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RK Bridal has the hottest selection of bridal gowns, bridesmaids, mother-of, & special occasion dresses.Whether you are a local or an international bride, we are dedicated to providing you with the most competitive prices in the industry.


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619 West 54th Street (5th Floor), New York, NY

No need to spend a fortune to get a dream dress!

Reviewed on 8/09/2010 Courtney P

For my wedding I wanted a stunning wedding dress. I pored over page after page of wedding magazines, trying to find the perfect dress. But I also didn't want to have to spend $5,000 or up on a dress that I would wear for one day. I read some positive reviews of RK Bridal, so I... Read More thought I'd give it a shot. I got my mom and bridesmaids together and in one day we hit three places. RK Bridal was the first. It's not a glamorous salon, with chaise lounges, snooty saleswomen and glasses of champagne handed out. If that's what you want, then you probably have no qualms about wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on a wedding gown, so go right ahead. They have tons of dresses, and one of the things I liked immediately was that you are encouraged to look through the racks yourself, to see what you like. My consultant was Sheryl, and she was awesome. Very sweet and friendly. She listened to what I liked and didn't like in dresses, and set out to pick a few to try on. All but one of her choices looked great on, and she took what worked and what didn't in mind as she went in search of more. We had a great time, and I felt like she was another (extremely knowledgable) friend helping me find my perfect dress. At the end of the appointment I had two very strong contenders. I told her I wanted to think about it because I'm not an impulse buyer, and said that we had two other appointments that day at other salons. She said she totally understood and that she hoped she'd see me again. We hugged as my group and I got ready to go, and the rest of the day I kept comparing my experiences at the other salons to the one I'd had at RK Bridal. When I was at Kleinfeld's (a terribly disappointing and frustrating experience in which they pressured me non-stop to purchase then & there, and my hour and a half time slot turned into 33 minutes because they were overbooked) I'd say to my friends, "You know, Sheryl didn't just pick out the exact dresses I had pictures of -- SHE showed me other options." At the third salon I remarked that Sheryl had actually seemed to care about helping me find the right dress and gave me personal attention, instead of just shuttling me off to a dressing room with my friends and dashing over to the next customer. In the end of course, it came down to the dress. And the dress I fell in love with was one from RK Bridal. It was really, really beautiful, just what I'd had in mind but hadn't been able to fully describe, and it cost less than $2,000. It didn't look any less expensive than any of the more costly dresses I'd tried on at other stores. On my wedding day I received tons of compliments on the dress, and my groom said I looked like a fairy tale princess or old-fashioned movie star (I love old movies, so this was a look I was aiming for). He couldn't stop staring at me, and on our wedding video you can hear him saying several times that I just look so beautiful. That's the only endorsement I really needed to know I'd made the right choice. I felt like a million bucks without having to spend nearly that amount! ;-) So, RK Bridal worked for me. The dresses I tried on were great quality, reasonably priced, and the service was the best I received anywhere I went. My experience with alterations was also stellar. The ladies in tailoring were incredibly nice, very exacting, and made sure that the dress fit as if it had been made just for me. They gave me a dream experience, a dream of a price, and definitely a dream dress.

Amazing experience, gorgeous dress!

Reviewed on 8/28/2013 Marissa C

We worked with Nicole as my consultant for my wedding gown shopping. She was great, and helped me find the perfect dress! Nicole took her time and let me walk around in all of the various dresses to get an idea. She had me try on a few different styles because you never know... Read More how it will look on each person, regardless of photos. I found the PERFECT dress for me and instantly fell in love. RK is huge and has a great variety of everything! We got our bridesmaid dresses through them, and my mom got her dress there too. My mom and I planned our fittings on the same days so we could do it all together. I am so happy with my dress and my experience with RK. Candi, Nicole and the entire team is amazing! Thank you so much for helping me find my dream dress for my wedding day! xo, Marissa

They Helped Me Find My SECOND Dream Dress

Reviewed on 9/21/2012 Jonille T

RK Bridal is, as you may have heard, NO FRILLS. It's not the kind of place you're going to sit with ten of your bridesmaids and have a glass of champagne, while you model one of the ten designer dresses they have in house in an overly decorated room. No. It is a warehouse.... Read More You will go in, sign your name, search for your dresses, try then on, then make your decision. But they will pass these savings on to you. And the selection they have is mind-blowing. I originally went in to try on this Alfred Angelo number I'd seen in some bridal magazine. I'd stupidly going to a Designer Bridal Boutique that was out of my price range. When I found my Dream Dress (The ONE), I proceeded to jump up and down screaming, until I checked the price tag and realized it was THREE TIMES my budget. I had to put it back, and for months, I had been on a quest to find a cheap knockoff. In my internet searches, in magazines, and in my travels, I kept coming across a certain dress: the Maggie Sottero Isadora Ann. I'd admired it and moved on several times, but kept dismissing it because it was tea-length. My Dream Dress was a Fit-and-Flare with a Chapel Train. Finally, my search led me to RK Bridal. I had a stack of pictures and Style Numbers in hand, and I handed them to the attendant. As I tried them on, she was honest with me. "That's ok. "That's nice." "That doesn't quite work." But when I tried on the Isadora Ann, she gasped. "That dress is so you!" I'd been thinking it, but when I heard it come out of her mouth, I knew she spoke the truth. I left without it and continued to search. A month or two later, I came back with another stack of style numbers and dresses. My attendant remembered me right away. I tried some dresses on, but nothing stood out. I was about to leave again, when I sheepishly asked to try on the Isadora Ann again. The attendant's face lit up, and she said, "I thought you'd never ask!" As I put it back on, she almost scolded me; "I don't know WHY you left without it last time! Don't leave it again! That's YOUR dress!" And I didn't. I never felt like she (or anyone) was out to sell me the most expensive dress (in fact, the Isadora Ann was the LEAST expensive dress of all the dresses I'd tried on there). I never felt like I couldn't leave without purchasing something. As big and warehouse-y as RK Bridal is, I felt the people who work there were looking out for me and MY Wedding Dress needs. Highly recommended.

Good Service

Reviewed on 8/27/2015 Elise V

I got married on 8/14/15 and I bought my dress at RK Bridal. I purchased my dress one year before the wedding in 9/14, so I had plenty of time for alterations. My dress arrived in 1/15, and I was able to try it on and schedule all of my alteration appointments. The staff was... Read More great and my seamstress listened to my concerns. I had lost about 10 pounds since I first tried on my dress due to stress, but she was able to take it in perfectly as well as hem the bottom. The only reason I did not give a 5/5 review is because during my alteration, another seamstress (who I suppose was the head), came in to help and literally said I have no chest. Because of that, she added padding to the bust, which I DID NOT ask for. The dress already had a nice soft cup which gave me enough shape and size. I didn't know she was going to add the padding. The next time I tried my dress on, I was upset at how huge and unnatural the bust looked. I am 5'2 and 104 pounds and have always been petite. The dress made me look like I had a D cup. It looked ridiculous. But my original seamstress was very sweet and told me not to worry, she would fix it. The next time I tried it, it was back to normal. However, some of the fabric around the bust was loose from the padding that was put in. My seamstress literally sewed it back up while I was still wearing it. She fixed it and when the day of the wedding arrived and I put on my freshly steamed dress, it looked perfect. Other than that small hiccup, I was happy with RK Bridal and my dress was gorgeous. Everyone talked about how beautiful it was. I will be contacting them soon to have it preserved.

Reviewed on 8/17/2015 Tracey

Thank you RK Bridal for a worry free shopping experience! This was the second salon I visited and my expectations were fully met! My consultant was Nadine and she was not only pleasant and knowledgeable about the merchandise, but she was patient and honest. After trying on... Read More the 6th dress, I was swept off my feet with a Maggie Sottero beauty! Ladies, once you enter the RK bridal salon, it seems hectic at first. Fret not, the selection of dresses there are phenomenal and the staff is highly experienced! This salon has rows and rows of dresses at various price points. You will not be disappointed. My Recommendation: Have patience, have an idea or a list of your favorite designers and styles of dresses, and it would help you greatly to carry an ipad. Lastly, and don't stress. :-)

Reviewed on 8/13/2015 Robyn M

I always liked the Disney wedding dresses by Alfred Angelo, so when i got engaged i finally researched where to find them. I found RK Bridal and then looked at their website and loved it. My budget was $1500 (i just didnt see a reason to buy a very expensive dress for 5 hours of... Read More use) and the website showed me prices and amazing designers i would have never known about. So i make a date to go there with my mom and future mom, they do not take appointments just first come first serve. When we get there, there is a wait but while we wait we can look around and choose 5 dresses to try on. I find a lot of dresses i like from a lot of different designers that i know are in my budget. My choices were ok, but not me. So my wedding attendant puts me into dresses that look the same. I asked for true A-line dresses, straps or strapless, and lace or satin. I am really easy going. But the same thing, after same thing- all lace strapless dresses. I ask for something different and she brings lace strapless poofy dresses like trumpets. I ask for something not in lace or something with straps and she says most A-lines are just lace. Then when im leaving because i have tried on about 10 dresses and felt defeated, she says maybe if you discuss my budget again i will have more options. So i asked what is a good budget for more dresses? She says $2500. I say thank you but this is a dress for less than a day, she says some people think like that. Now looking back at my choices i chose on their favorites list I am so overly pissed!!! I chose dresses in my price range that were very different from one another and not all strap less and lace. Why wouldnt they listen to me and help me. All those designer dresses and she never showed me any of them.

Reviewed on 8/12/2015 Jessica L

I cannot say enough good things about rk bridal! Janice was amazing! So pleasant and she went out of her way to let me try all different styles to make sure I found what I wanted. She was very knowledgable about the dresses in the store. They have a huge selection. I highly... Read More recommend shopping here for a wedding dress, you will not be disappointed!

Love my dress!

Reviewed on 8/10/2015 Jenny R

All the woman there are so nice and helpful. The new location is beautiful. They have great selections and really work with your budget. At the end I was happy with my dress. Thank you RK Bridal!

Great for Independent Brides but not Alterations!

Reviewed on 8/09/2015 Melysa W

I found my reception dress at RK Bridal. It was so inexpensive and beautiful but not overly exciting that I decided to get two. I loved the independent shopping experience and the ladies were very helpful. I also shopped before they moved to the new larger space on54th and since... Read More moving service and overall experience has improved. Sometimes it takes a while to find someone to ask for help -especially on busier times. They were amazing and very helpful when shopping for a Mother of the Bride dress. My mother ended up going with the salesgirl's recommendation. We also shopped for bridesmaids dresses which was on a busy day so we received little help and waited in line for dressing rooms with larger piles of dresses and it wasn't until after we tried we realized there was a place to hang them while you shopped, would have been nice to have someone help or at least ell us that. Would have kept pretty dressed from being put on the floor as all the benches were taken up by people. I DO NOT recommend using the alterations department. I waited at least 15 minutes or more past my appointment time each time I was there. The fit of my dress was never perfected, I was tugging all night, and the seamstress said I didn't need straps, but it would have been nice instead of worrying about my boob popping out all night. First the dress was ordered 3 sizes too big even with I asked for for the smaller size. This required a lot of alteration on a very beaded top. The second fitting (the first time trying it after actual alterations had been done) the dress was too short and the top was taken in to the point the buttons wouldn't even touch. No one knew what to do for 10 minutes while I just stood there. Then finally someone who was clearly the head lady came in and told me to take it off and she would be back in 20 minutes. She came back and it was much better and the fitting went much better after that. Third and final fitting the dress was still too big. Again they took it and immediately fixed it, but it was still never great bc they didn't want to cut open the beaded sides again. In the end the hook and eye fell off and I had to be sewn in, I was tugging at the my dress all night and while they fixed the beading, I lost TONS of them by the end of the night. People were picking them up off the dance floor. The dress was a bit too long. I received a number of compliments on how it looked on me, but in my opinion it wasn't because of the fit, it was the overall look and style. In the end mixed reviews, I would definitely come here if you are trying to save on a beautiful dress. They are helpful during slower times, and use a different seamstress.

Reviewed on 7/28/2015 Laura S

I am sadden to say that this place turned out to be a nightmare. while i found the perfect dress i can't say dealing with the Taylor incompetence was far from pleasant. the first fitting went well, the second nothing was really done to dress, the 3rd and final was a disaster and... Read More as i found out while i wanted for FOUR hours i was not the only bride who had the same issues. the owner CANDY is a rude woman who only cares about the money, she is rude and arrogant. wish id have gone to Klienfelds. my alterations were done all wrong, my dress was shorter one one side and longer on the other. they made me wait for 4 hours and at the end when i asked to get some type of compensation for the hell that they put me through the horrible selfish owner said she doesn't give discounts and that other places have 8-9 fittings. i didn't even get an apology out of that terrible women. id advise any bride to stay away from there, the prices aren't even that good anyway. the service is terrible, and the ladies below who had a great experience were lucky ones. at least 3 people i saw had similar issues with the tailors not doing the alterations correctly. good luck ladies, and I'm sorry if you end up there. it is not a professional place

Reviewed on 7/21/2015 Samantha N

I felt so taken care of from everyone at RK Bridal, it was just an absolutely lovely experience. Nadine is AMAZING. She knew exactly what I was looking for and made me feel awesome about my choice and excited about the whole process. I can't wait for my dress to come in and to... Read More go through the fittings as I know this place will take the best care of me. Maddie, Jacqui and Candy are stellar. Highly recommend this place for the personnel, dress selection and easy breezy process. THANK you RK Bridal for everything!

Reviewed on 7/20/2015 shareen A

They have a huge selection and price range. Buying the bridesmaid dresses was a bit chaotic. I found my wedding dress which was the easy part but the shipping and payment was a hassle.

Reviewed on 7/08/2015

Very bad service , I received the dress after paying the $1000 deposit and the dress was damaged and I said that I am not happy with the dress and they said you will lose your deposit

Huge selection with great variety

Reviewed on 4/12/2015 Alice S

We found a beautiful dress at RK bridal after shopping almost exclusively at high end, small bridal salons. Service is definitely not why you go to RK but they had an amazing selection of gowns at reasonable prices. We found my dress after only 10 minutes with the help from a... Read More seasoned dress consultant. She was not friendly at all but she really knew what she was doing! When it came time to taylor the dress we worked with the most incredible man in their alterations department. His attention to detail and passion for his craft was contagious. He altered my dress perfectly! I ended up having an allergic reaction to some of the beading on the dress night of my wedding, but I did not care! My dress was just stunning!

Great place to purchase your dress...overcrowded & hectic alterations department.

Reviewed on 3/07/2015 Mary E

These ratings are an average of my experiences with the bridal consultant & alterations department. My ratings would be higher for the bridal consultants but lower for the alterations department. After trying some dresses on in smaller boutiques, I found RK bridal because... Read More they had the dress I liked in ivory whereas other boutiques only had the sample in a gold tinted color. If you are looking for an intimate experience, this is not your place. But if you want a place that has a huge selection of dresses at affordable prices and good bridal consultants, this is your place. Just know it is first come, first serve to get an appointment with a bridal consultant - go on a weekday if you can. I worked with Olga who was excellent. I brought in pictures of dresses I liked and she got a clear sense of my style right away. After I had selected some to try on, she found one that she added to my pile. Olga found my dress! Her selection ended up being perfect. I also had my dress alterations done at RK Bridal, which was an absolute disaster. They are overbooked and Jobeth, who runs the scheduling, is rude, unprofessional and shows no concern for the brides. It turned an experience that it supposed to be special into a frustrating and uncomfortable experience. Even though you have a scheduled appointment for alterations, every single time I had to wait at least 45 minutes, which was even more frustrating because it inconvenienced my mom and sister who gave up their time to help me. Thankfully, I worked with Juan as my tailor. He is very talented and had stylish ideas on how to fit the dress to my body. The dress came out beautifully. Even though Juan was great, I would recommend buying your dress at RK and getting it altered elsewhere.

I love Jo!!!!

Reviewed on 2/14/2015

I bought my bridal gown at rk bridal yesterday and I had a great experience. My consultant, Jo, was absolutely amazing. She was so helpful and patient and excited for me. It made for a great experience. She listened to me and knew what I wanted before I could even articulate it.... Read More She stayed late with me on a Friday night to make sure I left with my dream dress. I never felt rushed or pressured to buy something the way I have in other bridal stores. All of the staff were very nice and I just can't say enough good things about Jo. She is great at her job and I trusted her completely the minute we met. The store has 2400 gowns so you are sure to find one you love. No appt needed which is great...just need to be there before five during the week to try on dresses. They just moved into their new location two weeks ago and it is a great space. I really recommend bringing pictures of the types of dresses you like and letting the consultants pull dresses for you based on your preferences. I am returning here with my mom for her gown. I highly recommend this bridal store.

Loved my Dress

Reviewed on 1/27/2015 Kelly S

I had a fantastic experience with RK Bridal. After months of being disappointed at other bridal salons, Jo helped me find the perfect dress for an unbelievably reasonable price. My alterations appointments were quick and easy and I felt absolutely beautiful on my wedding day.... Read More I'd recommend this place to any bride.

Sheryl Is The BEST!

Reviewed on 12/31/2014

I went to RK bridal about two weeks ago trying to find my dream gown. As soon I walked into the store I was greeted by a very friendly employee. To my luck, the consultants were not very busy so I was seen right away. Sheryl asked me a couple of questions about my wedding... Read More (venue, location, budget, preferences etc.). Knowing I was having a destination wedding in Punta Cana DR, she immediately went on a search for wedding gowns. He choices were perfect and exactly what i was looking for! She made my shopping easy as a breeze and full of laughter. I would highly recommend her!!!!!

Biggest selection, interesting shopping experience

Reviewed on 12/22/2014 Amanda H

I was referred to RK Bridal by a few people, including my 2 sisters in law. I had tried a few smaller bridal shops but felt that the selection was too small to really get an idea of what I liked. RK has a huge selection of dresses in a very wide price range, You would be hard... Read More pressed to walk out of there empty handed, but it is a little bit of a different shopping experience than the small shops. They do not take appointments, so it is first come first served. It can often be crowded, so they limit you to 5 selections per appointment. This can be a problem when you get there and see just how many dresses they have! You have to be willing to go through the racks yourself, without the guidance of an associate. The dressing rooms aren't very fancy and you will definitely have a crowd around you when you try on your dress (due to the nature of the waiting area, everyone is crowded around the mirrors). I was very happy with the selection and the prices of the dresses, but just don't expect a fancy personalized experience. I took away a star because I chose to have my dress shipped to me and they "lost" it for a day (no one in the store knew if they had shipped it or where it was) which caused unnecessary stress.

Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 11/27/2014 Jessica J

I loved my dress but would not go back to RK Bridal. After finding my dress and falling in love with it I tried to find some other retailer that carried the dress. Unfortunately, the only place that had the dress was RK. They are not very personable and seem they care more... Read More about making the sale than making sure the bride is happy. It's like a meat shop in there. They pack the brides in but don't give them the attention they require. I would not go back to RK and would not recommend it to anyone.

Amazing at a great cost!

Reviewed on 11/19/2014 Carlen M

After visiting 5 bridal salons in the NY Metro area, I was feeling very down and felt as though I wasn't going to find exactly what I wanted. I was under the assumption at this point that I was going to have to pay a lot to customize my perfect dress. When a friend suggested... Read More to try RK bridal because of their huge selection of the dresses and no need for an appointment, I decided to go by myself in the middle of the week to ease my mind about dress shopping. Sheryl helped me and listened to exactly what I wanted! She brought me many choices that were what I was describing, and then remembered at the end of the appointment of one more dress that was EXACTLY what I was describing. When I put the dress of my dreams on, it fit me exactly in all the right places, and was the dress I have been trying to customize in my head all along. Also, this dress is the least expensive dress I have tried on in all my of searching! There was no pressure to purchase on the spot, and she also didn't rush me through the appointment. I can't wait to wear my dress on the day of my wedding!

Great place to try on a lot of dresses

Reviewed on 10/24/2014 Christina M

Recommend this place to try a lot of dresses on to get an idea of what you're looking for. Appointment is not needed and you can avoid getting sucked in by some of the boutiques.

Ask for Cheryl

Reviewed on 10/23/2014 Nicole F

A friend told me she fell in love with a dress but it was too expensive and then she found it at RK on sale. So, I decided to give it a shot. I brought my cousin with me on a random weekday and the place was relatively empty. As we walked in, my cousin pulled up reviews and... Read More they were less than stellar. WAY LESS. Downright terrible. MY experience was the polar OPPOSITE. Our wait time was practically non-existent and my attendant, Cheryl (Sheryl?) was uh-MAZING! She was friendly, efficient, and her knowledge of their selection of dresses (in the thousands) was astounding. I had 3 favorites and needed to think it over and visit another shop or two before I committed to such an investment. It was a year before my wedding. I had time. I subsequently went to Bijou Bridal and I wont waste your time with how bad and pretentious it was but I tried on the dress I fell in love with there. There was no question - I was going back to RK to give them my business (and Cheryl a commission). It was 6 months later, on President's Day, and the place was teeming with brides. Cheryl remembered me. Six months, THOUSANDS of brides later. No one ever remembers me. I was impressed. DO NOT GO ON THE WEEKENDS. DO NOT GO ON BANK HOLIDAYS. EVERYONE AND THEIR MOTHER IS THERE. AND YES, IT WILL MAKE YOUR EXPERIENCE AWFUL AND NEAR UNBEARABLE. Pick a Wednesday at 2p or something like that. It will make all the difference...if you ask for Cheryl. Case in point: I accompanied my best friend for her wedding recently. We got there right when it opened and there was no wait. HOWEVER, the attendant was not very helpful. Didn't seem to know the inventory and couldn't really think outside the box. With Cheryl, she will bring you things that will look good on you that you havne't seen nor realize that it will look good on you. Just go to her. she'll nail it. thanks cheryl!

Amazing Value, Extraordinary Selection and Service!!

Reviewed on 10/18/2014

Bravo to RK's Azia who helped my daughter find her wedding dress yesterday! We were wary of RK because of its size--its a bit like a dress warehouse with thousands of gowns all out in the open. But our consultant Azia listened carefully to my daughter's preferences and very... Read More quickly helped her find the perfect dress within her price range. Although this store doesn't have the cushioned feel of a boutique, the warmth and graciousness Azia brought to the process made it really personalized. And the price was great!!

The Best !

Reviewed on 10/13/2014 Danielle L

Thanks to RK Bridal my dress was amazing and I looked even more beautiful than I envisioned. My consultant was Sheryl and she was awesome. My bridesmaid and I had a blast spending a few hours with her. She was so much fun and truly knows her stuff. It was thanks to her that I... Read More found my dress, after trying on a few that I wasn't crazy about she asked me to describe my dream dress, i did and within 5 minutes she walked back in with it ! that was the dress I said yes to and it was the perfect dress for me. My tailor was Juan and he was absolutely amazing. I am typically a very nervous person but he made me fell 100% at ease. I trusted him and he had a major task on my dress. I wound up losing a lot of weight and he had to take over 7 inches off my dress. You would have never know that my dress went through so much work it looked flawless. Juan made every fitting fun and relaxing and took my input every step of the way. All the staff at RK Bridal was super helpful and a pleasure to work with.


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