Dasha Kennedy the knot financial expert and writer

Dasha Kennedy

Financial Expert & The Knot Wellness Contributor
  • Dasha Kennedy is a financial wellness activist and money management content creator.
  • She has harnessed her own personal story of divorce and financial literacy to help women around the world.
  • Her mission as The Broke Black Girl is to help all women initiate financial conversations with their partner.

Learning through personal experience how finances can shape a marriage, former accountant, financial activist and divorcée Dasha Kennedy combines her expertise to help couples avoid her same fate. She provides support and practical financial advice to empower women to initiate healthy financial conversations with their partner—before and during the marriage.

Dasha, a mother of two boys, considers herself a "football mom." She’s native to St. Louis, Missouri, and a current resident of Atlanta, Georgia. Her mission is to empower all women to initiate healthy financial conversations, both individually and within their partnerships.


Dasha entered the workforce at the age of 19 as a mailroom attendant, quickly climbing the ranks in her career in Accounting. Her experience encompasses four-plus years in accounting, another five in default management and counseling, followed by four years in personal finance.

Awards & Associations

  • Financial Activist of the Year 2022, Bankrate
  • Black Tie Community Award Recipient 2019
  • Delux Magazine's 30 Under 30 | 2018
  • Facebook’s Community Accelerator Reward | 2021
  • The Phenomenal Woman Awards | 2018
  • Pursuing Purpose Award | 2018
  • Seen In: People Magazine