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*The Knot's 2015 Best Bakery* We specialize in European cakes with unique flavors & elegant designs. Our cake is scratch-made using the best imported ingredients (no preservatives). We are proud to have been a source of joy at 1,600+ central OH weddings. We are the best bakery in central Ohio!


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2119 Polaris Parkway, Columbus, OH

We loved our wedding cake(s) from The Suisse Shop!

Reviewed on 12/01/2014 Laurel S

We went with The Suisse Shop Bakery for our wedding cake and we know that we made the right decision. We had researched them online and it was all the good reviews that had caught our attention, so I want to make sure that I can help other engaged couples looking for their wedding cake vendor, too. We had already known that their cupcakes and other desserts taste delicious since I used to work near them and one of the workers in our building would always surprise us with Suisse Shop treats! He was a regular customer at The Suisse Shop and he assured us that their cakes also taste very good. When my mother, my groom, and I had our taste-testing appointment at the shop, we were impressed with their cakes, icings, and fillings. No other cakes in town tasted as good! The Suisse Shop’s cakes are moist and the fillings are sweet and flavorful. They have many flavors to choose from and many combinations you can make out of them. Deepti, the general manager, had worked with us in the months prior to our August wedding and she was very helpful and accommodating when it came to the details of the cake itself. All I had to do was email her pictures of cake details that we liked, and the month before the wedding, we met up once more to finalize everything. Just for fun, we had brought in a sketch of what we would like our cake to look like and The Suisse Shop did a wonderful job turning our image into a reality! We had even become a little stumped on what design to have on the top tier but we were confident that one of their designers would be able to pull something together that was similar to what we were asking for. It turned out perfectly, they took great care of our fragile cake topper, and they delivered the cake safely to our venue on the big day. We had a tall five tier cake that required two movers. Our cake was made in the French Buttercream icing with several flavor combinations, including the White Chocolate Empress cake with either White Chocolate Truffle filling or Raspberry Marmalade filling or both fillings together, and Lemon Blossom cake with either Lemon filling or Raspberry Marmalade filling! Obviously, it’s up to you to choose your flavors, but those were so delicious, so we definitely recommend them! Also, we had a groom’s cake made and it was the Chocolate cake in the Chocolate Buttercream icing with the Chocolate filling and Raspberry Marmalade filling together. This was another reason we went with them because their chocolate cake tasted real chocolatey and rich. And it was not dry, as other bakers’ chocolate cakes had tasted to us. We had brought in a picture of a groom’s cake that we wanted done for my groom. The Suisse Shop, without any doubt, did a great job recreating it! Lastly, my mother wanted to bake a gluten-free cake for our gluten-free guests, since we knew we would have a few. The Suisse Shop sells their icing at the shop, so she was able to take that home and bake her own little cake to share the love. Many of our guests at our wedding reception raved about our wedding cakes. One of our out-of-town guests anxiously asked the groom where we got our cake, as if she wanted to pay them a visit before she would head home later that weekend! You must at least make an appointment with The Suisse Shop for taste testing! We are so happy that we did! And we are looking forward to the 1 year anniversary cake that they will bake fresh for us for free! You won’t be disappointed with The Suisse Shop Bakery!

Absolutely Perfect

Reviewed on 11/17/2014 Sapna G

After having tastings with several of the more "boutique"-type bakeries in the Columbus area, my fiance and I simply weren't impressed with the taste nor the service at any. While the look of the cake was important to us, the taste was equally if not more important (I mean, its cake! It should be delicious!) I found Suisse Shop on the Knot, made an appointment, and we quickly fell in love with both their down-to-earth atmosphere and -of course- their cakes! Hands down the best-tasting cake we found throughout our tastings. The white chocolate icing is to die for. As for the design, we brought in something that they were unfamiliar with, but a mere minutes into the appointment one of the cake decorators came in with a sample to show us how she had already figured out a way to do it. That sealed the deal for us, because we knew they'd do everything possible to make our design vision come true. Through the whole design planning process they were super open to our ideas and input, and the final result looked even more amazing than we had hoped. Overall, we couldn't have had a better experience working with Suisse Shop. They were accommodating of my allergies, collaborative rather than pushy, and even lent us a beautiful cake stand free of charge. My sister's one true guilty pleasure in this world is birthday cake, and she said at my wedding that Suisse Shop's was the best cake she'd had ever, let alone at a wedding. That speaks for itself.

Amazing Delicious Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 10/04/2014 Sabina U

The Suisse Shop provided excellent service and they did incredible job on our wedding cake. It was so delicious and amazingly gorgeous!!! We had 3-tiered almond cake covered in flowers with 3 different fillings, mocha, raspberry and strawberry. All our guests were thrilled with the cake, it was a dream cake! I would highly recommend The Suisse Shop to all future brides and grooms!!!

Amazing wedding cake

Reviewed on 3/24/2015 Anne N

We'd ordered our wedding cake last year from The Suisse Shop bakery. The cake was delicious. I showed them the design of the cake I wanted at first but I didn't know some little art can cost extra but The manager ( I think Olivia at the time) help me manage the cost and the cake still look elegant. I loved it because it wasn't too sweet and it was real butter cream. I still got a lot of compliments. The staff was very helpful and caring. I wanted real purple orchids on my cake, so they call me to remind me the day before the wedding. Thanks The Suisse Shop for making my day more special.

Best Cake Ever

Reviewed on 2/11/2015

I had a professor in college who told me about the Suisse Shop and made me try it once. Ever since then I have been hooked! I order cakes from here for birthdays, celebrations, just because, and I also got my wedding cake here. They have a great staff that works with you from day 1. They put me at ease and communicated with me throughout the entire process from me providing them with the requirements for the cake through delivery. They even were willing to deliver a little further out than normal. My cake looked exactly like my husband and I pictured it and it tasted even better than we imagined. 5 stars!!!! I am looking forward to getting our 1 year anniversary cake from them next month.


Reviewed on 1/24/2015

My wife discovered the Suisse Shop when she had it at her shower. She brought left overs home and we quickly agreed that it was to be the Suisse Shop to do our wedding cake. Everything from the tasting to the appearance of our cake was excellent and we have never had better tasting cake! Thanks Suisse Shop!

My Awesome Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 12/31/2014 Olga J

I found out about the Suisse Shop bakery by word of mouth from another bride. They did not disappoint. My wedding cake was a HIT! A Huge one. Seriously. When you have self proclaimed non-cake eaters, look and decide that they not only want one slice of cake, but TWO, then indeed you have an excellent product worth talking about. Which is why I am here. A cake that was rich and flavorful, was the general consensus of everyone. Would I use the Suisse Shop again? Absolutely. Would I recommend them to others? Definitely! I can honestly say I have no regrets, and was happy with the outcome.

GREAT cake!!

Reviewed on 11/05/2014 Nik L

The service everytime we stopped by the shop was always very kind. After MANY questions on our part they always told us the cake will be great! The cake on our wedding day was BETTER than expected!! It was made just like we told them to make it. The cake also tasted GREAT too!! Much thanks to you Suisse Shop! You completed our WONDERFUL wedding day!!

Best Cake Ever!

Reviewed on 10/27/2014 Jennifer H

My fiance and I had this cake for the first time at a New Year's Eve party and absolutely loved it! When it was time to order a cake for our wedding, we didn't need to research any other places. The staff is very pleasant to work with and the cake was absolutely amazing!!!

Best Idea to get a cake here ever

Reviewed on 10/20/2014 Aaron S

We were not sure if we wanted to buy a wedding cake or get a friend to do it for us. WE made the right choice a cake from this group was AMAZINGLY good. And you get a 5" round free for your anniversary. Definitely will use this company for special cakes again!

20 yrs & counting

Reviewed on 10/15/2014 jess c

I have used the Suisse Shop for over 20 yrs. They still make the best pastries in town. They did the cake & pastries for our wedding this fall. It was just perfect. We couldn't be more pleased. We used them for birthdays as well. Love the Suisse Shop!

I love The Sussie Shop!

Reviewed on 10/13/2014 Danielle S

First of all we would like to say that the cake completely exceeded our expectations!!!!!! It's an honor to have our cake in your photos (the four tier with the purple flowers and ribbons). We were able to meet the owners to design our cake, they were easy too work with and very helpful. The customer service and professionalism of the staff was top notch. We also love the fact that the give you a complimentary cake for your anniversary. Our sister in law purchased her wedding cake from the The Sussie Shop too and we will continue to make this a family tradition

Beach themed cake

Reviewed on 9/23/2014 Angela B

We did a destination wedding in June and decided to do a small gathering for our friends and family here at home just this past weekend with about 60 guests. Our overall experience with the Suisse Shop left nothing to be desired and exceeded our expectations from cake tasting to delivery. We surprised ourselves because we went into the tasting thinking we knew exactly what we would want and ended up doing something completely different. Also being one to do my homework, I took several photos of cakes that I liked that I had found online and was able to incorporate the things I liked from each photo into one cake. We chose 2 flavors, the top layer (smaller) was chocolate with chocolate buttercream and raspberry filling, and the lower layer was white chocolate empress with white chocolate truffle icing and raspberry filling wit white chocolate truffle icing over the entire cake. To our surprise at the tasting we actually preferred the truffle icing to the buttercream as it was a bit sweeter to our tastes. I was super excited to see how my cake turned out and was not disappointed... it was amazing, they were able to pull all of my ideas together and everyone raved about how delicious the cake was. I would definitely recommend The Suisse Shop to anyone without hesitation.

Friends ask me to special deliver

Reviewed on 9/22/2014 Kim P

The team at the Suisse Shop was great to work with from start to finish for our wedding. From the second we stepped into the shop for the tasting, the staff and owners were personable, helpful and totally willing to work with us to meet our non-traditional design. As far as quality of the husband hates any sweets or cake with frosting and he can't get enough of the cupcakes and cakes from the Suisse Shop. Friends from Cleveland actually ask me to pick up a half dozen cupcakes whenever I'm headed north because they loved the ones from our wedding so much. I would highly recommend the Suisse Shop for not only weddings, but any special occasion. You'll get an amazing sweet treat from a great team!

Best cake ever...just ask our guests!

Reviewed on 9/22/2014 g l

We tasted many cakes around town and stopped searching after going to The Suisse Shop. My husband felt so strongly about the cake, that the cake was paid for in full by the time we left the tasting. It was so important for us to have our guests remember our event and the last thing they would experience...the cake! I am still being asked where we purchased the cake from. The buttercream icing and butter rum filling were amazing! We ordered both the White Chocolate Empress cake and Chocolate cake with Red Raspberry. I had a concept for the cake and they did a beautiful job recreating it! They were very professional. I highly recommend using The Suisse Shop. We are looking forward to the next event to celebrate so we can pick up another cake!

Beautiful & Delicious!

Reviewed on 9/15/2014 Erica H

The Suisse Shop delivered again! This was a recommendation from family and we couldn't have asked for a more beautiful and delicious cake. Thank you for adding to our special reception!

AMAZING Cakes and AMAZING Service!

Reviewed on 9/05/2014 Chelsey E

I am actually writing this review before my wedding. Why you ask? Because I am already so impressed with the Suisse Shop. They have been so easy to work with, so easy to get in contact with, and have gone above and beyond to make sure that I am happy with my cake for my big day! I had my final meeting last night with Lisa, and she was amazing! My cake for 200 people will run my fiance and I around $960. The cake is absolutely amazing here and they have the BEST white truffle frosting, and their buttercream is out of this WORLD. What is also great is that you can have each cake layer (not frosting) a different flavor. We are going with the Empress White Chocolate and Yellow cake, with a Raspberry Filling and the amazing Buttercream Frosting! I know my guests will LOVE IT! How do I know how amazing their cake it? Ive had it MULTIPLE times before and I have never had a bad piece. We actually got cupcakes from Suisse for my Bridal Shower, and everyone was raving about how amazing they were! I am telling you if you are looking for the greatest cake around, with the most accomodating people, please, call The Suisse Shop! You will not be dissapointed at all! I cannot speak highly enough about them! I am so excited to see the finished product of my cake on 11/1/14, and I know it will be the best cake ever! Thanks so much Suisse Shop!!


Reviewed on 9/04/2014 cherie r

I knew when I got engaged who would do my cake....I mean some brides know the venue some know the DJ or the wedding dress they like... I knew I wanted the Swisse Shop. They were great to work with and really spent a lot of time during the consultation with me to make each layer exactly what I wanted. The Cake was flawless and I got so many compliments on it. The delivery process was easy and professional. Whn I got married 1 year ago almost to the day the Mother ran the store but was preparing to retire. The bussiness is still int he family but her daughter is overseeing it . I believe the transisiton has been a gradual one and that the current management is still to notch. I cant say enough nice things about them

Beautiful and delicious

Reviewed on 9/02/2014 Anna S

I ordered my wedding cake (yellow cake, raspberry filling, french buttercream) with Lisa from Suisse shop as well 6 side cakes (2 Midnight cakes, Chocolate drizzle, Suisse Almond, Lemon, Red Velvet) and they were all so amazing looking and so tasteful. The Suisse Shop reproduced exactly the picture of the wedding cake I showed them and I received many great comments about how good it looked. All cakes were amazing and I received many compliments from my guests (some of them had 4 pieces!). I highly recommend the Suisse Shop - their employees will also take great care of you and deliver exactly what is promised!

Awesome wedding cake!!!

Reviewed on 8/25/2014

From the service, to the delivery, to the overall quality of the cake... This shop is awesome. This was the first place I went to in regards to wedding cakes and it was awesome. They spent around an hour helping us pick out the flavor (it was too hard to choose they were all SOOOO good!) and making sure my vision was represented in the cake. The color choices were spot on and so was my idea that I gave them. The pricing is fair for what goes into making a specialty cake - I paid around $350 for a cake that served 55 people. It's also worth noting that my event was on a Sunday (they're usually closed) and they still delivered for me that day! Their follow up was also awesome and they took the time to make sure everything was just as I wanted it and that I was also satisfied. I would HIGHLY recommend this shop!!! Best wedding cakes in Columbus! Thanks guys!


Reviewed on 8/21/2014 Mitzi R

The Suisse Shop was phenomenal. They paid attention to the details of my cake and it was gorgeous...not to mention delicious. We also had sweets included and my guests raved about the taste and the variety we included.

The Suisse Shop is fantastic!

Reviewed on 7/26/2014 Eleanor C

The Suisse Shop has always been a part of our birthdays, so there was no question who would make our wedding cake. The wedding cake turned out better than we had ever imagined. The staff was wonderful, knowledgeable, and extremely helpful. The Suisse Shop will forever be our favorite bakery and go to place for every special event. Thank you!

Allison & Nick Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 10/28/2013 Allison B

The Suisse shop made us a delicious and beautiful wedding cake! I brought them a unique design to go off of and they did a fantastic job making it! The cake was so delicious and moist! we had so many compliments on it! They had so many choices of cake and icing to choose from! They were very professional and made sure that my cake was just how I had envisioned it! I will definitely will be going back to them for future events/celebrations!

The best cake you'll ever taste

Reviewed on 10/16/2013 Amanda L

This cake is soooo good! Everyone at my wedding loved and they all asked me for leftovers! Try the almond with raspberry filling. The design was also impeccable and exactly what I wanted. Just make sure you double check on them and their paperwork, it's a little loosey goosey.

Wedding Cake

Reviewed on 11/23/2012 Dawn R

My cake was decorated beautiful and it tasted amazing! I go to the suisse shop almost weekly and get a peice of cake because I love it so much. The only issue we had is they forgot our cake topper but we called the emergency number and they brought it over in 15 mins.


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