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So easy!

Reviewed on 12/07/2014 Amanda H

Traveler's Joy is wonderful! My husband and I lived together for 4 years before we got married so the last thing we needed was a panini press or another toaster oven; I mean, we had STUFF, travel is one of the things we love to do together. Registering at Traveler's Joy was the perfect solution! Our guests were able to donate to an experience we actually wanted and it made gift giving so simple for those that were unable to attend our big day. Redeeming is a breeze too; all I did was submit some banking information and the money was in our checking account 3 days later. Seriously, skip all the other nonsense and register with Traveler's Joy.

Great service!

Reviewed on 3/05/2015 Michelle C

Great flexibility in customizing our registry. Great examples to get us started. Gift funds were deposited for us to use overseas amazingly fast.

Great way to register

Reviewed on 1/22/2015 Jennifer F

Traveller's joy is an easy way to register for honeymoon gifts! Guests were able to quickly give a gift without problems. Super fast, great way to save up for a honeymoon!

Traveler's Joy is a MUST!

Reviewed on 5/20/2015 Kevin L

My now wife and I decided pretty early on that we already had basically everything we needed to build a home together, but we were going to have a tough time paying for a honeymoon. A honeymoon registry with Traveler's Joy allowed us to have the honeymoon of our dreams. The process of purchasing a "gift" is so easy and simple for your wedding guests (easier than most REAL registries). Traveler's Joy takes the least amount of money off the top as a charge for the service; only 7%, which is WAY lower than any other honeymoon registry you'll find. Everything about Traveler's Joy is absolute perfection.

Great Honeymoon Registry!

Reviewed on 5/20/2015 Justine N

We used travelor's joy as our honeymoon registry instead of doing a traditional registry. The website was super easy to set up. My family and friends said that donating to the site was very easy as well. And getting our money back was very convenient an easy! They do take a small portion of the donations, however, I believe it is less than other honeymoon registry websites.

Honeymoon Help Done Right

Reviewed on 5/20/2015 Niketa C

I loved the travelers joy website. You are able to write a personal story to your wedding guest about where you are going for your honeymoon and how different funds can pay for different things on your trip. The website also collects the guest address and amount they sent so we were able to send out thank you notes right away even before the wedding which was nice.

Gift Giving

Reviewed on 1/22/2015 Chelsea S

I used to website to try something different. It was very user friendly. It was nice for my guest, they enjoyed giving gifts towards things to do on our honeymoon.

Easy way to register

Reviewed on 1/22/2015 Alexis L

We didn't need more things and this gave our family and friends a chance to give $$$ towards our honeymoon. You can select types of excursions and different gift prices so there is something for everyone's budget!!!

Great Idea for a Registry Site

Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Amy H

Highly recommended by another friend who used them for her wedding registry. Everything was simple to set up, and we got our registry gifts for the honeymoon quickly. We never would've been able to afford this AND pay for our wedding, so this gave us the chance to have a real vacation. Hooray! :D


Reviewed on 1/21/2015 Francine D

I put this for my shower and to my surprise it was my favorite gift it paid for all my excursions on my cruise. My Husband and I are older and we have lived together for a while so this was the perfect gift. it was so easy to use and spend..

Only one complaint

Reviewed on 1/21/2015

This tool is easy to use and versatile. I created my own registry items and broke them up into affordable pieces for my friends and family. When I had questions, I got very fast, helpful replies. The Thank You's feature is really nice too. You can track it online or download your list to a spreadsheet. Just one gripe. Gifters are prompted to 'send a card' along with their gift which deducts several dollars from their gift, and I don't think they're told how much that is reducing their gift amount. The card arrives in the mail days after you've already been notified of their gift online, including the message that is printed on the hardcopy mailing. I considered mentioning this in our homepage greeting and asking people not to send cards, but it seemed tacky. Now it occurs to me I could have couched it as a plea for the environment. Otherwise, it was a great tool and paid for our entire honeymoon.

Amazing Registry Idea!

Reviewed on 1/02/2015 Rachel L

Traveler's Joy allowed you to personalize your honeymoon - from pictures, to descriptions, and even amounts. The more you personalize your page, the more your family and friends love it!

Satisfied after being skeptical!

Reviewed on 12/30/2014

I wasn't sure where to even begin when I was looking for a honeymoon registry. I researched many sites and found that Traveler's Joy had the best rates and the most positive reviews. It was very easy to set up the registry. We liked the convenience of choosing pre-made registry items and personalizing other items to add to the list. We didn't hear any complaints from any of our friends or family that used the website. The checks were sent right to our home (there are other options as well). Very satisfied and highly recommend this site!

Great alternative to traditional registries

Reviewed on 12/26/2014 Margarita V

Similar to everyone else, my husband (boyfriend at the time) each had our own households previously and had been living together for about 1.5 years before he proposed, so we already had all the "traditional" items that we would care to need. My mother-in-law actually suggested a honeymoon registry and when I did a Google search, Traveler's Joy was one of the top results. To be honest, I didn't really research other options, but apparently TJ charges the lowest in fees. I still thought 7.5% was a little steep, and for those of my friends that had inquired about it or had otherwise read about the fee, they asked if they could send me the funds via PayPal instead (to which I said of course!). The website was super easy to use and once we had actually figured out what we were doing for our honeymoon (western Caribbean cruise), it made it easier to personalize more of the gifts. We had started with the western Caribbean cruise "instant registry" option and then edited the descriptions and/or pictures if necessary to reflect our specific cruise line and desired shore excursions. Based on what people actually gifted, it looks like people are much more willing to contribute towards activities and food. We were notified via email every time someone made a gift and the gift redemption process was extremely easy. I always chose the ACH option after waiting the 72 hours for them to verify gifts made with credit cards weren't fraudulent and the funds were deposited into my bank account in a few days. The website also keeps track of who gifted what, as well as their contact information, which I know will make writing our thank you cards much easier. We still maintained a traditional registry with a few options for those who didn't feel comfortable with the idea of a honeymoon registry, but thankfully only a couple people purchased off of it. Overall, about 27% of our cash gifts were from our honeymoon registry and the rest were in the form of actual cash or checks, so I felt like this was a good alternative, but obviously less preferred because of the service fees.

Great way to Plan a Honeymoon

Reviewed on 12/12/2014 Natalie B

I enjoyed being able to pick things for my guest to donate to. My husband and I plan on taking a honeymoon soon.(he's military so his schedule varies) We could not pick a place so most people gave us a general donation. We appreciated that there is an option to do that. When we finally get to go on our honeymoon, I will look here to get an idea about the things we can do and a general budget.

Registering the Day

Reviewed on 11/30/2014 Charli B

Travelers Joy made my planning and registry a breeze and took a lot of stress off of my list of priorities. I can honestly say, this site is a BIG help and the site is also user friendly. I got great reviews from my guest and I got all off my gifts when I was ready to request them from the site in a matter of a few day. Thank you so much Traveler's Joy it was a joy to use your site. Thanks, Charli

Easy Registry Addition

Reviewed on 11/25/2014 Brandon D

This was a great way to receive money towards our honeymoon. It was very easy to transfer the funds; however we were disappointed to see how much in service charges we lost.

Great registry idea!

Reviewed on 11/20/2014 linda l

My husband and I had most households items we needed already, so we did a small registry at Macy*s and one at Traveler's Joy. It was a very nice experience and I would recommend them to anyone. The only cost is a very small fee per gift. You can choose to pay it yourself, or have the gift giver pay it. We chose to pay it ourselves, and I think it was something like 3%. It was definitely worth it. We received many gifts that we can now use toward a honeymoon.

Great Idea

Reviewed on 11/20/2014 Dana W

Registering my honeymoon was simple through this website. Everyone found it easy to navigate and thought that it was great as well!

October Wedding, December Honeymoon

Reviewed on 11/19/2014 Alyssa V

Traveler's Joy made planning our Honeymoon extremely easy. People had so much fun "picking gifts" for us, requesting photos of the different excursions we chose. I had so many people tell me what a great idea a honeymoon registry was and how more people need to do it! It also made my Bridal Shower so much happier and easier. When I requested the money, they seamlessly sent the money to my bank account and I am happy to say that it is paying for our flights to Hawaii. We cannot wait to go!

Traveler's Joy Registry

Reviewed on 11/12/2014 Jenna D

Loved using traveler's job for our wedding gift registry. It is a super simple site where you can easily create your own page and make it as detailed as you'd like. Once you pick your honeymoon destination, the site even picks out popular sites and gifts for that location so you don't really have to do ANY work! Site is also very easy for guests of the wedding to donate to. I would highly recommend using this site for your honeymoon registry (if you choose to have one). They take a small percentage of money that is donated, but I found that all of the honeymoon sites do!

Honeymoon Fund

Reviewed on 11/08/2014

This was the perfect way for people to contribute to our special day! We have lived together for over two years, and didn't need any more "stuff". What we wanted was an amazing Honeymoon to create memories that will stay with us forever. And Traveler's Joy helped make that possible!

Awesome option!

Reviewed on 10/29/2014

My husband and I love to travel and really wanted to have an amazing honeymoon. However, our budget wouldn't necessarily allow for it within the same year as our wedding. My sister then surprised us with plane tickets to Greece and so we needed ideas to help fund the rest. She came across Traveler's Joy and it was one of the best things we did. We had a traditional registry for those who felt more comfortable, but many people took advantage of our honeymoon registry and we really had a trip of a lifetime. We wrote a detailed story about us and our trip, as well as the things we wanted to do. I think this helped our family and friends feel connected to us by giving gifts through this registry. Also, it forced us to plan the details early (as we needed to list them on the registry in advance of the shower, etc.), which had a great benefit. There is a small commission, but it was completely worth it for the flexibility it gave us to plan our trip how we wanted to. In addition, we could transfer money as needed so it was like its own savings account until we needed to book hotels and could make an easy transfer to our bank account to do so. Great service and awesome option!

Honeymoon Registry

Reviewed on 10/28/2014 Sandy L

I really liked the idea of have a honeymoon registry as opposed to receiving cash or tangible gifts.

Good service, nice website, expensive fees

Reviewed on 10/23/2014 Lauren K

Overall it was helpful to use traveler's joy, but in the future, I would recommend for others to just ask for $ directly from loved ones, so you don't loose $ you could use to travelers joy.


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