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Reviewed on 10/05/2017 Audrey S

We hired Unique Style for our Photo Booth and the service was amazing. Cesar was always there for any questions. He was even flexible with the rescheduling of our wedding as it was during Hurricane Harvey. Also, David was so helpful in designing our Photo Booth design and it... Read More came out so perfect. Their staff is so sweet and our guests had such a great time taking pictures. I don't think there was ever a time where the booth was empty. Amazing service and they even provide you with copies of all the photos after the wedding. You won't regret hiring them for your Photo Booth pictures.

Reviewed on 9/27/2017 Adrienne H

Cesar Gil from Unique Style Productions was the absolute best DJ ever! First of all, because of Hurricane Harvey, we had to move our wedding to a day earlier than planned. Cesar was so flexible and agreed to come and DJ our wedding a day early. He was able to set up in a... Read More completely different venue than planned with no problems at all! We didn't give Cesar much direction in terms of music. We just kind of told him what genres we generally like and let him choose the music. The music he played was absolutely amazing! Every single one of our guests was on the dance floor for the entirety of the reception. A month later I'm still hearing from guests about how great of a dance party we had. All of that is thanks to Cesar! Cesar was also a total professional along the way. We had actually booked a different DJ through unique style productions. Unfortunately the DJ we booked ended up being unable to do our wedding, so Cesar contacted us and offered his services instead. Because of the change, he also gave us a discount on adding in the ceremony in addition to the reception. Cesar was good about answering any questions we had and met with us once at the (originally planned upon) venue before the wedding to discuss details. I would definitely recommend hiring Cesar for your wedding if you want to have the best dance party ever!

Reviewed on 8/03/2017 Lisa M

HORRIBLE!!! The biggest and most infuriating issue we had was with the head guy Caesar. Two days before the wedding I stopped by the venue to set some things up/etc and this was the first time I met him other than email. After I introduced myself he simply started yelling at me... Read More telling me that they didn't/couldn't do the things we had asked of them. He proceeded to then ask me for more money!!! I replied with the fact that we had spent 4 months (Since January) planning with David Gil and there were no issue brought up about anything up to this point. He then replied that I was being unreasonable and that he had never experienced this before. I told him I didn't know how/what they had to do as far as technology (not a tech person), but there was no issues brought up before then and per our contract I had no more money that I owed him as I paid in full 3 months in advance. I found out during the wedding that my fiance had planned with David/Cesar to surprise me with a kareoke song. Cesar was telling me 2 days before the wedding about this "video" surprise. He almost ruined the surprise!!! This is uncalled for in sooooooo many ways. I would suggest to every bride to NEVER work with them. Cesar is irrational and unhinged. How can you treat a bride this way 2 days before her wedding day??

2017-09-28T16:35:22 Response from the vendor

This review is a completely bogus from beginning to end. The venue and photographer were going to cancel with this bride as she made everyone very stressed out. Jess from Hughes Manor and their staff are witnesses that I never yelled at you I simply... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 6/05/2017 Linda B

Our daughter got married 3 years ago and we used them for her wedding. So when we started making wedding plans for our last daughter we knew where to go. Cesar was the DJ for her wedding this past Saturday. He is GREAT! So easy to work with and is eager to please. He's not that... Read More DJ that plays and does what all the others do. He's original and makes it so fun. Thanks Cesar for making our daughters wedding great fun and a time they will always remember!!

Reviewed on 4/26/2017 Parisa B

We had a multicultural wedding in March. When I say multicultural, I mean MULTICULTURAL!!! I'm Persian, husband is Mexican and of course our American side. I honestly was so concerned about how the music would all turn out. We wanted to represent all 3 cultures equally. Cesar... Read More was so patient with us and really listened to what we had envisioned. We sat down and went down a list, song by song, of what we wanted to include. He even came up with a fun new way to introduce the bridal party. I can't even express how AMAZING it all turned out!! He was playing a little bit of Persian, then would throw in some bachata, then some Motown. It was so awesome and so fun! The dance floor stayed packed the entire time! Everyone loved it! He was so fantastic and so great to work with! Thank you Cesar for making the entire process so easy!! We have no words to express our gratitude!!! You helped both Jerry and I achieve the wedding of our dreams.

Reviewed on 3/22/2017 R N

Cesar was amazing. He is super professional but also a really fun guy. He had a good pulse on what to play during the wedding. He also had some really great recommendations while we were planning the wedding. Overall I would recommend Cesar to anyone who needs a DJ.

Reviewed on 9/10/2016 Ashley N

CESAR GIL WILL SAY ANYTHING TO GET YOUR MONEY if you have a specific idea for your reception, read this! I decided I wanted to hire a DJ who didn't mind playing a playlist that I put together. He told me he had no problem "just hitting play-" said it was my wedding & he wanted... Read More to do what I wanted. My family & I were convinced that he was the perfect choice. I worked 6 days a week, 11-14 hr days & told him we'd have to correspond over the phone & email. (This is later confirmed in the emails b/w us). As requested by Cesar, I sent the list of songs, in order, including the timeline of events like bouquet toss, etc. His first response was asking me to put the times. DOWN TO THE MINUTE, I put the exact duration & min it should be played, from the time the ceremony started. Of course can be setbacks but it was as specific as he requested. Immediately after the ceremony, the dinner music was supposed to start during pictures. I was told to allow 1 hr, so we chose 30 min of frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, etc because half of the guests were Italian & both families loved of that music. The next 30 minutes was music for IF we were still taking pics. I selected funky music for the first hour + of the reception. KC & the sunshine band, Rick James etc & others that I played for my sisters wedding & SIL's Etc. Making a playlist for receptions & family parties became a staple for our fam. As a huge family on both sides who LOVE to dance, we prev reviewed the list & were very excited for the dancing portion. The last 45 min of the reception was a surprise compilation. Not one song from the first 1 1/2 hrs of dance music was played. Most adults didn't dance for the reception. Then CESAR TOOK IT UPON HIMSELF TO CHANGE OUR FIRST DANCE SONG WITHOUT ASKING. TWICE, I went to Cesar & asked why he wasn't playing the music we agreed on. 1st & 2nd time he gave strange excuses. 3rd & 4th time, my SIL & sister went up to him when realizing on their own that nothing we chose was being played. not knowing how close we all were & knowing the list, he told them he was using my playlist. I tried to keep my dad & my hubby from going up there & told myself hed play what I asked him to. He works on word of mouth doesn't he?! My in law requested "we are family" FOR ME, since our families have a close 14 yr history. When she went to thank him, I was told later by many family members, he said verbatim: "the bride came to me & said 'if you play one more thing off this list, I'll tell you to pack your sh*t & leave." (NEVER!) Of course I was told the day after, but based on the entire night, & the many comments about his attitude, I knew it was true. Lastly, my dad did approach Cesar the last Hour. Cesar went ON THE MIC to say "I'm going to go OFF THE LIST to shake it up" & played the compilation I CHOSE for the final 45 min. That's when the most ppl danced. I tried to disregard the unprofessional false statement he made, but his nerve has stuck w/ me. My lawyer advised me to be FW on as many reviews for U.S.P. I can, to warn as many brides as I can from being scammed by this DJ! Not only did I not get the partial refund I asked for, I never got an apology. For anyone who needs more, I have all of Cesar & my correspondence INCLUDING the list/timeline that is written &attached in the msgs. DONT get tricked into believing Cesar Gil. He has initial deceiving charm. He took our wedding day & made it what HE wanted, not what we paid him to do. The email contact is [email protected]

2016-09-13T15:45:40 Response from the vendor

Ashley, You sent me a picture of a hand written itinerary a day before the wedding after I contacted you via email and phone multiple times to send me details. You also told me it was the same playlist from your first wedding! I simply... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 6/23/2016 Amy S

David Gil was the DJ for our wedding on April 23, 2016 and he was fabulous! He did the ceremony, introductions for the bridal party and the reception. I had different music picked out for EVERYTHING and gave him an Excel spreadsheet of what I wanted. He did exceptional! He kept... Read More the dance floor packed the entire reception! We also used Unique Style Productions for the photo booth and that went perfectly as well. They had everything setup and ready to go way before the wedding started and the attendant was very nice. He had the photos ready for me to download even before I got back from my honeymoon. I would use David again in a heartbeat!!! Thanks for all your hard work!

Reviewed on 3/21/2016 Mayra G

We absolutely loved Unique Style Productions. DJ Seebass was amazing! He listened to everything we wanted and made it happen. The day of the wedding he was great at reading the crowd and playing a little bit of everything. All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

Reviewed on 12/31/2015 Lauren F

The reason we went with Caesar was his charismatic personality and experience in the industry. His confidence and vibe during our meetings gave us the impression that we could trust him with our wedding. He even promised that he would refund us, if we didn’t like our services... Read More with him. We were sold, because we seemed to all be on the same page and felt it would be hard for Caesar to disappoint us. I guess we were wrong. Little did we know, (I’m assuming) Caesar never received the updated outline, because the day of the wedding, he did not have the updated outline we emailed (didn’t find this out until the reception when songs and announcements were wrong). How he could have prevented this: 1) If he would have come to us prior to the wedding beginning and handed us the outline that he had printed out to review, we could have quickly said “no, that’s not the correct version” and could have quickly emailed him the right outline from our phones. 2) OR Like other vendors do, send out a reminder email of some sort/phone call, letting us know what version was planned on being used (or that an updated outline was never received) and to let us know to send an updated one asap if there are changes. That would have been SO helpful and ALL of this could have been prevented. We invested time in making sure the outline was clean/easy to follow and selecting songs for the outline that we KNEW would be hits. Our great selections from the updated outline were NOT played due to the Dj’s ill-preparedness. Point blank. We pay hard earned money to vendors for them to keep their end of their bargain and I can confidently say that I do not recommend the Dj services of Unique Style P.

2016-09-13T15:43:24 Response from the vendor

Mrs. Carter I apologize about the inconvenience. You sent me the updated timeline on Saturday and your wedding was the next day. I didn't know you changed things last minute and you never told me during the entire reception anything until now. Also, you didn't... Read Less Read More

Great DJ - Keeps your party going

Reviewed on 11/03/2015 Chelsea S

We worked with Cesar at Unique Style. Through our first meeting, Cesar spent time trying to get to know us and discussed what we could do to make our wedding fun and not cookie-cutter music-wise. He knew how to balance traditional music tastes with flares to make it our own. We... Read More had a strict 'no-offensive, suggestive' music playlist and are happy to report it was maintained. Having Cesar as a DJ went very well, he is great with any crowd. He was able to help our day along smoothly and paid attention to our DJ song list. Only negative, a small game that was originally skipped in our schedule but he found a way to fit it in gracefully.

Reviewed on 10/29/2015

I had a terrible experience with DJ Alex Anding with Unique Style Productions. I met him when first viewing my venue, and speaking to him – he seemed really professional and like he knew what he was doing. My fiancé and I went to their office, spoke some more, and booked them.... Read More Alex has terrible communication skills – via e-mail, he would never respond. Via text, he was hardly responsive, and via phone call – he would work around his schedule of grocery shopping and other personal errands – though I am a paying customer. When it came time to meet in person, I gave him an entire outline of exactly how I wanted my bridal party to be introduced and a flash drive of songs I was interested in. He commented on how my work made his job so much easier, yet on my wedding day – he still couldn’t pull it off. He played the bridal party entrance songs out of order, and announced one bridesmaid’s name twice and another, he never mentioned. I had a ring girl and a flower girl which was clearly stated on the timeline I printed for him – yet he still announced them incorrectly. His mistakes will forever be in my wedding video, which is very upsetting. Furthermore, we asked that he mix several different genres of music – country, hip-hop, salsa, etc… my matron of honor had to go up to him a few times to let him know he needs to switch genres and he was playing too much of one kind. Do yourself a favor and look into other companies and if you do go with Unique Style Productions, do not choose DJ Alex Anding – he clearly has no sense in professionalism. I went out of my way to do what no other bride has done for him with a clear outline and he still failed in his job.

2016-09-13T15:44:23 Response from the vendor

DJ Alex Anding does not work with us. We have Alex Perez that is not the same person.

Reviewed on 9/27/2015 Tyler S

David Gil with Unique Style Productions was the perfect DJ to get everyone out on the dance floor! David did not miss a beat when it came to playing the perfect songs and was very organized when it came to the order of the wedding and what songs needed to be played. My only... Read More complaint is the communication. Sometimes, it would take 2 weeks to get an answer on something simple and details were being confused (not sure if a file was made that documented conversations, decisions, etc.). Regardless of this minor complaint, I would definitely recommend David for your wedding or any event-- he was very intentional with meeting to get all of the details, making suggestions and creating a timeline.

Great DJ!

Reviewed on 8/17/2015 Georgie C

We used Joe at Unique Style Productions for our wedding reception, and he did such a great job! He followed the time line we had given him, and kept the night running smoothly. He also made sure everyone got up and danced and had fun! I gave a list of songs to Joe that I wanted... Read More played, and he did a great job of fitting all of them in through the night. I would definitely recommend Joe as a DJ!


Reviewed on 7/27/2015 Julie N

Joe is a great MC & DJ! Many of my guests commented on how professional and great he sounded on the mic as an MC and when he started spinning, EVERYONE was on the floor going crazy! I don't think I ever left the floor...LOL! He played my wedding play list as I requested and some... Read More more! Even my photographers said it's been many years since they've seen a wedding event where everyone had so much FUN! Thanks Joe for making it so memorable and special!!!! Julie & Dac

Ivan was the BEST!

Reviewed on 4/28/2015 Julie G

I give five stars to Ivan; he was by far beyond the highest expectations we had. He kept the music flowing perfectly and played everything we asked. He was interactive and really fed off the crowd on the dance floor. He kept the reception dancing. We could not have asked for... Read More anyone better!!


Reviewed on 1/07/2015 Brandi S

My sister recently was married just before the new year. I am a wedding photographer in a well known company in the wedding business, so I have seen a LOT of DJs. Months prior, I photographed a wedding alongside Joe at Briscoe Manor, and I KNEW that I had found the right DJ for... Read More her! Professional, respectful, knowledgeable, fun, party-starting, and all around wonderful services is what we got from Joe for her wedding! We couldn't have been happier, and in fact I will be getting married myself this coming June, and he is absolutely my choice for my wedding as well! Look no further if you want a fantastic DJ experience! Thanks Joe :)

Great job

Reviewed on 1/06/2015 Catherine D

Cesar did a great job on our wedding, the guests loved that he brought turn tables to mash up music on the spot. I wish we stuck closer to the list of songs discussed prior to the wedding but overall it was the best wedding DJ we've ever seen!

Ask around and they will Help!!!

Reviewed on 12/23/2014 Lisa H

If you cannot afford their original quotes they have accommodations. If you want something small and not to use your person iPod they can do it for less and still look nice. Ask questions!!! Do not get discouraged Joe F., Nick S. All helpful!!!!! They call, email, set it up and... Read More I could not afford $1000-did not want the disco fancy lights. So they helped!!!! Please work with them. Other vendors pushed us aside fast.

Cesar Rocks!

Reviewed on 11/03/2014 Angela M

Cesar the DJ (unique style productions) was the best part of our wedding! He took the time to meet with us several times and help us pick out the perfect music for our big day. He even helped me pick the daughter/father song and mother/groom song.....without him we would have... Read More been lost. He has a great personality and so much energy. He kept the crowd having a good time! I plan on using him for future events and recommend all future brides to use him!

The Best in the Business!

Reviewed on 10/06/2014 Callie K

Unique Style Productions is in a category all their own. They offer so much more than just a "DJ service." They are the masters of entertainment. Our experience was very personalized. Cesar seemed to know what we wanted even when we were having a hard time explaning the type... Read More of music we wanted to hear. Our guests were on the dance floor all night. The layout of the venue had me concerned that some guests would not make it to the dance floor--Cesar made it happen! Even my grandma was out there dancing. Cesar's passion, infectious enthusiasm, and professionalism really set Unique Style Productions apart. Unique Style Productions also provided the lighting, monogram, and photobooth. Everything was fantastic. I cannot say enough about this company. BOOK THEM! You will not be disappointed!

Fantastic Atmosphere

Reviewed on 8/11/2014 Analicia G

Cesar Gil from Unique Style was an amazing DJ. After having contracted him, we met to go over song preferences. My husband and I enjoy a varied selection of music but are very bad about knowing artist and song names and making selections. That didn't matter to Cesar, he took... Read More our information and made amazing recommendations and kept everyone at the wedding dancing and overcrowding the dance floor all night long. He translated everything he said in both Spanish and English and made sure to mix both Latin music and English music in seamlessly. He goes way beyond just switching from song to song. He is truly a musician who is able to seamlessly blend music so that there aren't any breaks. Everyone was asking who the DJ was because he did such an amazing job. I would highly recommend him to anyone!

Best Event DJ Services Ever!!

Reviewed on 4/07/2014 Tran P

ask for CESAR GIL. he was our DJ and was excellent from the first time we met him through the end of our wedding. He has a vast music library, able to mix and mash-up any two songs. He is high-energy and really understands dynamics of a party. Everyone was on the dance floor.... Read More His ancillary services (monogram, uplighting) are superb and high quality but also reasonably priced.

Wedding 08/24/13

Reviewed on 9/18/2013 Elizabeth V

We booked Unique Style Productions for DJ (ceremony & reception), photobooth and lighting. After my first appointment with Cesar, I knew we wanted him as our DJ. Meetings with him were easy, he was open to all our ideas (confetti, Hora Loca), made suggestions where I was... Read More clueless. At the wedding he was amazing!! Made everybody hit the floor, even those who "didn't dance". Guests had a blast with the photobooth! Uplights added that extra touch of elegance to the venue/decoration, so beautiful. Oh, the only complain is that at the end of the night my feet were cramping, as I danced non-stop (totally you're fault Cesar) :) I couldn't have asked for better DJ than Cesar...thanks!

Best DJ Ever!

Reviewed on 8/04/2013 F J

Cesar Gil was the first vendor we booked and was definitely the best decision we made for our reception! He is friendly, professional and incredibly talented. Cesar actually deejays and just doesn't play song after song like many so-called DJs out there. He took the time to meet... Read More with us several times to figure out what we liked and didn't like and provided creative suggestions on what we could do to enhance the reception. We received tons of compliments from our guests about how much fun they had, and it certainly was due in large part to Cesar! We can't thank him enough and have recommended several of our friends and family members.