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Photo by Devon Jarvis

Wedding Jewelry + Accessories

After finding your perfect wedding dress or bridesmaid dresses, it's time to shop for wedding accessories and wedding jewelry. Find your wedding veil, hair accessories and jewelry sets to complete your bridal look.

Once you've picked out your perfect wedding dress, it's time to shop for -- you guessed it -- wedding accessories! First, figure out your wedding style. Is your dress relatively unembellished? Then you have plenty of opportunity to accessorize without overdoing your look. Consider funky wedding jewelry, like a colorful necklace or statement-making earrings, and a bold pair of brightly colored wedding shoes for a contemporary, eye-catching look. Are you going for a more classic look? Your bridal jewelry and bridal shoes can help pull it off: A simple strand of pearls or a few sparkly hairpins might be all you need to complete a classic style. Complement a ball gown with chic off-white or blush bridal shoes and wedding jewelry that keeps the look from going over-the-top, such as diamond stud earrings or even a sleek tennis bracelet or cocktail ring. And one set of wedding accessories to keep in mind is your undergarments -- finding the right bridal lingerie can make or break your wedding day look. From slips and hosiery to garters, we have the best advice to help you pick the perfect undergarments to suit your dress. To top it off, check out our huge selection of wedding veils to find the style that suits your taste, and the right headpiece to tie it all together. Finally, check out our tips for personalizing your wedding bands. Read about age-old wedding band traditions or get ideas for what you should have engraved on your wedding bands. It's one of the most important pieces of jewelry you'll ever own, so make it truly personal!