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Make your special night even more unforgettable with creative, one of a kind choreography! Offering services from beginner lessons to completely choreographed first dances. YNC works to ensure you both are comfortable and truly at ease on the dance floor. Be your best self with YNC!


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Classical, Country, Dance, Disco, Folk, Hip-Hop, Jazz, Pop, R&B, Rock, World Music

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8250 W. 3rd St., Los Angeles, CA (732) 266-3230

Krista & Kel Dance Lessons-- the Easiest Wedding Decision You Will Have to Make!

Reviewed on 4/25/2015

Gosh, where on earth do I start? Maybe it would suffice it to say that training for our "first dance" with Krista and Kel was one of the most memorable, game changing, transformative, joyful experiences my husband and I shared together while preparing for our wedding. But... Read More somehow that does not do these two people justice! Training with Krista and Kel was so special and they are two of the most professional, hard working, and kind hearted people I know. Their incredible spirit translates fully -- and then some -- into not only their craft but their teaching style. Krista and Kel prepared us beautifully for our first dance-- giving us the perfect roadmap to our favorite song and anticipating at every turn our needs, our challenges, and the things to remember on the big day. The dance lessons with Krista and Kel became more than just lessons for us, it was a safe, non-judgmental, sacred and, most importantly, joyful place for my husband and I to seek refuge during all of the pre-wedding craziness. On our wedding day, we performed the dance without any problems-- even though I had a dress for days and very high heels! It was one of my favorite parts of the wedding, because it was a time when my husband and I could really connect; it was our sweet, special, little moment, just the two of us. I truly believe this gift of a memory was in large part because of Krista and Kel's loving, supportive and encouraging energy. That dance was a moment my husband and I will cherish for a lifetime and we have Krista and Kel to thank for that. I HIGHLY recommend Krista and Kelvin-- your wedding, your first dance, and your precious memories will thank you for it!!

No words could tell how awesome YNC is!

Reviewed on 12/31/2015 Phoebe S

Krista + Kel = incredible couple. We wanted to have a fun first dance, and we consider ourselves incredibly lucky to have found YNC. What we started with: Husband (to be) with good rhythm and awkward high school dance experience. Wife (to be) with lots of energy and zero dance... Read More experience. What they gave us: 2 new friends, incredibly fun dance lessons, a fully choreographed dance that fit our personalities perfectly, a listening ear when we wanted to slightly tweak something, an ego boost (yes, they truly make you believe you are a good dancer and help you fool others too...), and the list goes on.... The lessons: We did the 5 lesson package, and they were so fun that we were always so excited to go to them. They try to learn about you before the first lesson so they can plan the dance to fit your style, wedding attire, venue, etc. Each lesson, they would come with a portion of the song choreographed, and we would practice both what we had already learned and the new dance moves. They would always make sure we were comfortable with everything and if something didn't feel right, we would work together to change it on the spot. Then they would video us doing the portion of the dance we had finished and send it to us so we could practice. Having a husband and wife teaching was so helpful because Kel could show my husband exactly what to do, and Krysta could show me. The lessons were full of dancing yes, but they were also full of laughter and getting to know each other. Krysta and Kel are amazing people and just hanging out with them is fun. The dance: My husband and I absolutely loved our dance. There is something so special about dancing together, but it is so much more fun when you can do it well, and thanks to Krysta and Kel we felt like we could. We were so excited to dance at the wedding that we weren't nervous at all, and we had such an amazing, special time performing the dance for all our guests. It was definitely one of the greatest highlights of our day and a memory we will cherish forever. In fact, we loved our dance so much that we didn't want to forget it, so we have danced to our song in our living room on every "monthiversary". We could never thank YNC enough for the amazing experience. We are so thankful that we found them and decided to spend the money on the lessons because the memories they helped us create are truly priceless. Do you want something special that you will remember for the rest of your life? Krista and Kel are the perfect duo to help you create that memory!!

2015-12-31T16:34:04 Response from the vendor

WOW!! We are so humbled and grateful for your amazing review and incredible words. We truly feel the same, that we found new friends and you guys made our job so easy! We feel so lucky to have met you both. We hope we see... Read Less Read More

These guys rock!

Reviewed on 6/01/2015 Kayla W

My wife and I went to Your Night Choreo with Krista and Kelvin a few weeks before our wedding. I will be the first to admit I was a little standoffish about the whole idea. I'm a guy that's into offroad racing, working on cars, mt biking, snowboarding,camping, ice hockey, etc.... Read More Dancing not really my bag. Maybe the occasional Bernie out around the campfire. haha If you have ever seen the movie "The Cutting Edge". Basically, what we had going on here. Let me tell you was 200% worth it. We both had zero experience slow dancing. In only three 1 hour session (okay, we practiced a few times at home too) they had us tearing up the dance floor. They are laid back, fun and very professional. They took time to make sure we were both comfortable with each move before adding adding to our dance. When it was game time (wedding day)our lessons really helped take the pressure off us and let us dazzle the crowd with confidence. The best part about the whole thing, we will have these moves for any slow dance occasion down the road. Thanks to Your Night Choreo! Elliott and Kayla

Reviewed on 11/20/2017 Lea T

This was so much fun! We wanted to have a fun and memorable first dance so my husband and I hired Krista and Kelvin for our September wedding. They are so good at what they do and so professional. Not only are they extremely patient, but very kind and a pleasure to work with.... Read More I was debating whether or not I wanted to spend money on hiring dance instructors/choreographers for our first dance, but I am so glad that I did. My husband and I had so much fun at the rehearsals and we truly got to connect with each other before the actual day in a way we never have before. I think we will long remember our dance lessons for years to come!

Reviewed on 11/12/2017 Edward H

My husband and I took five lessons with this dynamic duo for our wedding.. They quickly gave us the moves and instilled confidence (especially for me) to enjoy this moment. And we crushed it, I must say! We chose Krista and Kelvin because they got to know us, completely focused... Read More on our abilities and needs, and made it fun! They were encouraging and direct, but not hardcore. And largely flexible with scheduling. They’re super nice people and totally our side to make our dance a success. Thank you thank you!

Reviewed on 10/31/2017 Sabrina S

Krista and Kelvin are amazing! From the first phone call to meeting in person, they both made me and my husband feel so comfortable and just in the best of hands. Both of them are extremely sweet and always so happy and excited to show us the moves for the dance. We had so... Read More much fun learning the dance from both of them! The dance was just like how I wanted it to be. We both throughly enjoyed it, even my husband who does not like to dance! I'm so happy that we chose to learn our dance through them. They made us feel so confident, and comfortable. We just had a blast every time! This is something that Robert and I will remember during our Wedding Anniversary for years to come! It just made the day that more special and created a wonderful memory for the both of us! Thank you so much Krista and Kelvin!! Book them you will not regret it!! :D

Reviewed on 10/26/2017 Joan K

Krista and Kelvin turned two galumphy spouses-to-be into freaking Fred and Ginger — at least, for the span of a two-minute song! My now-husband and I can uuuuusually locate a tempo, but we can’t do much else, boogie-wise. Krista and Kelvin were wildly supportive, easy to talk... Read More to, and master explainers of dance steps. They felt like buddies who just happened to be teaching us to move with something resembling grace. We’d give a bazillion stars if we could — Your Night Choreo was just wonderful!

Reviewed on 10/20/2017 Daniela S

Honestly this was our FAVORITE pat of the wedding planning. Krista & Kelvin are absolutely amazing. I truly don't believe there are better dance instructors out there. Its so great to have a couple teaching you, especially a couple that cares so much about the outcome! Not only... Read More were we learning our dance but we were having fun the entire time, we looked forward to every lesson! Krista & Kelvin mixed our two songs so perfectly and they listened to our wants for the dance, it turned out amazing. All of the guests said their favorite part was our dance!!! Love Krista & Kelvin so much!!! Thank you so much for everything!!

Reviewed on 10/18/2017 Margaret C

Excellent Dance Instructors! Krista and Kelvin are a fantastic team! They were able to create beautiful choreography for our first dance. They were patient, encouraging, kind and friendly. They always made sure we had fun during our lessons and emailed us a video of each lesson... Read More so we could easily view our progress and to jog our memories while practicing. They worked with our tight schedules and were very accommodating. They are also very responsive and communicative. With a husband and wife team as instructors, each of us were able to get individual instruction and attention. Bonus, they have a great home studio and access to another large fitness studio for lessons. By the end of our lessons, Krista and Kelvin felt like old friends. With their help, my husband and I were 100% prepared to wow our guests on our wedding day (which we did!). Choosing YNC to be our dance instructors for our wedding day was one of the best decisions we made. Thank you so much YNC!!!

Reviewed on 9/14/2017 Jackie N

My husband and I wanted to choreograph our first dance at our wedding and found Krista and Kelvin, who are amazing! They are not only terrific dancers themselves, but are patient and incredible in terms of finding your strengths and working with you to perfect a routine that... Read More works for you both. Plus, being able to watch them do the choreography first was very helpful and an added bonus in helping us learn our dance. They will also work with you in terms of scheduling and truly want to help make your first dance experience a great one. They definitely helped make our experience more fun and we were very lucky to find them! I will definitely recommend them to friends!

Reviewed on 9/14/2017 Katie R

Krista and Kelvin are the best! I took classes with my husband as well as my dad and they ended up being one of the most enjoyable parts of the wedding planning process! Krista and Kelvin made sure everything went at our own pace and they made all of the steps very easy to... Read More follow, which was especially helpful for my dad! We brought wine to a couple of the lessons, and it was so much fun to be silly and enjoy ourselves on the dance floor in such an easygoing environment. I also loved that they made videos for us to watch so we could remember and practice the steps in between sessions. Watching ourselves on camera was a little funny, but the videos were extremely helpful. I am so glad we chose to take dance lessons with Krista and Kelvin. It made the first dance and father-daughter dance that must more special. We can't say enough good things about Your Night Choreo. Thanks Krista and Kelvin!

Reviewed on 9/13/2017 Vivian L

My husband and I wanted to do a choreographed first dance for our wedding on 7/15/17. We actually interviewed 2 other instructors before we found Krista and Kelvin. We loved the idea of having two instructors which would allow us to learn the dance better. Krista and Kelvin were... Read More just the nicest people ever! They were always so sweet and encouraging. We chose Jason Mraz's I won't give up for our first dance song. Krista and Kelvin cut down the song to 2:31 minutes and gave us a cute routine that was manageable for our skill level while still looking amazing! We enjoyed every session with them! We can't wait to come back for some group lessons later!

Reviewed on 9/13/2017 Philip W

We hired Krista & Kelvin to help us for our July 15, 2017 wedding. They were awesome and blew us away. To keep this review short, just a few examples: *They helped us choreograph and truncate a dance for one of our favorite songs: Jazon Mraz, "I Won't Give Up" *Having two... Read More instructors is huge. We've tried some dance lessons with only one instructor, and it isn't the same. Much less helpful. You can teach way more and more efficiently with two instructors. *Video of lessons is also huge and helpful for remembering the moves and practicing between lessons. *We got 5 lessons, and went from complete beginners to having a great dance and feeling confident about it. We learned so much every time so that we were pretty much ready after only 4 lessons. There was NEVER any upselling or encouragement to get more lessons. Instead, it felt like Krista and Kelvin were trying to teach us as much as possible in every lesson. *Our dance ended up great! Lots of compliments from our guests and we enjoy watching the video. Again, we were horrible dancers and complete beginners, so to get us to this point is amazing. Go with Krista and Kelvin! You won't regret it. UPDATE: Here's a short video clip of our first dance: youtu.be/qj32-SVkxa0

Reviewed on 8/11/2017 Elias P

Krista and Kelvin are amazing. They are great dancers, teachers, and people. As all the other reviews said, Krista and Kelvin are the real deal, so my wife and I only want to add what stood out the most to us. My wife and I had no dance experience going in, so we were nervous.... Read More They made us feel confident, comfortable, and were extremely constructive throughout the entire experience. Krista and Kelvin only danced with themselves and only had my wife and me dance with one another (huge deal for us since we were anxious about dancing for the first time!), but I am sure they would switch if you asked them to. Krista and Kelvin are on top of their game! They would email us our video so that my wife and I could practice before our next session. Krista and Kelvin always sent email reminders so that we would not accidentally miss our sessions! Super cool! Krista and Kelvin are committed and friendly. They got to know my wife and me on a personal level. They asked what our lives/schedules were like and used that information to plan our sessions. They were available for us during late nights, which was perfect. Aside from being awesome people and great with their students, they are well versed dancers. My wife and I learned how to dance a slow song in English (Marry Me - Train) followed by a Spanish bachata song (Te Extraño - Xtreme). We loved their teaching styles so much, that we extended the lessons to learn how to dance to Banda, Norteñas, and Cumbia (all Spanish music genres). Who knows, maybe we will go for a Salsa lesson soon!

Reviewed on 7/03/2017 KAITLIN S

Our dance lessons with Krista and Kelvin were easily my favorite moments in the 8 weeks before our wedding. We selected a pretty upbeat song and knew we couldn't get away with swaying back and forth on the dance floor. We sent the song to Krista and Kelvin and opted to do 3... Read More lessons. We went from very basic to looking totally awesome in a matter of a few weeks! Every lesson was so much fun and they are such patient and smart teachers. It was awesome having both of them together, rather than one teacher trying to teach both parts. On the day of our wedding we blew everyone away and got all kinds of compliments! Bonus: they moves they taught us could be used throughout the reception to other songs too. Krista and Kelvin are easily some of the nicest people we have met in LA and I'm going to miss them! But I'm already working on convincing my husband to take some more lessons for fun :)

Reviewed on 4/05/2017 Monica M

Krista & Kelvin were such a pleasure to work with!! We actually looked forward to all the lessons. They created a dance that was so perfect for my husband and I. Especially considering we wanted a country song with the 2 step! We ended up with an incredibly elegant first dance!... Read More I would recommend them to anyone!!

Reviewed on 4/03/2017 Patrick S

Krista and Kelvin are fantastic dance instructors, and amazing people! They bring positivity and energy to their craft, and understand the capabilities of their clients. They were extremely helpful in teaching us one move at a time, and brought our first dance into a full... Read More routine. We took three one hour lessons and enjoyed all of it. We also promised to take them to Happy Hour after our wedding! Dance lessons were one of the best choices we made for our wedding, and we highly recommend Krista and Kelvin!

Reviewed on 12/19/2016 Kira C

There is no way to thank Krista and Kelvin enough for what they did for our wedding day. I would like to first say that the did not only provide a beautifully choreographed dance for our first dance but they also offered us refuge from the busy days of stress in the weeks that... Read More led up to our wedding. Every lesson, my fiancé and I walked into the studio and were able to be 100% present in the moment and this was very welcomed during that busy time. Krista and Kelvin made a beautiful dance number to the song “Lovely Tonight” by Joshua Radin and even edited the song to make it more appropriate for the dance. Although this is not a super familiar song to many people, they made a dance that reflected the meaning and was simple enough for my fiancé and I that we felt comfortable. Furthermore, after each lesson, they email you a video of you doing the dance so you can practice which is so helpful. When the day arrived we were overwhelmed by the way the dance captured how in-sync and in love we were as a couple. Krista and Kelvin helped us display this love to all of our guests and we had a great time doing it. Originally, having dance lessons was my fiancé’s idea, but now I am a huge advocate for the idea and think every couple should do the same!

Reviewed on 12/13/2016 Laura J

Our wedding planner (whom I trust immensely) referred Krista and Kelvin because she knew I wanted to learn a choreographed dance for our wedding. I wanted the dance to be really special and I was also very nervous about it. After our first meeting with the lovely couple I felt... Read More instantly calmer and at ease. They are an adorable husband and wife team and make the process a true joy. I chose a Marvin Gaye song and they choreographed a dance we were thrilled with, complete with a couple tricks. I didn't want to have to even think about the dance on the day of because I knew I would have so much on my mind, and by the same we had finished our lessons it was totally committed to muscle memory. We nailed the dance on our wedding day and plan to continue taking classes, just because it was so enjoyable. I can't recommend them enough and I was a very picky bride!

Reviewed on 10/14/2016 Erin G

Krista and Kelvin work miracles! My fiancé and I had never formally danced; we’d never even casually danced together. We were stiff and I had a tendency to take the lead. Our expectations were pretty low on what could be accomplished in the 5 weeks before our wedding,... Read More especially since we had little time to rehearse between lessons. All we really wanted was to not look like a couple of fools during our first dance. They taught us moves! We know moves! And we look pretty good doing them. They aren’t very complicated, but you would have fooled me. We looked natural and comfortable and had so much fun during our fist dance! I’m so glad we did it!

Reviewed on 10/11/2016 Jennifer W

I wanted to gift my dad something before the wedding that allowed him and I to spend more time together and after reading some of the reviews about Krista and Kelvin I knew that buying some dance lessons for us would be perfect! My dad LOVES to dance and spending time with his... Read More only daughter brings him so much joy. We didn't know what to expect when we signed up, but we were blown away and so grateful for having chosen Krista & Kelvin. They are so kind, easy going, positive, and supportive. Learning a choreographed dance is challenging and they knew exactly how to create something that would be perfect for me and my dad. We both LOVED that both Krista and Kelvin taught the class together because it's a huge help for us to watch them dance first and then instruct us. There's no way we'd have learned our dance as quick without both of them. My dad and I looked forward to class every week! And it was SO FUN to have a special dance with my dad, it made my wedding so much more amazing. :) I highly recommend taking lessons with them, even if you only want to learn a few moves (turns, dips, etc.). I even bought 2 lessons for my fiance and I so that the two of us would feel more natural during our first dance. Plus, it's so fun to have just even a couple moves - your guests will go crazy! :)

Reviewed on 8/01/2016 Sophia R

My husband and I were in the midst of wedding planning when we decided to take dance lessons with Krista and Kelvin. It was truly one of the best parts of the pre wedding process and it really helped us come together as a couple and loosen up a little! Neither of us had formal... Read More dance experience before, but Krista and Kelvin have a thoughtful and really fun approach that makes this the perfect experience for just about anyone. Whether you're looking for something choreographed and fun, something formal and romantic, or just praying you don't fall on your face (me!) - Krista and Kelvin will listen to you and help shape your wedding dance into something truly special and that represents you both as a couple.

2016-08-01T18:14:05 Response from the vendor

It was so much fun dancing with you both! You guys were so open to anything and brought fantastic energy! There was a lot of love in the room! Congratulations on your wedding!

Reviewed on 6/16/2016 Kristina S

My husband and I were looking for a different approach to our first dance as a couple. We are a mix of different cultures & backgrounds and so was our wedding party. We knew we wanted something traditional, but only to start off. Our goal was to surprise everyone with a dance... Read More that was representing us for who we are with all our facets. We researched dance studios online, but most of the studios seamed too stiff or conservative for our taste. We almost gave up the search, but found Your Night Choreo by accident. Krista and Kelvin’s easy-going and open-minded charm was not just a web-page advertisement gimmick. We scheduled a consultation and boom: Our decision was made. It was the perfect fit. We were so excited we had found teachers that were just as excited and open minded about our surprise first dance as we were and so began the work on our carefully selected mash-up dance to 4 different songs crossing over 4 different styles and eras. Oh and we are no dance pros. We are just a fun & active couple. No prior experience. Krista and Kelvin explained the steps, transitions and moves so well to us it was easy and fun. Granted we had to practice at home, but it actually allowed us to have some real fun during the otherwise rather busy wedding planning period. We were laughing with Krista and Kelvin and alone at home watching the video recordings they send us to support our practice. Music mesh up and editing was also done by the two. Amazing. Our dance was a complete success and we laughed the entire time. Nobody saw the transitions coming and we got endless compliments from our guests. We highly recommend trusting these two wonderful dance instructors and human beings. You’ll surely learn how to dance well and have a wonderful time doing it.

Reviewed on 6/09/2016 Brigette F

Krista and Kelvin were genuinely amazing!! So glad we found them through the knot.com. My husband and I initially joked that we would just do the typical side to side first dance. But after our dance classes and our beautifully choreograph first dance as husband & wife we were... Read More really happy that we choose Krista and kelvin as our teachers. They were extremely patient and were so much fun. We were glad that they recorded each session, it helped so much when we were at home. We couldn't be more thankful that what we had both of you as our dance teachers. Each dance class we attended we really enjoyed it, and it was definitely a wonderful experience. Thank you for giving us a beautiful choreographed first dance that we shared as husband and wife. Everyone loved our dance. We definitely recommend Krista & kelvin to anyone looking to learn some new steps for your first dance or a full choreographed first dance and have fun in the process.

2016-06-09T14:59:59 Response from the vendor

B and J! We had such an amazing time dancing with you both! Your love for each other is so apparent and wonderful and you guys worked so hard. We are so thrilled we got to see the dance because it was amazing! Thank you... Read Less Read More

Reviewed on 6/02/2016 Stephanie M

They made dance lessons so easy and fun! Can't tell you how much we enjoyed the lessons and the dance was a hit at the wedding, came out so great! 1000% recommend using Your Night Choreo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2016-06-03T15:00:22 Response from the vendor

Thank you so much! We had such a great time with you both and we are so honored we were able to be a part of your wedding! Wishing you a lifetime of love and hope to see you guys soon!


Meet The Owner

Krista and Kelvin Ramirez

Krista and Kelvin Ramirez met as professional dancers. They believe dance is truly the great unifier. There is nothing like looking into your partner’s eyes and letting everything else fade away as you move together. From Ballet to Salsa to Hip Hop, they draw from all genres to give a unique dance experience. Having recently married, Krista and Kelvin understand the stress and pressure that a wedding often brings on. They founded Your Night Choreo to give couples a chance to let go of the wedding tension and be able to dance, laugh, and learn something together.