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Brittany Barber

The Knot Contributor
  • From top movie picks to celebrity scoops and travel advice, Brittany writes on a wide range of topics for The Knot.
  • While Brittany is a contributing writer for The Knot Worldwide, she also provides shopping content for publications like BuzzFeed, CTV and The National Post.
  • Brittany has a Bachelor of Arts in media and communications studies, along with minors in creative writing, theater studies and music performance.

Brittany is a passionate contributing writer for The Knot, whose love for storytelling extends to the realms of film, music, celebrities and travel. With plenty of experience in the world of shopping and e-commerce, she’s also a wiz when it comes to affiliate marketing.

Originally from Toronto, Brittany currently works remotely from whatever corner of the world she may find herself in. When she's not figuring out her next itinerary, you can catch her jamming on the keys or drawing in her sketchbook.


As someone with a myriad of interests and an intense drive to explore new hobbies, Brittany never really knew where life would take her. With a winding career path encompassing various roles—from captivating audiences on stage to planting trees in Canada’s Boreal forest—her strengths have always been based on her versatility and adaptability.

Despite her desire to dip her toes in all kinds of disciplines, there has been a constant for her. Whether she was documenting her travels, writing a play or romanticizing her life in her diary, her passion for writing remained an enduring fixture in her day to day.

As the pandemic reshaped the world, Brittany embraced the digital landscape and decided to pursue freelance writing in 2020. Her knack for words and an innate understanding of the readers' pulse led her to become a standout writer on platforms like BuzzFeed, The National Post and The Knot Worldwide. She has curated compelling content that resonates with diverse audiences, whether they’re looking for gift guides, travel advice or the best rom-coms to watch on movie night.


Brittany graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Bishop’s University in Quebec. She majored in media and communications and completed minors in creative writing, theater studies and music performance for classical piano.