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RK Bridal has the hottest selection of bridal gowns, bridesmaids, mother-of, & special occasion dresses.Whether you are a local or an international bride, we are dedicated to providing you with the most competitive prices in the industry.


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619 West 54th Street (5th Floor), New York, NY

No need to spend a fortune to get a dream dress!

Reviewed on 8/09/2010 Courtney P

For my wedding I wanted a stunning wedding dress. I pored over page after page of wedding magazines, trying to find the perfect dress. But I also didn't want to have to spend $5,000 or up on a dress that I would wear for one day. I read some positive reviews of RK Bridal, so I... Read More thought I'd give it a shot. I got my mom and bridesmaids together and in one day we hit three places. RK Bridal was the first. It's not a glamorous salon, with chaise lounges, snooty saleswomen and glasses of champagne handed out. If that's what you want, then you probably have no qualms about wasting thousands and thousands of dollars on a wedding gown, so go right ahead. They have tons of dresses, and one of the things I liked immediately was that you are encouraged to look through the racks yourself, to see what you like. My consultant was Sheryl, and she was awesome. Very sweet and friendly. She listened to what I liked and didn't like in dresses, and set out to pick a few to try on. All but one of her choices looked great on, and she took what worked and what didn't in mind as she went in search of more. We had a great time, and I felt like she was another (extremely knowledgable) friend helping me find my perfect dress. At the end of the appointment I had two very strong contenders. I told her I wanted to think about it because I'm not an impulse buyer, and said that we had two other appointments that day at other salons. She said she totally understood and that she hoped she'd see me again. We hugged as my group and I got ready to go, and the rest of the day I kept comparing my experiences at the other salons to the one I'd had at RK Bridal. When I was at Kleinfeld's (a terribly disappointing and frustrating experience in which they pressured me non-stop to purchase then & there, and my hour and a half time slot turned into 33 minutes because they were overbooked) I'd say to my friends, "You know, Sheryl didn't just pick out the exact dresses I had pictures of -- SHE showed me other options." At the third salon I remarked that Sheryl had actually seemed to care about helping me find the right dress and gave me personal attention, instead of just shuttling me off to a dressing room with my friends and dashing over to the next customer. In the end of course, it came down to the dress. And the dress I fell in love with was one from RK Bridal. It was really, really beautiful, just what I'd had in mind but hadn't been able to fully describe, and it cost less than $2,000. It didn't look any less expensive than any of the more costly dresses I'd tried on at other stores. On my wedding day I received tons of compliments on the dress, and my groom said I looked like a fairy tale princess or old-fashioned movie star (I love old movies, so this was a look I was aiming for). He couldn't stop staring at me, and on our wedding video you can hear him saying several times that I just look so beautiful. That's the only endorsement I really needed to know I'd made the right choice. I felt like a million bucks without having to spend nearly that amount! ;-) So, RK Bridal worked for me. The dresses I tried on were great quality, reasonably priced, and the service was the best I received anywhere I went. My experience with alterations was also stellar. The ladies in tailoring were incredibly nice, very exacting, and made sure that the dress fit as if it had been made just for me. They gave me a dream experience, a dream of a price, and definitely a dream dress.


Reviewed on 8/18/2014 Solkristina M

My wedding is on August 1 2015 and I am having a destination wedding in the Dominican Republic.. I just recently purchased my wedding dress from Rk Bridal. Let me start off by saying I am not a girly girl, I hate shopping and looking through racks. So when i got to Rk i was... Read More overwhelmed because they have alot of dresses and its hard to look through the plastic because alot of them don't have pictures. So I highly recommend have some sort of idea on what you want to tell your consultant because they know the store more than you do. As I waited my turn I was observing everything (mind you it was a Saturday and packed) everyone looked cranky. Then I saw Lisa and she looked very friendly, happy, and welcoming. Even my sister-in-law noticed and told me I hope you get her ( I was thinking the same thing) lol. As I waited Lisa went to the list and called my name and I have to tell you she is amazing. She was friendly, attentive, and the biggest part was she listened to what I wanted and took it a step further. She asked details about my wedding to make sure that I was going to be comfortable in every way. She even gave me the opportunity to try different types of dresses to see what works with me and what doesn't so that I didn't have any doubt with choosing my dress. So I haven't finished the whole process with Rk yet, but so far so good. I even went to other stores just because i couldn't believe that I found my dress that fast in the first store that i went to and no consultant I met was like Lisa. She made my experience that much better, like I was shopping with a girlfriend. So i highly recommend when you see go to Rk bridal ask for Lisa she understands that this is the most important dress that you will purchase in your life, and she makes you feel important.

Divine Appointment

Reviewed on 7/20/2014 Cherelyn S

My experience at RK Bridal was truly a divine appointment. My wedding is in November 2014. The service was impeccable and my bridal consultant, Sheryl, was OUTSTANDING. My mom passed away last year and while I am excited about being married, I was not looking forward to the... Read More process of getting married, because my mother is no longer here to help with all of the details... I truly believe my mother's spirit guided me to Sheryl because we clicked immediately... I came in with one dress in mind, which the store didn't have. However, Sheryl paid attention to the style of the dress and my likes/dislikes and she assured me that she would find "my dress". She did not disappoint!! Not only did she find my dress, but she found my veil and the perfect belt for my dress. She was very sensitive to my situation but remained extremely professional. Sheryl truly made my experience a memorable one. She was honest. Her focus wasn't on finding or selling me any dress but rather on finding the perfect dress for me and she did!! And she was mindful of my budget!!! The dress, veil and belt (combined) cost less than the original dress I came in hoping to find.. Madison was also very courteous and helpful- in ordering my dress and accessories, in addition to explaining the store policies, etc... RK Bridal was the only store I visited and I am very pleased with the level of service I received from Sheryl, Madison and all staff I encountered!!

Reviewed on 2/01/2016

I would totally recommend this place to someone looking for a wedding dress. From what I found they had dresses from $700 and up, plus they had a lot to choose from. I had Sheryl as my bridal attendant and she was amazing! She coached me along with my family and friends... Read More though the whole process. She was super attentive and the 2 dresses in my top list she both pulled for me. If you are going to go there get there early. They are first come first serve, no appointments. They said our wait was 2 hours when we signed in but we filled that time looking at all the dresses and we ended up waiting less than 2 hours to get a room. There is so much to look at that you need time to look. I would also suggest calling ahead if you want a particular dress on their website. I made a wish list on the site and 90% of my dresses were not in yet because the season had not started. However, I did find a dress that I loved below my budget. I would definitely suggest trying RK bridal. I really like the place and would go again.

The Real Say Yes to the Dress Experience

Reviewed on 1/28/2016 Brenda S

I used RK Bridal because all of my coworkers suggested that I go there. I started with Davids Bridal, and while they had nice dresses, the right one was not there. On a whim, my mom and I went one day and were greeted by Cheryl my consultant. I had a vision and pictures. Our... Read More meeting was like something out of "Say Yes to the Dress" without the crazy price tag of Kleinfelds. She looked over my pictures and looked me over once and said, those pictures are nice, but I got this. In her first 5 dresses, she totally nailed it! I would have never had tried the dress on, but she stayed within budget and the dress was stunning. Nothing like what I had envisioned. I also did my alterations with Rk Bridal. I was given Fanny and Juan to work with. By the 2nd fitting they had nailed my dress and it almost needed nothing. I felt like a princess the whole time. Easy to get to location in Manhattan. Would highly recommend.

Reviewed on 1/02/2016 Bianca B

Excellent customer service from the time we entered until we left! Thank you so much for making our Dress Shopping experience a Special event! My Daughter brought her bridesmaids and wow she found the dress ! Actually we witnessed several ladies finding their special dress.... Read More Thanks so much Lolly much much

Reviewed on 1/01/2016 xxx x

terrible. I gave 1 star as required and I wish I could take it back.

Best consultant possible

Reviewed on 12/26/2015 Cristina B

I cannot imagine a better consultant than Leah. She has an amazing ability to understand your vision, your taste, as well as your personality, and works with you step by step until you find the dress that you will absolutely love. She will ask the right questions to be able to... Read More help you, but without being intrusive. Leah is outstanding both in her knowledge and pleasantness. She will give you input that is right on point and will help you make decisions, but without imposing her taste. She is genuinely interested in seeing that you look beautiful and treats you as if you are the most important person in the store.

Reviewed on 12/21/2015 Isis G

I just purchased my wedding dress at RK Bridal and must say it was an amazing experience. I was paired up with Azia who was absolutely wonderful. She was caring, funny and allowed me to enjoy the moment with my family. Thank you Azia! I will always remember you!

Perfect Wedding Dress

Reviewed on 12/09/2015 Jena H

My husband and I had a very short engagement, most brides get there dresses 9months ahead of their wedding dates. I went here for 2 reasons: the large selection and the range of prices. I needed to be efficient and practical when making bridal gown appointments and this was the... Read More right choice, I bought my dress within 7months of my wedding. Their policy is no appointments, so I went on a weekday, right when they open, walked in, and immediately started the process with the help of a bridal attendant. They have a very large inventory, unless you know exactly what you want, having a few pictures of what you like, a designer's name, or even some exact dresses from their website to show your bridal attendant is very helpful. Within 1.5hours I had purchased a dress, one that I loved and a reasonable price tag to go with it. I was able to try it on multiple times, spend some time in it, walk in it. It was meant to arrive 1month before my wedding....yikes, keeping me on a strict deadline for getting it altered. It arrived early, I wish the salon had notified me of this. Unfortunately this is where their customer service was a little disappointing. The only reason I knew it arrived was that I called to get a status update on the dress and the woman who answered, let me know the dress had been there for weeks! I was slightly outraged by this major lack in communication....as they are acutely aware of your wedding date. Anyway, got the dress, tried it on, even more beautiful than I remembered, and took it to alterations at an outside place they recommended. RK Bridal alterations department was booked beyond my wedding date at the time I purchased the dress! Try not to shop on weekends if possible, likely your shopping experience will be less relaxing.

Reviewed on 12/08/2015 huguet h

I drove from MD hoping I would find the dress, because none in the area was something I truly loved. It was busy that day and my family was running up and down helping me look for dresses that I had described I wanted, my father chose one I wasn't fond of but took it anyway.... Read More After trying 3 dresses on, none that I loved, the consultant advised I try the crazy one my dad chose. I was extremely hesitant but she insisted. I was IN LOVE with the dress, could not stop smiling or prancing around the place like it was already mine. It was a PERFECT fit as well which was a plus. You are bound to find your dress here, no matter what you are looking for. Large selection, consultants are very helpful and want you to look your best, prices are a plus, but do not expect a David's Bridal experience as this is a different type of shop. Definitely worth the trip!

Reviewed on 12/07/2015 Mary E

What a wonderful experience! My consultant was Leah. She was fantastic! She made what could be a stressful, rushed experience absolutely perfect! The first dress she chose for me was the dress I ended up buying. It's gorgeous and very flattering on my shape! I highly recommend... Read More RK Bridal.

Reviewed on 11/29/2015 Shari B

I cannot rave enough about my experience at R K Bridal. After searching locally by my house (Upstate NY) and finding nothing we loved, my friend who had also purchased her dress there suggested we drive the hour's drive down to see what RK had to offer. We arrived on a busy... Read More Saturday,hopeful that I would find THE dress. At first when you walk in, it can be overwhelming to see so many people walking around perusing the aisles and aisles (and AISLES) of dresses; luckily, the Manager, Lisa walked past us just as I was piling 2 dresses on my mother's lap and became our saving grace. She explained the whole procedure (you can only bring 5 dresses into the *dressing room* but you can put as many as you want on the rack until you have to make a Sophie's choice before your name is called... my poor Mom was relieved to not have 14 dresses surrounding her LOL!). Lisa helped my sister and I find my mother under the pile and transport the dresses to the rack. Over the next 2 hours as we searched, she checked in on us every half hour or so and helped make the process SUPER easy. When we were all 'dressed out', we sat and waited for my name to be called. When it finally was called, we met our consultant, Lali. She was AH- MAZE- ZING. She listened to what I was looking for, asked my price range (and didn't try to push me into the more expensive dresses), and let me try on the kind of styles I was envisioning. Even though she knew it wouldn't be a perfect fit for my body type, she let me see that on my own instead of being pushy. She kept saying "but do you feel like a *bride* in this?" and "do you LIKE it or LOVE it?" when I couldn't answer that I loved it, she would put it aside and come back with another selection. Finally, after trying all the gowns I'd chosen, she went outside the box and brought THE DRESS... the one I never would have thought to even try on, the one I thought was too "Bride-y" and not my style. And once it was stitched up... I fell in love. Lali knew what was best for me before I did! When I walked out of the dressing room, my mother and my sister at the same time said "THAT'S IT!". My wedding is in 5 months, and I cannot WAIT for my dress to come in! If you are looking for the one stop "I-found-my-dress-in-one-day" shop, I HIGHLY recommend this store. You will NOT go home empty handed... or with an empty wallet either!

Reviewed on 11/10/2015 Adrienne R

RK Bridal is definitely a great place to go due to the large quantity of dresses and the range of prices. However, my experience was extremely overwhelming and I felt like my consultant did not fully listen to my wants and instead was trying to push me towards a dress from the... Read More trunk show. I know others who have had great luck at RK Bridal, however, I would recommend a smaller boutique as a first appointment to understand the styles you like before going here.

Friendly & Helpful Consultants, Incredible Selection, Overall Stress-Free Experience

Reviewed on 11/02/2015 Samantha M

I was dreading picking out my dress, but once I got to RK, signed in, and saw all the other brides and their family and friends sorting through the warehouse-style space, I felt a bit better. And as soon as I was matched up with my dress consultant, Azia, I was completely at... Read More ease. I brought along my fiancée and my MOH – I definitely recommend at least two people, as each will probably want you to try on different dresses and will have different opinions. It also felt like Azia was more of a friend than an employee assigned to help me, which was great. She was extremely helpful, made good suggestions, and made this potentially stressful process totally stress-free. I actually ended up getting the very first dress I tried on, and cancelled my appointment at David’s later that day – when you know, you know! And I chose to get my dress altered at RK, as well. The process was pretty seamless (sorry, couldn’t resist) and the dress ended up fitting me perfectly. I really couldn’t have asked for a better experience!

Reviewed on 10/22/2015 Nicole P

I had purchased my dress from RK back in January at their old store front location. It was pure chaos, poorly run and uncomfortably freezing but I was happy to have found a dress that I had been dreaming of since the day I got engaged. Jo was the absolute best dress consultant... Read More and really made my experience pleasurable. I was so excited to start this chapter of the wedding planning process! Boy was I wrong. Looking back I wish I had never chosen RK for my wedding dress. When I showed up to my first fitting I was very impressed with the new location. It was spacious, nicely organized and screamed bridal. After being escorted into a room, I was greeted by the seamstress (mind you she didn't speak English so I needed one of the employees in alterations to translate). I quickly found out that my dress wasn't made correctly and it was going to take a lot of alternations to fix. I had never gotten a call to come in for a " try on." Needless to say when I arrived for my first fitting I was one step behind the game. The tailor came in to pin all the areas that needed work and we discussed how to fix the sleeves, as they were made so I wasn't able to lift my arms more than 2" When I returned for my 2nd fitting I waited for about 1 hour to be seen, even though I was early to my 11 a appt. I inquired numerous times about the delay and was told just a few more minutes. Minutes turned into hours. I was there for 2.5 hours. Long story short, they lost my dress, never made the alterations (even though they lied and said they did- I needed to speak to the owner Jackie who told me they didn't), and I left in tears thinking I couldn't trust these people. My Mom was rudely blown off by the co-owner, Candy after she inquired about someone to help rectify this situation or help explain to us what exactly happened. After spending a majority of the morning there, we were late for my other appointments that day. From there on out it was hell. I had even emailed Jackie, who mind you is the most rude, selfish, unprofessional, ignorant human being, who dismissed me at my 3rd fitting acting like nothing happened. After all said and done, I was there 6 times for alterations and on the 7th visit I was finally able to pick up my dress 3 days before the wedding. They didn't care I had to take multiple days off work to address this issue with my dress, or that they overcharged me for things they never did to the dress (was told by one of the workers that they charged me for "custom" work which was never done). If we didn't inquire they would have overcharged me. The problem with this establishment is that they really don't care about your feelings or wish you make the process pleasant for their costumers. They are self absorbed and don't care about a high excellence of service, despite the horrible and negative reviews written about them. Sadly enough all they want is your money. After endless battles with them about the issues I had, Jackie dismissed my mother and I during final payment and the picking up of the dress. She threw it on her workers who had no idea of the issues I had been dealing with over the last 3 months. She openly came out and told them over the phone "I don't want to deal with this or them as people." Don't waste your time with these ruthless people or spend money on their mediocre dresses. They are heartless business driven people who really need to consider a job not in bridal, which is supposed to be the happiest time for people.

Reviewed on 10/16/2015 Danielle B

Olga is the fairy god mother of wedding dress shopping. I can't say enough great things about this place, really the best experience i could have hoped for. I drove up to NYC from Philadephia yesterday after doing some research and learning that RK Bridal had an excellent... Read More selection of plus sized gowns to actually try on. Most girls dream of dress shopping - I've been dreading it......RK actually had samples in sizes 26 and 24 so you could try on dresses of all different styles and see how they would look on you. Olga was amazing and patient and since she's been doing this for as long as she has - knew exactly how to handle not only me and my nerves, but also guide me towards dress styles that would look good on me. I can't say enough about her - she took what could have been a horrifying experience and made it fun. The prices are more than reasonable and the selection was more than i expected to have to choose from. A dress that I found at a boutique in Maryland was $700 less at RK....headed to NY i was prepared to spend more money, but am happy to report that not only did Olga save the wedding dress experience, but I saved money as well, I LOVE the dress we picked out, and can't wait for it to come in and for my wedding day to wear it. Thank you Olga!

Reviewed on 10/13/2015 Sasha O

I recently went to RK Bridal on 10/9/15. I had the BEST experience there. Azia was my bridal consultant and made me feel like a true princess. She was so sweet and kind. I was stuck between two dresses so Azia came back with something even better that was so beautiful and so... Read More perfect. She knew what I wanted and found my dress :). There was hardly anyone there so it was peaceful and the store is very chic. After I said yes to the dress, my BM's and I decided that we mind as well get their dresses. Kristen and Tamisha helped us find the perfect dresses. They listened to our ideas and brought over many dresses that were similar to what we wanted. We ended up with 2 choices for the BM dresses. Thank you RK Bridal for making my family and I feel welcomed and thank you for helping us all find our dress :)!!!

Reviewed on 10/13/2015 Fani G

I purchased my dress from RK bridal. after going to 3 other dress shops, i found the perfect dress, and the person helping (nicole) was great. All the fittings came out great, however at every fitting I came to, I was adamant and vocal about finding the sleeve for the dress to... Read More help support the fact that it was strapless (being a 38 DD, i knew strapless wasn't for me, but the dress was beyond beautiful).. It wasn't until my final fitting that my dress was paired with the perfect cap sleeve and I was beyond happy. Both my sister and I kept asking for the sleeves to be sewn into the dress, but the seamstress kept insisting the snap is heavy duty and there was no need to sew it in... My straps did not make it to the first dance. Do you know what it's like to have all eyes on you as your husband (and 200 guests) are waiting for me to fix my "wardrobe malfunction".. this fiasco ruined almost all my reception pictures (as of course I was soo angry the whole night that I had to worry about my boobs popping out... This was completely unacceptable to go around the whole night with my dress like this... (i literally had people taking bets on whether or not i was going to spill out of my dress. You really need to tell your seamstresses  that the bride knows her body a Lil better than they know the dresses... This all could have been avoided if they listened to me and sewn the sleeves on You also need to work on a better bustling system... the bustle still left a train that everyone kept stepping on... even me... I think I slipped, tripped and fell about a dozen times... i would tell any bride adding straps or sleeves to their dress...please please make sure if you need the extra support, opt for sewing it on...

Reviewed on 10/11/2015 Erin H

I came to RK Bridal when i had already put a hold on another dress back in Boston. RK's first come, first serve system is a but daunting at first but once your name is in and you are on the list its great! Look through the tons of racks of dresses choose a few you like and wait... Read More your turn. I tried on a few dresses and my stylist, Nicole, quickly realized what I was looking and found an amazing dress. When I went back to confirm this was my dress, a few weeks later, she knew my concern was the original dress didn't have enough bling, she pointed out another dress that has just that much more bling and that was the dress. Our seamstress Nina (no longer there) and Danielle were AMAZING! Nina was so detail oriented and wanted to make sure I got the dress I wanted and I was not just another girl on her list for the day. We had a few problems with the dress on my final try-on and Nina was crushed but Nina and Danielle fixed EVERYTHING (with no additional cost or thought of it) and were incredibly apologetic and we made a new appt for the next Saturday at their suggestion so that I was confident the changes were made. RK's prices are awesome, if you're ok with last years styles... which who really knows the difference!

Got my dream dress!

Reviewed on 10/05/2015 Jessica M

I had never heard of RK Bridal until I started searching for my dream gown - "Yasmina" by Maggie Sottero. It wasn't carried anywhere locally and since it was from the new (at the time) collection, no salons nearby would order a sample for me to try on without purchase.... Read More There happened to be a Maggie Sottero trunk show at RK Bridal where I could try this dress on, so I made the trip to New York City. This is absolutely a no frills place, which I didn't mind. If you're looking to be served champagne and try on dresses privately, this is not the place for you. However, if you are the type of bride that is willing to sacrifice the experience in order to get your dream dress at a great price, then I would highly recommend!

Disaster alterations

Reviewed on 9/28/2015 Hannah T

Avoid at all costs!!! I purchased an absolutely beautiful dress from rk bridal. It arrived two weeks late and then had to be sent back two times because of errors on the manufacturer's part (wrong color). This was by no means RK bridal's fault and when they assured me they would... Read More rectify the issue and get my dress altered in time for my wedding I had complete faith in them. Long story short after ELEVEN appointments I went to pick up my dress FOUR DAYS before my wedding and it was still not completed. I had already had four appointments where I was assured the dress would be finished and each time it was covered in pins and holes and completely unfinished. At each appointment the tailor was not able to tell me what had been done since the last appointment. When I would point out places where the dress wasn't fitting they would just tug on it over and over and say it would be fixed by the next appointment. One of the appointments my mother and I were kept waiting for five hours while they kept taking the dress away and returning hours later. I don't know why I didn't walk away after the third appointment but I really believed Rk would rectify the issue. On my last appointment (again this was five days before my wedding) I came to pick up what was supposed to be the finished dress (they just had to sew final edges and do the bustle) to find it not only completely unfinished but also suddenly TWO INCHES TOO SHORT. By this time I was in tears and freaking out. We decided we were going to take the dress elsewhere. Luckily we found a saint of a tailor who easily fixed the many disasters rk had created and not been able to fix after ELEVEN APPOINTMENTS- each lasting from 1-5 hours. We have repeatedly requested our alterations records (so the new tailor could see what had been done) and were told over and over they would be sent and never were. They insisted they had not cut the lace or changed the hem when it had clearly been cut apart. I cannot believe the appalling treatment I received at RK. I had so much stress before my wedding- all of it due to rk's inadequacy. Unless you have time to go to rk twice a week (and sit waiting for hours while they try to determine what's been done to your dress or where it is) for the two months prior to your wedding I highly suggest you go elsewhere. So frustrated and disappointed. Luckily the tailor we found saved the day (by fixing overnight what rk couldn't do in months) and my wedding and dress were perfect. If only I could've avoided months of stress caused by RK bridal.

2015-09-29T16:34:16 Response from the vendor

This customer came into our bridal shop to purchase a wedding gown on March 18, 2015.When her order was confirmed, we were given a scheduled delivery date of approximately July 26, 2015. Unfortunately due to the delay on the manufacturer, the dress arrived late to... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 9/26/2015

RK Bridal saved the day!! After I got a heartbreaking phone call that my original bride shop went out of business and took my deposit for my wedding dress with them (!!) I went to RK Bridal where I met Madison, an angel in disguise. Madison was amazing! She had apparently made... Read More it her mission to help all of the brides affected by the other bridal store closing who came to RK. She took excellent care of me, wiped my tears away and got me set up with the dress of my dreams! Apparently my original bridal shop ordered the wrong length and size and charged me for alterations that my manufacturer included for free! Madison helped me sort everything out and I now have my dress- perfect size and length- safely tucked away at home.

Great dresses, mediocre service

Reviewed on 8/31/2015 Elizabeth B

RK has an enormously extensive selection and the price is right! If only their service reflected the quality of their products. Olga was extremely helpful in selecting a dress. I was usually seen an hour (or more) late for my appointments for fittings and didn't see... Read More eye to eye with one tailor (and was given another). My dress was not ready by the final fitting and thank goodness for Nina there who worked wonders. The ladies at the front desk were constantly busy on the phones and I practically had to beg to purchase my wedding earrings. Another plus is that their new location is beautiful!

Good Service

Reviewed on 8/27/2015 Elise V

I got married on 8/14/15 and I bought my dress at RK Bridal. I purchased my dress one year before the wedding in 9/14, so I had plenty of time for alterations. My dress arrived in 1/15, and I was able to try it on and schedule all of my alteration appointments. The staff was... Read More great and my seamstress listened to my concerns. I had lost about 10 pounds since I first tried on my dress due to stress, but she was able to take it in perfectly as well as hem the bottom. The only reason I did not give a 5/5 review is because during my alteration, another seamstress (who I suppose was the head), came in to help and literally said I have no chest. Because of that, she added padding to the bust, which I DID NOT ask for. The dress already had a nice soft cup which gave me enough shape and size. I didn't know she was going to add the padding. The next time I tried my dress on, I was upset at how huge and unnatural the bust looked. I am 5'2 and 104 pounds and have always been petite. The dress made me look like I had a D cup. It looked ridiculous. But my original seamstress was very sweet and told me not to worry, she would fix it. The next time I tried it, it was back to normal. However, some of the fabric around the bust was loose from the padding that was put in. My seamstress literally sewed it back up while I was still wearing it. She fixed it and when the day of the wedding arrived and I put on my freshly steamed dress, it looked perfect. Other than that small hiccup, I was happy with RK Bridal and my dress was gorgeous. Everyone talked about how beautiful it was. I will be contacting them soon to have it preserved.