Community: Frequently Asked Questions

Registration & Log In

How do I join The Knot Community?

Create a membership on The Knot by clicking here or by hitting "Join Free" at the top of the website.

I have an existing Knot Name and Bio, how do I log in?

If you need to log-in to your existing account, just click here and enter your email address and password.  If you forget your password, click the "Forgot your password?" button and we'll email it to you.

User Profile & Settings

What is a Knot Bio?

Your Knot Bio is your personalized area within The Knot Community where you can share a little about yourself and your wedding with your fellow Knotties. Within this area, you can also update your avatar, signature and privacy settings.

Creating a Bio
Creating a bio is easy. To enter your basic information, click here.  Then, use our here to upload images and photos about your wedding.  Need some inspiration?  Share your proposal story or the story of how you met.

How do I add an avatar?
Click on the "Update Profile" link on the left side of the forums. From there go to "Edit My Profile" and add your avatar.

How do I add a signature to my posts?
A signature is text that is added to the end of any of your posts. You can create and edit your signature in your profile.  Click on the "Update Profile" link on the left side of the forums.

What are the icons that show up next to Knot Names?
Next to a person's Knot Name you will see badges assigned by The Knot.  Currently we have rank badges and a My Inner Bride badge.

The rank badges are:

Newbie (you might have been lurking for quite some time, but you're new to posting)- 0-500 posts

Bronze- 501-2000 posts

Silver- 2001-6000 posts

Gold- 6001-15000 posts

Platinum- 15001 posts +
Also, if you create a new My Inner Bride, you will receive the MIB badge,


What do the Thread icons mean?

An announcement.

These posts contain polls.

What is an announcement?
An announcement is a post from an admin or moderator that shows up at the top of a board with important information, or a community question, and so on.

What is a locked topic?
A locked topic is a post that does not allow replies. Once The Knot locks a topic no more replies are permitted.

What is the difference between "Watch" and "Email Replies"?
Watching a thread places that thread in your "Threads I'm watching" area, that you can access on the left side of any board.  This is an easy area for you to keep track of threads from different boards, without getting emails each time the thread is updated.  Email replies means you will get an email each time the thread receives a reply.

What is "Mark All as Read"?
Mark all as read looks at the last post date within a discussion that a you have read.  If new posts come in while you are reading a post and you never go to that page in the discussion, it will indicate that there are unread messages.  Conversely, if you order from newest to oldest and read the comments on page 1, all of the discussion will be marked as read until a new post comes in, even though you haven’t paged through all the replies.

How do I set up email notifications when someone responds to my posts?
Click on the EMAIL REPLIES link within the body of the post to receive email notifications.

Can I sort posts when viewing a board?
Yes, you can sort posts by most recent post or most recent reply. The default sort is to display the most recent replies, so a post may be the top post many times.  To sort by most recent post, be sure to check the box indicating so to the right of the boards.  Within a post you may also sort from oldest to newest and newest to oldest.

Can I delete a post?
You can delete any of your own posts unless it has received a response.  If a post or reply to your post has been directly responded to, you may edit your post away, but you are unable to delete it, as doing so would delete other users' posts as well.

What is the Report button?
The report button is to report spam, vendors, offensive, or threatening posts.

How do I PIP (picture in post)?
To PIP you click on the tree icon in the post editor.  This will allow you to insert an image from your computer.  To insert an image from the web, just copy and paste the image into the editor.

How do I hide signatures?
To hide signatures, uncheck the box next to "Show User Signatures" to the right of the message board.

General Questions

Are you experiencing trouble accessing the boards?
Make sure you have enabled pop-ups and cookies on your computer and have reset your security settings. The Knot is best experienced on a PC computer using an Internet Explorer browser.

How do I page a Knottie or find community bios on the message boards?
To contact a specific poster, you can page them on the boards by posting a message with their Knot Name in the subject line, like this: "Paging Bride2B" or "****Bride2B*****." You can also look up their bio with their Knot name by going to the bottom of any board, entering their Knot name in the search box and selecting "Find Knottie/Nestie Bio".
You can also Private Message a user by clicking on the "Private Message" button beneath any of their posts.

How do I check Private Messages (PM)?
Click on the "Check Private Messages" link to the left of each board.

What is the magnifying glass?
Clicking on the magnifying glass beneath a person's post allows you to see other posts by that poster.

My Post has words replaced with ***?
Certain swear words have been filtered and are replaced with different characters, such as '*.'

How can I change my Knot Name?
Once your Knot Name has been created, you cannot change it so please select it carefully. Avoid using personal information such as your first and last name.

How do I update my email address?
To update your email address, please click on the MY KNOT link at the top of the page, and then click on the UPDATE ACCOUNT link in the header.

How can I submit my wedding to be an Upcoming Wedding on TALK?
To be selected as one of our featured couples in the community area, please email [email protected] with a link to your wedding website on The Knot and your wedding date as the subject line.

Frequently Used Knottie Lingo

Abbreviation     Meaning
BC, BCP Birth Control, Birth Control Pills
BF Boyfriend or Best Friend
BM Bridesmaid or Best Man
BP Bridal Party
BTW By The Way
C&P Copy and Paste
DD Dirty Delete
DF Dear Fiance
DH Darling Husband
DW Destination Wedding
E-ring Engagement Ring
E-party Engagement Party
FG Flower Girl
FI Fiance
FIL Father-In-Law
FILs Future In-Laws
FBIL Future Brother-In-Law
FFIL Future Father-In-Law
FMIL Future Mother-In-Law
FSIL Future Sister-In-Law
GF Girlfriend
GM Groomsmen
GTG Knottie Get Together
HM Honeymoon
HTH Hope This Helps
IHO In Honor Of
ILs In-Laws
IMHO In My Humble Opinion
IMNSHO In My Not So Humble Opinion
JK Just Kidding/Joking
JP Justice of the Peace
LOL Laughing Out Loud
LTBM Living Together Before Marriage
MIL Mother-In-Law
MOH Maid/Matron of Honor
MUD Made-Up Drama
NFT No Further Text
NH New Husband
NWR Not Wedding Related
OMG Oh My God!
OOT Out of Town
P&E Planning and Etiquette Board
PIB Pictures In Bio
PSA Public Service Announcement
RB Ring Bearer
RD Rehearsal Dinner
RP Repost
ROTFL Rolling On The Floor Laughing
SAHM Stay-At-Home Mom
SAHW Stay-At-Home Wife
SAHD Stay-At-Home Dad
STDs Save-The-Date Cards
TIA Thanks In Advance
TMI Too Much Information
TY Thank You
WP Wedding Party

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