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Nationwide, NC (866) 235-5443

Reviewed on 11/16/2016 Lauren K

In store registry scanners don't work very well. I suggest registering online. The return and exchange process is very easy.

Reviewed on 10/04/2016 Amber B

Highly recommended!!

Even in the Small Cities

Reviewed on 8/19/2015 Theresa L

So I live in North Carolina and know that Belk is a big retailer in the state. Target is not in every small town so we went with Belk. I was very pleased what Belk had to offer and all of the gifts we received are of great quality. I also liked how they were always having sales... Read More too because I didn't want our guests spending a lot of money on us.

O.K. registry experience

Reviewed on 7/07/2015 Logan S

We completed our first registry at Bed Bath and Beyond and were blown out of the water with how great the customer service was, so when we arrived at Belk the bar had already been set pretty high. There was nothing exceptional about the registry process at Belk, but nothing bad... Read More happened there either; it was just "ok." The selection was definitely smaller than Bed Bath and Beyond, but we were able to find a few unique items and a better luggage selection to add to a registry.


Reviewed on 1/08/2015 Elizabeth D

I'm really glad i registered at belk the gifts were beautiful and the customer service was great!

Grooms/ Groomsmen Suits

Reviewed on 11/26/2014 Sarah C

We had the guys buy gray suits from Belk's. The price was about the same as renting and they got to keep them. Much better idea.

Great Outfits for Our Guys

Reviewed on 11/24/2014 Christina I

My fiance (now husband) and I chose Belk a the place to get his and the groomsmen's attire from. The shirt we picked out started going out of stock but thanks to (mostly) wonderful customer service all of our guys were able to get the shirt in the right color and size. They all... Read More said it was very comfortable. It was constantly 50% off which was awesome.


Reviewed on 10/07/2014 Ashleigh C

Belk has been great to work with including taking duplicates back and make sure that I have a completed registry! My china was great and I look forward to adding new stuff to complete my sets!


Reviewed on 7/29/2014 Jennifer W

love all the registry items.

terrible website

Reviewed on 6/10/2014 Jordan H

The Belk website is outdated and incredibly frustrating to use. You are only able to add certain items to a registry on the Belk website. I went to several Belk stores to add things to my registry and had trouble with their registry guns at every location. The sales are great... Read More but I would recommend registering elsewhere.


Reviewed on 3/16/2014 Jennifer D


Great things

Reviewed on 12/29/2013 Ashlea R

Registry wasn't always up to date and was out of stock of china

November 2, 2013

Reviewed on 12/07/2013 Emily W

Belk offers a wide variety of products for home, bathroom, kitchen, living room, etc. in many colors, price ranges, and styles. Thy have something for everyone. I love my comforters, sheets, bath towels, hand towels, wah cloths, dishes, flatware, stemless wine glasses.

Wedding Gift Registry

Reviewed on 11/15/2013 Roumayah

Awesome service to all family and friends. Registry was easily accesible.


Reviewed on 10/22/2013 Tamika B

Belk did a good job keeping me updated on what had been purchased from my registry.

Fun Experience!

Reviewed on 10/15/2013 Lindsey L

We loved walking around the store with the scanning gun. Easy even to update and change registry after we had left the store.


Reviewed on 10/12/2013 candi n

So many great perks to registering at belk! Great sales and discounts for registrants!


Reviewed on 10/06/2013 Melissa G

Worth it

I love this store

Reviewed on 9/21/2013 megan m

I love this store especially for home goods. I got the most beautiful china.

wonderful variety

Reviewed on 8/15/2013 lynn

had great deals and my guests were pleased with the service

Last minute

Reviewed on 8/14/2013 tammie m

I did Belks at the last minute but the ladies were very knoweglable and helpful. I had four registeries and Belks was one someone used at the last minute. Thanks Belks. Mrs. Helms

Poor service.

Reviewed on 8/08/2013 Kaci B

I ended up receiving so many gifts twice-three times because Belk didn't remove items already pitched on my registry. I was happy with the quality of all of my gifts, but the service was poor.

Favorite Registry

Reviewed on 7/12/2013 Devin F

Of my 3 registries, Belk was by far the best. Laid out perfectly online, easy for people to place orders, helped me with exchanges, and had a great selection and prices on products.

A Complete Nightmare

Reviewed on 7/09/2013 Sarah S

Registering with Belk was a complete nightmare. When I did my registry online, I was allowed to register for serveral pieces in my china that didn't even exist in this part of the country. Also, when people purchased gifts rather than changing these things to "bought" so that... Read More people could see that I had recieved them, they were added to the bottom. For example, the dinner plates I registered for, the entire time the registry read that I requested 12 and had received 0, but if you scrolled allllllll the way to the end of the registry you could see that I had received 20 something dinner plates. So unless people read the whole thing they thought I hadn't received very many gifts. So, when I went to return these gifts I went to the Charlotte, NC store where I was treated like I was an idiot. They wanted to know why I didn't have receipts for anything and why everything was in so many boxes and wrapped in tissue....I thought that was the point of registering and I thought I was doing them a favor by protecting THEIR product. They were completely unwilling to help me locate any of my items that I wanted to purchase that were still on my registry but were very prompt in telling me I shouldn't have registered for these items because they weren't available in this "division" of Belk - like I would know that. I know technological errors happen, and I wasn't that disturbed by this until I went to the store and was treated so rudely. Finally, the voice of reason was a young girl named Samantha who works at the Salisbury, NC store. She helped me straighten everything out and locate as many of the items that I could. She called other stores and had them contact ME to complete the orders over the phone. She made sure that I had complimentary shipping and that they accepted my giftcard over the phone. This girl deserves a raise. She spent HOURS helping me.


Reviewed on 7/02/2013 Allison S

Had pretty good sucess with this one. Could make reading registry easier for shoppers.