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One of America's leading bridal stores is now on the World Wide Web. Pearl's Place - a Full Service Bridal Store is a vendor and source for every major bridal manufacturer in the industry. We invite all local area brides to view the absolutely largest selection of bridal designers in the region, in our store. Remember, Pearl's Place is one of the major bridal, prom and special occasion stores in the country.

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3114 Severn Ave, Metairie, LA

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 5/13/2014 Rachel A

Pearl's Place is fairly easy to find, just off a major highway and open seven days a week. There selection is ginormous and their attendants are friendly and know their stuff. They have decent prices, are willing to negotiate and alterations are included in the price. However,... Read More they are always busy! Be prepared to spend the better part of your day there!

2014-06-30T20:59:41 Response from , the member

This place was the best place ever! The service was amazing and they catered to my every need . I found the dress of my dreams within my price range and it only took an hr of trying on. I would recommend is place to... Read Less Read More

My experience with Pearls Place

Reviewed on 12/09/2014 Catherine L

I had a wonderful experience at Pearls Place each time I went. The staff welcomes you at the door with a smile! The sales person, Ruth, listened to what I wanted and pulled many beautiful gowns to try on. I ended up getting the first dress I tried! I was so excited--all the... Read More sales reps were cheering for me when I found my dress! They were so sweet, happy, and professional! My dress came in two monthes after I ordered! I met the owner this time and she was so sweet and told me how beautiful I looked in my dress! She made me feel special the way you want to feel when you get your dress! A new sales rep. helped me find my veil! She pulled all the veils I wanted to try and was very sweet! I ended up buying my veil from there as well! Pearl Place is busy (which is good) that means they are doing something right! Their prices are AWESOME, service is great, and building is clean! I saw many negative complaints on the knot about pearls place before I went--that I almost backed out of going--MY ADVICE TO YOU IS GO! Do not let anything negative that someone writes discourage you. I am SO happy I did not change my mind. The price of my gown at pearls was over 700 less than another store! Pearls is wonderful! GO, GO, GO! My hometown is 2 hours away from Pearls! Well worth it!

Finally Found It..

Reviewed on 2/23/2014 Courtney H

Michelle at Pearl's Place was such a wonderful help! She helped me find my perfect dress that I have been searching high and low for. The store was getting ready to close and she did not care, she helped me anyways. We did not feel rushed by her and I was finally able to say YES... Read More to MY dress! She accessorized it perfectly and I loved everything she suggested! Thank you so much Michelle!!

Reviewed on 11/21/2015

I was in town to help my niece shop for a wedding dress in November. After reading a few bad reviews about Pearls we weren't sure if we should even look there. As it turned out, we walked in (with no appt.) and had a tremendous experience with our consultant Lisa. She knew... Read More exactly what dresses to pull and really knew "her stuff" Pearls had a good selection for our full-figured bride-to-be and we even said "YES TO A DRESS"! Thanks Lisa and Pearls for making our day!

2015-11-22T10:51:14 Response from the vendor

Thank you so much for that wonderful review. We appreciate it and be sure to send us photos of the wedding. Thanks so much.

Reviewed on 10/24/2015

Pearls place has worse and worse customer service every time I walk through the door. Today I went with 5 of my bridesmaids for them to get their bridesmaids dresses fitted to be altered. We got there early, at 9:15, were second in line, behind one lady as they said they can... Read More get busy quickly. We waited until the doors open at 945. They had us rush in were grabbing dresses out of our girls hands and giving numbers on slips of paper. They hung dresses on rack, and an associate came and very rudely started rearranging all of the dresses, mixing with other customers. They ended up calling the first lady in line and then called a lady next that was behind all 5 of my girls. This was not right or acceptable meaning we purposely stood outside an hour beforehand, and that didnt even matter because they arranged dresses how they wanted anyway. Then when one of my girls went to get into her dressing room, at a very busy hour, she couldnt get into her room because another girl was in it. All of her clothes and purse, personal belongings were in this room. Something could have easily been stolen. This should have been better managed, if the room was occupied, noone else should have been allowed to enter. I would not recommend any future friends family to this business.

2015-10-25T09:10:48 Response from the vendor

I am very sorry for your experience. We do open early on Saturday's for our customers fittings. I do want to mention that we are the only store in our area that does alterations on Saturdays, and for that reason we are very busy on... Read Less Read More

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 10/11/2015 Carmen N

I absolutely loved my dress!!! Pearl's Place was one of the only places in Louisiana to even have the one I wanted and it was perfect!

Reviewed on 10/03/2015 Josie S

My consultant at Pearl's Place today was awful!! She told me I could only try on the dresses she pulled and not all the ones I picked because "most brides can handle trying on more than 6 dresses in a day". After I told her I wanted fit and flare she put me in an extreme... Read More mermaid. When I told her that wasn't what I wanted she said "well then I guess you don't want fit and flare because that's what this is ". I wasn't allowed to take any pictures and they had all the tags cut out of the dresses so if I liked one I couldn't "identify it and buy it from another boutique." They need to worry more about good customer service and then they won't have to worry about brides wanting to buy elsewhere! Try MaeMe's or Bows and Bustles instead. Much more professional and friendly consultants.

Reviewed on 8/19/2015

I am the grandmother of the bride and I was present when my granddaughter was shopping for her wedding dress from Pearl's Place. I saw the service she got while there and decided I would shop for my dress there also. Tena was my consultant for my shopping experience and it was... Read More very rewarding. She was tireless in bringing me selection after selection until she found the perfect one for me. I truly felt she was not just trying to sell me anything just to get the sale. She was very honest and professional in giving advice and pointers in my selection. I felt she was very knowledgeable in her selections for me as to what would look best on me and compliment my body shape. I cold not have been more pleased with the service and attention I received from Tena. I will recommend her to anyone in the market for formal/wedding attire. She knows exactly what she is doing and she does it very well.

Wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses

Reviewed on 8/11/2015 Kaci M

I purchased my wedding dress from here. The sales lady Michelle was so helpful and patient. I had no idea what style I wanted and she pulled several that were very flattering. With her help I found the most beautiful dress and added a belt to finish the look. I went back and... Read More purchased my bridesmaids dresses from here again they were very helpful. The seamstress was so great! She did my dress and all of my bridesmaids dresses. Everyone fit perfect and were done in a timely manner. I would recommend them for price style and fittings

Reviewed on 7/21/2015 Michelle H

I would not recommend shopping here. I felt highly uncomfortable. They kept trying the get my grandmother to tell me I looked sexy. They wanted my cleavage to hang out for days. I want to look beautiful and elegant, not trashy. I cannot believe people buy from them.They were... Read More very very pushy when it came to selling. They used every sales tactic to try to get us to stay in the store and buy I dress I really did not like at all.

Reviewed on 6/25/2015 Ashley R

I was super hesitant to travel to Pearl's from AL after reading the reviews, but they were one of the only places in the area to carry the dress that I fell in love with online. I did not have an appointment and arrived early Saturday morning right before they opened. I was... Read More surprised to see a line outside, but my fears were quickly erased as most of the women in line were there for bridesmaids dresses, alterations, etc. I was immediately taken into the bridal department and greeted by Kim and another consultant whose name I can't remember. Kim worked with me and throughout my time there so many other consultants stopped by to provide their input that I had found THE dress! I have been to many shops and felt really sad about not having the so-called "bridal moment" but I definitely had it here. They even dimmed the lights to show me what it would like at the reception. I didn't feel like they were being pushy or hyping me up to make me feel like I looked better than I did or anything (I had friends & my mom there on FaceTime and they agreed it was the best dress I've tried on from the 5 salons I've visited thus far). I kept trying on dresses even though I knew I had found the one and Kim was extremely patient and waited to see what I thought before providing her opinion. Also, I tend to research online to find the prices of the dresses before I go in & I know for a fact she quoted me the retail price of the gown, with no taxes and free alterations. HOWEVER, because I will be moving to the Midwest shortly, I decided not to purchase the gown because of the reviews about brides who purchase gowns from out of state--I really wish I could've chanced it, because Kim (& the other ladies were so amazing) but I was nervous about the negative possibilities. All in all, if you're a Gulf Shores bride, I would definitely visit here. They had a wide selection and were extremely patient and helpful to a bridezilla like me.

2015-06-26T08:24:47 Response from the vendor

I appreciate your concerns of us shipping your gown. But we do this all of the time and can save you money if we are just shipping to you. Suggest that you call us at (504) 885-9213 and I will advise Kim of my response... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 5/06/2015 Cody P

I purchased my bridesmaids dresses from Pearl's and they were about average for price. They have a large selection. However, I find the staff to be very unorganized and whatever you do, don't go on a Saturday. Also, if something happens and your wedding is pushed back or... Read More canceled, make sure your bridesmaids pick their dresses up within the 10 day period. Pearl's doesn't tell you, but your dress will be put back on the floor for sale and you will not receive your deposit back. This happen to three of the four bridesmaids that stood in my friends wedding. They also don't call you give you a heads up that they will no longer be holding on to your dress that you have paid a 50% deposit on. Like I said, I didn't have a problem with my bridesmaids, but I seen two sides to this place of business.

2015-05-08T08:33:52 Response from the vendor

As the owner of Pearl's Place, I must respond to this. All of this is not true. We never "put back dresses after 10 days" ever. That is not our policy. What we do is call the bride and ask her to coordinate in advising... Read Less Read More

Bridal Gown at Pearl's Place

Reviewed on 4/27/2015 Darleen A

You cannot go wrong with Pearl's Place!! They are wonderful, patient, helpful, and a great value! Free alterations!! On a wedding gown! They were extremely helpful with the bridesmaids also. The only thing you have to consider is getting there early on a Saturday. They are very... Read More busy on Saturdays (because they are awesome!!) but so worth it. They have so many options and the bridal attendants are not pushy at all. They will be very honest with you when you are looking for your perfect gown.

Felt like an all star movie star!!!!!!

Reviewed on 3/27/2015 Katherine C

I recently got married and my entire bridal party used Pearl's place including flower girl, moms and grandmas! People could not stop talking about my dress! Like I don't even think they saw my face people were soo amazed by my dress!!! And did I pick it? Nope. I went to... Read More Pearl's and they basically picked for me. I know that today with pinterest and DIY being so popular, brides want to micromanage every detail of everything, but honestly there is a reason these people have been in business so long. They know women's bodies and what works and what doesn't. TRUST YOUR VENDORS. Pearls Place is filled with bridal associates who have been doing this for years. For example, for one of the mom's dresses I thought what they picked was SOOO ugly on the hanger and she tried it on and I was blown away! So I learned my lesson and that was to leave it to the professionals. I was soo happy with the way everyone looked and that's because I trusted that the most popular bridal boutique in the Southeast knew more about weddings than I do. In response to some of the people who have griped about wait times for fittings, just remember that the alterations are free which is basically unheard of. You could go to David's bridal and buy a cheaper dress and pay their astronomical prices for tailoring (which will ultimately make the dresses cost more), but will jaws drop when you walk down the aisle? I know that going to Pearls was the absolute right choice! I just can't even explain how the alterations they did to a dress that already looked great took it to the level of exquisite. I have never felt so good about myself!!!

Not the best!

Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Angela S

I just didn't get a good vibe from them the moment I stepped in the door. I felt like they only cared about selling me a dress versus actually listening to the style that I was looking for. Needless to say I did not purchase anything from there.

2015-01-22T17:05:56 Response from Susan, the member

I am not sure who wrote this as I think it is another store. Their service from the minute you even email them is perfect. They are the very most helpful of all stores in the area. I think they have been there 40 years... Read Less Read More

Be warned! The prices aren't worth it!

Reviewed on 1/18/2015 Megan E

So I apologize in advance for the long review, but I don't want anyone else to go through what my wedding party and I went through. We were able to walk in without an appointment no problem! But it went downhill from there. I asked the woman helping me not to bring me a lace... Read More dress because I have a twin sister who had gotten married the year before in a lace dress and I didn't want to have the same pictures. She disappeared for about 20 minutes, so I started to look at the dresses myself and found one I loved. So we kept it to the side to ask what the price was. She finally came back with about 6 ALL LACE DRESSES! I tried to say something and she told me I had to have an open mind! So when I went to try them on, she left me in dressing room by myself, with no help. It is so hard to put those things on! My sister had to help me. She continued to bring me every dress I asked her not to and left me by myself to try it on. Finally, my sister got fed up and forced her to let me try on the dress I had liked. That was the dress I ended up buying. It was perfect and I loved it so I tried to overlook the awful experience. The price was too good of a deal! The included alterations sound wonderful until you go to the store when it opens on a Saturday because it is first come first serve, and you are 19th in line and have to wait 2 hours! I still cannot figure out when this store actually opens. You have to prepare to give up most of your day. And alterations are stressful and you really don't know if it will work out. Luckily, I was close to the size ordered so I didn't need too many alterations. But every time I went too the store for alterations, there were about 5 other people in line with me that had nothing but awful things to say about their experience with Pearl's Place. Now on to bridesmaid dresses. Again, great price but horrible experience. Two of my bridesmaids were able to try on the dress I liked before they sold the sample. They basically just told me I was SOL. So I had to shop around even more to try and figure out what the best deal was and if I could find a new dress. No go, we just found other places for the bridesmaids to try them on and ordered from PP. They seemed alright until alterations. The zipper got stuck on one of the dresses and it came in like that. They tried to blame it on my bridesmaid several times! They ended up having to order a whole new one because they messed it up so much! Sorry for the book. I have to say I loved all of the dresses we got. But looking back, I would have rather spent a little more money than have such a stressful and all around awful experience. Please don't make the same mistake I did!

Best bridal salon around

Reviewed on 1/15/2015

I heard about Pearl's Place through the gambit. They win the "best of New Orleans" award every year apparently. I had such a good experience using this salon. The owners are there all day every day to answer any questions you may have. The prices are fantastic, especially... Read More considering the alterations are 100% free. Not just the 1st, you can come in time after time to have it altered to fit you perfectly and they're extremely kind throughout the entire process. The staff is knowledgeable and while the store is incredibly busy, it's totally worth it. They're busy bc they're the best around in my opinion. 5 stars for this salon!

Great selection and price

Reviewed on 11/26/2014 Lisa P

My dress was beautiful and I felt like I got a good price for the quality of the dress. The great thing about Pearl's Place is the alterations are free. But make sure you check and double check their work. I had a few things not done correctly the first time. Also, they don't... Read More schedule appointments for alterations, which is not convenient when you work full time. Get there right when they open to be first in line.

Mediocre Wedding Dress Experience

Reviewed on 11/24/2014 Renee B

I went to Pearl's Place because I knew exactly what I wanted and know Pearl's is really well-priced. The dress I bought was about $600 more at another store. The buying experience at first was good, the staff was pleasant, everything seemed pretty simple and easy and I was... Read More happy. However, my wedding dress ended up being so short that I had no choice but to wear flats. I was told that my consultant should have know this designer ran a little short and that I would need extra fabric, but they didn't. A small annoyance, but not that big of a deal. My bridesmaids experiences were much more stressful. There was a misunderstanding on Pearl's part about ordering the dresses. After telling me I needed to order by a specific date or my dresses would not be in on time, I got a call TWO MONTHS LATER saying that they hadn't ordered them yet. They said it would be fine, even though 2 months prior I was told if I waited any longer, the dresses would never be in on time. My sister's dress was a disaster (completely defective). Pearl's did the best they could and it wasn't as noticeable, but still not the quality of a $250 bridesmaids dress. Last issue I had - I had to pay extra money on a specific date for a wedding veil because it was a "custom length". I was told it would take 3 months. It literally took like 3 days. I don't understand why they instill this fear of your garments not coming in time when it is apparently not the case. Additionally, when the veil did come in, the next sales girl that was helping me said this was a standard, most common length of veil and not a custom size....so not sure why I had to pay $150 more to "customize" it. In hindsight, I did save money...but I'm not sure it was worth the stress and trouble we had to go through. Piece of mind may be worth checking out another store.

Great for a Bride...not for Bridesmaids!

Reviewed on 11/05/2014 Nataly G

Pearls Place was wonderful to ME (the bride) and by Pearls Place I refer to the manager and the staff (excluding the little spanish alterations lady - I'll get back to her in a bit). When I first went in to look for a dress, my consultant was Ruth (if I remember correctly) and... Read More she was awesome. Then after that, all of my dealings with the staff (fittings, calling in, etc) were positive. They were friendly and helpful. My BRIDESMAIDS, however, had a slightly different experience. It seemed as though the staff always appeared too busy to deal with my bridesmaids. It is my understanding that several of my bridesmaids would call in with questions and the response was generally in a rude tone. And when they went in to either try on or pick up a dress, they received the same attitudes from the staff. Was hard for me to believe at first b/c they had been great to me so I called one day to ask a question and the second I told them that I was the bride, their tone changed to more positive and friendly! The spanish alterations lady was difficult to deal with all around. She was rude and mean. So, I would recommend Pearl's Place just for the bride, not the rest of the party. My dress was beautiful and I continue to receive compliments about it, but I am still bummed about the experiences that my bridesmaids had to deal with.

If you buy from here- Get alterations done elsewhere!

Reviewed on 9/26/2014 Gretchen L

My initial experience with Pearl's place was good. The sales lady, Kim, went out of her way to help me find the perfect dress and even had the ivory color I wanted ordered. The good times stop there though. If you buy from Pearl's Place- DO NOT take advantage of their free... Read More alterations. My dress consists of two pieces a silk slip and a lace overlay. I am a size 32 A, so naturally the bust of the slip is large. Rather than take that in properly, the seamstress tells me that we need to put cups in so that I fill out the dress properly. She also pins the bottom of my slip and tells me to come back in a month. 9/8/14- 2nd fitting- When I unzip the bag, the dress smells terrible. It smells like it has been around really strong cooking. I immediately alert the salesperson who states she will get one of the owners. The owner comes to me that "they must have steamed the dress, and sometimes this is what the dress smells like after" TOTAL BULLSHIT! While I'm standing on the platform the seamstress tells her assistant (in Spanish) that she had to take the dress home to work on it. The cups she has placed in the dress look ridiculous and the sides of the slip poke out where my boobs are. I ask if we can take the cups out, but she says she will fix how the dress pokes out. The seamstress then starts to take in the sides of the slip- I ask her not to because I feel like the slip is already too tight. She says "No this will be good," I figure she does this all day long so I shut up and don't say anything else. The owner, Jordan, talked to me and assured me that the odor of my dress will be taken care of. 9/26/14-- I go to try on my dress. As soon as I unzip the bag, the curry odor is still there. I closely inspect the hem of the lace overlay, and that does look good. The slip is atrocious. It looked better before any alterations were performed on it. The ridiculous cups are still in place and the sides of the boobs poke out. She has taken the slip in (even though I asked her not to) and it is pulling across the front. The bilateral side seams where the lady had taken the dress in against my will are pulling and crooked. I asked to speak to the owner. It seemed as if no one had even told her about my dress smelling bad from my previous visit. The other owner, elaine, looked at my dress and then went and got the seamstress whose answer to the pulling on the sides was to take it in more! Are you fuc*ing kidding me? Take it in more?! There is some back and forth between the seamstress and the owner, but finally the owner comes to tell me to leave the dress and they will let all the alterations out and I can come back for it next wednesday, October 1st. My wedding is October 11th. After I left, I contacted a family friend who is a dress maker and she advised me to get the dress and bring it in to her and not to let their seamstress do any further harm. I called Pearl's place and spoke with the owner, jordan. I told them that I am going to come get the dress and bring it to a family friend because i do not want their seamstress to lay another hand on it. i also told him that I would like the additional costs of the alterations from the friend paid for by their establishment. He said that they would do that. When I got to Pearl's Place I asked Jordan what I should do about the smell (that he said would be taken care of last month). He said they usually just steam and Febreeze

Not Impressed!

Reviewed on 8/19/2014 Amanda F

I used Pearl's Place to purchase my bridal gown and bridesmaids dresses. While my dress shopping experience was wonderful--the associate helping me was fabulous and the selection was ample--the alterations process was absolutely HORRIFYING. We've all heard the saying "you get... Read More what you pay for," and Pearl's Place's "free" alterations are just that--WORTHLESS. For starters, I had to shell out $40 for cups to be sewn in my gown with 2 stitches. LITERALLY. Two. Stitches. I also had to pay another seamstress in my hometown to reposition the cups, as the Pearl's seamstress did not even measure/pin the cups in a position where they'd actually support my B cup boobs. Annoying? Yes. Deal breaker? No. I was still optimistic about how my sister's MOH dress would turn out, despite the not-so-stellar reviews I'd heard more than once about alterations at Pearl's. My other girls opted to have their dresses altered closer to home--thank GOD. I should've realized something was wrong when the lady taking my sister's and other maids' measurements rushed through and did not even bother to position the measuring tape where it should've been for accuracy. I'm not a seamstress, but my mom has sewn for the better part of her life, so I know my way around a measuring tape. My sister is at most a size 7--however, the associate helping us insisted she needed a size 10 gown. No big deal--we figured the dresses ran small and it was better to have more than less when it came time to alterations. As we suspected, the dress floated on my sister. Not a problem--that's what "free" alterations are for! Not so much. The seamstress did not even measure as she freely cut the dress and pinned it to "fit." Two weeks later, it was time to pick up her dress. When my sister tried it on, it was so ill-fitting, it was border-line obscene. Her boobs were literally falling out, and the bodice was so tight it couldn't be pulled up to the correct position. It was bad. When I calmly told the seamstress that the dress wasn't going to work for my Catholic wedding, the seamstress proceeded to try and convince my sister and I that "this was the way the dress was supposed to fit" and that it was a "sexy dress." Sexy? Maybe. Hooker? NOPE. Despite my blunt nature, I am not one to cause a scene, so I quietly asked to speak with the owner. When she came, she tried to convince me of the same thing--it was the way the dress was supposed to fit. Long story short, we ended up having to the take dress to another seamstress near my home. She had to completely disassemble the gown and take material from the lining and shawl just to have enough material to fix the disaster of a dress. Did I mention this fiasco occurred about 3 weeks before my wedding? All that being said, I would still recommend Pearl's Place for their selection--they have a great range of options from affordable to high-end, and most gowns are available to try on in-store. However, their customer service on the alterations end is horrible. Trust me, it's worth it to pay someone else to alter your dress(es). They also do not take appointments--it's first-come, first-serve, which is pretty inconvenient if you are traveling from out of town. To have a shot at getting served the day that you want to go--you'd better show up at least 2 hours before opening.

Great Value!

Reviewed on 7/25/2014 Wendy J

If you're looking for a "say yes to the dress" experience, where you're pampered with wine and cheese, Pearl's Place is not the place for you. If you're looking for great value a place that is budget friendly, definitely come here. I've been to Pearl's Place in the past for a... Read More couple of bridesmaids dresses. When it was my turn to get married, I knew this was the place to go. Not only did I order my dress here, but my bridesmaids dresses as well. Free alterations were included in my gown and my bridesmaids dresses. A 20% discount is given for out of town bridesmaids, who can't take advantage of the free alterations. Michelle was the one who helped me pick out my dress. She was friendly and super helpful. It helps to go with some ideas in mind and how much you want to spend. She picked out several dresses to try on, and I ended up going with the 2nd one that I tried on. I didn't expect that finding the one would be so simple. Because they offer such great value, the store can be quite busy, be prepared to wait. I recommend avoiding Pearl's Place on a Saturday. Go during the week if you want faster service. So, if you're looking for a place to save money, and you don't need the princess treatment, I highly recommend Pearl's Place. My dress was $400 under retail price, and I saved money with their free alterations. Another budget saving tip: only get your dress from Pearl's Place. Their accessories are highly marked up. You're better off getting accessories such as your veil and sashes online from vendors on Etsy.

My visits and experiences at Pearl's Place

Reviewed on 7/22/2014 Irena S

I was not going to post this, in fact I was not going to order a gown as my wedding is over a year away. I live out of town and in New Orleans. I went to Pearl’s Place to pick up my bridesmaid gown, which they altered. Every time I have been in the store everyone is so... Read More friendly. If you try on bridal gowns, they help you into a gown and help you take it off. No other store around them and there a few within several blocks give that type of service. I also was amazed at their very fair pricing. One of the bridesmaids in my bridal party received her dress and it was three sizes smaller then she needed as she was now pregnant. One of the owners, Elaine, explained that they could order another dress quickly but could not return the original dress, but they would give her a discount. They received the dress in two weeks, which is amazing and we will walked down the isle and all looked great. So I ordered my wedding gown there. I also live in New York and have visited all of the stores that you see on television. No store was as professional and helpful as Pearl’s Place. I now apologise for my grammar and English as I am from far away, but I really want to praise Pearl’s Place. I also suggest that when you are bridal gown or bridesmaid shopping you need to visit that store. I would gladly give them ten stars.

My Mother was asked to loose weight to fit her dress, RUDE!!

Reviewed on 7/21/2014 Michele T

My mom (mother of the bride) purchased her dress from Pearl's Place, even though I had no intention of purchasing any dresses here because of past experiences there, it was the only place that carried the designer that she wanted. The dress came in and they obviously did not... Read More order the proper size for her measurements because the dress was very tight and uncomfortable. My mom would like to be able to breathe in her dress! The person helping her proceeded to ask her if SHE WAS GOING TO LOOSE ANY WEIGHT?? And also offering some sort of girdle as if she wanted anything to make her even more uncomfortable in the already very tight dress. By no means is my mother overweight and had not gained a pound since she was measured for the dress. The dress could not be taken out as the type of lace that it is made out of could not be altered. I just can't believe the audacity! You don't alter your body to fit in a dress, the dress is supposed to be fit for your body. How unprofessional!