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Reviewed on 12/05/2017 Suzie M

Beware of this company. From all online reviews you can see how people feel about their experience. I made a stupid mistake by just randomly calling and asking for help for a cake order that I want to place for my baby shower - my bad for not reading any reviews. Veronica who I... Read More believe the business owner took my phone, we discussed the design of the cake I want. She sent me a text message from a cell number, I said I am interested and this design may work. Then she told me to pay a 50% deposit to hold my place and I can cancel until the end of the day. At this point, she did not direct me to her website or discuss any cancellation policies. She just said "call until the end of the business to cancel, no problem." I called the business at 4:08pm to cancel nobody picked up - I got the voicemail that states their business hours are between 7:30am till 5pm. I called a few more times, no answer. At this point, I also checked their website which also states that the business hours are between 7:30am to 5pm. Then I immediately called the cell number that I received the image of a cake design. A female employee answers and says the business is closed for the day, she is home and she cannot do anything about it, I need to speak to Veronica. So not knowing what else to do I emailed Veronica at 4:21pm. At this point I am still 5 days away from the delivery date that we discussed. The next day Veronica emails me saying, it is too late to cancel because I called after business hours which is not true as it can be seen in the attached images so she cannot refund the full amount to me and I should have read their policies on their website. Unfortunate on Veronica's side, Veronica did not direct me to the policies on her website or volunteer any information about cancellation policies while on the phone with me. She assured me that cancellation is no issue. After further communications with her and understanding how Sugar Bender Bakery business is run, now I personally believe she purposefully did not inform me of her policies or she did not direct me to her website before taking a deposit from me. Any good, ethical company would inform you before doing that. Instead she immediately proceeded with asking my credit card information to hold my place. After back and forth for 3 days, she emails me this note: "Your deposit was $75.00, due to cancellation 50% of your deposit is forfeited($37.50) as well as a $25 consultation fee, that puts you at $62.50, so $75 minus $62.50 would give you a $12.50 refund." The charge on my credit card is $79.50 not $75. Her website states "Cancelled more than 4 days scheduled before pickup/delivery - $25 fee, Cancelled 4 or 3 days days before scheduled pickup/delivery - 50% of your deposit". Due to her irresponsibility for not getting back to me and closing her business early that day, she is now charging me not only the $25.00 but also another 50%. What can I say, my first big mistake is not reading reviews for this company before I called. My second mistake is just taking her word on being able to cancel the order by end of the day. My final comments are, please please please talk to other bakeries in the area before giving your credit card information to this company. You will quickly realize that others have a more upfront, honest approach as they are consulting you and they are much more open and clear about what it means to pay a deposit and what cancellation looks like.

Reviewed on 6/06/2017 F J

I used Sugar Benders at the suggestion of my best friend who ordered a cake for her sons birthday party. Long story short the cake was for my daughters graduation party it was supposed to feed about 50 people. The outside presentation was absolutely amazing! However, once we cut... Read More into the cake......The fondant crumbled like rock candy, the inside of cake itself looked as if a child was experimenting with an easy bake oven. The icing was overwhelmingly thick it looked like paste and the cake it self was dry as the Sahara desert not even a glass of milk could have helped you digest this thing. The party was a Saturday night so I reached out to Sugar Benders on Monday morning. I wasn't expecting a full refund because like I said the cake looked nice it just wasn't editable, needless to say I was expecting some type of customer service. I spoke with the manager and briefly stated my concerns, she advised me the owner Veronica was on the phone and would call me back shortly. Needless to say she never called back to address my concerns. The manager did however call back with a message from Veronica stating Sugar Benders Policy is "We are not responsible for a cake once it leaves the bakery." Every fiber of my being was boiling, I could not believe she would have the audacity to repeat something so utterly IGNORANT. I was wondering if they wanted me to drag our guess over to the bakery to eat the cake to ensure I received an editable cake that cost almost $200.00. Needless to say I would never recommend anyone spend there money here. Being a business owner myself that aims to please my customers and sure you can't please everyone but I would have at least followed up to address the customers concerns. There is no customer service here and they obviously don't care about repeat business. If you choose to do business with Sugar Benders anyway I will simply say proceed at your own risk HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Reviewed on 6/02/2016

Good afternoon. Now, when my girlfriend first found this place she was amazed at the pictures on the website displaying what appeared to be an excellent interpretation of some very experienced baker's and cake designers. I mean when you take a look at some of the pictures you... Read More surely want to at least give them a call. My girlfriend did more than just call them, she decided to use there business and have them design me a cake that I would never forget and boy was she right. She brought them pictures of the UGA bulldog and other cakes which were created by other bakers. They were so confident when they told her they could surely make this cake look just like what she wanted. Well, the day it was picked up from the bakery (by her mother and aunt), a picture was sent to her. We were away at Chateau Elan enjoying the 1st part of my birthday. She was so disgusted by the image on the picture that she had to ruin my surprise and let me take a look. Now, I have seen some designs fall a little short, but this had to be one of the worst. The image was so far from looking like the UGA bulldog that it brought me to tears. It seriously looked like someone designed this with a blindfold on their eyes. When this was eventually viewed by some of my closet friends, let me just tell you the joke began. They said everything from the dog looked like it had cerebral palsy to downs syndrome. What made matters even worse, it taste as bad as it looked. The part of the cake that was suppose to be white was actual like cornbread brown and was just as dry. We tried to receive some type of compensation for this but were truly insulted with what they proposed. Never will they receive my business and no on from my company, and i work for one of the largest cable companies in america (which will remain nameless)

Reviewed on 3/19/2016 Danielle V

They were horrible! I tried to book a tasting and paid for 2 tasting cakes and showed up and nothing was ready and they had already made and thrown away the cakes I paid for. The date and time were clearly communicated by email but there was nothing ready. The place looked dirty... Read More and run down.

Reviewed on 3/14/2016 Brooke W

I have been a Sugar Benders customer for many years. My family has enjoyed memorable cakes for birthdays and special occasions. I am always amazed at the level of detail and attention that goes into each cake design. Our orders have always been on time and exceeded our... Read More expectations.

Reviewed on 7/20/2015

IF YOU LIVE ANYWHERE IN THE US, DO NOT PATRONIZE THIS BAKERY!!!! My sisters and I ordered two cakes, not for a wedding, but for my Aunt's retirement party. We live out of town, so we chose them based on the pictures that were on their website. One of the cakes was going to be a... Read More chef' coat and the other cake was supposed to be a chef hat. When the cakes arrived the day of the party, The chef's coat was nice ( even though the monogram that was supposed to be included was misspelled) but the hat was HORRIBLE! We asked for a two tier cake and got a one tier cake that was leaned over to the side and completely not what was ordered. When my sister called to complain once the cake was delivered, Veronica, the non-professional so-called pastry chef, was very rude and uncooperative. She cut my sister off and just kept saying that they don't give refunds. My sister was trying to explain that the cake did not look like the pictures she sent to them and Veronica was not trying to hear her. Once we complained about the misspelled monogram, she had the delivery guy try to fix it WITH HIS BARE HANDS! We decided to keep the Chef's coat and, once we cut the cake, it was all crumbled on the inside and tasted like pure crap! I spoke to her and reminded her that the cake that she sent looked like she was on a ALCOHOL bender or some mojo when she made it, she agreed that we should send the cake back and work out the details the next day (since we were already at the party and guests had started to arrive). We told the delivery driver to take the cake back and he said that he would be right back and never came back. My aunt called Veronica the next morning to discuss the cake and was told that the bakery was busy and that she would receive a call from them the following Monday, which is today. My aunt never got a call, but her credit card was charged for the cake. Now we have to dispute the charge and throw away this play-doh project they called a cake that even a dog wouldn't eat.

Best Cake Ever!

Reviewed on 1/19/2015 Tiffany E

My (then future) mother-in-law helped my find Sugar Benders. She knew I was on a budget, and Veronica at Sugar Benders was just the fit. After a few glitches in email, and trouble getting in contact, we had a quick and easy cake tasting. I knew right away what we were going to... Read More order. We were able to take home a sample cake, to share with my parents and my fiancé. It's still the best cake I've ever had. The one small thing was that during the process, it seemed difficult to get in touch with Veronica, or her responses were very delayed. I work in the wedding industry, however, and completely understand how emails can just get away from you. If I had to do it all again, I would still use Veronica at Sugar Benders. She had the best cake, the best price, and FANTASTIC Chocolate chip cookies, which were a must have at the wedding for me and my husband. We will most definitely be going back for anniversary cakes.

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 10/13/2014

We used Sugar Benders in Marietta. We had a huge four tiered cake. Each layer was different and we asked Veronica to decorate our cake based on a picture in a magazine. The cake was absolutely beautiful and each layer was exactly as our daughter asked for. We asked her... Read More to top the cake with an old heirloom topper, so Veronica created a small cupcake size base for that to make everything symmetrical. There was not one piece of cake left! We had 168 guests for a cake that was to have 180 nice size pieces. The cake was so delicious the photographer took a picture of a guest scraping the empty base with a spoon to try and get the last crumbs. After a wedding you naturally get compliments, but rarely about the wedding cake. We had so many people say how much they loved this cake. It was reasonably priced and the delivery fee was only $35.00 - that is unheard of these days. My advice - run, don't walk to sugar benders for your wedding cake needs.

Revised Based on Followup from Owner!

Reviewed on 10/10/2014 Christine W

This is a revised review. We had a few logistical (delivery/timing), quality, and coordination (venue flow) issues with Sugar Benders for my daughter's 9/27/14 wedding. I had written a very pointed review because of the myriad of issues. However: When we finally connected,... Read More Veronica, the owner, was extremely professional and poised, never defensive or angry, and tried (I think successfully) to understand the issues/problems. She vowed to followup with the caterer regarding the quality problem perception and to try to do whatever was needed to right the situation. Though there were still glitches, which can't really be remedied (what's done is done) at this point, the owner's followup, professionalism, humility, and genuine concern for the bride, her family and guests, compels me to elevate her number of "stars!" What a difference good followup and a desire to correct, makes!

2014-10-13T07:17:03 Response from the vendor

We regret that this customer was dissatisfied. We received an email from the coordinator regarding the timing of the delivery and that there was something "mushy" in the cake. I asked to speak to someone and never heard back. We were not given an opportunity... Read Less Read More