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NYC, Hudson Valley, Berkshires, NY (718) 285-6784

Reviewed on 6/13/2017 OLGA S

At the wedding I played a role of Mother of the Bride and now I am officially the Mother-in-Law : ). On May 29th, 2017 Rabbi Shir Yaakov performed a wedding ceremony for my daughter Zina and her fiancé Toliy. The entire ceremony can be described as personal, touching, uplifting,... Read More wonderful and very moving. From the first moment I met Rabbi Shir Yaakov at the wedding to the last seconds of the ceremony my husband and I had a feeling that something very special was happening in front of our own eyes. Rabbi Shir Yaakov added a personal touch which we never experienced previously during such an event. All guests were not just guests at the wedding, they were witnesses and participants of the marriage of two beautiful individuals. I am still smiling when I think about the ceremony, and the dancing that followed. Rabbi Shir Yaakov brought with him two musicians – Nadam Lev and Rich Stein – that accompanied Rabbi’s singing during the entire process – from signing Kethuba till the last drop of the music. This added a very special touch and sounded beautifully. Thank you, Rabbi Shir Yaakov.

Reviewed on 11/02/2015 Hillary R

It would be an understatement to say that our experience working with Rav Shir was exceptional. We were truly given a gift in meeting him and having the immense pleasure of designing our ceremony with him. From the moment we first spoke together, my partner and I knew that we... Read More had begun a connection that would grow beyond the planning of our wedding. Our first meeting was thorough, positive, and Shir ticked all the boxes for us: social justice minded, could speak to both of the spiritual and cultural aspects of Judaism that were meaningful to us, and musically minded. While my partner and I are Jewish, and the bulk of my family is, much of our guests were not. While it was important to us to maintain many elements of a traditional ceremony it was imperative that our guests unfamiliar with these traditions feel respected and acknowledged. Simply everyone, Jewish or not, told us afterwards that our ceremony was the most beautiful they had ever witnessed. It was so amazing to share in this moment with so many loved ones, and for our diverse group to all be connected in this way, because of Shir's work with us and because of his graceful and magical ability to help everyone find meaning in ceremony. We felt true to ourselves and true to our communities. Shir was warm, his chanting was beautiful, and the entire thing felt dreamy and powerful. I am so glad to have met him.

Reviewed on 10/28/2015

Rabbi Shir was a huge hit with our guests and with us. Both his musical talent, his bright smile, and his words made our ceremony everything we had hoped it would be. His appeal was widespread to all of our guests regardless of their religious affiliations and beliefs. One of... Read More the things that we loved most was that he clearly understood and was in sync with our needs. Despite meeting him face to face for the first time on our wedding day, his demeanor left us feeling so comfortable that it was as if we knew him for years. We recommend him as a top notch officiant for anyone looking to make their wedding day special and memorable. Tammy & Jon, long Island, NY

Reviewed on 10/20/2015 Alexandra W

WOW- people will not stop talking to me about how amazing our ceremony was because of our incredible Rabbi. We never met in person prior to ceremony, but met on Skype and immediately felt comfortable with him. He was happy to work with whatever we wanted to do or not do during... Read More our traditional ceremony. He taught us along the way if we asked questions. He was happy to highlight all the people who could not be at our wedding that we wished to mention. Shir Yaakov Feit orchestrated a beautiful Ketubah signing as well. As for the ceremony, it was just BEAUTIFUL- everything we could have wanted and more- he did such a nice job, sang the 7 blessings beautifully, and all our guests could not stop talking about it. Lastly, the price was right. THANK YOU so much. Highly recommended.

Reviewed on 10/19/2015 Shell M

Shir Yaakov Feit was a wonderful Rabbi for my wedding. We found him online but immediately felt a connection when we began talking on the phone and were given guidance along the way before the wedding. I was given reading materials and had phone and skype chats and emails to go... Read More over important details and thoughts prior to the ceremony. Once we met Shir on our wedding day he really helped me and my family connect with each other with a beautiful Ketubah signing and then an intimate ceremony with prayer and song that honored traditions and yet welcomed personal expression and even made all out guests, of all denominations, feel included. Everyone loved Shir and felt that he really created a beautiful and meaningful ceremony to be remembered!

Reviewed on 10/16/2015 Courtney H

As a Catholic girl marrying a Jewish boy, I had some preconceived notions about what our Rabbi would be like. I expected Mel Brooks to meet me under the chuppah and bore me with a mundane ceremony and speak about things I didn't understand. Cut to our first Skype meeting... Read More with Rabbi Shir. This young, hippie-esque gentleman appeared on our screen. Wearing a beanie and looked like he was closer to playing hacky sack on the beach than he was to performing a wedding ceremony. I turned to my fiance, "Isn't he suppose to be old?" That first meeting it took me a while to wrap my head around such a young dude being the man in charge of our ceremony. But everything he spoke about resonated with me. So we decided to talk things. We would get back to Rabbi Shir once we came up with a decision. Best decision I ever made was asking Rabbi Shir to perform our ceremony. We had some kookie ideas we wanted to incorporate into our ceremony. He was always on board and supportive. But most importantly, he made a ceremony that not only spoke to our hearts but to that of all our guest. 50% of them being devote Catholics. Everyone of our guest came up to us after we walked down the aisle, and gushed about what a truly beautiful ceremony it was. My cousin asked me if we found our Rabbi through a casting session, he was so perfect. He connected everyone in such a beautiful and unique way. We feel so grateful that he agreed to be our Rabbi. #blessed

So much love

Reviewed on 10/06/2014 Stacy S

He was absolutely wonderful - he made our wedding day incredibly special and took the time to really get to know us and convey an image to those at the wedding of the special aspects of our relationship and what made us "us". Couldn't have asked for anything better.

Shir Yaakov Feit

Reviewed on 10/06/2014

Rabbi Shir Yaakov Feit did an outstanding job on making our same sex, multi religious wedding a very special event. He came over to our home and spent 3 hours getting to know us and our relationship before the wedding. The day of our wedding was very special and intimate.... Read More Just 8 people. Shir personalized the service and made our wedding day a moment in our lives that we will never forget. I highly recommend him.

Cannot Recomnd Shir Highly Enough!

Reviewed on 10/02/2014 Jared K

While there are many difficult choices to make when planning a wedding, choosing Shir as our officiant was the easiest. His dedication and impact is felt long before the actual wedding day. He met with us on several occasions, over a span of several months, to plan the... Read More perfect ceremony. He got to know us as both a couple and on an individual basis. Shir took the time to incorporate the specific elements that we requested. His flexibility and patience was indicative through his willingness to alter the ceremony, even as the wedding was quickly approaching. Shir is extremely accommodating when it comes to busy schedules; he even arranges meetings via Skype -- during all times of the day. Our ceremony was beautiful -- people who attended our wedding constantly tell us that the ceremony was filled with an incredible amount of love and joy. I simply cannot recommend Shir highly enough!


Reviewed on 10/02/2014

We are an inter-faith couple so getting a Rabbi to do the wedding wasnt that easy. Shir Yaakov Feit was recommended to me by a different Rabbi I know, and I am still thanking her for the recommendation. he was simply perfect. We didn't get to do a rehearsal because of... Read More holidays and the location of the wedding venue being about 2.5hrs from where the Rabbi lived, so we were nervous, but he blew the ceremony out of the water and everyone was amazed that Rabbi Shir Yaakov had such an great voice and was so personal and had so much passion and emotion in the ceremony. We couldn't imagine it being any better than it was and still months later everyone brings him up and how everything Rabbi Shir Yaakov did was so special. We would highly recommend him to anyone in need of an officiant!

Everyone still talks about how amazing Shir was at our wedding

Reviewed on 9/30/2014

Shir Yaakov made our experience beautiful rather than routine, spiritual rather than religious. Shir brought magic to our wedding day. We worked with Shir several times before the wedding, he really got to know and work with everyone in the wedding party. Even though our... Read More ceremony had a lot of quirks and moving parts, Shir wasn't phased. He was pretty much able to handle anything - during our ceremony rehearsal, when a construction crew came in and insisted we leave, Shir discussed and negotiated with them (we were able to finish). Beyond being a spiritual leader, Shir is a masterful musician and performer, and he really brought everyone in through song, speech, and prayer. When recalling our wedding, pretty much everyone mentions "That was the most amazing ceremony." What can we say? Shir certainly sets the bar pretty high :)

Best Rabbi Ever!

Reviewed on 9/30/2014 Sadie R

Shir is a masterful ritual maker, who helped us find our own unique pathway through the myriad options we had available from Jewish tradition and innovation. Possibly just as important, he was a calm port in the craziness storm that is families and wedding planning. I will... Read More always treasure so many moments from our wedding, perhaps most amongst them, Shir’s gorgeous voice guiding us down the aisle, around one another, and into this next level of commitment. Do yourself a favor and listen to his music - if it speaks to you, book a date with him immediately!

Helped create an incredible ceremony

Reviewed on 9/24/2014 Megan S

Shir Yaakov helped my husband and I to create a traditionally inspired yet incredibly personal and unique Jewish wedding ceremony. In the months leading up to the event Shir Yaakov was present for consultations with both of us individually and as a couple, and was invaluable in... Read More helping the plan the ceremony and other ritual aspects of the weekend. The ceremony was accessible even for those with little to no Jewish background, which was important to us. Shir led everyone present through the steps of the ceremony in a way that allowed everyone to connect to what was happening while simultaneously holding an incredibly high spiritual energy. Over two years later people still tell us how beautiful, moving and filled with joy our ceremony was!

Authentic, Profound, Beautiful

Reviewed on 9/22/2014

Authentic. When Shir Yaakov was preparing us for the big day and in the midst of performing the ceremony, he was absolutely present, honest, clear, and open. He's not putting on a show. He's sharing in the joy of the special moment, he's showing up with his full self - direct,... Read More bright, and true. Profound. Shir Yaakov infused deep spirituality into our ceremony in a way that everyone could connect with. Regardless of their religious background, Shir gave us the gift of making the Jewish tradition shine and reflect profound and moving truths. With not so many words. Beautiful. At my ceremony, I wanted music, song, color, and rhythm that would echo the beauty of my bride and the future we are walking into together. Shir Yaakov is a master of song - his melodies, gentle and powerful, had everyone singing along with tears in their eyes. His timing is impeccable. Even I looked graceful with a little guidance from his steady hand and kind eye. I cannot recommend Shir Yaakov's services too highly. If you have the opportunity to bring this exceptional ritual facilitator into your plans for the most special day of your life, do it!

Shir Yaakov Feit, Rabbi for Wedding Ceremony

Reviewed on 9/18/2014

Shir was fantastic. He was helpful, kind, spoke with us before hand, got to know my husband and I (though he knew us a little already). He took our needs and plans into consideration and was very flexible (including marrying us on a Saturday before Sundown) and he just fit right... Read More in with the rest of our wedding so nicely. My husbands non-Jewish family felt very comfortable with the service because he made it relatable and explained everything clearly.

People are still talking about the ceremony!

Reviewed on 6/29/2014 Maria C

My husband is Jewish and I am not but we both wanted to have a ceremony that incorporated my husband's Jewish traditions and my Hispanic culture. The service was the part of the wedding I was most nervous about since I felt I had the least control and was very focused on the... Read More ceremony being as inclusive as possible while still being true to both sides. Shir met with us many times to make sure we were comfortable and helped us design a program that explained each aspect of the ceremony so everyone knew what was going on at all times. Most importantly, he was a calming voice in the hour leading up to the ceremony. He prayed with my parents and made them feel included so that by the time we were all standing under the chuppah there was nothing but love and positive energy. Two months later everyone from the most experienced Jewish wedding guest to the first timer is still talking about our beautiful ceremony. If you're an interfaith couple looking for a truly customized ceremony do yourself and your guests a favor and give Shir a call!

Interfaith Officiant

Reviewed on 6/27/2014 Ali F

My husband and I both agree that Shir gave us the most wonderful wedding service. Neither of us is very religious but I felt strongly about having a Jewish ceremony. My husband is much more of a traditionalist than I am, and although not Jewish, he wanted to keep some of the... Read More tradition in our ceremony. Shir did a great job at accommodating both what I wanted and what my husband wanted. Generally, we find no one even mentions the ceremony after the fact but a week later people were STILL talking about Shir’s service. Shir integrated every religion there. My husband’s family was truly moved by his words and I cannot thank Shir enough for that. Shir kicked off our wedding day in the most fantastic way! We really loved working with Shir as he was easy to work with, very knowledgeable and totally got our modern ways.