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Christin Perry

E-Commerce Contributor
  • Christin specializes in writing gift guides and shoppable articles for The Knot.
  • Christin is a freelance writer, also covering lifestyle, health, and parenting.
  • She has written for such publications as The Bump, Parents, VeryWell, Parade and LittleThings.

Christin is a freelance writer for The Knot, where she specializes in writing shoppable guides for a variety of audiences and occasions. Christin got her start as a writer in the wedding space, and has since expanded into various lifestyle, health and parenting topics as well. But weddings are her true passion, as she used The Knot to help plan her own wedding nearly 20 years ago! 

Christin resides just outside of Northern Virginia with her husband and four young children. When she’s not writing (or parenting, of course), she enjoys reading a great mystery novel, gardening, cooking and shopping.


Though her degree was in Business Administration and her early full-time work experience was in corporate finance, Christin’s writing career began as a lark; after enjoying a year as a stay-at-home-mom, she drummed up her own freelance writing career in order to help out at home. Since she started her small business seven years ago, Christin has published thousands of articles and blog posts for digital outlets like The Bump, Parents, VeryWell, Parade and LittleThings. 

Christin enjoys her work, and loves researching new trends and products. She hopes her work will reach people when they need it, and that her words will help others in their decision-making, especially as it pertains to wedding planning. 


Christin attended James Madison University from 1996 to 1998 before transferring to the University of Mary Washington, where she earned a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in 2000. Soon after, she married her husband and they settled in the Northern Virginia area, where they have resided since.