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1095 East Gurley Street, Prescott, AZ (928) 379-1016

Reviewed on 11/21/2016 Nicole G

I had contacted the owner the morning of our appointment letting her know if it would be okay to be twenty minutes late. The owner then responded stating that it was fine and her first client before us had been running late as well. I gave her my phone number (this was all... Read More through email because there is no phone number during the weekends) and asked her to please call or email me if anything changes. We came from Phoenix and drove two hours to get there and arrived 27 minutes late (seven minutes later than intended). Upon entering we were told that she had left "a while ago to deliver a cake". The owner called me about ten minutes later and told us that she was sorry she had to leave to deliver a cake and offered to meet us later in the day. I told her that I was disappointed she hadn't called me to let me know the appointment was canceled or told us to reschedule earlier since we were coming from out of town. She then responded with "I run a business and have more than one client" and stated that we had been 40 minutes late (she had called me 40 minutes after our appointment). She was VERY rude with me on the phone and I notified her that we wouldn't be using her services. We understand that we were late to our appointment but things would have been completely different if she would have called us to tell us she was leaving instead of not contacting us at all. Then when she shot an attitude at me over the phone about how we weren't her only clients and that she had a business to run, I knew we wouldn't be using someone like that on our big day. Let me state that we are very simple and laid back people and are very aware that we are not the only couple in Arizona set to get married. This shop has many great reviews about their cake services and it is all probably true. But I am not okay with the owner's unprofessional manner and lack of contact with me. So just be aware that she might not contact you regarding your appointment and if you are going to be late RESCHEDULE because she might sit there, belittle you and act very sarcastic.

Reviewed on 11/03/2016 Chelsie E

The best service and outcome and tasting cake I ever had. I am not a fan of cakes but the ladies of Sugared n'Iced (Now Martin's Cakes) really surprised me and made a gorgeous cake.

Reviewed on 11/02/2016 Allison A

The most delicious and moist cakes ever! I think cake tasting with Marla was my favorite part of wedding planning. The worst part was having to narrow it down to just 3 flavors! So good, and my cake was beautiful!

Reviewed on 5/01/2016 Courtney L

Marla from Prescott is so perfect. my husband and I had a hick up with the bakery in sedona with customer service. (both bakeries were terrible) and so I had to venture out and found Marla from Prescott. I wrote to her early 1 morning and she replied back within 20 mins wanting... Read More to help and be the one to make our cake. we live in Phoenix and in her email she mentioned a weekend she would be in Phoenix and if we live out of state she was willing to mail, yes mail cake samples to me. she came to Phoenix and rented a house to do cake tasting and design so we made an appointment and from that first meeting things went perfect her cake was awesome, and delicious. we designed our cake and with 85 cupcakes and a 6 inch small cake with delivery to sedona we were less the 400 bucks I could not believe it she is so sweet and reasonably priced. you can tell she loves what she does and she is not there to just take your money. I highly recommend Marla. (I actually got to see her setting up the cake when I made a last run through the clubhouse before all of our guests showed up, she greeted me with hugs and we'll wishes)