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Place Cards & Escort Cards

How It Works

Order your place cards
We recommend ordering a few extra just in case of last minute additions or changes.
Don't stress about guest names—you can send those to us later!
Send us your guest list
Check out the instructions below, then get started with our spreadsheet template. Have questions? Reach out to .
Finalize your cards
Once we receive your guest list, we'll send you a digital proof of all your cards for your review so you can make any final changes before they're printed.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Fill and Load Your Place & Escort Cards

1. Download the Spreadsheet Template
  • Click the button to download the template.
  • Open the template in Excel, Numbers, or Google Sheets.
2. Check out the first three lines under the header for sample guest names and formatting
Be sure to delete these references before finalizing your spreadsheet.
3. Enter Guest Info
  • Enter guest info exactly how you'd like it to appear on your cards.
  • The "Table Number" and "Meal Choice" columns are optional and can be left blank.
  • Be sure to remove any tabs, extra spaces and carriage returns that are in cells.
4. Save as .CSV File
Save your completed spreadsheet as a .csv file. This format is essential for smooth data processing.
5. Email Your Spreadsheet
Email your .csv file to .
  • Be sure to mention your order number in the subject or body.
  • Alternatively, attach the file to an ongoing thread with your designer.

Need help?

Contact our support team at for assistance or check our .