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Reviewed on 11/22/2010 Jaime G

I got married in Austin....but I live in Orlando and am from I had a ton of bridal shops to go to. I went to some places that had great dresses, but when I told them what I was looking for, they brought me all the wrong stuff. They were also very stuffy and sometimes rude. Well, I had heard about Serendipity from my wedding planners, Caplan Miller Events. I went in and had Jessica Epstein help me. I had talked to her on the phone prior to going out there and told her the dress that I had thought I wanted. When I got there, she had ordered that dress for me to try on. I tried it on first for my family...they liked it, but weren't totally wowed. Then she had pulled about 8 other dresses they she thought from what I had told her that I would like. The first one I tried on was it! She had listened to what I wanted and found me the most perfect dress! I cannot thank them enough. If you are getting married in Austin, or anywhere else and have the opportunity to go to will not regret is the perfect place to find your dress!!

Full service bridal salon

Reviewed on 9/10/2011 Ashley O

When I began the search for my dream gown, I started here. And when it came time to buy my dress, I ended here. This store has so many amazing gowns to choose from no matter what style you want. My dress was the Torreon Watters gown and it truly was my dream gown. The ladies here were so helpful with everything and made sure I got what I needed. They made the process of alterations easy as well. Be sure to go check them out. Word of advise: if you go to any bridal salon on a weekend day, make an appointment, it makes the sales associates happy and this salon is by appointment only on Saturdays.

Serendipity is the place to buy your dress!

Reviewed on 6/28/2010 Cori H

I had no clue what kind of dress I wanted but found it at Serendipity! I fell in love with the second dress I tried on there. I LOVED my consultant and my experience there. They let me stay in my dress for hours! Plus they let me come "visit" my dress as much as I wanted. (Which actually was a lot). If you go in there and buy a dress your first time in, you get 15% off. Also, their inhouse seamstress is amazing. Instead of hemming my dress the 2 inches and costing me $500, she suggested adding a petticoat that cost $12.00! Loved everyone at Serendipity!

Found the Perfect Dress!

Reviewed on 3/06/2015 Ashley S

After visiting multiple different stores, I was floored by the level of service I received at Serendipity! Kayte immediately made me and my guests feel comfortable by offering a private seated area as well as a glass of champagne. I had been to Serendipity prior to this visit when a friend of mine was in search for her dress. While there my friend tried on the most beautiful Pronovias gown, which is why I returned back to Serendipity for my own search. While at Serendipity, Kayte showed me a few Pronovias gowns but I didn't see the one I had seen before. However, Kayte immediately knew what dress I was talking about without giving her much detail. She went around to the back and pulled the exact dress that my friend had tried on. Thankfully, Kayte made sure that I tried on other dresses to make sure that I was given enough options. The dress selection that Kayte pulled was incredible, and all of the dresses were very different from the other stores in Austin. Kayte allowed me to walk around the store in the dress, stand in front of the mirror and think about if this was the one for well over 30 minutes. She also dealt with me in the nicest way possible while I tried on different veils, different sized petticoats and belts. She made sure that I felt beautiful in it before I purchased it. Lastly, I came on President's Day/Valentine's weekend and Serendipity was having a giveaway. I was able to pick a piece of candy from a box, and inside of it was a prize of some sort. I was one of the last appointments on Monday, and Kayte told me that the promotion would end that night but the "grand" prize was still in the box. And it was! I randomly picked the "grand" prize - FREE alterations up to $500!!! So needless to say, I bought the dress and I will be using my free alterations when my dress comes in July!

So Kind!

Reviewed on 2/03/2015 Eden F

I really enjoyed my visit to Serendipity Bridal. They have a great price range from what I would say is about $1500 - $6000. They were extremely kind and gave me the boutique wedding dress experience without the stuffy-ness. Super Austin like vibe from the staff that was appreciated. They made my entire day incredible from the beginning with mimosas for us to the final selection of the dress. Also, they have great accessories that their staff is excellent at helping pick out for what is the best fit for your vibe and dress style. I had 2 other appointments at other boutiques that day, but ended up cancelling them because I found my dream dress there so quick! I have yet to go in for my fitting, but cannot wait to see my dress again and make another visit.

Great Experience

Reviewed on 12/18/2014

I went to Serendipity Bridal after my co-worker found her dress there. This was my third appointment, and I had not loved the selection of dresses at the other locations. I walked into Serendipity and was instantly pleased. My consultant was thrilled that I wanted a blush gown and there were tons of options whereas at other stores there were only a few blush gowns. She did not pull anything above my budget and warned me when a dress I wanted to try on was above my budget. My consultant was fabulous and honest. I loved the size of the dressing rooms and it was a pleasant experience for my guests (they were offered mimosas or water). They have a big mirror in the dressing room with double doors that open to a couch and chairs where your guests are sitting. There is also a large mirror and pedestal area at the back of the store. Once I found my dress there were super helpful in finding a veil to go with the dress. They were not pressuring me to buy the veil right then and there and they had quite a few options for veils. There was a nice rose gold belt that looked great with my dress and matches my ring- too perfect! I was extremely satisfied and not stressed out while at Serendipity. I had found previous appointments stressful and the consultants a little pushy. I would recommend this bridal salon to another bride and so would my mother!

Forever Searching Bride

Reviewed on 11/30/2014 Kendyl W

I searched almost every shop in Austin and one in Dallas before I made it to Serendipity. Once I thought I found my dress I saved it for last and sure even that was it! I purchased my dress at a trunk show (which made it cheaper) but still received a brand new gown. I also purchased my veil and belt from them. The girls were amazing. They made it up to me when the designer was at fault for shipping late, etc. Be prepared for designers to run behind. They made you feel special and served drinks once you said yes to the dress!

I looked EVERYWHERE...and then I found Serendipity.

Reviewed on 11/20/2014 Selena F

True to it's name... Serendipity. I spent 4 months looking for the perfect wedding dress.... from Los Angeles to Houston and in between.... all the bridal shops everyone recommended... I went, I tried on a TON of dresses...and they all fell short. I randomly googled bridal shops in my area of Austin and on the name alone, chose to go to this shop and just see. I am a no fuss kind of bride, so for me, this was the perfect atmosphere. The lady who helped me, Kayte, was very attentive but not pushy. She wasn't over the top or trying too hard to make me love something like a lot of the other places I went to. She was down to earth, nice and well informed about all the dresses in the shop. The first dress I tired on was THE ONE! and just under my budget. I really feel my entire experience finding this dress was serendipitous. This place is magic. ***

So awful

Reviewed on 10/11/2014

I went with my best friend to go bridesmaid dress shopping. There was a very limited selection of dresses but we were okay with having few choices if there were great options. My real problem is how bad the service was. The lady helping us was so lazy and perfectly happy doing nothing. She stood there and asked us to take all of the dresses off the wracks and hand them to her. I'm surprised she didn't ask us to put away all of the dresses. Her and her coworker were making lunch plans and were so engrossed with this decision. I wish she had that much enthusiasm in doing her job..

Unique & Gorgeous Wedding Gowns!

Reviewed on 10/09/2014 Kelsie H

Serendipity is such a cute Austin bridal boutique! I found my wedding dress and all bridesmaid dresses here. They have a great selection of wedding gowns and they are much more unique than what you would find at a typical bridal shop. My dress and my bridesmaids dresses were designed by Watters. I LOVE her fabrics and the quality is absolutely amazing. I came into Serendipity and had an appointment with Lacy to try on wedding gowns. She literally picked three dresses for me and by the third one I said "Yes"! She has a great eye and knows exactly what will look perfect for your body. Serendipity was always very helpful when I was ordering my bridesmaid dresses and they have an awesome seamstress there for you to use at your fittings. My dress fit like a glove the day of. Did I mention they give you and your friends/family mimosas while you try on dresses?!

Mrs. B

Reviewed on 7/23/2014 Erica W

I went to several bridal dress shops over a year. I knew exactly what I wanted when I got here, but hadn't gotten the style to fit quite right. I showed some of the other dresses that I tried on to the attendant Lacy and she was amazing!! The 2nd dress I tried on was the one I picked. I would have picked the first one, but I couldn't dance in it. That was VERY important! The price was more than I wanted to spend, but it was worth it!

If you're looking for the royal treatment...

Reviewed on 6/12/2014 Casey T

Had such a wonderful experience at Serendipity. Was treated like an absolute princess, which really is what you're looking for when shopping for gowns! The salon is beautiful with individual dressing rooms with double doors (no curtains), and each dressing area has couches and seats for family. My stylist, Olga is the best - ask for her! Had a small problem with communication over my dress' arrival date - had to call and nag the office over and over to get information. Other than that, was a really great experience!!


Reviewed on 3/30/2014 jessica b

This was by far the worst part of my wedding experience and the only thing that went wrong. I found and ordered my wedding dress on MARCH 15th 2013 and I picked it up on JANUARY 28th, 2014. It took 10 month to get a dress that wasn't a custom order. Basically, Serendipity Bridal lost my dress order, lied to me until the dress came in, and ordered the wrong dress. When I ordered the dress, Linda, the manager, told me to call back end of July - early August to set up a fitting appointment. I did that and they sounded confused on the phone but to call back in late August. I did that, and then went through a month of "we're tracking your order but we will call you back." Of course, there were never any call backs. Finally, my mom began to handle the problem and we were told the dress was on back order and would be in late October. This was a lie because they could never provide a factory notice proving the dress was on back order. My mother in law began to handle the issue because she lives in Austin and I live in Houston. October 19th, the dress came in, so both my mother in law and I went to pick it up. IT WAS THE WRONG DRESS! The dress came in two different options. The bodice could be lined or unlined. I wanted unlined, this one was lined. The dress was paid off by this point, so I took it in hopes they would rush order me a new one and I would exchange the wrong dress for the correct one. My mother in law was on the phone for a week trying to get them to rush order me a new dress. I thought the manager was a problem at first but it turns out that it was the male owner that was really the issue. He didn't want to correct the mistake at first but, knew he needed to. I found out that my husband has a distant relative that works for Watters, the maker of the dress. This ordeal went so far that I was contacting Watters in order to track my dress because I didn't trust Serendipity. So January 28th hits and I am finally able to pick up the right dress. After the ordeal was over, I had rescheduled my bridal pictures 3 times and had to take the photos in 39 degree weather. The dress was beautiful but I will never watch Save Yes to the Dress ever again. Thankfully, I was married in the right dress and never had to deal with Serendipity again, I 'm sure they are happy to never deal with me again as well. Please do not be a sitting duck and walk into Serendipity Bridal to look at dresses. It's not worth it.

beautiful but unpleasant

Reviewed on 2/23/2014 Tara S

I fell in love with a style of dress after reading just 1 bridal magazine. I found out that Serendipity Bridal carried the designer and made an appointment. The second dress was the one; it was that simple. We ordered it and were told it would be ready for fittings in 5-6 months, and they would call. They didn't, and luckily I decided to call since I was trying to schedule my portraiture. I have no idea when they actually received it. However, they understood that the fittings needed to be started immediately since my portraiture had to be before the holidays. The in-house seamstress couldn't get around to fitting me for months (after the wedding, not to mention the portraiture), so Serendipity contacted one of their out-of-house seamstresses to handle the fittings. I had one fitting with her, and there were very few alterations to be made. Now, it is ready for the photos, and I'm very grateful that they had a relatively inexpensive seamstress available to work with me from her home. However, they never contacted me regarding the arrival of the dress, and were less than polite when I broached using an out-of-house seamstress. They've been helpful and pleasant in person, but they were downright rude over the phone. Bottom line- they have beautiful dresses and are willing to work with you when pushed, but they're very reluctant to the point of offensive when you ask too many questions.

A very good option.

Reviewed on 2/19/2014 Kaileen G

I visited Serendipity Bridal twice during my dress shopping experience. It is a nice shop with a lot of options, and the staff is very helpful. When I was trying to make a decision on my dress, the salesperson offered a very generous discount. Even though their bridesmaid & flower girl dress selection is somewhat limited, I would definitely recommend Serendipity Bridal to another bride.

Best dress shopping experience

Reviewed on 10/29/2013 Katharine B

I had an idea of what I wanted in my wedding dress before going out shopping, but I didn't really know what would work best on my body type until I started trying dresses on. Serendipity was the second place that I went, with my mom, future mother-in-law, and maid of honor. The staff at Serendipity treated us like royalty, and it was an incredibly fun experience, the best of all the places we went. I tried on a number of dresses, including some I knew I would never wear, but nonetheless tried on just to see. We left with two dresses in mind, but another shop to visit. However, the next shop was not a good experience, and none of the dresses compared to the ones I had tried on at Serendipity. We returned just prior to closing to buy the dress (with a sale that day). A few months later, I returned for my first fitting and met the seamstress, Rosie. She was incredibly sweet and extremely helpful. The dress turned out to fit almost perfectly, and only minor alterations were needed. At my second fitting I brought a four leaf clover that my grandmother and great-grandmother had sewn into their dresses, and Rosie sewed it into my dress for me. She explained to both me and my maid-of-honor how to bustle my dress and other need-to-knows. She helped me pack it up, and explained the best way to travel with it, since I was driving up north over two days for the wedding two weeks later. I will say that the dress was a tad more expensive (about $1000) than I originally had planned on spending, but it was so beautiful and fit perfectly that I convinced myself the quality of the dress made it worth the investment. Serendipity was a wonderful experience, and I recommend them highly if you're looking for a unique dress and a salon-type shopping event.

Great Selection and Service

Reviewed on 9/17/2013 Bethany Z

I purchased my wedding gown here, and although I had an easy time (first dress I tried on) there was plenty of other dresses that were beautiful and perfect for another bride. Linda the manager is very friendly and helps you without putting pressure to buy something. Actually, all the staff there at Serendipity are friendly and helpful! Would definitely recommend!

Trunk Show Junkie

Reviewed on 7/17/2013 Marguerite

I went to a trunk show after a friend recommended Serendipity for my wedding dress. The staff was very helpful and I managed to find a beautiful dress by french designer Monique Le...(something) for only $250! Watch out for the extra accessories (my veil and sash each costed more than my dress). Plus alterations added another $400 and dry cleaning was $150

Utterly appalled

Reviewed on 7/14/2013 Amanda D

I am not even sure where to start. My experience at Serendipity bridal was terrible. A big problem is the fact that the sample sizes are all 8 or 10. I am a curvy girl but by no means plus size. We had specifically booked consultant Linda because she had helped 2 of my friends. I REALLY wish I hadn't. Every dress I put on wouldn't zip and Linda's lack luster attempt at clipping the dress was really frustrating. The dresses were literally hanging on me. I told Linda that I was not going to buy a dress if I couldn't see I would look like in it. She suggested I just hold the dress up to myself and look in the mirror. At one point as Linda was sitting on the love seat intended for guests and she asked if I wanted to try the dress I had on with a belt. I said yes. She just sat there. I asked if I needed to go get the belt myself she mumbled something and followed me in to the dressing room to help me put on the belt which was kind considering I had to put on and remove every single one of those heavy gowns myself. My appointment ended after approximately 30 minutes (Linda ended it, not me) with Linda telling me that maybe I just needed to have a gown custom made and at least we tried, maybe next time". My experience at Serendipity bridal was so awful that I would never recommend this shop to anyone. Go somewhere that has samples you can try on and consultants that actually care.

My fairy tale dress!

Reviewed on 7/13/2013 Chelsea M

I picked the dress of my dreams at Serendipity Bridal. I researched ahead of time for the dress designer I liked the best which was Lazaro. They pulled 2 dresses from him during a trunk show. When I came to the store, I knew that one of those was my dress. It was beautiful and my husband loved my dress. I also bought an amazing veil from Lazaro through the store. They helped us so much with alterations for a reasonable price. Thank you so much Serendipity Bridal!

Amazing experience

Reviewed on 6/25/2013 Analise C

The staff here was absolutely amazing! I found my dress the first day that I went looking, and after shopping at a *larger, chain, lower priced* different establishment, the difference was night and day. Olga was amazing to work with and offered me honest helpful advice, even talking me out of a dress that was beautiful but very heavy. I’m so glad that she did, because she helped me to find *my dress!* I was able to find a dress that made me feel like me, just more beautiful! And then after months of waiting, I was able to come in and work with Rosie to make my dress fit like a dream. She sewed a bustier into the dress, and nipped and tucked until it fit perfectly! She even HAND PRESSED the entire thing, a major feat considering all the beading and pickups on my dress. They are pricier than the discount chain stores, but the quality and service are miles above and totally worth every penny! I absolutely loved working with the entire staff at Serendipity, and enjoyed every step of the process. I would recommend them to any bride!

Serendipity service lacks

Reviewed on 6/14/2013 Martha E

Our experience at Serendipity was not good enough to recommend it. Great selection, service that stinks. We purchased both the bride's dress and a flower girl dress at Serendipity. The bride's dress arrived on time but because we bought it in December for a May wedding, their in-house seamstress was completely booked and we had to go to an outside seamstress for the alterations. The outside seamstress was fantastic but not so convenient to drive to someone's home off the beaten path for alterations. The flower girl dress was an exercise in "wished I had bought it elsewhere." Ordered in the size the shop said our little one measured. It arrives and is a size too small and without the rose petals which floated in the tulle skirt. We tried on the dress with the promise that they would get the rose petals. Dress is too small so I call the store, tell them we need a size 5 and rose petals and at first they wanted me to alter the dress (NO WAY!) then they promise to call back....called again the next week and again, promise to call back. I call the third time and ask for the manager. Finally get her and have to get angry to get her to agree to exchange the dress. She agrees and tells me that the rose petals are an extra $25 (!!!) if you want them but I can exchange the dress. I pay my $25 and return the dress with the promise it will be in before the wedding. Ten days before the wedding I call to check on the dress and it is not in. They will call and get back to me. Seven days before the wedding I call again and they tell me it will be shipped tomorrow. The dress finally arrives four days before the fit and had the rose petals, but would I do that again? Never. The flower girl dress was the most stressful part of the entire wedding! Lovely selection, terrible service.

Olga is amazing

Reviewed on 6/11/2013 Megan L

I loved every dress I tried on. Found "the one" after an hour of trying on beautiful dresses! Off the rack Lazaro for <$1500!

Good, until Purchase

Reviewed on 6/10/2013 Natalie M

I had a great experience at Serendipity Bridal while picking out and purchasing the dress, but as soon as it was purchased, it was radio silence. There customer service was pretty much non-existent after the purchase. I had found the dress online for less expensive, but decided to use the boutique for the experience and "pampering." However, there was no follow up when my dress was late, I would be put on hold or told the person I needed to speak to wasn't there. When it finally came in, I went to pick it up and they didn't even offer to have me try it on before leaving, I asked and then they did, but didn't go in the room and help me get it on, like they had done before I purchased it. Then, they told me it had come in so late, they couldn't do alterations with their lady and referred me to a different outside person, and I never heard from them again.

Very Happy Customer

Reviewed on 5/23/2013 Meredith K

I had a wonderful experience working with Serendipity. Not only did they help me find my dream wedding dress, they helped us find bridesmaids dresses and accessories as well! I had my alterations done with Rosie. She is beyond talented and altered my intricate lace dress with ease. She is also the sweetest and most patient person ever... I just wanted to hug her! Overall very happy with Serendipity!


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