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Your perfect day needs the perfect dress.

You’re getting married! We know your head is filled with the details of planning your day. The biggest detail? Where to find the perfect dress! At The White Dress, we make your dress experience fun and stress-free. So book your visit and find out what makes us so special. We can't wait to meet you!



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209 W Main St, Brighton, MI

I gave up my appointment at Kleinfeld NYC for TWD!

Reviewed on 6/19/2014 Ciara D

I can't even tell you how many girls recommended The White Dress to me when I got engaged, and now I know why! It's everything you could wish for in a Bridal Salon- a perfect selection of gorgeous designer gowns, reasonable prices to fit any budget, friendly & accommodating staff (I could go on, and on). I couldn't be happier with my experience and my dress purchase!! I booked a trip to shop at Kleinfeld in NYC but after visiting The White Dress I no longer need to go; no other dress will compare!

Best Boutique!

Reviewed on 5/15/2014 Courtney H

This shop saved my entire bridal gown shopping experience! I had gone to a shop in Milford before coming to The White Dress. The consultant at the other shop didn't listen to what I wanted, the dressing rooms were so small I could barely get in/out of the dresses, and their overall selection was disappointing. After leaving there I felt completely discouraged. Shopping for your wedding dress is supposed to be fun, right?! Our next stop was The White Dress. As soon as we walked into the boutique I knew I was going to get my dress there. They had SO many dresses to choose from, had GIANT dressing rooms, offered wine to the group, and provided excellent customer service. Kathy was an AMAZING consultant and made me feel completely comfortable. All of the staff was patient as we made our selections as to what dresses I wanted to try on. They even have these really cute pearl beads that you put around every dress you wanted try on (compared to other shops where you just turn the hanger). Not only did The White Dress turn around my bridal gown shopping experience, but I also found THE DRESS. The White Dress was extremely accomodating when it came to purchasing as well, since my dress needed to be ordered over the phone. They took care of all of the details. I would recommend this boutique to anyone shopping for a wedding gown. They will treat you like a princess there and they have such a wide selection of beautiful gowns that anyone would be able to find their dress there.

I love The White Dress!

Reviewed on 4/14/2014 Trisha A

The White Dress was awesome.. they helped me so much in finding my perfect gown! I was very indecisive and came in to try on dresses 3 or 4 times and they were supportive and never got impatient with me. All the workers there are SO nice and I never felt rushed in any part of the process. My favorite part about the shop is that they let you take pictures... which is HUGE when deciding on a wedding gown. Other bridal shops don't allow you to take pictures which I did not like. It was important for me to go home, compare all the pictures, then make my final decision about my gown. The lighting was awesome in there and they have chairs for all your guests to sit in while they watch to try each one on. Also, the shop is pink/girly inside and they have a cute little system for picking out gowns to try on.. you add a bracelet to each hanger for the dress you want to try, then they grab them all off the rack for you to try on. Super helpful when you want to try on 10 or more gowns! It also makes the process quicker. They have a wide price range, with dresses only a few hundred dollars on the clearance rack if you are on a budget. Even the most expensive dresses there are still a great price, and they are all great quality. Kristy was so nice and gave great advice to help me choose my gown. I recommend The White Dress to all my friends and family when they ask where I got my dress!!

Reviewed on 6/28/2015 Heather F

I am beyond thrilled to be a TWD bride! My experience was fantastic! Meg was amazing and really focused on what I was looking for while having me try on different styles to make sure I got what looked best! The shop was so clean so personable and everyone was so helpful and friendly! I really enjoyed how they were not pushy and allowed private time for me to think about purchasing with my group! Hands down best experience I have had at a bridal shop! I HIGHLY recommend TWD to any bride to be! =)

Excellent stress-free experience for a bride who doesn't like to shop!

Reviewed on 6/24/2015 Jacqui M

I'm so glad I found The White Dress! Since I don't particularly care to go shopping (yes, I'm serious), I was originally hoping to find my wedding dress online. After several unsuccessful attempts to order a gown on the internet, I finally gave in and scheduled an appointment at The White Dress. I had contacted them on a Tuesday night, and I had a response by Wednesday morning inviting me to come in later that day! My consultant Morgan was really friendly and helpful and did not pressure me at all. She let me pick out a few styles on my own and then also made some suggestions. The trying on process went as easy as I could have hoped, and since I was their own my own (having come in right after work), she even offered to take pictures to send to friends and family. When I finally found a dress that I really liked, she gave me plenty of time to call my mom and talk it over. I ended up getting one of the dresses Morgan suggested! I should also note that I'm on a tight timeline- dress shopping in June for a September wedding- and the girls at the shop ensured me that I will have my dress in plenty of time and well within my budget. I've heard borderline-horror stories about other bride's experiences, and I can honestly say mine was completely stress-free and fun! I plan to use their alterations service (even though I live 45 minutes away) and shop for accessories there because I had such a great experience. Thanks again The White Dress!

Reviewed on 6/22/2015 Nicole C

When I came to TWD I had no idea what kind of dress I was looking for. Fortunately for me, the shop had an absolutely HUGE selection of dresses in every style imaginable that fit perfectly in my budget. My consultant, Meg, was extremely helpful and encouraging in the entire process and seemed genuinely interested in me as a person (which I can't say about consultants at many other shops). Everyone at the shop was dedicated to making sure I had the best experience possible. As a result I ended up finding the perfect dress! I wish it was possible to give more than 5 stars because TWD is amazing!

Wonderful Experience!

Reviewed on 5/28/2015

I had a wonderful experience and absolutely love my dress (Joyce)! The assistant Morgan, who guided me through the entire process, was incredible and kept everything running smoothly. She made sure I was comfortable, gave me privacy between dresses, and ran all over the boutique for whatever I needed. My family and I can't say enough how much she helped us, and how wonderful she was! My dress is nothing short of perfect, and it was a sample sale, so I received a free headpiece (or veil), along with a bag full of goodies. After purchasing and leaving the boutique, the excitement covered up some concerns I had about the fit and structure for my figure. The next day I emailed Kristy (the Owner) about my concerns with the fit, and she reassured me they would do everything to make my dress the most fitted garment I will ever wear. She explained various options I hadn't thought of, and reassured me the dress will fit perfectly for my big day! All of my concerns were washed away, I couldn't thank her enough. The White Dress, located in Brighton, is also the hometown of my Fiance and his family. I've always window-shopped whenever the opportunity came up, and was anxious to try. The staff and their selection is great, I would recommend The White Dress to any Bride. I'll be back to look for bridesmaids dresses!

Best day!

Reviewed on 5/27/2015 Bailey

My experience at The White Dress was so much fun. A beautiful bridal store and great selection. They were so welcoming and helpful! Loved the extra little touches like slippers, help in the dressing room, and a champaign toast!


Reviewed on 5/27/2015 Sarah W

I showed up at TWD as a bride who already had purchased a gown. I came straight from my original gown fitting as I was very unhappy with the first gown (NOT purchased from TWD) and heard TWD was having a sample sale. Kristy was unbelievably nice and patient with me, even though I was honest and stated I was not sure I would even be buying a gown from her shop. Lo and behold I found my perfect dress and fell in love! Kristy and Mia rushed the alterations (my wedding was only 5 weeks away at time of purchase) and my dress is already finished 3 weeks in advance. The team is so nice, helpful and fun. I had such a great experience at TWD and would recommend it HIGHLY to any and all brides.

Reviewed on 5/21/2015 Kathleen B

Kristy and her staff will give you the best experience you will ever have dress shopping. This was the first bridal boutique I visited and I was immediately impressed with the friendliness of the staff, the quaint location, and the variety of dresses available (and prices!). Kristy makes sure that you are the star for the day and allows you to pick the dresses you want to try on, while offering her expert advice. I made two trips; the first time alone in order to figure out what I wanted, and the second time I brought my mother, sister and sister in-law. Everyone was treated very kindly. I bought my dress on the second visit! I loved that Kristy gave me an entire room with a pedestal and two mirrors in order to really see what the dresses looked like on. The White Dress truly made me feel like a star! I would recommend it to anyone who is looking to have a wonderful experience dress shopping.


Reviewed on 4/27/2015 S B

The White Dress wildly exceeded my expectations. Firstly, the service. My stylist, Ashley, was phenomenal. She was very helpful getting me in an out of dresses and pulling veils and other accessories for me. Also, during your appt they will bring champagne/wine for the bride and guests. Which is a dream. Secondly, the dresses. They have an amazing selection of dresses. All different styles in a range of prices. I really did not want to spend more than a certain amount on a dress. I found one that was slightly above my price range that I absolutely loved, and since they had an upcoming sample sale, Ashley was able to ask the owner if she would be willing to make the dress I had chosen part of the sample sale, and the owner said yes! Which meant that I was able to purchase my dress immediately (no waiting for shipping and hoping it arrived in time for my October wedding) along with a jacket (I NEEDED sleeves!) for within the budget I was hoping for. Overall, this experience was absolutely perfect.

Priceless Experience

Reviewed on 4/25/2015

This salon was first and last stop for my wedding gown. They had so many beautiful dresses, a great array of prices and it was all about me. they let me try on any dresses i wanted! When i found the one, the owner gave us a champagne toast!

Love this place!

Reviewed on 4/22/2015

I found dresses for my four bridesmaids at The White Dress. My bridesmaids all live out-of-state, in different places, and were looking for four different, but complementary dresses. One of them wasn't even able to make it into the shop, but we were able to find something beautiful for each of them to wear. Kristy and her team were so helpful and patient, especially when it came to placing orders - which all had to be done over the phone. The shop itself is beautiful, with lush, private dressing rooms that really make the experience feel even more special. I can't recommend this place enough. I only wish that I had known about it when I was looking for my wedding dress.

Best Experience....Hands Down!!!

Reviewed on 4/21/2015 Lesley C

I absolutely can't say enough about TWD. I had an awesome time with my mom and two sisters looking for my dress. Prior to going to TWD we went to other local shops in the Ann Arbor/Metro Detroit Area but I just couldn't find what I wanted. I am not a picky bride but I know what I like and will keep looking until I find just that. Well that search ended when I walked in the TWD. From the time we walked in the staff was attentive and the shop was beautiful and inviting. I knew I was in the right place because the dress in the window was absolutely beautiful. I loved the fact that I had my own dressing area which was like our "own suite" within the shop that let us talk and discuss my options as I tried on the dresses. Megan was beyond attentive and a great person to work with. All of the staff members were attentive to my mom and sisters as well which was a great plus for me. After trying on a few I found the one and my little sister even cried lol. Kristy the store's owner was amazing and a great pleasure to work with. Hands down TWD is the place to go! I'm super excited about my big day in September and my beautiful wedding gown from TWD.

The White Dress is the perfect bridal shop!

Reviewed on 4/21/2015 Sarah S

The White Dress is such a nice, organized, and friendly bridal shop! Kristy and the staff are absolutely amazing. They answered e-mails promptly and were always there to help and provide information. Unfortunately, I did not find my wedding dress at The White Dress, however I did get my bridesmaids dresses there. Even though I did not buy my wedding dress there, everyone was still so helpful and friendly. I noticed that they had a variety of different dresses. I highly reccommend The White Dress!

DREAM Dress Shop

Reviewed on 4/21/2015 Kendra L

I came here on the recommendation of a friend and I am so happy I made the drive to Brighton! The shop is beautiful, spacious, and laid out so you feel you are the only girl in there. The website lookbook and quizzes were great tools to narrow down my choices before my appointment. I was able to walk through the shop and select dresses to try on. I also brought a list of dresses I liked from the lookbook. The TWD-ettes were all knowledgeable and helpful, with other girls stopping in to see if my consultant, (the wonderful, patient Megan!) needed any assistance. I narrowed it down to two very different dresses and the girls recommended that I take a break for lunch before making any decisions. I took their advice and thought about it, then called the store a few hours later and asked to come back to make my final choice. They were very accommodating and fit me in at the end of a busy Saturday. This was the best experience I had trying on dresses. Every person at TWD is helpful, knowledgeable, and not pushy at all. The changing rooms are big, with two curtains so you don't risk flashing your family... (happened at another store, yikes!) and a mirror so you can see yourself before you walk out to your party. Price point is very reasonable, I think their average is $1300 if I remember correctly. Kristy and the TWD staff are amazing at what they do. I would highly recommend this shop to any bride!

An overall great place

Reviewed on 4/21/2015 Marina C

I found The White Dress on the Knot and was super excited to go here. It was the first place I had gone to find a dress, and I found the one! All the girls that work there are great and they see what you like and pull out what they think you'll like and one of the girls are actually who found my dress! Very clean and friendly place. Also has GREAT costs! Purchased my dress, veil, headband and a belt for around $2200! Would recommend this to anyone.

Forever grateful to The White Dress

Reviewed on 4/21/2015 Andrea Isabel R

I absolutely loved my experience at The White Dress! Everyone was super nice and friendly, plus they have a huge selection of beautiful gowns. I visited several bridal salons, and The White Dress was the only one where I felt comfortable and not rushed. Loved it!

Proud TWD Bride!

Reviewed on 4/13/2015 Melissa P

Kristy and her team are amazing. I was fortunate enough to get Kristy (owner) as my consultant. She mad the whole process so easy! She asked questions about my fiancé and our wedding and gave me lots of options to try and listed to why I did or didn't like a particular dress. There was no pressure to buy on my first trip. On my second visit she had both of my choices I had narrowed down to ready in my room. She did great to make me and my group feel really special. She was professional and offered advice. She really went above and beyond trying to find a dress for a jr bridesmaid with some special needs. Thanks to ale ermine and especially Kristy at TWD for making my experience so amazing! Cheers to you!

Amazing Experience

Reviewed on 4/09/2015 Aubrey V

I could not have asked for a better dress buying experience than the one offered by The White Dress. The staff is extremely friendly and very knowledgable about their inventory (which offers an excellent selection of dresses!). I had high anxiety going into my appointment and they calmed my nerves as soon as I walked through the door. I look forward to continuing to work with them through the alterations process. I highly recommend this shop!

Great Place!

Reviewed on 3/30/2015 Rachael H

I had a great experience at The White Dress. It was the second shop I went too and right away they were super nice, friendly and helpful. It didn't hurt that wine was included during trying on my wedding dress ;) They were very accommodating for when my nephews had to come and it felt like a very personal experience and they were all about you. No one was pushy on making you decide that day, they made sure you picked out what YOU were interested in based on style, etc. I had all my bridesmaids with me and it was a lot of fun!

Amazing experience!

Reviewed on 3/29/2015

The girls at The White Dress are amazing! They let you take your time looking over the dresses and picking your favorites, and then treat you and your guests to champagne while you try on the most gorgeous dresses! I worked with Meg and she was so awesome! She helped me in and out of the dresses and gave her input when asked, she even pulled a few dresses that were almost "the one". After deciding on a dress, we stayed and tried on accessories, having a blast! I HIGHLY recommend the ladies here, you will not regret shopping here! It's a wonderful bridal experience and they will fulfill your vision of wedding dress shopping!

Amazing Experience

Reviewed on 3/23/2015

The White Dress, is an amazing place to find your dream dress. Everyone is so helpful and friendly. No one was pushy. I felt like I was the only one there and felt so special to find my dress. I would highly recommend The White Dress to find your dress.

The White Dress is Amazing!

Reviewed on 3/22/2015 Jessica M

I cannot say enough positive things about my shopping experience at The White Dress! The staff are friendly and knowledgable. They have created a great atmosphere in the store where you feel welcome from the moment you come through the door. I worked with Meg and she had wonderful advice and I was so pleased with my entire experience. This was my first shopping experience looking for my wedding dress so I didn't quite know what to expect. I felt so comfortable working with Meg that a potentially stressful experience turned out to be a completely fantastic experience. I truly never felt any pressure to make a purchase until I wanted to. I very highly recommend The White Dress!!

I'm a TWD bride!!

Reviewed on 3/22/2015 Danielle T

Could not be happier with my experience at The White Dress boutique. The place is adorable and the staff is awesome! I really don't have much to compare it to since I found my perfect dress at my first appointment! My consultant lisented to all my thoughts and needs and found me the one! Such a perfect way to make a fun experience perfect!


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