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Wedding Thank You Postcards

Wedding thank you note postcards are an ideal way to express your gratitude to your wedding guests for taking the time to celebrate with you. Just like the postcards you might send while on vacation, thank you postcards provide a small space for you to write a thoughtful message to your guests. The Knot Invitations makes it easy to customize a set of wedding thank you postcards that will delight your guests.

Wedding Thank You Postcards on The Knot Invitations

Whether you want to add a wedding photo to your thank you postcards or match the design of other wedding cards you previously sent out, The Knot Invitations makes it easy to create custom postcards. From modern and retro to floral and whimsical, browse postcard designs by style and color to find your perfect match. Once you pick your favorite design, customize your thank you postcards to match your personalities and style.

When should you send out thank you postcards after a wedding?

We recommend sending thank you postcards one to two months after your wedding day. If you receive gifts prior to your wedding we recommend sending thank you cards within two weeks of receiving them to stay on top of your list.

Do wedding thank you postcards need to be personalized?

You should personalize your thank you postcards with a unique message for each guest. Include their name and thank them for the specific gift they gave you. Your message doesn’t have to be lengthy, but it should be thoughtful.

How should you sign a wedding thank you card?

Now that you’re officially married, you can sign your thank you postcards as newlyweds. A sentimental sign-off is a nice personal touch for thanking your close family members and friends. If you’re sending a thank you card to more casual friends or colleagues, you can use something less sentimental.