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EXCEPTIONAL Honeymoon Registry!!

Reviewed on 6/02/2015

Utilizing Traveler's Joy for our honeymoon registry was so easy, so quick, and so informative. We opted not to have a traditional wedding registry - and utilized only the honeymoon registry for all of our gifts. Each of our family and guests commented on how beautiful and... Read More easy-to-use the website was, how they felt a part of our honeymoon and able to choose from a wide variety of options, and how simple it was to send notification of the gifts they purchased. We were able to easily customize the registry (even starting with some pre-populated suggestions) to fit the experience we wanted...and it turned out to be more than we hoped for! We received notifications of each gift we received, and were able to customize thank you cards from the information Traveler's Joy provided. Such a positive and simple experience! Definitely recommend Traveler's Joy for all couples considering the unique and simple option of a honeymoon registry for your wedding!

Traveler's Joy is a MUST!

Reviewed on 5/20/2015 Kevin L

My now wife and I decided pretty early on that we already had basically everything we needed to build a home together, but we were going to have a tough time paying for a honeymoon. A honeymoon registry with Traveler's Joy allowed us to have the honeymoon of our dreams. The... Read More process of purchasing a "gift" is so easy and simple for your wedding guests (easier than most REAL registries). Traveler's Joy takes the least amount of money off the top as a charge for the service; only 7%, which is WAY lower than any other honeymoon registry you'll find. Everything about Traveler's Joy is absolute perfection.

So easy!

Reviewed on 12/07/2014 Amanda H

Traveler's Joy is wonderful! My husband and I lived together for 4 years before we got married so the last thing we needed was a panini press or another toaster oven; I mean, we had STUFF, travel is one of the things we love to do together. Registering at Traveler's Joy was the... Read More perfect solution! Our guests were able to donate to an experience we actually wanted and it made gift giving so simple for those that were unable to attend our big day. Redeeming is a breeze too; all I did was submit some banking information and the money was in our checking account 3 days later. Seriously, skip all the other nonsense and register with Traveler's Joy.

Loved Having a Honeymoon Registry!

Reviewed on 1/06/2016 Kailey P

My husband and I really enjoyed having a honeymoon registry. It gave us the opportunity to do a lot of activities we normally wouldn't do. Our guests loved that we offered this as well! I highly recommend a honeymoon registry it was wonderful. Traveler's Joy was easy to navigate... Read More as well with lots of information should you have questions.

So easy to use for all!

Reviewed on 1/01/2016 Christina S

We loved our honeymoon registry! We are a little older and pretty established, so we didn't need a whole lot for our home. We registered for different activities offered in the area we were traveling to, Cancun. Keep in mind, these are just ideas and you aren't actually... Read More booking your activities. We just made sure that for those activities that people purchased for us, we booked when we got to Cancun. It was easy for our guests to use the website and very easy for us to redeem the gifts. I appreciated the notifications we received letting us know that someone got us a gift, as well as the other little reminders to send thank yous out, etc. The only drawback was the fee that was taken from each gift, however we knew this in advance so it wasn't a surprise.

Great for organization

Reviewed on 12/21/2015

This was a fantastic site to use for our Honeymoon fund. It was so easy to send thank you cards and to keep track of how much to save and what we needed the money for. I feel that it was a more personal way for our family and friends to donate money for the honeymoon and for... Read More them to feel part of the experience. I think it was fun to create the webpage. I do recommend if you are using direct deposit when receiving your funds that you request them 2-3 days in advance. Also, they do take a small percentage of what people donate, so if they are to donate 100$, you will get slightly less. It is well worth it.

Fantastic Idea and Ease of Use

Reviewed on 12/09/2015 Nicole H

Great idea for friends and family to give the gifts we wanted not the gifts we didnt need. Perfect for our destination wedding. We were amazed with the ease of use!

Best Honeymoon Registry Site!

Reviewed on 12/08/2015 Michelle H

I was very pleased with Traveler's Joy as our honeymoon registry website. I chose Traveler's Joy because they had the lowest fees (3% - other sites were 7%) and they had the most aesthetically pleasing web design. It was user friendly both for myself in setting it up, and for... Read More my guests who used it to give us gifts. When it came time to redeem my gifts, the direct deposit into my bank account was easy and very fast. I recommended Traveler's Joy to 2 of my other engaged friends who were looking for a honeymoon registry site.

Good tool

Reviewed on 11/26/2015 Alan T

We used traveler's joy for our honeymoon registry and it worked well. Our friends and family were able to make gift donations in any amount they wanted. The downside is that a 2-3% is taken by traveler's joy and you need to pay $20-30 just to transfer to your bank account or... Read More paypal account. All in all it worked well for us and I recommend it.

2015-11-30T10:36:59 Response from the vendor

Hi Knottie, Thanks for providing a review and congratulations! I want to find out more about your bank transfer cost to see if there is anything I can do. All of our gift redemption options (PayPal, ACH, check) are free if you have a United... Read Less Read More

Great Registry Service!

Reviewed on 11/24/2015 Katie S

We used Traveler's Joy for a honeymoon registry and our friends and family loved it. We also registered at Bed, Bath & Beyond for home goods, but many of our friends felt (like we did) that creating memories on our honeymoon was more important. We received a lot of funds through... Read More this registry which made our honeymoon so much more affordable and still let us do amazing things like hot air balloon rides and private vineyard tours. It was magical and we could not have done it without Traveler's Joy. I would highly recommend!

Honyemoon registry

Reviewed on 11/19/2015 Lindsey S

We used this website for our honeymoon activities and it worked out great! However, they do take a portion of the gifts given for profit. Some of my guests stated that if they would have known that they would have just given us cash to use towards the honeymoon so we would get... Read More the full amount.

Way to go

Reviewed on 11/19/2015 Audrey C

Used the Traveler's Joy registry as an additional option for our standard registry. And good thing we did because we got every single item we asked for! I think it's a great alternative for people wanting to contribute in a different way.

Easy to use!

Reviewed on 11/11/2015 Aubrey P

Great site. Reliable and easy to use. I would recommend.


Reviewed on 11/10/2015 Kim C

Great honeymoon registry! We were able to get everything we needed for our honeymoon and it was easy for our guests to use.

Honeymoon to Napa

Reviewed on 11/04/2015 Cori W

My now husband and I had been together for a few years prior to our marriage and we had a house and the amenities. We actually did everything on our registry! We had a lot of fun picking the adventures before hand and preparing for the cost. Our guests really enjoyed being apart... Read More of individual activities that meant something to them as well. Planning your honeymoon is one of the best parts about planning a wedding. Travler's Joy made this process my favorite part. They are very user friendly and I love how you get to personalize your honeymoon.They create a thank you list for you and keep your budget right on track! I have already recommended this website to my friends and family!

The Perfect Registry

Reviewed on 10/25/2015 Anna W

Traveler's Joy was the perfect wedding registry for us. We didn't need any more "Stuff"; we have plenty of pots and pans and towels. We wanted to go on our dream honeymoon to The Maldives and Traveler's Joy made it simple and easy for our guests to help send us on our way. They... Read More also create a thank you list to make writing thank you cards very easy. I would highly recommend using this site and doing a honeymoon registry. We had the trip of a lifetime to paradise!

Good Idea, But...

Reviewed on 10/25/2015 Meredith D

I loved this idea, but most of our guests prefer to send an old fashioned gift or card. I would recommend this service to couples in place of a traditional registry, but not along with one.


Reviewed on 10/24/2015 Menshahat E

Traveler'so joy was greally and so easy to set up! We got our WHOLE honeymoon paid for with it. We loved it!

So easy for our guests and for us

Reviewed on 10/22/2015 Caty B

We loved the Traveler's Joy registry! We have been living together for a while and didn't need many housewares, plus our guest list was quite large. This was a great way for our guests to feel like they were part of our honeymoon celebration, and everyone was so excited to see... Read More honeymoon photos of the trip they contributed to! The thank you manager was a godsend.

Great Honeymoon Registry!

Reviewed on 10/05/2015

We used traveler's joy for our honeymoon registry and it could not have been easier. We still aren't 100% sure of the activities that we want to do on our honeymoon, but their site helped us populate the registry site with lots of fun potential activities (bike trips, couples... Read More massages, etc.), and important costs (airfare, hotels, food, etc.) It was very easy to claim the funds at the end. They do take a small percentage, but I think that all the registry sites do. At the end, they provide you with a list of who gave you the gift, for how much and their mailing address, which makes sending thank you notes a breeze!

Great Registry Alternative

Reviewed on 9/29/2015 Christina L

Traveler's Joy was very easy to use! There is a fee for processing, but you can split the transaction fee different ways. I opted to split the fee between the gift giver and myself. We were able to deposit the money into our bank account and use it on the honeymoon. It is still... Read More a very new concept and not everyone thinks its appropriate. But if its what you want it doesn't matter what they say.

Best Idea Ever!

Reviewed on 9/26/2015 Aidan B

Our friends and family loved using our Traveler's Joy registry for shower and wedding gifts, and didn't mind the small percentage kept by TJ. They loved being able to customize their gift and know exactly how we'd use the money. When we cashed out, we received our check in less... Read More than a week, and it was wonderful to not have to worry about money while were in England and Paris; honestly, had it not been for TJ, we may not have been able to have a honeymoon at all. Would do it all over again!

Great idea, but things to know

Reviewed on 9/24/2015

I wish I had known before signing up that there is a 5% fee on every gift. So if your guest gives you $100 towards your trip, you're really only getting $95, and so on. I understand why the fee is in place, but my fiance and I decided it would be better to just let people give... Read More us cash or check if they wanted to contribute. I deleted everything from the registry and thought that was the end of it, but people can still give you a "general gift" of money even when you aren't registered for any specific items or experiences. People found the registry and we ended up getting three of these gifts (including an anonymous one). I think it might have been comforting for a couple people having that "oh no! I forgot a card/gift/check!" moment the day of the wedding. I think this would be a great choice if your wedding guests are all internet savvy and therefore okay with the idea of showing up with no actual gifts in hand, and it would be really cool way to share your honeymoon memories. Unfortunately that wasn't us.

Exactly What I needed

Reviewed on 9/20/2015 Melissa G

We didn't need anything else for our apartment, but we did need an adventure. My friends used this service last year & helped me set mine up this year. Now, we have a honeymoon fully funded for IRELAND!

Highly Recommend!

Reviewed on 8/27/2015 Paul G

We live in a small Manhattan apartment so this registry was perfect for us! Our guests found the registry fun as well.


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Adam Warner

Writer, editor and travel expert. Adam loves (Philadelphia) sports, photography and weekend road trips. He is also likely your first point of contact when you email or call Traveler's Joy. He loves helping couples have an amazing honeymoon registry and is full of great ideas to help make your registry one of a kind and memorable.