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Come to Wendy's Bridal Cincinnati to find your perfect wedding gown, bridesmaids dresses, and all your bridal accessories! Work with an expert bridal consultant and enjoy the convenience of on-site alterations as well. Find your dream wedding dress in the heart of the Reading Bridal District!


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301 W. Benson Street, Cincinnati, OH (513) 761-7750

Reviewed on 2/11/2016 Becky M

I honestly can't say enough good things about Michelle and Wendy's Bridal! I went to the store on a Monday after all day shopping at other bridal stores on the alley and was feeling very discouraged. I thought I'd never have "this bridal feeling" everyone keeps talking about. So... Read More we stepped into Wendy's without an appointment and asked if they were too busy to see us. We were greeted with warm smiles and "We can absolutely help you!" I am super simple and have a very casual personality (mainly jeans and shirts -plain). I'm not super blingy or glitzy but do like to jazz things up with jewelry. To my surprise when I walked in the store my eyes were drawn to a dress full of beads and glitz! However this dress was out of my price range but Michelle offered a similar dress in my budget. I tried it on and was happy. Smiling! Feeling more like a bride than I had ALL DAY! I just couldn't believe that I loved this dress! After looking at a few more dresses and trying "the glitzy" dress on 2 more times I was SOLD! I was super happy with my choice and went on my merry way back to Lexington! The next day I woke up in a panic like "OH MY GOD DID I PICK THE RIGHT ONE"! I mulled over this for another day and then couldn't take it any longer and called the store! I had to come back and try it on! I had to make sure that I picked the right one! The one that was so far out of my comfort zone! The manager offered to opened up the store early for me and Michelle came in early to help me and the moment I put the dress back on I knew it was my dress! All the beads, all the glitz, it is my day and that's my dress! They never once made me feel like an idiot or a high maintenance bride or a burden! They were ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!! I would recommend them over and over again! Thank you for being so amazing and for allowing me to calm my fears! Sincerely, A Grateful Bride!

Reviewed on 5/02/2016 Kayla D

I said "yes to the dress" at Wendy's! I worked with Barbara...she is amazing! I ended up choosing the FIRST dress I tried on, which was an Allure Bridal dress. We tried on many more just to make sure. It's as if she knew exactly what I wanted! We were laughing when every dress... Read More I tried on was compared to the first dress. She was very respectful of my budget and just so easy to work with. She even appeased my friends and put me in the craziest dress in the store just for fun :) I didn't think a dress could bring me to tears but I felt so beautiful and could just really picture my day in the dress I chose. I highly recommend that you shop at Wendy's, you will not be disappointed!

Great service

Reviewed on 11/09/2015 Claire

I went to the salon on a Friday morning, which was nice because there were only a few other people in the store. I received excellent service and tried on quite a few dresses, but had made another appointment at a shop across the street so asked that they hold a dress for me for... Read More a few hours while I went to that appointment. After being at the other store, who had the same dress I was looking at, it was clear that I should get it from Wendy's to reward them for their excellent service and attention. I did not experience this at the other store. Give Wendy's a shot, I'm glad to have went there first!

Reviewed on 8/14/2017 Brittany T

Basically the Whole Order was Incorrect for Bridesmaids Dresses (6 Dresses were ordered in total). 2 dresses were to be ordered in a (one shoulder style) and 4 of the dresses were to be ordered as (strapless). When the order came in: All dresses came in as the (one shoulder... Read More style) except 1 came in as (strapless). Workers neglected to read the Order Form when placing order for gowns. This was clearly written on the order form and discussed. Manager, Michelle, admitted that the individual whom placed the order did not read the notes on the order form (Therefore, she admitted it was the store that was at fault). She then proceeded to over talk me about the fact that the store messed the order up when I was speaking to her via phone. I asked her multiple times to please let me speak because I am the customer. After pointing this out to her she allowed me to speak then started over speaking me again. I informed her that she has horrible customer service skills for being a manager. I ensure you the bridal community will be well aware of the stores lack of attention to detail and messing up my bridal order. They will also be well aware of not only the lack of customer service by management, but the rude behavior that was displayed via phone. I went to Wendy's Bridal particularly due to the fact that I thought I would receive quality service by individuals that pay attention to detail because they have been in business for so long in the Reading Bridal District. Apparently I was wrong. I do not recommend any bride to put themselves thru risking their bridal parties dress order being completely wrong. June 1st was when my Maid of Honor and I went into the store and decided on the dresses. Order came in on August 11th incorrectly. Manager states that the correct dresses will not be at the store until September 6th. Which leaves little time for alterations. The only thing she offered was to get them scheduled for alterations prior to my wedding on Oct. 7th. Manager portrayed that she was doing me a "favor" and "making the mistake right". However, this is not the case why would I risk them screwing up the girls dresses again after they couldn't even get the initial order correct? I suggest the store owner really needs to re-evaluate the individuals whom they hired to manage this store. Individuals that manage in this manner are causing you to lose customers and ruining the reputation of your store. Never once did she apologize for the inconvenience, offer a discount, etc. She only implied that she was doing me a "favor", but what really happened is the customer is suffering the consequences of the stores mistake & the store just pocketed $820.00 off of the customer. When a customer spends $820.00 I do expect that if a store is a fault for the customer to be reimbursed a portion of that money to at least show an effort or wanting to keep my business in the future. But I guess since all the dresses were paid in full at the time they were ordered this manager could care less about future business from customers.

Reviewed on 7/31/2017 Allison S

I was very impressed with Wendy's during my dress fitting. Although, I didn't end up buying my dress from there, I never felt pressured at all. I felt that my consultant had a good sense of what I was looking for and did a great job at pulling dresses to fit that. I was overall... Read More very impressed.

Reviewed on 7/23/2017 Jen M

I had high hopes for having a wonderful experience at Wendy's Bridal. Unfortunately, we arrived on time for my scheduled appointment and they had us wait for over 45 minutes. I checked in with them 3 times and they were helping other brides before me. They finally get around... Read More to helping me and they call me Courtney multiple times. I nicely correct them, but the consultant called me by the wrong name for the entire appointment.

Reviewed on 7/06/2017 Alyssa H

Soheyla did my alterations and OMG! I HIGHLY recommend her. My dress was all out of whack from the size I had to order because of my bust, waist, etc. I honestly don't think anyone could have performed the way she did. She was always so kind. It was worth EVERY PENNY!

Reviewed on 7/02/2017 Bridgette B

Now I want to start this by saying that I didn't find the dress here but these ladies are amazing. I'm a plus size bride and they were super helpful and weren't just trying to sell me a dress, they were helping me find my vision. They are amazing and I would highly recommend... Read More trying them out. They have a hug and beautiful selection and are happy to help.

Reviewed on 6/25/2017 Sara C

Michelle the consultant I worked with was just awesome, she was extremely kind, and really let me and my party lead the appointment. She didn't rush it at all, and had fabulous ideas to make the dress truly one of a kind without breaking my budget! The people there were very... Read More friendly and accommodating. Highly recommend!

Reviewed on 6/15/2017 Megan H

I had a great experience here getting our bridesmaid dresses. I found out from a previous employee that Saturdays were usually very busy, so one of my bridesmaids and I came in on a Thursday afternoon (no one was there!) and picked out 2 bridesmaid dresses for the girls to try... Read More on that saturday. The women helping us went ahead and got all their names etc, and on Saturday, it only took an hour to get all 5 of my bridesmaids in, try the dresses on, pick out the one they wanted, pay, and leave! Great experience with all of the consultants! For anyone looking to go to Wendy's with their bridesmaids, I really suggest going ahead and looking at the dresses beforehand! It helped make our experience quick and easy!

Reviewed on 6/08/2017 Kaity W

I really enjoyed stopping into Wendy's Bridal. I was visiting a friend in Cincinnati, and saw they had the designer of dresses I was interested in. They were able to get me an appointment the very next day. Because of the appointments, the bridal shop was not overwhelmed with... Read More people and the dress coordinator was very sweet and helpful. I appreciated that the coordinator gave me time and positive energy even though I told her I was just browsing and from out of town.

Reviewed on 5/25/2017 Camille M

My friend and I visited this store and felt like we're bothering them. They made us feel so uncomfortable and rushed. So disappointing.

Reviewed on 4/11/2017 Lauren J

I had came to this store by myself multiple times. Each time I was not greeted, although customers after me in groups were helped immediately. I was very surprised by this and finally figured out that in order to get help I needed other people with me. By the second time I had a... Read More vision and two dresses in mind at another store. The woman told me she could take the dresses for me to try on if they had a dressing room, but no one to help me. I was shocked by the way I was treated at this store, especially after recommendations from friends. I would not return to this store based on my experience.

2017-04-17T16:48:58 Response from the vendor

Thank you for your feedback. We are so sorry if you were not greeted by our team. We want every guest to feel special and welcome in our store. Unfortunately, when our appointment slots are completely booked, we do not always have a team member... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 3/25/2017 Chelsea B

This was a miserable experience from the beginning. When I arrived at my apt I felt very rushed from the beginning. Luckily, I found a dress that I LOVED very quickly. After I found said dress they didn't want to let me try anything else on, which I understand not wanting to... Read More confuse the bride, but it was literally the second dress I tried on and I feel like trying on your wedding dress is supposed to be a magical day where everyone makes you feel special. This place was far from magical. My maid of honor asked if we could open a bottle of champagne to celebrate this special moment and we were informed that we weren't at a bridal boutique that sales "$3,000 dresses" whatever that is supposed to mean. So at this point I had found the dress of my dreams and that was all that mattered. When my dress came in I was out of the country and they left me a voicemail. I called back and left several messages without receiving a call back. When I finally got ahold of someone I made an apt for what I thought was to try on and mark for alterations. I showed up and apparently my 30 minute appointment was to literally just pick my dress up. After driving to my apt an hour away when I thought I was getting alterations being upset was more than an understatement. Not only did I express my confusion, but they did nothing to try and accommodate me. After trying on my dress she didn't even ask if I wanted to make an apt for alterations. It's like this place is making an effort to turn away business. Unless you are looking for somewhere to find a cheap dress and expect zero customer service or help I wouldn't not recommend even going in this place for giggles.

2017-03-28T13:51:37 Response from the vendor

Thank you for your feedback. We are so glad that you fell in love with one of our gowns and found your dress! We are so sorry if you felt pressured or rushed in any way during your visit. We ultimately want you to find... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 2/21/2017 Rachel H

There was an arrogant feel from the staff. I did not get treated well while looking for a bridal gown. Once I got with my personal consultant, things started going better. She was lovely compared to the other staff. Her name was Tina.

2017-02-27T10:13:37 Response from the vendor

Thank you for sharing your experience. We are so sorry you did not enjoy your appointment with us. We want every bride to feel special and comfortable in our store. And we love helping each bride find the perfect gown that fits her style and... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 2/17/2017 Kelly R

They didn't honor my coupon I got at a bridal show for $150 off. I asked at least 2 different people and got the run around. I bought off the rack and regret what I paid! I looked online (after like an idiot) and could have purchased new for the same price. No discount for the... Read More makeup stain! My veil and headpiece were overpriced and honestly I felt pressured to buy them "so I could just have it done" etc. I had buyers remorse!! I don't have a lot of friends who got married so I was new to all of this! Before you buy, look online and compare. I'd highly recommend looking around for your veil and headpiece online too - same quality and look but for 75% less! The last thing I wanted was to regret going here - I didn't even look at David's Bridal. I would not recommend Wendy's bridal to anyone. I love my dress so I gave one star.

2017-03-06T08:26:24 Response from the vendor

We appreciate your feedback and take every bride's review seriously. The only coupons we have ever offered are $100 off and state on the bottom of the coupon that it is for an ordered gown instead of a discounted gown. So, unfortunately, we were unable... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 1/22/2017 Madeline M

We had a wonderful experience at this salon! We arrived for our appointment early. Staff asked us to tag gowns we were interested in while we waited for our consultant to be ready. The consultant, Tiffany, pulled a gown that was similar to one of the ones my daughter had... Read More tagged and asked her to try it on since she thought it would be a better gown on her.....it ended up being The One! The color of the gown, a champagne/ blush tint, made my daughter look like a porcelain doll! (She has black hair and fair skin.). The gown was Perfect on her. Thanks to Tiffany, who had the expertise to choose a gown much better than any we had chosen. I highly recommend Wendy's Bridal when shopping for your gown.

Reviewed on 1/10/2017 Jessica B

I had the best experience at Wendy's Bridal when I was trying on wedding dresses for the first time! Amanda was very helpful and made trying on LOTS of dresses a very fun experience! She helped pick out dresses based on what I liked, and found one that I fell in love with! She... Read More made the experience feel like a "pampering session" for me, and was also very accommodating for my family that was there. Overall, it was a MUCH better experience than I had at other bridal shops!! I would go back to Wendy's in a heartbeat, and tell people not to even waste their time anywhere else!

Reviewed on 12/12/2016 Rebecca N

I went to Wendy's Bridal on a whim one day with my mom. I had NO intention of even trying any dresses on, much less buying one! I just planned on popping into some stores in the bridal district and showing my mom what style I liked. However, when I got to Wendy's, they told me... Read More they had an appointment available. I was shopping in January, so they were bringing in their new 2016 dresses and clearing out the 2015 dresses. I ended up really liking the 2015 dresses better than the 2016 ones, but the 2015 ones were on clearance! So...I felt the need to try the dresses on that day just in case. I still had no plan to buy anything. The lady helping me (sorry I don't remember her name), was very sweet and helped me get into the dresses. She gave me compliments and made me feel really good in them. As it turns out, the 2nd dress I tried on was perfect! I fell in love with it, and couldn't leave without it. So I got a dress that was originally $1700 for $600 and walked out with it that same day! It needed to be cleaned and needed a couple small tears in the lace sewn up, but that's to be expected for a dress that you buy right off the rack. They gave me a $300 discount on top of the clearance price to make up for the fact that it had a couple small tears to be repaired. I thought that was a good compromise. I went to Cynthia's sewing in West Chester, and she fixed everything right up for me! I was in love with my dress from Wendy's and enjoyed my experience there. Thank you!

Reviewed on 11/26/2016

Awful. A company that values your money more than customer loyalty. After recommending to "size up" because the dress ran big they refused to compensate me anything. Contacted them many times, usually got no response. They claimed I lost weight, took wrong measurements, etc.

2016-12-08T12:40:39 Response from the vendor

We want to assure you that we take every guest's review very seriously. And, we want every bride and bridesmaid to know that her concerns are heard. Our ultimate goal is to help every bridesmaid find the perfect dress that she feels beautiful in for... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 11/26/2016 Cincy B

I had the absolute best experience! I scheduled an appointment with Wendy's for 10am on a Saturday. They promptly opened the doors, escorted us in and told us the layout of the store and all their great deals. I worked with a wonderful lady named Barbara. She was an absolute... Read More dream. She helped me pick out the best features of the dresses I liked (did I like the sleeves, the lace, the fabric, etc) and would tailor the selection of dresses I tried on based on what I liked. She also kept me in budget and helped accessorize. She made me feel good about myself and shed a tear with me and my family when I found the one. I never felt rushed. I always felt wonderful and I love that she kept me within budget! My heart goes out to any bride who had a negative experience here. I honestly would chalk it up as an outlier. Their selection is spectacular! Their staff is very polite and friendly. Barbara was an absolute pleasure to work with and the seamtress, Tammy, was very pleasant also. I am beyond excited to marry the love of my life but wedding planning has been ridiculously stressful for me so this wedding dress experience brought back the excitement of my wedding day.

Reviewed on 11/22/2016 Anna B

My experience at Wendy's Bridal was amazing. I went with my bridesmaids to see what I liked and try on a variety of styles. Our consultant Michelle was extremely friendly, professional, and intuitive as to what I wanted and didn't want. I didn't have to say almost anything --... Read More she knew instantly what dresses to go pull! Even though I didn't think I'd find a dress that day, I fell in love with one to the point of happy tears, and decided to call my mom to have her come in and see. The store was extremely flexible in accommodating my mom's late arrival and were really just amazing. However, the most important part to me is that I am tall, busty, and overweight, but I am comfortable with the way I look and have no intentions of trying to change myself before the wedding. Before ever going dress shopping, I was afraid of judgment, comments about dieting, etc. At no point did this ever come up, and I was able to feel beautiful and accepted. I am so happy to have bought my gorgeous dress from this store.

Reviewed on 11/21/2016 Amanda C

Wendy's was wonderful. I love my dress and could not be happier with it. Only complaint is it would be nice if when I had my appointment that we were taken to a calmer area to look at dresses and try on. It was a bit hectic and rushed.

2016-11-22T15:11:43 Response from the vendor

Thank you so much for your feedback. We're so happy you enjoyed your experience and found a dress you love! We're sorry if you thought that the store was hectic when you were in. Unfortunately we cannot control how many brides come in on a... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 11/16/2016 Jana S

I bought my bridal gown at Wendy's bridal and had a wonderful experience! My gown was absolutely perfect!! It was everything I could have imagined! I tried on multiple dresses and told the consultant what I was looking for and she came out with the beautiful dress that was The... Read More One!!

Reviewed on 9/27/2016 Megan F

Wendy's was my first stop on September 17th with my party in tow, so I was excited and a ball of nerves all at once. However, my consultant Amanda was amazing. She listened to what I wanted, what aspects I liked, what I didn't, and what I was most self conscious about. Her... Read More expertise led me to my perfect dress! Thank you Amanda for an AMAZING dress shopping experience❤️