl's because they have more unique dresses. When I called to make an appointment the lady over the phone told me I did not need one... Read More and said I could jut come in, I felt that was a little strange. When we arrived there the place was a zoo. I had to sign in and I waited aimlessly for 3 hours, they had no waiting area or seats. I finally got sick of wasting my Saturday and got up and left. Not very good customer service, I wasn't even acknowledged, the selection was good from what I saw. I wont go back though.

2016-02-29T16:08:24 Response from the vendor

I am very sorry for your experience. We have been very short handed in our store lately. That is not an excuse but with the untimely passing of one of our very best stylists we are also having to others that have medical leave. We... Read Less Read More